Death Investigations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Hikeeba

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    Some small towns have paid medical school tuition in return for a contract with the student to set up practice as a physician there upon graduation. In an era of crippling student debt, this sounds like a fair arrangement for both sides.

  2. Luís Pacheco

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    Omg. I thought America where the best in almost everything. Since Trump I've been seeing things with more attention and Trump is easily explained...

  3. mack cummy

    mack cummy일 전

    Glad I live in Canada.

  4. Jarod Strain

    Jarod Strain일 전

    I am just amazed that John Oliver got her to do this.

  5. That One Guy With The Face

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  6. Meddy and Rainbowskittles

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    My cat is apparently a coroner

  7. Tami Pe

    Tami Pe2 일 전

    Harlan looks like Archie Bunker

  8. Brock LaPlume

    Brock LaPlume2 일 전

    America on a Real rape case without investigation: the man deserves what he gets for his actions! America on a false rape case without investigation: the man deserves what he did! Seriously america... are we so selfish that officers will not investigate unless they get paid more??? Plus ruin a man's life if it is false and the girl gets off Scot free for lying to officers and providing fake evidence?!?!?! We be fucked men!!! We be all FUCKED!!!

  9. JakeNukem3D

    JakeNukem3D2 일 전

    Who else had to google that Hugh Mungo Thing?

  10. Jacob Perry

    Jacob Perry2 일 전

    6:50 oh shit mad respect for Omalu, I didn't know he was still in the business

  11. Dennis Premoli

    Dennis Premoli3 일 전

    Toss a coin to your coroner, oh valley o' plenty!

  12. simone parker

    simone parker4 일 전

    So these people who die from being murdered are being examined by non medical doctors? I thought that the CSI team did the autopsies.

  13. Brooke Alexandra

    Brooke Alexandra10 일 전

    I would be happy to let children play with my body after my death. I mean... they're having fun...

  14. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate11 일 전

    I don’t believe they should HAVE to be a MD. But I do believe they need to at least have basic medical experience. EMT, RN, Paramedic and like so. Not only would it be good for this system it would also be a way to proactively put EMS and hospital staff into politics, which under proper conditions would aid in improving the problems associated with those systems as well.

  15. Smilley MLK

    Smilley MLK2 일 전

    Actually, good coroners need to have an almost greater expertise than doctors for the living - they have to find the cause of death by indirect means only, since they won't see the organs in function.

  16. Gerry Damen

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  17. baconlover689 bacon

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    Death aka what I call my ex girlfriend

  18. baconlover689 bacon

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    @Lee Mcmanus I would but it costs alot

  19. Lee Mcmanus

    Lee Mcmanus13 일 전

    That makes sense. How would you break the fourth wall in a comments section? 🤔

  20. baconlover689 bacon

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    @Lee Mcmanus no

  21. Lee Mcmanus

    Lee Mcmanus13 일 전

    Deadpool? Is that you?

  22. TheShadowOfZombies

    TheShadowOfZombies19 일 전

    This Is why i left New Jersey 😂😂

  23. Deprimada

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  24. Adri C

    Adri C24 일 전

    Omg 😱 movies have more money to get a walk-in fridge to use it just for a clip instead of the people that actually need it. I feel like movies have made it seem as if American is much more sophisticated than it really is.

  25. Zappa Wench

    Zappa Wench24 일 전

    Our local Coroner is a notorious alcoholic.

  26. Ganieda Morgan

    Ganieda Morgan26 일 전

    not just a problem in the US..."The Alberta government has launched an investigation after a refrigeration trailer was used to store bodies near the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) in Edmonton." (Alberta) date: September, 2019

  27. sugarcayenne seVen

    sugarcayenne seVen27 일 전

    ...anytime someone says "honestly..really, to be perfectly honest..." ..lies follow.

  28. PhanGot NoJams

    PhanGot NoJams28 일 전

    Off topic but.. 9:38 IS THAT JOHN QUIÑONES FROM WWYD 😔✊🏻

  29. Vasco Apolonio

    Vasco Apolonio28 일 전

    Usa, in its best. Being the worse country in the world for common people...

  30. Kokos Nuss

    Kokos Nuss28 일 전

    How exactly do people actually come to the conclusion that the US is the best country in the World?

  31. AusMade

    AusMade개월 전

    The US elect coroner's? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? I thought electing judges was bad enough.

  32. boeingdriver29

    boeingdriver29개월 전

    Ah that’s how Famy Malik got his job. Makes sense.

  33. razony

    razony개월 전

    Hey people... Their Dead!

  34. Mousek801

    Mousek801개월 전

    The lack of of Shawn's self awareness is staggering.

  35. ArtemisMoon12

    ArtemisMoon12개월 전 basically I could move to Arkansas and be a better coroner just because I wouldn’t play with the corpse? Fuck, just because I was the only one in Grade 10 Science Class who didn’t toss the heart around like a dumbass doesn’t make me a coroner. Fucking hell. I want to go to medical school just to go and show them how its done- purely out of spite! Dammit. But then again my brother’s second year University class got banned from the anatomy lab because someone took a selfie with the corpse... so even medical folks don’t have a high standard...

  36. Art Lokita

    Art Lokita개월 전

    20:08 jokes on him I don't have a spleen for the dog to eat

  37. Raymond Throne

    Raymond Throne개월 전

    Congrats you made a dog hungry

  38. Karen E. Sofan

    Karen E. Sofan개월 전

    Glen Close responding was hilarious...and the big gulp!!!

  39. S1deH0e101

    S1deH0e101개월 전

    You said learn from movies but I just yelled 'Andy's home through my bedroom door and when I went in all the shit was still out.

  40. Lewku

    Lewku개월 전

    in arkensaw the term to use a corriner to write scuicide next to the "reason of death" is called arkenside and is the method used by the Clinton crime family to murder their political/drug opponents

  41. milk boy

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  42. Mana Montana

    Mana Montana개월 전

    lets cut needless welfare programs then and fund things that are actually important.

  43. Mana Montana

    Mana Montana18 일 전

    @Spurious Lathos what? can you expand

  44. Spurious Lathos

    Spurious Lathos21 일 전

    So this is your first John Oliver video?

  45. da Gobbo Grotto

    da Gobbo Grotto개월 전

    Municipal spending = evil socialism.... US logic

  46. Natalie

    Natalie개월 전

    I wonder how many of these people are necrophiliacs...

  47. Nicholas Ellerbrook

    Nicholas Ellerbrook개월 전

    I wanted his intro to be "Death; The number one cause of death in the world."

  48. Murpaderp

    Murpaderp개월 전

    As a Georgian, when he said Georgia, I knew it was gonna be shit.

  49. Skeptic Musings

    Skeptic Musings개월 전

    Holdup, coroners aren't trained professionals? Jesus

  50. Skeptic Musings

    Skeptic Musings개월 전

    Nah, trump's family avoids paying taxes.

  51. Chien Yang

    Chien Yang개월 전

    And Amazon

  52. james fiaco

    james fiaco개월 전

    One thing is for sure if life is not free why the hell would death be any cheaper? The question your feeble mind may be able to ponder is how souls and spirits are paying out picking up the tab on a diminished quality of life primarily due to dirty low-paying jobs which come from outdated power sources inferior materials poisonous toxic substances pesticides chemicals that never change their killing composition which means simpleton whether it is a solid liquid burnt off into our airways atmosphere as a vapor it is always going to be poisonous debilitating deadly to the body at the same time polluting corrupting devastating to mother Earth and all the various different forms of life that live within this world.

  53. Flame that Sings to the Wind

    Flame that Sings to the Wind개월 전

    I have watched a few of his videos... the USA is messed up! What happened to you guys? My condolences.

  54. Hunter Spalenka

    Hunter Spalenka개월 전

    Plot twist: that license plate was supposed to say "Auto-Psy." Turns out the guy fancies himself a mechanic, and calls himself the Auto Psychic.

  55. Einomar

    Einomar개월 전

    Wtf America.... get your shit together!

  56. Colin Skelding

    Colin Skelding개월 전

    Dear Professor Lynn is a psychopath. Typical looking neighbor. Quietly soft spoken (eew). Severly over calm (shiver). Drinking a 64oz Squirt (OMG! RUN AWAY).

  57. Babysah O

    Babysah O개월 전

    I liked "Forever", wish it hadn't been cancelled. •~•

  58. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow Gamer개월 전

    Smart is always good when partnered with sexy wow Disgusting such fucking blatant sexism at work here. Gotta be a sexy police investigator but only if you're a woman

  59. E Rust

    E Rust개월 전

    John, PLEASE do a follow up on this story! There’s more interest than ever in all things criminology due to all the shows about it! Seems to me that can help to capitalize the absolute need for it..publicly shaming legislators seems to be the only way to fix deep seated messes. You know; it’s the American way!

  60. Adah Beehler

    Adah Beehler개월 전

    I remember hearing a story on the radio about a man who just got a job as a coroner with no training. At one point he put a metal pole in a leg where he had to take out a bone (for a sample). Then the guy was cremated and the pole was left behind his nose came in yelled at him to use a chair leg that they keep in a cupboard.

  61. Pommie bears

    Pommie bears개월 전

    Omg...those look like stomach contents in that Tupperware.

  62. Pommie bears

    Pommie bears개월 전

    13:00 assisted the autopsy on Michael Brown. He got it wrong.

  63. Pommie bears

    Pommie bears개월 전

    The burnt out car....should have been left undetermined then. Obviously, he’s covering for police.

  64. Pommie bears

    Pommie bears개월 전

    We don’t have this problem in Britain. I can’t believe that in Arkansas ANYONE, as long as they’re not a felon, can have access to this. Wow.

  65. TheNinthGeneration

    TheNinthGeneration개월 전

    There’s a point to having clowns outside of the kid thing, it’s to teach people that we live in a society

  66. Cassidy Eckman

    Cassidy Eckman개월 전

    Aaaaand this is why I wanna do this

  67. skoony

    skoony개월 전

    My mother died in California and since the state had to pay for it they cremated her before they even called me. When i asked what happened they told me she had diabetes so it was probably that. By the way she was only 50. The way they handle bodies is horrible and its all about money to them.

  68. BladesWillxBleed

    BladesWillxBleed개월 전

    I'm now accepting venmo in the amount of $3.75 from anybody who would like to cherish Glenn's spleen @Damnit-Danny

  69. Liam W

    Liam W개월 전

    Why can we only stomach this with humour?

  70. Sweet Williams

    Sweet Williams개월 전

    Santa's dick was in that box because Mrs. Claus had been a naughty naughty girl this year 😉