Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!


  1. Terry Valdez

    Terry Valdez8 분 전

    At first I was against Will Smith being the genie; but I can't think of another actor that can sing and that can have the comedic wit like him. Anybody agree?

  2. putri ophelia budiman putra diva budiman

    putri ophelia budiman putra diva budiman11 분 전


  3. elisa ajah

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  4. Yoonaddict ID

    Yoonaddict ID28 분 전

    Waiting for MULAN to be filmed!

  5. iLaisaane Makalio

    iLaisaane Makalio41 분 전

    Love the orginal movie and we love this movie. Watch it with an open mind. Everyone did a good job so stop complaining and just enjoy it.

  6. mc pimenta

    mc pimenta시간 전

    🇧🇷 ? Tenho 3 desejos pra pedir a lâmpada do Aladim , o primeiro é a saída do Bolsonaro do governo do Brasil , o segundo é que o fumacê passe na minha rua não aguento mais a xicungunha nem o zica vírus , o terceiro é fazer sucesso com meu novo single em agosto (tua bunda) esses são meus pedidos , obrigada GENTEM é só pedidos sei que não realizará

  7. BbMicroshoter2000

    BbMicroshoter2000시간 전

    The eruption is my favorite part.

  8. widestrida gmail

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  9. Ilpo R

    Ilpo R시간 전

    Ghassan Massoud, Numan Acar or Oded Fehr but not this guy as JAFAR, omg..

  10. Jasmine Fila

    Jasmine Fila시간 전

    This movie is unexpect soo gooddd😍😍😍😍😍😍 i liker so much aladdin😍😍😍😍😍😍

  11. Putri Kartika

    Putri Kartika시간 전

    Give me like 👍 if you like this film..

  12. AC Lagua

    AC Lagua시간 전

    Wow! Nostalgic! It's like watching Alladin came to life as in real people! We've got to watch this!

  13. Sydney Austin

    Sydney Austin시간 전


  14. Dominus Emerald

    Dominus Emerald2 시간 전

    When Aladdin made his last wish, it touched my heart.

  15. cupcake swirl 2019

    cupcake swirl 20192 시간 전

    Wow even the trailers amazing brings me back to child hood memorys

  16. Willow The Pudding

    Willow The Pudding2 시간 전

    I alredy watch on my country is 22 may 2019

  17. v n

    v n3 시간 전

    Twist of India in Arab

  18. neng nurfha

    neng nurfha3 시간 전

    orang indonesia ga ada yang comment

  19. ReinoDeNovelas

    ReinoDeNovelas3 시간 전

    The movie is awesome! ❤️

  20. whodrankmy bleach

    whodrankmy bleach4 시간 전

    Idk why but this seems bad idk idk I hope it's not

  21. gfivefour

    gfivefour4 시간 전

    Jaffar should have been older....This Jaffar is way too young and his voice isnt rough enough

  22. ItsjustmemyselfandI

    ItsjustmemyselfandI4 시간 전

    I just came back from the movies and I can say it’s one of the best movies I’ve watched

  23. Fawkes NewsUSA

    Fawkes NewsUSA4 시간 전

    Such a shitty movie..

  24. juri J

    juri J4 시간 전

    Just watched it. Amazing 👍👌Great performance. Love it

  25. amanda flores

    amanda flores4 시간 전

    i’m sO EXCITED

  26. Victor Ibarra

    Victor Ibarra4 시간 전

    1:44 Victor Ibarra (me): Do You Trust Me Jaclyn Carr: Yes

  27. A Drishta

    A Drishta4 시간 전

    Terrible movie. Jafar should have been an old guy terrible miscasting. They should have gone for all new songs and all new scenes and a completely new take on it!!!

  28. abigayil doesgacha

    abigayil doesgacha5 시간 전

    Thanks gets Disney at 1:38

  29. meyhua chen

    meyhua chen5 시간 전

    Please make a part 2. Aladdin’s background. Where’d he come from? Who are his parents? Spoiler Alert: Why did his mother taught him the same song that Jasmin’s mother taught her? anyway, i love the movie!! 😘

  30. Shinju Haque

    Shinju Haque5 시간 전

    They should've casted an actual brown girl like the animated one 😕

  31. Abdulwahab.studio عبدالوهاب استيديو

    Abdulwahab.studio عبدالوهاب استيديو5 시간 전

    All the movie is great 👍🏻 .. But i don't like "jaffar" I do not feel that his face is Evil 👎🏼 .. The eyebrows is wrong.. the eyebrows must be like this \ / not like this / \ you must see the real face of cartoon 💢... I give the movie 80%

  32. belle stone

    belle stone5 시간 전

    Will smith is legendary.

  33. Daniel Bailey

    Daniel Bailey5 시간 전

    Just saw it and the Movie really bad just watch the animation its much much better. 1.5/5

  34. Jessica González

    Jessica González6 시간 전

    Esperen pero y entonces en donde diantres sale la cancion de zayn con zhavia?? solo al final?? cuando ya todos se largarán porque vienen los aburridos créditos??? noooo

  35. ايجى فور واى

    ايجى فور واى6 시간 전

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  36. Random Moomoo

    Random Moomoo7 시간 전

    Soooo just watched it and must say, was pleasantly surprised! Great live action, seriously The CGI is on the weaker side, yes but the cast was just PERFECT, especially Naomi Scott as Jasmine Highly recommend watching it, you won't be dissapoineted) Movie worth watching

  37. giovanni abigail

    giovanni abigail7 시간 전

    I knew it.. Menna is egyptian 🇪🇬❤️

  38. Rachel Lino

    Rachel Lino7 시간 전

    Like am I the only one who laughed so hard when the genie asked the monkey if there's really a connection- and the monkey just gave a perfect reaction. LOL😂 ✔️A whole new world💞

  39. Elaine Sws

    Elaine Sws7 시간 전

    It was Brilliant! My family and i watched it today it was worth the money I recommend to watch it. !!

  40. adrian adam

    adrian adam7 시간 전

    it was very goos film. i love it. 💜💕

  41. Technical Tv India

    Technical Tv India8 시간 전

    Releasing in hindi?

  42. Jimin Park

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  43. GST Surabaya

    GST Surabaya8 시간 전

    I just saw tonight with family. in Indonesia began playing yesterday. very good movie. plan to watch again. will smith the best actor

  44. kacey Robinson

    kacey Robinson8 시간 전

    All these Disney remakes! I just need my Little mermaid and I’ll be a happy girl 😁

  45. Hugh Donaldson

    Hugh Donaldson8 시간 전

    Aladdin the alternative cut. The live action version with all the deleted scenes At least this Aladdin has nipples, probably won't get to see them though.

  46. Caren Wati

    Caren Wati8 시간 전

    Abu 🐒

  47. Tiago Peres

    Tiago Peres8 시간 전

    Brasileiros que curtem a história do Alladin e irão ver o filme ou jogavam o game no Super Nintendo?

  48. dizcadey

    dizcadey8 시간 전

    I have already watched it and trust me you won't be regret watching this! The comedy, the musical scenes, the unprecditable ending i guest, it's all worth! I give 10/10!

  49. Nicole Gracie

    Nicole Gracie8 시간 전

    You can see the actor of aladdin is a very good looking guy

  50. Kara Stark

    Kara Stark8 시간 전

    This feel more like Bollywood than Arb

  51. Amy Andryahya

    Amy Andryahya8 시간 전

    i wish pinochio to be filmed 🙏🙏🙏

  52. leo taji

    leo taji8 시간 전

    I just watched and very much enjoyed it. Perfect casting and they do actually sing. Highly recommend it. I will watch it again next week.

  53. Zji Afnan

    Zji Afnan9 시간 전

    thumb up👍🏻 really awesome in real. .

  54. Vivian Scarcela

    Vivian Scarcela9 시간 전

    só parece ter ornamento demais. mas tá lindo!

  55. Ashley x

    Ashley x9 시간 전

    I went from Lea Salonga & Brad Kane to Zayn & Zhavia and I went here. I hope I skipped the two before going here, they just gave me standards. 😦

  56. ARMYS always BLINK ONCE when they see me REVELUV

    ARMYS always BLINK ONCE when they see me REVELUV9 시간 전

    The movie was awesome! I recommend you guys to watch it! ^^

  57. AshinMc

    AshinMc9 시간 전

    Duh, It’s Rewind Time

  58. naru cha

    naru cha9 시간 전


  59. Kelsey

    Kelsey9 시간 전


  60. yassine oug

    yassine oug9 시간 전

    0:14 this is how problems begin....

  61. Eric Rocks

    Eric Rocks9 시간 전

    I wanted zain malik to be Aladdin

  62. maisha khan

    maisha khan9 시간 전

    Really exited to watch after beauty and the beast i hope this one rocks!!!

  63. Clarissa Aurelia

    Clarissa Aurelia9 시간 전

    Just watched it today, and yes it was amazing

  64. Ong JunWei

    Ong JunWei9 시간 전

    Who's here after watching zayn new mv

  65. Monita A

    Monita A9 시간 전

    Luciana Zogbi is more suitable to play Princess Jasmine. Even herself already aware of it😁

  66. Law Of Attraction

    Law Of Attraction9 시간 전

    Will Smith ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Atiya Rahman

    Atiya Rahman9 시간 전

    This is skin tone Jasmine should have been: instagram.com/p/Bxz1J-3j6fb/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet

  68. Paula Kristine

    Paula Kristine9 시간 전


  69. Paula Kristine

    Paula Kristine9 시간 전


  70. Zaara Ali

    Zaara Ali9 시간 전

    Dude isn’t this guy a Muslim bro?

  71. Leila Maulida

    Leila Maulida9 시간 전

    for me honestly the casting error was only jafar, other casts are good and also will smith and the aladdin guy delivered the characters very well and I think I have a little crush on the aladdin guy lmao

  72. Northern Downpour

    Northern Downpour10 시간 전

    I just watched it one hour ago at cinema. This movie is MAGICAL! Highly recommended!!! Go watch it

  73. Zertab Urooj

    Zertab Urooj10 시간 전

    it looks like they got inspired more by Indian culture than Arabic culture. The movie kinda gives me Bollywood vibes.

  74. iaindj

    iaindj10 시간 전

    This should not be parly musical. It destroyed build up and excitement of the film. It should stay Arabic inspired story. Unfortunately Will Smith geenie has became central point of the film instead of Aladdin.

  75. Tazkia Okta Khoirunnisa

    Tazkia Okta Khoirunnisa10 시간 전

    10/10 omg I'm crying

  76. shahzaib khan

    shahzaib khan10 시간 전

    Is arabic film not indian why....

  77. Serena D. Pesson

    Serena D. Pesson10 시간 전

    Aladdin filme (disney) full t.co/qm6wUbz0Iq?ktL The music in this film was just amazing it was the perfect mix of the original with some new elements and it just gave me chills everytime specifically "friend like me".

  78. SuperDuperBoy/SDB

    SuperDuperBoy/SDB10 시간 전


  79. Marce Randa

    Marce Randa10 시간 전

    Great movieeee... The song is amazing

  80. Julia

    Julia10 시간 전

    Just watched the movie, it was great. Highly recommend it ❤ The cast was perfectt

  81. Rubix World

    Rubix World10 시간 전


  82. mrfayetteville91

    mrfayetteville9110 시간 전

    I'm so glad they fixed the genies CGI. That last version was freaky the face to body ratio seemed really freaky. It was like they cut and pasted a tiny face on a big head and body. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

  83. Junokaii

    Junokaii11 시간 전

    Ugh, why Will Smith as the Genie? -.-

  84. All in One subject

    All in One subject11 시간 전

    I love Islamic culture movies

  85. Queen Official XD

    Queen Official XD11 시간 전

    Disney that I have been waiting for since childhood. And after watching this film. Oh God! I want to say dirty at the cinema yesterday! 😭❤

  86. VIRUS Zhen

    VIRUS Zhen11 시간 전

    That thanos snap at the end tho

  87. Tấn Đức Huỳnh

    Tấn Đức Huỳnh11 시간 전

    hi have no one watched this film?? and can you give me your thinking about it

  88. Thea Marie

    Thea Marie11 시간 전

    Done watching it on the first release!!! It's so amazing and nice!!! Especially on IMAX!! It has moral lesson. It really moved my heart! The acting was so nice! I liked it :))))

  89. Richelle Tandoc

    Richelle Tandoc11 시간 전

    I love the monkey! 😊

  90. Vanna Zuñiga

    Vanna Zuñiga11 시간 전

    Saw this film today and it's really good. The characters were good and so is the production. I loved it 💕💕

  91. The Moeller

    The Moeller11 시간 전

    Disney butchers almost everything they touch. Running out of ideas

  92. Maria Gauna

    Maria Gauna12 시간 전

    Me gustaría ir a verla.

  93. Maria Quevedo

    Maria Quevedo12 시간 전

    Where is Agraba supposed to be? Is it a mix of Indian and Egyptian culture?

  94. Drekyrie Rosenving

    Drekyrie Rosenving12 시간 전

    I wonder if Denzel Washington was the Ginny. 😅

  95. Rahmat Sanjaya

    Rahmat Sanjaya12 시간 전

    aku uda nonton... keren .nice

  96. Nr days

    Nr days12 시간 전

    Ini luar biasa!!!

  97. goldmines housefull

    goldmines housefull12 시간 전

    koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-Xo6uAEY_GHs.html This movie link

  98. Somalicious

    Somalicious12 시간 전

    So the nearest Hollywood could get to casting an Arab princess was casting a British actress who's got a bit of brown in her lol.

  99. Hilda A

    Hilda A12 시간 전

    Pretty cool movie

  100. Ronnie Paul

    Ronnie Paul12 시간 전

    Blah, it is a shit musical

  101. FJ Vaño

    FJ Vaño12 시간 전

    I already saw the full movie of this, i promise this movie is so iconic, i think the best movie of disney😍

  102. Qorri Hidayati

    Qorri Hidayati13 시간 전

    Great movie! I've just seen this.. Can't move on