Deadpool (2016) Cast Then And Now


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    you can suggest next video at toptenfamousfan page.

  2. Knekten

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    So a daft video, and you even used fake pics. 3:09 is not Brianna Hildebrand

  3. splinteredworld

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    I know! For your next one you can feature the actors of movies only two weeks out of release and also call it "then and now".🙄

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    smallville series

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    Where can I search the backup song I love it

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    gina carano isso attractive

  8. Reallife Player

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    Its basically "In the Movie vs in reallife"

  9. Gori TV

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    Wow. These celebrities really aged well.

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    as is called background music?

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    plz can you tell me the video background theme name??

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    Super team😄

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    Are you kidding? 3:12 How can I watch anymore of your videos when you pull shit like that...

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    We can show multiple pics of other people but not Stan lee gotcha

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    Музыка чтоза

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    Stan lee😢😢😢 we always love you

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    3:01 The reason you're here. You're welcome.

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    Why do a "then and Now" if it's only been 2 years?

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    i would like my 5 minutes and 4 seconds back please you can keep the seconds it took to type this muppet.

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    Yes, because DP was made many years ago I dont remember what the cast looks like anymore. 😒

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    What's the point of a then and now video when then is basically yesterday?

  23. Killa Kyle

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    gina carano 2 yrs agao in the movie...and now, in american gladiators... that came out in 2005.. wth. slap yourself.

  24. David Raú

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    0:54 that's a lie

  25. bri w

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    pointless video. the film came out 3 years or so ago. wait 10 years at least

  26. Josh Blount

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    It's only been a couple years. Come back in 10+ years and try again.

  27. Fun Zero

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    At 2:45 its not Ajax "Ooh... Imma f..king spell it out for you"

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    Thats madison beer

  29. Knekten

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    then and now? its been 2 years, what the fuck man?

  30. Rahiim Phillip

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    Pretty sure the then and now for Stan Lee is wrong??

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    WoW, they get too old in just 24 months

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    Love lesbians

  33. john ricciardelli

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    As Deadpool would say I still look the same and the cast has not changed a bit.

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    Brianna Hildebrand second it's not she

  35. Vengent Karma

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    the stan lee "now" picture is a bit inaccurate now

  36. spectre977

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    uhhhhh, it's only been two years, they look the same, or am I missing something???

  37. Pete Ski

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    seriously , Then and now for Deadpool?

  38. ReviewsBySavage

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    This shit is a joke, right? Like it’s been 2 years.

  39. remyboss17

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    3:09, that's not brianna, also i'd like to point out, this video is extremely stupid. Like anybody gives a shit about a 2yr difference.

  40. agreen778

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    who in the world cares about what a movie cast looks like 2 years later? trying doing this again in 20 years and then maybe I'll care.

  41. Warhamsterxxx

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    His name is Francis, not Ajax.

  42. Gregory Wallace

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    Wow, I would have never recognized any of these people. They changed so much after 2 WHOLE YEARS since the movie.

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  44. Notorious AVG

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    What was the fucking point of this video? They all look the fucking same!

  45. Norm Lee

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    Fewer than two years difference....I mean, aside from stan lee...not a whole lot of changes.

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  47. Tommaso Urbisci

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    that woman in the bikini is totally not Brianna Hilderbrand. that part was sofa king wee todd id

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    R.I.P Stan Lee 😢❤

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    yeah... about the stan lee one

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    This is such a dumb video. Its been two years lmao

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    Uh.... 3:09 that's not her lol. I'm sure I'm not the only to point this out.

  52. boo bye

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    Erm... I think you need to update Stan Lee's now picture!!

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    good video :)

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    Damn I still think angel is the hots lady from the film.

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    It is being so long time wooow so big diffirences.889k subscribes for chanel like

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    What the fuck was the point of this video, nigga this was literary last year, not 17 years ago.

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    a "then & now" after 2 years is stupid.

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    +CynicalTigerUK i now i'm here for that to.

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    People are here for the thumbnail.

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    Then and now???? we passed only 2 years. How old are you

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    I know. wtf. 2 years later? lmao

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    +Rosco P Coltrane hahaha thanks for the reminder

  65. Rosco P Coltrane

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    2 years in Hollywood is equal to 10 years I'm sure.

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    Gotta update that Stan Lee photo my guy

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    Even though Brianna didn't look all that in in Deadpool but she is really a sexy as 22 year old woman i would love to taste her pie

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    stan lee's now dead

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    Brianna! 😍😍😍👌💕❤✔✔🔥

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    Where are they now from 2 years ago- douchebags. Clearly I'm here for the incorrect thumb-bait.

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    doorpiner is the same aas at the movie an the others and rip stan lee



    Wow bikini

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    Rest in peace stann lee!! Big man!!

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    Hahahahaha! Wtf? The second picture of Brianna is definitely not here! It’s not even close

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    legends came for the thumpnail

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    RIP Stan Lee el mejor

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    Less a case of "then" and "now", more of "in and out of costume".

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    RIP Stan Lee

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    Pink bikini is Madison Beer...clickbait

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    This channel usually gets one wrong per then and now video. Uses same music. Waste of time.

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    Dear toptenfamous, could you please provide us with the title/creator of the audio song playing in most of the „cast“ videos? I really like the song. Thx n regards Kester

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    Rip Lee.

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    thank you STAN!!!

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    RIP Stan Lee le meilleur personnage de tout les marvel

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    1:00 died

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    RIP Excelsior The Great Stan Lee

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    smallville series

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    So the now and then difference is their cloths?? 2 years ago... you run out of ideas??

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    R. I. P STAN LEE

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    I really appreciate how thumbnails from this guy isn't clickbait. The now word was in the way though. That Stefan guy must've had a crazy amount of surgery to look normal. And at least Stan Lee doesn't have to hear anymore hate Trump propaganda. Not saying he doesn't deserve it. I'm just tired of all of it.

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    Whats is this backsong

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    We love you Stan Lee ❤ RIP !

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    Brianna Hildebrand looks MUCH BETTER with longer hair!

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    Probably cause that's not her. Click-bait crap.

  101. Seth Winters

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    Man! Taylor Hicks looks great. I can barely notice the scar from her stitches. I think I might have a crush.

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    Sooooooooo they look exactly the same!

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    We came here because of the thumbnail

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    Goodbye Stan Lee! We love you.

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    RIP Stan Lee

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    Rip Stan Lee (The Dad Of Marvel)

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    0:54 Rest in Peace Stan Lee the one and only True believer

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    You Suck at making videos and everyone who gave it a like are idiots and are the same people who vote based on there race.

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    Slan Lee😭💔

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    Vanessa ain't changed

  111. Brookerz

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    R.I.P Stan Lee💙 hero that created hero's.

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    R.I.P Stan