Disneyland Food Taste Test


  1. CoolAlien 47

    CoolAlien 4710 시간 전

    Dole Whip is the greatest scam Disneyland has to offer. It's literally just Dole pineapples and oranges in sherbet. It's not the most rare dessert in the world like many people will have you believe, especially Disneyland.

  2. Nicole LaBoyne

    Nicole LaBoyne일 전

    I’ve only been to Disney land once and I don’t think we got any food there sooo

  3. kaitlynn wooyhn

    kaitlynn wooyhn2 일 전

    i clicked on this video thinking it was the try guys

  4. legendofzeldarules44

    legendofzeldarules442 일 전

    To everyone complaining about turkey legs: get the at your local renaissance festival! Usually decently price, tastes like turkey with a slight ham taste due to the smoking process and your looking at about 8 bucks and under for a leg

  5. legendofzeldarules44

    legendofzeldarules442 일 전

    Also: last day of the fest they are usually half off and you can get like 4+ turkey legs for 20 bucks, they are perfect for making turkey noodle soup out of

  6. Makayla Kolat

    Makayla Kolat2 일 전

    Word on the street is that the turkey legs are actually made of ham 👀

  7. goracks69

    goracks692 일 전

    $5 for soft serve? $8.75 for a corn dog? $15 for a turkey drum stick!? $21 for a sandwich!? In US dollars!? Holy shit!

  8. Karina Lopez

    Karina Lopez2 일 전

    I died when Rett did the king of thones reference 😂😂😂 a whiny kid who brags about corndogs. What like Jeffery. Lmao! Never knew the mid-evil days had corndogs

  9. I_Am_The_Real_Doge

    I_Am_The_Real_Doge3 일 전

    That it not a corndog that is a pogo

  10. Zack

    Zack3 일 전

    The only ones that u tried that I know of is the Turkey leg and the dole drink lol

  11. Ham Fam

    Ham Fam4 일 전

    When I went to Disney land my cousin bought a lot of chaos

  12. get in

    get in4 일 전


  13. Josh Wasia

    Josh Wasia6 일 전

    Turkey leg would've been my favorite ugh I miss them!!

  14. Sydnee Robinson

    Sydnee Robinson6 일 전

    How dare you insult NC State fair turkey legs! *SMH*

  15. Animal Adventures

    Animal Adventures6 일 전

    The first part I thought I pressed the wrong video 😂

  16. cali e-c

    cali e-c7 일 전

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  17. cali e-c

    cali e-c7 일 전

    Casey means the like button not the Show less button xD

  18. իԿƥεƅεɑʂʈ

    իԿƥεƅεɑʂʈ7 일 전

    Disney World > Disneyland

  19. Ashley Camden

    Ashley Camden8 일 전

    monie cristos are the best

  20. I love Leopard geckos

    I love Leopard geckos9 일 전

    Rhett and link: Corndog= 😍😍😍 Me: corndog= 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  21. Lamphia Alonso

    Lamphia Alonso9 일 전

    11:00 5$ DOLLARS FOR THAT THING!? damm for that money you could get 24 on a normal stand on Spain

  22. Sarah Sanderson

    Sarah Sanderson10 일 전

    What is Rhett wearing?!?!?!

  23. Henry Livingstone

    Henry Livingstone10 일 전

    😂😂😂 when link protects his corn dog

  24. Bloody

    Bloody12 일 전

    I remember going to Disney with the family long ago, my grandma didn’t ride almost anything but she did get really hungry while we where in a ride, when we came back to her, she had bought a turkey leg and a coffee (she didn’t speak English) watching my grandma eat that turkey leg with such joy was amazing, just for that it would be my number one. She’s no longer here but I can’t thank you enough for bringing back that memory to me, damn I miss her.

  25. Jen

    Jen12 일 전

    I need that corn dog and some dole whip

  26. Makeupby_haleygooch

    Makeupby_haleygooch14 일 전

    I like your shirt Rhett

  27. Sean Johnson

    Sean Johnson15 일 전

    Rip-off Land

  28. mrgabest

    mrgabest15 일 전

    Five dollars for a churro? Good grief, Disney...

  29. Roger Collins

    Roger Collins15 일 전

    8.75 for a damn corn dog? 15 bucks for a turkey leg (you can buy a whole turkey for less than that), and 5.25 for a single churo that costs less than 25 cents to make. WTF. Aren't tickets themselves expensive enough?

  30. Emily Con

    Emily Con16 일 전

    I remember getting the dole whip from Disney world and I remember thinking how much I hated pineapple afterwards

  31. Nora Blevins

    Nora Blevins16 일 전

    They have dole whip at other places besides Disney land

  32. SuSu •

    SuSu •16 일 전

    Guys don’t come at me but.. I never went to Disney land in my life

  33. Desiree Delilah

    Desiree Delilah16 일 전

    Oh man you missed so many amazing treats guys!!

  34. vUprising

    vUprising16 일 전

    It’s Emu

  35. Victor Ha

    Victor Ha16 일 전

    Churro, turkey leg and frozen lemonade is my go to diet at Disneyland

  36. Edward Cloud

    Edward Cloud17 일 전

    Dole Whip can be bought at other places too tho.

  37. Audrey Hubatka

    Audrey Hubatka17 일 전

    “Holly?!” “Not holly,,,,”

  38. Touksaur

    Touksaur17 일 전

    This one goes out to, Not Holly

  39. JS19

    JS1917 일 전

    Link literally hates every food and flavor that I love lol. Am I the only one who loves strawberry?

  40. Short Shots

    Short Shots17 일 전

    After watching this, I'm hungry. I'm gonna go eat some waffles. :P

  41. Celtix9

    Celtix918 일 전

    We can all appreciate the portability of a corn dog

  42. Joanna Bratton

    Joanna Bratton18 일 전

    Negative on the turkey leg!

  43. aquaturtle75

    aquaturtle7518 일 전

    Turkey legs are the best. I wish we had them readily available in Canada 😭

  44. ValentinesEve1996

    ValentinesEve199618 일 전

    Disney World has turkey legs also. I would know because I went to Epcot and ate one. It was delicious.

  45. J Mac

    J Mac18 일 전

    You guys are from North Carolina, where would you recommend a family move now if my husband got offered a job in Wilmington and we want laid back, nice people, safe, great schools, and close to water and affordable? Is there actually a ton of bugs there as I've heard and to let you know the top cart food belongs to The Cowboy Burrito and it's at the State Fair, Six Flags, Stock Show and the Art Festival in Texas and it's the best food ever!!!

  46. J Mac

    J Mac18 일 전

    Perferct dip for a corndog is mustard with a little bit of ketchup mixed up to a nice orange color and it's amazing

  47. Choukobo -

    Choukobo -18 일 전

    I wish they would do a part 2 and try more disney foods. I'm never going to disney so this makes up for it. Sorta.

  48. Chloe Thomas

    Chloe Thomas18 일 전

    I, a lifelong vegetarian, ate an entire corndog at Disneyland the first time I went without my parents because they just look SO GOOD. also the whole dissociated thing played right into my love of those corn dogs. Definitely deserve that number one spot!

  49. Aria Duart

    Aria Duart18 일 전

    y’all needa try the hot link corndog at the corndog castle. me and my mom go every trip and we’re obsessed 😂

  50. 5trike_

    5trike_19 일 전

    i could feel the grease on my fingers when they held those corn dogs

  51. Notsogracefulme

    Notsogracefulme19 일 전

    It feels like an ad

  52. Discover Lexi

    Discover Lexi19 일 전

    I've never been to Disneyland, but now I want to

  53. Mithye Gaze

    Mithye Gaze19 일 전

    wtf '-' hahaha

  54. B H

    B H19 일 전

    You can by the powder they use at Disney to make the Dole Whip. It comes in several flavors, lemon,, strawberry, orange, and of course the pineapple. 😊

  55. kevin beltran

    kevin beltran20 일 전

    They did not just put the turkey leg on the lower end of the Mickey taste level

  56. Medical Doll

    Medical Doll20 일 전

    Ohhhh... I gotta make that New Orleans one. It’s like chicken cordon bleu lol.

  57. miss unitato

    miss unitato21 일 전


  58. Brittany Sanchez

    Brittany Sanchez21 일 전


  59. Daniela Vieira

    Daniela Vieira21 일 전

    Turkey leg is the most iconic disney treat

  60. Cassie Johnson

    Cassie Johnson21 일 전

    The churros aren't even good in the park. They aren't fresh out of the oil like they are at a county fair. Also, the monte cristo is such a large sandwich you can split it. So the price point can be adjusted to account for splitting. Not trying the beignets is a travesty imo. They're so iconic. They should have been ranked.

  61. Beautiful Puppy

    Beautiful Puppy21 일 전

    Link: *listen to the mac'n cheese* "I can hear my future" By link- 2019.

  62. Miles Chen

    Miles Chen22 일 전

    Dole whip was so yummy after 3 hours of walking around best thing ever 🍦🍍🍍🍍🍍

  63. Adelyn Bennett

    Adelyn Bennett22 일 전

    Yes I live for mustard on a corndog.

  64. Kevin Hapko

    Kevin Hapko22 일 전

    How are yous today,

  65. Justin C

    Justin C22 일 전

    Rhett is officially the King of Monte Cristo

  66. Steve Stars

    Steve Stars22 일 전

    No, only enjoy dole whip fresh. Also it’s better pure not in a float. I’m ranting

  67. AznboiKaBoom

    AznboiKaBoom23 일 전

    So expensive....

  68. Matt Despain

    Matt Despain23 일 전

    I just love how they kept making excuses the eat the corndog

  69. CloppyFeet

    CloppyFeet24 일 전


  70. Marvin Rivera

    Marvin Rivera24 일 전

    Come on guys. Disney Tokyo trip???????

  71. Mr. Cheese_yt

    Mr. Cheese_yt26 일 전

    Lets talk about that

  72. Ethan Masson

    Ethan Masson26 일 전

    anyone who has been to disneyland knows it is most definitely not the happiest place on earth

  73. The Gaming Harry

    The Gaming Harry26 일 전

    The turkey leg reminds me of a cartoon

  74. Late Blume

    Late Blume26 일 전

    please make another disney food episode!!

  75. Exodus Prime

    Exodus Prime26 일 전

    No King Rules Forever, my son.

  76. Monkey Bubbles

    Monkey Bubbles26 일 전

    BTW... 🤨 I’m mad at Rhett’s shirt... 😂😂😂😂😂

  77. i like trains

    i like trains27 일 전

    This is a connfesion i can eat 6 corndogs in one day and im still skinny and im ten

  78. Alyssa

    Alyssa27 일 전

    "what part of the animal is a *corn* *dog* "

  79. solaiman elkhereiji

    solaiman elkhereiji27 일 전

    Disney land food taste test 2 plz

  80. michelle schuett

    michelle schuett27 일 전

    Link's shirt looks like the red hot chili peppers logo

  81. Tokki U・x・U

    Tokki U・x・U28 일 전

    My mom actually slapped me when we went to Disney land......

  82. lakeside loser

    lakeside loser29 일 전

    My name is Holly...

  83. Adriana Sumpter

    Adriana Sumpter29 일 전

    I was waiting for the Monte Christi sandwich because It Is Divine

  84. Lilli K

    Lilli K29 일 전

    I can smell the cinnamon sugar for the churros

  85. Vanessa Pucca

    Vanessa Pucca개월 전

    One would think they would serve light meals as ppl will melt on the sun and going on wide shaky rides all day

  86. Jsgun H

    Jsgun H개월 전

    Y’all should do a will it burn episode

  87. Coffeeh

    Coffeeh개월 전

    I love churros :P

  88. Isabeau Wolf

    Isabeau Wolf개월 전

    I love the Game of Thrones references at the end where Rhett is the King of the "Corn dog" Throne and Link is the Hand.

  89. 100 subscribers with 4 videos

    100 subscribers with 4 videos개월 전

    oh yeah yeah

  90. Swagg3r _Souls

    Swagg3r _Souls개월 전

    7:57 ...jerking my turkey leg?

  91. WishAtElevenEleven

    WishAtElevenEleven개월 전

    I’m with you guys on the turkey leg. Always grossed me out a bit. I’m bummed that I didn’t know about the Mac and cheese cone last time I was at Disney, that looks like it would have been fun to try. My other favorite that wasn’t mentioned (but wouldn’t be possible to show here) is the mickey’s premium

  92. stella elkhenizy

    stella elkhenizy개월 전

    Wow! Those prices are outrageous. Not surprised though.

  93. YourBoyMuzz

    YourBoyMuzz개월 전


  94. Henry Leistiko

    Henry Leistiko개월 전

    this is my first time texting in my google doc

  95. Sarawkweird

    Sarawkweird개월 전

    The caramel apples from Disney are the best thing. Leaps and bounds more delicious than any other caramel apples on Earth. IMO.

  96. Davis Hatler

    Davis Hatler개월 전

    I love Disneyland

  97. MatrixMushroom

    MatrixMushroom개월 전

    Link: *nibbles end of corndog* Rhett: *eats half of corndog in one bite*

  98. Disney Watchers

    Disney Watchers개월 전

    Disney corn dogs are the best!

  99. Ghost Cole

    Ghost Cole개월 전

    Who else is thinking wait it’s Disneyland I thought it was Disney world then I remember they live in California

  100. Fire Playzz

    Fire Playzz개월 전

    Well dole whip can also be found in the dole plantation in Hawaii which is where it is actually from

  101. HTakara82

    HTakara82개월 전

    these prices makes me wince.

  102. StragglyWharf 94

    StragglyWharf 94개월 전

    I went to Hawaii and they had Dole Whip best thing EVER!