Discussing THE ENDLESS with Filmmakers Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead


  1. Brian Chidester

    Brian Chidester17 일 전

    For me "The Endless" felt like a totally metaphorical movie, based in Lovecraft, but more a dramatization of Nietzsche's idea of the Endless Recurring and his suggestion that established religions or moral codes or political institutions are ultimately baseless and that the foundations we hand over our loyalty to exist socially but are only as real as we let ourselves think they are. Turning that kind of thing into a serialized universe of films seems like a bad idea. My two cents.

  2. Ian Mcgeehan

    Ian Mcgeehan26 일 전

    Wow Justin and Aaron are two down to earth, ego-less, guys who persevered. So are you 'flix! Great people all around.

  3. Justin Headrick

    Justin Headrick2 개월 전

    so very fascinating...

  4. Some Dude

    Some Dude2 개월 전

    This is just another example of how brilliant and how insightful you are in doing critical analysis on film. Frankly, I seldom see this level of authority on film. It's so well communicated.

  5. Orch

    Orch3 개월 전

    Hello friends, can someone recommend movies that are similar to The Endless and Resolution?

  6. Orch

    Orch22 일 전

    @Valeria Caissa I see, I've seen that one too :) thanks anyway

  7. Valeria Caissa

    Valeria Caissa22 일 전

    @Orch Hey cool, great to hear :D There really aren't that many movies unfortunately that are in this category. Another one that comes to my mind would be Annihilation but overall movies like these are really rare.

  8. Orch

    Orch23 일 전

    @Valeria Caissa Thanks, i've seen that one :)

  9. Valeria Caissa

    Valeria Caissa23 일 전

    IMO Cloverfield Lane felt like Resolution/The Endless in terms of the tone and scope. Of course Cloverfield Lane is even smaller in environment and cast but here too you have a situation that becomes more weird and uneasy down the road, it's mysterious, features that cosmic horror and is also not a slasher.

  10. Orch

    Orch3 개월 전

    @R. P. So I watched both Hereditary and Midsommar and I must say I really loved Hereditary, but Midsommar was probably one of the most predictable and boring films i've ever seen. I basically knew exactly what is going to happen the moment they arrived in the fields..

  11. Melissa Wright

    Melissa Wright4 개월 전

    I love their movies! I can't wait to see more of their future work together.

  12. Derpityderp Derpson

    Derpityderp Derpson4 개월 전

    This is an out of genre video........and perhaps we should keep it that way.......

  13. 2buxaslice

    2buxaslice5 개월 전

    Love you to death and definitely not criticizing, but can you give us the backstory on how you went to interview two people and didn't bring a mic for yourself? Also, really wish there were more questions about Spring. All of their movies are amazing but I feel like that one gets overlooked because it's not set in the same universe as the other two.

  14. Animal finatic

    Animal finatic5 개월 전

    Can someone please tell me what Anna whispered at the dining table towards the end? I have a feeling it's about how she slept with Aaron but her mouth movements don't really prove that or maybe I'm just not thinking right. Either way, I'm dying to know.

  15. Fernando Hernandez

    Fernando Hernandez6 개월 전

    Can you do Under the Silver Lake, because like, I tried to understand it, and I think I caught on to some stuff, maybe the whole thing...but I need a legit expert to give me his take. Please think about it, and never stop making content!

  16. Rafael Dugatto

    Rafael Dugatto6 개월 전

    Please, make another movie of the Endless/Resolution universe!

  17. mopo auto

    mopo auto7 개월 전

    I've seen endless and resolution and loved both. i absolutely loved the directing and cinematography with the camera following the cast kinda like the "god" or "monster" taking the place of the people watching or likewise and just the mystery of the story and storytelling. love their work!

  18. Loraine Mercier

    Loraine Mercier7 개월 전

    I have watch this movie because of you and it was amazing!!!!!!

  19. Gradatim

    Gradatim7 개월 전

    please explain the ending where Aaron say it's always on empty , what does that mean?

  20. Gradatim

    Gradatim7 개월 전

    well I saw resolution Justin

  21. David Daigneault-Bourgeois

    David Daigneault-Bourgeois8 개월 전

    Girl hot

  22. blabla blabla

    blabla blabla9 개월 전

    high level of awesomeness in this room ;)

  23. Jhaedify

    Jhaedify9 개월 전

    I really wish these guys gets better and better with their story telling for their future movies.

  24. Reno Batchelder

    Reno Batchelder10 개월 전

    So much room for exploration in this world. I just wanted to know more about it. Great movie.

  25. Batvds

    Batvds11 개월 전

    Why no one mentions that at the end Justin says "you figured it out?". maybe it has something to do with the fuel meter that is on empty, he says it "has always been like that". maybe "always" means the memory he can access of previous loops, even though it is not certain whether the loop has actually happened. i don't think the fuel bit was just to show how good brothers they now are and how much Justin trust Aarons judgment on the amount of fuel in the car. also the birds flying around at the ending is clear that they are still in their own loop. so it somehow seems they are still in a loop. but aware of it and a bit in control by being able to access memories from their own small loops because he can communicate with "IT".

  26. mattis chastan

    mattis chastan11 개월 전

    I really NEED to see this movie again, because I've seen it only once at the Paris Film Festival. (and will regret forever to NOT have bought drinks to this two guys which were there that night) Since then, I've been adamant with everyone I know : you GOT to see this movie! But anyway, regarding the end, I got my little theory of another big loop somehow, because of the child drawing. It is "outside" the camp, yet still fresh and not aging. It's part of a loop. And it even raises the question : do the car accident of "the mom" is fitting in all this ? Is it something the entity planned or something like that ? But then again : I got to see movie a few more times before really sticking to any of my current hypothesis.

  27. SpasmHD

    SpasmHD11 개월 전

    As a MASSIVE Lovecraft horror fan, these guys are probably the only guys that have the talent to capture a Lovecraft story on screen and actually do it justice! They give me hope for the horror genre!

  28. David Barron aka Dantalion Jones

    David Barron aka Dantalion Jones년 전

    The the move "Spring" they mention a character "Shitty Carl" as bar tender. Shitty Carl is also a character in Endless. Fun Fact. Common Universe. I love it.

  29. JerBer

    JerBer년 전

    Met these guys at IFC for the premiere, Spoke with them for a while about the film and they are really dedicated film makers with a masterful hand on the screen, you must watch this film !

  30. Liquid Sunshine

    Liquid Sunshine8 개월 전

    do they tell you everything? If so please do share, chances of running into these guys and having a conversation are so small!

  31. Muse Ingenue

    Muse Ingenue년 전

    Congrats, man!

  32. M- Nice

    M- Nice년 전

    OK guys there has been a lot of hype about bird Box. This movie is about 50 times better. Like if you agree

  33. Ross Watson

    Ross Watson년 전

    Seem like good dudes. Hope they continue to get more and more opportunities

  34. Chase P

    Chase P년 전

    Awesome interview

  35. ENOREL

    ENOREL년 전

    Awesome. Because of you, found and watched The Endless; then Resolution and Spring. All great movies. Appreciate the interview and more importantly, the effort.

  36. Violet Daisy

    Violet Daisy년 전

    so omg did they or did they not escape?! was it a loop or did they actually break free????????

  37. Josh Tucker

    Josh Tucker년 전

    Love these guys, The Endless is for sure in my top 5 this year i hope they keep up the good work!

  38. mariakai

    mariakai년 전

    Can you do the 2009 movie Triangle?

  39. Sydney Ness

    Sydney Ness년 전

    Two stand up guys ❤️

  40. David Zysk

    David Zysk년 전

    This was a great film, thanks for exposing me to it

  41. Le0

    Le0년 전

    this was such a good interview its actually insane how wholesome you are, you are probably the only youtuber I honestly hope succeeds! THe amount of work you do plus your intelligence in examining these movies really makes getting the notification so exciting! Hope you're making a living off these vids :( i know they probably claim a lot of your videos.

  42. Le0

    Le0년 전

    @jkb I didnt say I wanted others to fail I said that he probably was the only one I generally hoped succeeded.

  43. jkb

    jkb년 전

    LD Why do you want others to fail? This guy is brilliant but so are many

  44. 31webseries

    31webseries년 전

    Woohoo! I'm totally one of the ones who sent your Endless vid to Justin & Aaron! I feel I have accomplished something. I'm now taking the rest of the decade off. ;)

  45. Estacion Geek

    Estacion Geek년 전

    They're right, you're amazing at what you do and it's actually thanks to your videos that I watched their movie as well as others...

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  47. Aleck Ramon

    Aleck Ramon년 전

    You bout to help them with their next movie with the script lol.

  48. Bing Bang

    Bing Bang년 전

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  49. Eastern Traveller

    Eastern Traveller년 전

    they're indie movies are 1000000000 times better than hollywood high-budget crap

  50. Jhaedify

    Jhaedify9 개월 전

    Coz most of them are not controlled by corporate producers.

  51. Aura Castano

    Aura Castano년 전

    Nobody analize movies like you. This is my favorite channel on KOreporter. You are smart and funny

  52. Shawn Barbour

    Shawn Barbour년 전

    Honestly endless and resolution are my favorite movies. Spring on the other hand wasn't a fan

  53. joeromero92

    joeromero92년 전

    lol, 4:27 the stare into the abyss

  54. Robert Poole

    Robert Poole년 전

    I love all 3 of their movies! The Endless and Resolution are hands down my favorite indie movies EVER. I have my own theories too

  55. miggie2099

    miggie2099년 전

    So happy and proud of you

  56. Havik

    Havik년 전

    great interview man! Hope you get more chances to do interviews.

  57. Dan Phillips

    Dan Phillips년 전

    Please can you do Time Trap

  58. Off Grid Adventure

    Off Grid Adventure년 전

    Im a huge horror/weird movie buff, fucking loved this movie. I was impressed, blown away by the creativity on such a small budget. Hollywood should learn some lessons from this, enough with the overblown CGI and bullshit stories already, raw is the way to go. I felt this movie, really felt it for days after watching. Bravo guys, bra-fucking-vo!

  59. Le Noir Geek

    Le Noir Geek년 전

    How very cool! You're awesome and I love that movie makers are actually seeing your work and giving you props as well as interviews.

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  61. Matt Heim

    Matt Heim년 전

    Can you do the taking of deborah logan it's terrifying.

  62. chowdhury raisa

    chowdhury raisa년 전

    loved the interview. the endless was such a great film. hope this director duo continues making more mindbending-ish amazing movies in the future.

  63. A whole Rat

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  64. Javier Trinidad

    Javier Trinidad년 전

    You should do an “OVERLORD” review

  65. Erik Clark

    Erik Clark년 전

    Aye bro, you should do your opinion on the dark Knight.

  66. AlexStreinger

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  67. SpartBoi

    SpartBoi년 전

    Can you do a video on Overlord? It's a pretty interesting twist on the zombie monster formula

  68. Connor Sauer

    Connor Sauer년 전

    Great Netflix original film you should do next: Calibre. It's a fantastic action/suspense movie

  69. Lil BoPeep

    Lil BoPeep년 전

    Ending Explained on The Vault?

  70. Aleck Ramon

    Aleck Ramon년 전

    Never mind i thought he did.

  71. Aleck Ramon

    Aleck Ramon년 전

    He did