Discontinued Shaq Pack Burger Taste Test


  1. Bronze Thunderbeard

    Bronze Thunderbeard7 일 전

    6:19 "This is the best taste that I've had in 7 weeks" lmaoo

  2. Michael Stephens

    Michael Stephens13 일 전

    The mustache must go...

  3. Tim Weldon

    Tim Weldon16 일 전

    You guys switch shirts before the show?

  4. Buku Duckets

    Buku Duckets16 일 전

    Surprised they know about sheetz. Thought it was mainly an east coast thing.

  5. blazin chickens

    blazin chickens21 일 전

    I love how when link got rid of the tomato Josh just picked it up and ate it

  6. SepticTurtle X

    SepticTurtle X개월 전


  7. Justin Hill

    Justin Hill개월 전

    It's warm CHEDDAR cheese sauce!

  8. Jack Mack

    Jack Mack개월 전

    If you ever fart in an elevator, just as you're leaving, say "I smell popcorn" and leave.

  9. Ultra Nunu

    Ultra Nunu2 개월 전

    So this is what happened to Dana Carvey after leaving SNL

  10. Bo Life Network

    Bo Life Network2 개월 전

    Shaq packs is why im fat now

  11. boobmcboob7

    boobmcboob72 개월 전

    How can you run a food taste testing channel and refuse tomato?

  12. aaron mathews

    aaron mathews2 개월 전

    Josh is 19?? Wouldnt have guessed

  13. Jordan Kinyon

    Jordan Kinyon3 개월 전

    double dipper

  14. VALENTINEproductions

    VALENTINEproductions3 개월 전

    Link always make me uncomfortable when he touches food first that other people are going to eat too.

  15. my local yocal

    my local yocal3 개월 전

    I worked at bk starting around 1990 we actually served the ham and cheese as a secret item menu we used the Sam ham as the breakfast sandwiches. It was more of a hit with the employees who were sick of eating the other foods we served. I was told it had been on the menu at 1 point I had not known it was so long ago.

  16. Margaret Herrera

    Margaret Herrera3 개월 전


  17. Casey Michel

    Casey Michel3 개월 전

    Josh had shaft on the brain at a young age

  18. B U

    B U3 개월 전

    Does Link ever take more than one bite of anything?

  19. Pokerface

    Pokerface4 개월 전

    That could be a great M.Night movie

  20. ny-ny Domino

    ny-ny Domino4 개월 전

    3 hours early?!?

  21. The Rock'n'Roll Aristocracy

    The Rock'n'Roll Aristocracy4 개월 전

    @3:32 No, Rhett, that was a fantastic Harry Caray impersonation!

  22. Chip Hip

    Chip Hip4 개월 전

    I came for Shaq but *this ain't it cheif*

  23. Eighthan Osia

    Eighthan Osia4 개월 전

    hey im here is the sauce free?

  24. Kandy Craven

    Kandy Craven4 개월 전

    I thought at the beginning Rhett said Elevator Bit*h lmfao

  25. Dylan Nobert

    Dylan Nobert4 개월 전

    Did anyone else catch Chef from Southpark as the voice for the Shaq commercial? Lmao

  26. battlin

    battlin5 개월 전

    I wish bk bring back smoke House Whopper

  27. Cheyenne Starkey

    Cheyenne Starkey5 개월 전

    GMM is an amazing show, but I kind of wish they had captions.

  28. Penny Hardaway

    Penny Hardaway5 개월 전

    The dude singing in the commercial sounds exactly like chef from South park

  29. TarePanda

    TarePanda5 개월 전

    Couple questions... 5:15 Does Link not know how to cut with a knife? He's the closest one to the sandwich. 2. Thats NOT how you hand someone a knife.

  30. Fresh_Gauntlet

    Fresh_Gauntlet5 개월 전

    "He doesn't get involved with things that wont work" AHEM, heard of Shaq-Fu for SNES/Genesis?

  31. James Wright

    James Wright5 개월 전

    Just wanted to say your fuys videos are always good and id burgerking did the yuumbo again, how about real fried ham instead of deli meat. Id try that

  32. bs000

    bs0005 개월 전

    6:20 oh i guess we're not counting shaq-fu

  33. Argy Bargy

    Argy Bargy5 개월 전

    can someone please force a whole branch of ripe juicy tomatoes down link's gullet, until he's completely desensitized to merely a slice of pale watery burger-matos?

  34. Junior Cuellar

    Junior Cuellar5 개월 전

    isn't this just a sour dough jack from jack in the box?

  35. JonO387

    JonO3875 개월 전

    What's a jort?

  36. 2aa2

    2aa25 개월 전

    How many times does Link have to touch the burger LMAOO

  37. Graffiti griffen

    Graffiti griffen6 개월 전

    do you mean fry sauce instead vague pink sauce

  38. Chris

    Chris6 개월 전

    You guys make fun of the whole "is the sauce free?" question, but most restaurants north of seattle charge you for any sauces you want aside from ketchup. That is, unless you're getting nuggets or something, then they specifically say how many sauces you get for free on the menu, and additional sauces are extra.

  39. Tina Haller

    Tina Haller6 개월 전

    Shaq has a chicken restaurant. It's on the cruise chip I'm going on in may.

  40. Malek Nour

    Malek Nour6 개월 전

    this guy needs to eat with his mouth closedlol

  41. Donavan Cargin

    Donavan Cargin6 개월 전

    When they interrupt him multiple times, feelsbad

  42. Simple_Dack

    Simple_Dack6 개월 전

    Does anyone remember the horrendous Sega/SNES game Shaq-Fu?

  43. Jordan Randolph

    Jordan Randolph6 개월 전

    Lol “shaft was on the brain”




  45. luigit0ilet

    luigit0ilet6 개월 전

    the chef dude looks a ton like that dude from alpha dog

  46. lasko24

    lasko245 개월 전

    I was just thinking the same thing but couldn't think of what movie he was in the actor is shawn hatosy

  47. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson6 개월 전

    major burger descusions :3

  48. Rodney Spence

    Rodney Spence6 개월 전

    Michael Cera

  49. Howie Feltersnatch

    Howie Feltersnatch6 개월 전

    But the poster says cheese sauce not chili sauce..

  50. Carvalho Diablo

    Carvalho Diablo6 개월 전

    Did Josh just escape from Dannamora ?

  51. Christopher Campbell

    Christopher Campbell6 개월 전

    I can see them saying "free sauce" in their adverts so that a person can't approach the counter and ask to lower the price to not have the sauce. As a former front-cashier for Chick-Fil-A we use to get this a lot when it came to a seasonal special. Shortly after they started implying the extras were free.