Disneyland Food Taste Test


  1. C

    C7 시간 전

    Monte Cristo is my favorite sandwich ever

  2. Sam Stropes

    Sam Stropes16 시간 전

    Why does Rhett look like Ricky from trailer park boys 😂

  3. Alpin Art

    Alpin Art일 전

    now I just want a corn dog

  4. Sammykid 2

    Sammykid 22 일 전

    Lol Corn Dog King 👑

  5. Sammykid 2

    Sammykid 22 일 전

    Please make more DisneyLand food taste videos.

  6. Storm Blessed

    Storm Blessed3 일 전

    10:12 sneaky quick bite.

  7. Dogebama

    Dogebama7 일 전

    5dollars for a pineapple juice slushie. They are making BANK.

  8. Nekonomicon

    Nekonomicon2 일 전

    Honestly I think that's a pretty average price for a special cold drink

  9. Ryan 1995

    Ryan 19958 일 전

    I wonder of you can get these foods at Disney world.

  10. Natalie Marie

    Natalie Marie6 일 전

    Not the corn dog,monte cristo, and the mac an cheese cone

  11. Arianna Carulli

    Arianna Carulli9 일 전

    Just a quick comment on their shirts. Rhett's one makes him look like Nicholas Cage's forgotten cousin, while I wonder if RHCP have already called for Link's t-shirt

  12. Kaitlyn McCort

    Kaitlyn McCort10 일 전

    this makes me want Disney food so bad. But don't think of it as a heartache because of how much you walk around haha. At least in Disneyworld. Can't wait to visit Disneyland and try more food. That's always my favorite part of Disney is all the special food that you can't get anywhere else or made the same way.

  13. Alex Stewart

    Alex Stewart10 일 전

    ...I'm not sure it can be said that a corndog is more refined than most things and I think a Monte Cristo is included.

  14. Jax Eaton

    Jax Eaton13 일 전

    Can you get the mac and cheese cone without bacon bits? Vegetarians like mac and cheese too....

  15. Mineguy175

    Mineguy17514 일 전

    I like the turkey leg the best

  16. Wes Oerly

    Wes Oerly15 일 전

    I agree with the rating 💯%

  17. Jacklyn Heaton

    Jacklyn Heaton15 일 전


  18. John Tobar

    John Tobar19 일 전

    Y’all were doing a taste test not a availability test

  19. Kip Colbert

    Kip Colbert21 일 전

    These two should be FAT AF

  20. YuckyBumMcSwag

    YuckyBumMcSwag21 일 전

    Rhett’s shirt is disgusting

  21. Will S

    Will S21 일 전

    I had a turkey leg at a magic mountain thing

  22. Ross Brian

    Ross Brian22 일 전

    $9 for a corndog!?!?!?! I can get 12 of them for that price

  23. Doc Roid

    Doc Roid22 일 전

    $8.75 for a corn dog? WTF?

  24. the daily jim

    the daily jim23 일 전

    Link is such a soft sole lol

  25. Addyson Sexton

    Addyson Sexton24 일 전

    Fun fact did u know that Walt Disney is in Disney land and Roy is in Disney world with Mickey :)

  26. Addyson Sexton

    Addyson Sexton24 일 전

    I think Disney world is better and I’m heading home from Disney world

  27. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM24 일 전

    Rhett says: Link this is the bacon cheddar chive Le blanc de poulet coconut raspberry corn dog.

  28. Moax Ke

    Moax Ke27 일 전

    I'm almost thirty, my father and I still run like children when see a corndog cart somewhere. Best food ever.

  29. Sam Heisel

    Sam Heisel27 일 전

    Male Turkey legs are bigger and they cook it the same way you cook a ham

  30. JB Jacobs

    JB Jacobs개월 전

    Monte Cristos are fantastic. I miss them so. I always liked a bit of maple syrup on them but I am not a jelly person...

  31. Paris Graciano

    Paris Graciano개월 전

    8:25 dang people are serious bout their Disneyland

  32. Christian A.

    Christian A.개월 전

    I didn't know Disneyland was in Alaska?

  33. Anon _rah

    Anon _rah개월 전

    $9 for a corndog?!

  34. osu5inarow

    osu5inarow개월 전

    $9 for a corndog? Holy sheet

  35. Carli Villa

    Carli Villa개월 전

    you should do this but on location

  36. 6 !

    6 !개월 전

    Why is Rhett’s masculinity so fragile? I wish he (and people like him) could just enjoy stuff without thinking about gender roles or the way people will view him, lol

  37. Jabarkas Mayonnaise

    Jabarkas Mayonnaise개월 전

    Is the Monte Cristo sandwich just a sandwich with beignets as the bread?

  38. 6 !

    6 !개월 전

    Jabarkas Mayonnaise Yeah I think so, lol

  39. Daniel Bernardo

    Daniel Bernardo개월 전

    Bacon and mac n cheese in a bread cone that is extremely portable in 4th? I'd put it in 2nd and put that absurdly overpriced sandwich at 4th.

  40. Jordan Weekley

    Jordan Weekley개월 전

    The turkey legs are specially smoked

  41. Jordan Weekley

    Jordan Weekley개월 전

    Why it taste hammy

  42. Barcelona world

    Barcelona world개월 전

    8.75 for a corn dog ? Are you crazy

  43. Jurassic Tart

    Jurassic Tart개월 전

    You guys forgot the clam chowder bread bowl they sell next to the Monte crisco

  44. John Goodman

    John Goodman개월 전

    Legends still tell about the bloody battle before this episode started: Rhett vs a Leopard

  45. Sean Parkinson

    Sean Parkinson개월 전

    I've had their corndogs and they are good, but in my opinion, Lagoon in Utah has better ones.

  46. Yasmine Fields

    Yasmine Fields개월 전

    So I went to Disney this past spring break and I wanted to try the bacon Mac and cheese bread cone so bad bc Mac and cheese is my favorite foods. Well it turns out that the Disney parks in Florida don’t sell the bacon Mac and cheese bread cone and I’ve never been so sad in my life. I feel so cheated out of a yummy experience 😭

  47. Enrico

    Enrico개월 전

    This episode was so hypocritical.

  48. - GreatFun4us

    - GreatFun4us개월 전

    I wish my boss would take me to Disney!!

  49. Madalyn Andersen

    Madalyn Andersen개월 전

    U upset me

  50. Jessica Dixon

    Jessica Dixon개월 전

    they really put a turkey leg under a corndog.....

  51. Stunseed

    Stunseed개월 전

    so sad to see my caveman turkey leg lose..

  52. Jamie Elizabeth

    Jamie Elizabeth개월 전

    5:30 😂

  53. Josiah Legg

    Josiah Legg개월 전

    Good now try Disney *WORLD* yes there is a difference Disney World is in Florida!

  54. Mpreivel

    Mpreivel개월 전

    11:10 me when I look at my girlfriend

  55. ginoxio2004

    ginoxio2004개월 전


  56. Luke Natelborg

    Luke Natelborg개월 전

    You should’ve gotten the normal churros, that’s where it’s at.

  57. largol33t1

    largol33t1개월 전

    Can you guys please do a taste test of the foods from Universal Studios?

  58. Natalie Melvin

    Natalie Melvin개월 전

    *21 freaking dollars for a sandwich?! It better have some gold leafing on it!*

  59. Hunter

    Hunter개월 전

    Gym Has left the Chat

  60. Lily Howard

    Lily Howard개월 전

    Was I the only one who realized that the 3 on the chart was crooked??

  61. EmoWhale

    EmoWhale개월 전

    The Monte Cristo Sandwhich - Link: * figures out logic of how to make it sweet * Me: Oooo, that looks nice! Rhett: * shoves half of a piece in his mouth in one bite * Me: How-... why-l... wHaT?

  62. ASMR friends and aesthetic Coolio

    ASMR friends and aesthetic Coolio개월 전

    m I c k e Y u forgot the Y

  63. Cymric

    Cymric개월 전

    can buy two corn dogs for the price of one monte cristo come on

  64. ashley hennessey

    ashley hennessey개월 전

    You’re telling me these North Carolina boys have never had a monte cristo before?

  65. Abigail Clark

    Abigail Clark개월 전

    I just have to say to all the people commenting about standing in line for hours at Disneyland...you're doing it wrong. I've never waited more than 30 minutes for a ride at Disneyland.

  66. NOT OZMAN2010

    NOT OZMAN2010개월 전

    Micke why mouse Mikey mouse clubhouse

  67. Katelyn McGee

    Katelyn McGee개월 전

    I have a dole whip every year at my state fair

  68. random sav

    random sav개월 전


  69. Holly Lebeck

    Holly Lebeck개월 전

    Who else thinks D-land food is way overpriced?

  70. Eric H

    Eric H개월 전

    what is rhett wearing and why

  71. PJ Duz Graffiti

    PJ Duz Graffiti개월 전

    If I was on this I would eat everything I get given.

  72. UPS ROCKS Hi

    UPS ROCKS Hi2 개월 전


  73. alekm6

    alekm62 개월 전

    I love his rhcp gmm shirt

  74. Lamarr Otems

    Lamarr Otems2 개월 전

    Rankings are in the wrong order - left to right vs right to left.

  75. NIX

    NIX2 개월 전

    I am from Louisiana

  76. Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson2 개월 전

    Could you guys do a Disney World taste test? So you can say “the most magical place on earth.”

  77. CocoCatFTW 1

    CocoCatFTW 12 개월 전

    Spent most of this just staring at Rhett's shirt

  78. Ben

    Ben2 개월 전

    Unpopular Opinion Universal Studios is better than Disney

  79. •Project Erin•/ Choco Girl

    •Project Erin•/ Choco Girl2 개월 전

    Where’s the corn dog QUEEN?

  80. Miranda Ann

    Miranda Ann2 개월 전

    If you want a good turkey leg, go to a renaissance festival

  81. Eryn Fox

    Eryn Fox2 개월 전


  82. Duckyduck Quackquack

    Duckyduck Quackquack2 개월 전

    The dole whip does not originate in Disney land. it originates in Hawaii at the Dole plantation. no hate just facts.

  83. Dylan Lake

    Dylan Lake2 개월 전

    Dole Whip actually isn't a Disney exculsive. I got it in Hawaii at the Dole Plantation in Honolulu, and it was glorious

  84. Trevor

    Trevor2 일 전

    i got one at december nights in balboa park ! was amazing tho it was cold... on a cold night too

  85. Zach Rynder

    Zach Rynder13 일 전

    they have it at a local theme park close to where I live too

  86. Cameron Lackey

    Cameron Lackey2 개월 전

    The Corndog King has dethroned himself! And has become... the Count of Monte Christo!

  87. cyp

    cyp26 일 전

    Good comment.

  88. Hando Calhoun

    Hando Calhoun2 개월 전

    Had the pleasure of a Dole Whip sundae at the Dole Plantation on Oahu. It was a very large pineapple that was cut in half and scooped out then pineapple put back in then 3 tall spires of Dole Whip then extra sweet pineapple chunks added topped with shaved sweetened coconut and a cherry on top. Had it in 2005 and was about $10 then. Ruined the pineapples you get here on the east coast (NC) for years after. I always eat a giant turkey leg at the NC State Fair. Feeds myself and both my kids for lunch. They use tom turkey legs because the toms are larger than the hens.

  89. KitKatCat 44

    KitKatCat 442 개월 전

    I had their Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou and it was the best thing I have ever ate! So for sure it goes in the #1 spot!

  90. Jsharp

    Jsharp2 개월 전

    The beignets are way better than the monte cristo and much cheaper

  91. Mia Justine

    Mia Justine2 개월 전

    Of all food at Disneyland when I go (all the time) I HAVE to get a corn dog, pommes fries, or a bagel twist 😍

  92. Don Tedlock

    Don Tedlock2 개월 전

    The Dole whip is also available at the State Fair of Texas. That is where you can also get the original Fletcher's corndog.

  93. George Fitness

    George Fitness2 개월 전

    9$ for a god damn corndog! Are you serious?

  94. Sour Onion Cream

    Sour Onion Cream개월 전

    I usually spend double digits when I get a meal.

  95. Killer Tomato

    Killer Tomato2 개월 전

    I can't believe that out of all those foods, the Mante Cristo Sandwich is the only one that made me foodgasm, and I meen foodgasm. It was like tasting pizza for the first time. It was that hard of a foodgasm.

  96. Lily Pretty

    Lily Pretty2 개월 전

    Didn't you guys get that monto Cristo sandwich in the pirate of the carrabian ride and restraunt??? If so, that ride is super cool. And those sandwiches are really just as good as they look. The experience is Well worth the money 😊

  97. John Dearborn

    John Dearborn2 개월 전

    How come nobody pronounces Disneyland like they pronounce Portland?

  98. Mike Silverii

    Mike Silverii2 개월 전

    The Bacon Mac n cheese cone looks incredible

  99. maluorno

    maluorno2 개월 전

    can you also get taters and gravy at the turkey leg place? That's the only way I could do it.... and bring 5 friends to tackle that dino leg.

  100. That One Trans Gamer

    That One Trans Gamer2 개월 전

    I remember that the Turkey leg and the corndog were good from my memories but I can't try them anymore even if I wanted to because of 3 years of being a pescetarian but I hope they are as good as I remember for other peeps sake lol

  101. Roqeua

    Roqeua2 개월 전

    14:06 the only thing that upset me was the number 3

  102. shawn F

    shawn F2 개월 전

    Turkey leg was outlet family’s #1 thing to eat put it with BBQ sauce and mmmmmmmm.

  103. Trevor Loebertmann

    Trevor Loebertmann2 개월 전

    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that links shirt is ripoff of Red Hot Chili Peppers

  104. Lee Trevis

    Lee Trevis2 개월 전

    Rhett doesn’t mind how barbaric the turkey leg is...yet has to peel back the skin to eat it 😂 Also, he can’t bite on the same spot as Link, are they children?

  105. Squid Poop

    Squid Poop2 개월 전

    The turkey leg made me drool

  106. Matt Bonkowski

    Matt Bonkowski2 개월 전

    Link chews about 3x more than Rhett and I have to say , it’s really bothersome. Other than that , these two are great. I’m not a hater. But I wish they could mute links chewing 😂

  107. Hebah

    Hebah2 개월 전

    Why do i feel like every american dish has to have some type of meat in it?

  108. RedWonder

    RedWonder2 개월 전

    Almost $10 for a corn dog?!?!?!?!