Disneyland Food Taste Test


  1. Dennis Hillberg

    Dennis Hillberg5 시간 전

    i have never been to disneyland. im 16

  2. Katie F

    Katie F6 시간 전

    When I had a Disney pass... it was pretty much for the food and treats lol the snacks you chose in my opinion were not the ones I would have went for, but I know you tried the most cliche things. I never used to get corn dogs or turkey legs, and neither did the people I went with. It reminded me of cheap fair food too much, and Disney has much better fast snacks and restaurants to eat. I’ve never tried the Monte Christo but that looked awesome. Whenever I was in that section for NO I would get the beignets! So good. Personally, for things on the go (to walk around) I used to get the clam chowder sourdough bread bowls, Mac n cheese cones WITHOUT the rubbery bacon lol (from ca adv., which they tried last), dreyers Hand scooped chocolate dipped ice cream cones, churros, the sour worm goofy gummies they sell are surprisingly so yummy and sour!! If I had time to sit, I’d go for the jolly holiday restaurant or even the little southern restaurant that’s in the middle of Main Street, I forgot what it’s called. The food at Disneyland is a lot better than the stuff they tried in this video

  3. Eric Wilsey

    Eric Wilsey2 일 전

    C’mon Link...Meat is a mass term, it takes away from the individuality of the animal you are eating. Call it what it is, eat it off the bone and if you can, be the one that raises and kills it.

  4. Lan Feng

    Lan Feng4 일 전

    I don't like turkey legs too

  5. shevonnie salmon

    shevonnie salmon5 일 전

    I just went to LA and had that Mac and cheese cone and it was AMAZING

  6. ben sumen

    ben sumen6 일 전

    I hate how u guys chew

  7. Makeupby_haleygooch

    Makeupby_haleygooch7 일 전

    I don't like turkey legs either! I always find them dry, and they aren't flavorful enough. Like it's just boring dry meat 😂

  8. Sara Dewitt

    Sara Dewitt8 일 전

    The Monty sandwich is actually french

  9. GoldenGoose GG

    GoldenGoose GG8 일 전

    Monte Cristo is amazing... Feels so wrong and yet so right.

  10. corey degeest

    corey degeest9 일 전

    Tickets I love turkey legs.😠😠😠😠

  11. Noah McKinnon

    Noah McKinnon9 일 전

    The turkey leg is sooo good

  12. Turtle Man

    Turtle Man9 일 전

    Is the Dole whip like a sorbet or is it like ice cream?

  13. Gentle Eve

    Gentle Eve9 일 전

    Oh no. Rhett’s shirt is horrible. My eyes!!!

  14. art deco

    art deco10 일 전

    My mouth was watering seeing them eat the dole whip 😂 this makes me miss going to Disneyland, yet I live next to Disneyland 😭

  15. Sarah Winters

    Sarah Winters11 일 전

    I love the Monte Cristo! Always been my favorite sandwich.

  16. Drop Bear

    Drop Bear11 일 전

    Say what you will about Rhett's shirt, but that's a fantastic leopard print on it.

  17. Paige Roarr

    Paige Roarr11 일 전

    Y'all should do six flags. Their PINK things (in Texas) are so so so amazing.

  18. Kayleah C.

    Kayleah C.11 일 전

    Disneyworld > Disneyland

  19. Jackson Potock

    Jackson Potock13 일 전

    They have dole whips at kennywood in Pittsburgh PA

  20. SierraJamesXo

    SierraJamesXo13 일 전

    They need to do a universal studios taste test. Or maybe a wizarding world taste test!

  21. Rachel Frumkin

    Rachel Frumkin14 일 전

    They make them so hammy by injecting ham drippings/juice into the legs.

  22. eh513

    eh51316 일 전

    you missed the hot link corn dog!!! it is KINGGGGGG

  23. Olin Dahlstrom

    Olin Dahlstrom17 일 전

    I Agree with the list. The turkey leg is to big and if you were walking around while eating that thing you would look stupid



    I actually feel like putting my hand through my computer screen and grab the food they are eating.

  25. Sydney Crawford

    Sydney Crawford17 일 전

    Y’all are crazy I would rank the turkey leg 1st place

  26. Sydney Crawford

    Sydney Crawford17 일 전

    I love turkey legs

  27. Salem Lynx Dragon

    Salem Lynx Dragon18 일 전

    But the turkey legs are so good!

  28. The Karanas

    The Karanas19 일 전


  29. Beautiful Mind

    Beautiful Mind20 일 전

    Disney WORLD is “the happiest place on earth”! I don’t know what Disneyland’s slogan is but I know that’s Disney worlds lol

  30. panda taters

    panda taters20 일 전

    a semi cold Disney churro is disgusting compared to a crunchy churro at Disney. If you had that on the show it would have been #1 right away(the non strawberry churro tho)

  31. Dillon Hunt

    Dillon Hunt20 일 전

    As a pass-hole that is at the parks most weekends....I can agree with this ranking.

  32. Dillon Hunt

    Dillon Hunt20 일 전

    But ya'll are sleepin on the Bengal bbq

  33. JayJynx Trash

    JayJynx Trash20 일 전

    I got the dole whip float at a water park in cali

  34. Travis Roth

    Travis Roth20 일 전

    The turkey leg is God’s gift to man

  35. Katayah lane

    Katayah lane21 일 전

    9:25-9:27 Link is surprised 😂

  36. Scott Matteson

    Scott Matteson21 일 전

    I'm kinda surprised that they didn't add butterbeer

  37. bleachy killyourclean

    bleachy killyourclean21 일 전

    Rhett hot link peppers nice merch

  38. UnlimitedThe3rd

    UnlimitedThe3rd21 일 전

    I saw you guys at Disneyland

  39. TheIkaika777

    TheIkaika77721 일 전

    $8.75 for a freaking corndog? That’s sickening!

  40. TheIkaika777

    TheIkaika77721 일 전

    Dole Whip is not a Disney invention.

  41. Espo 718

    Espo 71822 일 전

    Elle loves every item you guys tried. Let's be honest here. Lol. She definitely ate all the leftovers. That girl loves her good, you can easily tell. Lol

  42. Clancy

    Clancy22 일 전

    Haven't had any so idc

  43. literally nobody

    literally nobody22 일 전

    GoSh I hAtE uS

  44. literally nobody

    literally nobody22 일 전

    November anyone?

  45. Terry Devlin

    Terry Devlin23 일 전

    Where I live DOLE means something very different. VERY DIFFERENT.

  46. Donovan Golfetto

    Donovan Golfetto23 일 전

    Why its a taste test with it is not ranked by taste?

  47. Mary Beth Lyons

    Mary Beth Lyons23 일 전

    I feel personally attacked that there was no bread bowl clam chowder.

  48. 3 Boys And a Camera

    3 Boys And a Camera24 일 전

    Rhett: "what part of the animal is a corndog?" Me: "All of them"

  49. Duncan Studholme

    Duncan Studholme24 일 전

    the best thing about Disney world is free parking

  50. my nama jeff

    my nama jeff25 일 전

    i love how these two men, who have, in fact, gotten vasectomies together, refuse to take bites from the same spots after each other

  51. Allie Abbass

    Allie Abbass25 일 전

    here’s my ranking : #1 dole whip, #2 turkey leg, #3 corn dog, #4 churro, #5 sandwich, #6 mac and cheese thing

  52. Rolando Solis

    Rolando Solis25 일 전

    That monte cristo Cheddars sells it

  53. Sarah Michael

    Sarah Michael25 일 전

    Dole Whips are not soft serve ice cream. They're dairy-free. I try to tell as many people as possible so they know they can have it even if they're lactose intolerant or have an allergy!

  54. Sarah Michael

    Sarah Michael25 일 전

    They got Dole Whip Floats, which, is just...wrong.

  55. Um UrGrannyTranny

    Um UrGrannyTranny25 일 전

    Link is wearing a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt but good mythical morning?

  56. bailey

    bailey25 일 전

    LINK😍😍😍😍 That shirt!

  57. ghosties

    ghosties26 일 전

    Citrus Swirl is better than Dole Whip (discourse)

  58. Luke Parsells

    Luke Parsells26 일 전

    You should try Sea World food next! They have an amazing pineapple icecream that's to die for!

  59. Sythe5665

    Sythe566526 일 전

    Dole whip isn't exclusive to Disney parks. Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg both have it and I'm sure more do as well.

  60. Mary Monroe

    Mary Monroe26 일 전

    These food are SO expensive my gosh

  61. Nina Harvey

    Nina Harvey26 일 전

    The only memory of Disney Land I can recall without having been told, is that one day, we went to Disney Land enjoyed ourselves, all that stuff and then it was evening and we were watching the fireworks. And I fell asleep on a rock....Yeah a big, grey rock. I was like 7.....how do I remember this? Idk....

  62. B H

    B H26 일 전

    You can buy the Dole Whip powder on line from the distributor that Disney uses. There are other flavors like lemon, orange, and strawberry. Amazon also sells it. But the distributor is much cheaper, of course.

  63. imtonysturtle

    imtonysturtle27 일 전

    $21 for a donut

  64. XCAltoona

    XCAltoona27 일 전

    probably, you make something hammy by curing and smoking it

  65. Brett Lear

    Brett Lear27 일 전

    You can buy pineapple dole whip outside the park at a bunch of places at least you can here in Ohio

  66. Creed Bratton

    Creed Bratton28 일 전

    Wtf I got a universal studios ad before this video

  67. Andreson Pang

    Andreson Pang28 일 전

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that Rhett gave the corn dog a kiss at 3:06? 😂

  68. Tim Choate

    Tim Choate28 일 전

    It's remarkably hammy!

  69. Natalie Aluvihare

    Natalie Aluvihare28 일 전

    This ASMR has me weak

  70. Meili Monk

    Meili Monk28 일 전

    i want a turkey leg

  71. Murphy

    Murphy29 일 전

    I had a turkey leg for the first time at Universal Studios Orlando in Jurassic Park... the taste gets old very quickly. My dad and I got one each and neither of us finished ours. It's almost too much meat lol.

  72. Dontdriveat88

    Dontdriveat8829 일 전

    You should do a Food and Wine Festival taste test.

  73. Fiona R

    Fiona R29 일 전

    It's so true. The corn dog is soooo gooood. But no pickle???

  74. Kathryn Peterson

    Kathryn Peterson29 일 전

    ....why.....why do I watch these videos at 1am when I hungry......Why???

  75. Keslie Danielle

    Keslie Danielle29 일 전

    How are they not fat guys by now

  76. FookNook

    FookNook개월 전

    you upset about 672 people

  77. Pearl the rebel

    Pearl the rebel개월 전

    $5 for that little thing? $8 FOR A CORNDOG?!

  78. Layla Livestreams

    Layla Livestreams개월 전

    You can actually get the dole whip at the AZ state fair as well and probably other places.The fair also has multiple flavors not just pineapple.I tried the mango flavor and I really enjoyed it

  79. Layla Livestreams

    Layla Livestreams개월 전

    I agree very much so

  80. Jada McMann

    Jada McMann개월 전

    I don’t like dark meat

  81. JM Driftz

    JM Driftz개월 전

    Monte Christo is the BEST sandwich in the world me and my dad had it and it was amazing but it was too expensive!

  82. Dave Hyler

    Dave Hyler개월 전

    Cafe Orleans? The Monte Cristo has been a Blue Bayou staple forever... there’s another place where you can get it? 🤔

  83. Dave Hyler

    Dave Hyler개월 전

    Also, switching the monte cristo and corn dog? Unforgivable. It’s a corn dog... literally a kosher beef frank on a piece of wood bought in bulk from a distributor and dipped in a thinner version of cornbread batter in every theme park around the world. The MonteCristo is a classic Disney meal with over ten times the ingredients, and if you get a Monte Cristo outside of Disney? It’s just NOT the same, sometimes they don’t even deep fry it depending on the place. Savory and Sweet > a glorified cornbread hot dog (you do know how hot dogs are made, right? You can watch MonteCristos being made and not be disgusted like you would with hot dog meat...)

  84. RadRedRacerAnimates

    RadRedRacerAnimates개월 전

    $84.00 for my family to just have the monte cristo sandwiches? Heck no.

  85. Tacohzs

    Tacohzs개월 전

    the state fair of texas corn dog is better

  86. Brindyn Schultz

    Brindyn Schultz개월 전

    The churro is 1

  87. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter개월 전

    yay mustard dog clan

  88. tHanOs CaR

    tHanOs CaR개월 전

    “When your doing something that’s wrong but feels Right” ;)

  89. Ghorn Is bae

    Ghorn Is bae개월 전

    What are those prices?... they are like Swiss prices, the opposite of what I expected from the us.

  90. Smopy Overwatch

    Smopy Overwatch개월 전

    That churro isn't work almost 6 dollars

  91. Elizabeth Chartuk

    Elizabeth Chartuk개월 전

    Wish we had hand dipped corn dogs at Disney world 🌍!

  92. Dan Expand

    Dan Expand개월 전

    I cannot handle Rehtt’s leopard print shirt. Its too weird.

  93. Lucy Link

    Lucy Link개월 전

    I don’t know why but I keep coming back to this video

  94. Backroad Junkie

    Backroad Junkie개월 전

    Are these guys aware of this place called "Disney World" on the other side of the country that serve the same things? And at a lower cost, I believe...

  95. Gruk’Nar Orcish War-yer, here to sue

    Gruk’Nar Orcish War-yer, here to sue개월 전

    Oh geez like 5$ for a churro why?

  96. Sean Sweeney

    Sean Sweeney개월 전

    Fish and chips should have made the list


    DRSILVER Tv개월 전

    never been to disney

  98. John Wilson

    John Wilson개월 전

    I get hungry every time Rhett and Link do a food video

  99. xXFIREFLY01

    xXFIREFLY01개월 전

    i love the monte christo its my go to every time im there

  100. MisterTenNine

    MisterTenNine개월 전

    Anyone know where I can find that shirt

  101. Cri Babi

    Cri Babi개월 전

    I agree with rhett the corndogs are amazing!

  102. Savannah Kitchen

    Savannah Kitchen개월 전

    The prices are soooooo not worth it...

  103. chris Bryson

    chris Bryson개월 전

    That's a nice shirt.... said nobody