Dead by Daylight | Stranger Things | Trailer


  1. PerkyPesky Pirate

    PerkyPesky Pirate14 시간 전

    This game is fun and it has so much more potential!

  2. Neady

    Neady14 시간 전

    It’s not in ps4

  3. lucafox_ shadow

    lucafox_ shadow23 시간 전

    I hate this tip of moster this game is not so much for me

  4. 13 Poo

    13 Poo23 시간 전

    This one is the most viewed chapter trailer

  5. Limus

    Limus일 전

    Day 18 of requesting an Alexei dlc

  6. Akahrimiriko

    Akahrimiriko일 전

    They should put Pennywise into the mix

  7. Riba Aduraice

    Riba Aduraice일 전

    The "It" Chapter New Killer: The Shapeshifter (Pennywise) New Survivor: Eddie Kaspbrak New Map: Derry, Maine.

  8. RedDevilz

    RedDevilz일 전

    Plz put pennywise

  9. Zboy 115

    Zboy 115일 전


  10. hm mmm

    hm mmm일 전

    when is it coming live?

  11. Genuine John

    Genuine John일 전


  12. The dead Island

    The dead Island일 전

    I don’t have it 😭 I wish I did I don’t think you can get it anymore!

  13. Benn _

    Benn _일 전


  14. Matty 3000•

    Matty 3000•일 전

    I can’t find it on Xbox

  15. Death incarnate

    Death incarnate일 전

    It's not out yet

  16. Trixie Pearl

    Trixie Pearl일 전

    When PS4?

  17. TheZolloZombie

    TheZolloZombie일 전

    Love! Good Idea!

  18. stxraymxilk可愛い

    stxraymxilk可愛い일 전

    what the *quack*

  19. Ruby Moughan

    Ruby Moughan2 일 전

    You suck

  20. noah's beats

    noah's beats2 일 전

    Is it going to come out on ps4

  21. Riba Aduraice

    Riba Aduraice일 전


  22. Mook Mook

    Mook Mook2 일 전


  23. Larry Miner

    Larry Miner2 일 전

    While you're at it why don't you also add the alien the predator

  24. Larry Miner

    Larry Miner2 일 전

    Next to pennywise

  25. Kenzz Edit

    Kenzz Edit2 일 전

    It chap 2

  26. FreddyFTW 115

    FreddyFTW 1152 일 전

    Has this came out in the game

  27. Riba Aduraice

    Riba Aduraice13 시간 전

    @FreddyFTW 115 All three

  28. FreddyFTW 115

    FreddyFTW 11513 시간 전

    Does it come with all three or just like the demogorgon?

  29. Riba Aduraice

    Riba Aduraice15 시간 전

    @FreddyFTW 115 No, the DLC will cost 12 dollars

  30. FreddyFTW 115

    FreddyFTW 11516 시간 전

    Is it for free?

  31. Riba Aduraice

    Riba Aduraice일 전

    Not yet, it comes out on September 17 th

  32. Jolo 24

    Jolo 243 일 전

    They should add Creppy Pasta characters into this that would be cool

  33. Bob Semple tank

    Bob Semple tank3 일 전

    Can't wait to watch these characters get ripped to shreds. Maybe they didn't think this one through,

  34. Beverly Kell

    Beverly Kell3 일 전

    OMG WHAT?! :O




  36. Sealing Dog

    Sealing Dog4 일 전

    I wish they put Jason in Dead by day light

  37. Shorddy _973

    Shorddy _973일 전

    @Sealing Dog oh yeah

  38. Sealing Dog

    Sealing Dog일 전

    Shorddy _973 how about Slenderman in Dead by daylight

  39. Sealing Dog

    Sealing Dog3 일 전


  40. Shorddy _973

    Shorddy _9733 일 전

    They cant cuz of the lawsuit

  41. Caleb Gee

    Caleb Gee4 일 전

    They should make the music in this trailer the end game collapse music for the killer.

  42. Shorddy _973

    Shorddy _9733 일 전

    He has his own chase music

  43. Potatoes and Pugs

    Potatoes and Pugs4 일 전

    Too bad it’s only for pc


    L0STF0RLIFE4 일 전

    the dlc is coming out on all platforms next week


    REST IN EVIL4 일 전

    What If This Happened IT New Killer : PennyWise The Dancing Clown New Survivor : Richie Toizer New Survivor : Eddie Casbrack New Map : Nebolt House Or Other Version New Killer : Henry Bowers New Survivor : Mike Hanlon New Survivor : Stanley Uris New Map : Dairy High School Or Other Version New Killer : Yellow Toothed Witch (Mrs. Cursh) New Survivor : Bill Denbrough New Survivor : Beverley Marsh New Map : Dairy Sewers

  46. Jackson Vetter

    Jackson Vetter4 일 전

    I like your video plz shout out🙏🏻🙏🏻



    Who agerees that Pennwise should be in this game👇🏻

  48. No More Boosted Killers pls

    No More Boosted Killers pls16 시간 전

    @Vogo Vigo Yep but the demogorgon is the only non-human like killer we had so yeah I guess they should add a female killer next.

  49. Vogo Vigo

    Vogo Vigo17 시간 전

    @No More Boosted Killers pls omg they should add him too but i think now is time for some women and then men

  50. No More Boosted Killers pls

    No More Boosted Killers pls17 시간 전

    @Vogo Vigo that will be cool, surely they would probably also add maybe pinhead?

  51. Vogo Vigo

    Vogo Vigo17 시간 전

    @No More Boosted Killers pls from horror ring Samara Morgan, girl with long hair

  52. No More Boosted Killers pls

    No More Boosted Killers pls17 시간 전

    @Vogo Vigo Who?

  53. Abi Grace

    Abi Grace4 일 전

    why it 17 and up? XD

  54. Th3WallZ

    Th3WallZ4 일 전

    Imagine 7 mln people buy game just for this dlc

  55. Silver S1lver

    Silver S1lver4 일 전

    Straight facts

  56. EmeraldWolfGamr

    EmeraldWolfGamr4 일 전

    Dang this more popular then their game launch trailer, *Literally*

  57. Chloe Myers

    Chloe Myers4 일 전

    No way this awesome I can't believe they are actually bringing stranger things to dead by daylight omg I get to play as Steve herrington this can't be real this is a dream omg Steve herrington people Steve herrington

  58. Dage Lescara

    Dage Lescara4 일 전

    0:25 *Me stepping on a lego*

  59. Sophie Klifman

    Sophie Klifman4 일 전

    I want Dustin, Max, Mike, Will, Lucas and Eleven!!

  60. IACO 30

    IACO 3023 시간 전

    Maybe they can do only eleven as a DLC

  61. Acidpond

    Acidpond5 일 전 it please with bill or Tim voicing them

  62. Okan Demirtay

    Okan Demirtay5 일 전

    Is this only on pc

  63. Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul

    Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul2 일 전

    @Okan Demirtay tuesday

  64. Okan Demirtay

    Okan Demirtay2 일 전

    Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul oh kl thx for answering do u know if it will make its way to PS4

  65. Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul

    Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul5 일 전

    no it's just testing on pc currently

  66. Maaz Shahzad

    Maaz Shahzad5 일 전

    How do u get it and when is it released because I cant find it??

  67. Xaggy

    Xaggy19 시간 전


  68. Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul

    Mackenzie mcdaniel-paul5 일 전

    Not out yet

  69. Damian Garcia

    Damian Garcia5 일 전

    Time to go back

  70. Felipe Alvarado

    Felipe Alvarado5 일 전

    And now we neee jason vorhees why?For Fredy krugger

  71. kirikaichan

    kirikaichan6 일 전

    Wait, is this real? Dead by daylight will be my new favourite game

  72. Dante Fiore

    Dante Fiore5 일 전


  73. Y ut Wer

    Y ut Wer6 일 전

    Who will ever thought I will stuck in room playing as Steve haring Harrington is juss to trippy man 🤣🤣

  74. Spartan

    Spartan6 일 전

    Release date ? Pls?

  75. Shazlg

    Shazlg3 일 전

    17th sept

  76. Dante Fiore

    Dante Fiore5 일 전

    Probably late september

  77. Vianey García

    Vianey García6 일 전

    Wot Steve Harrington wottt we could play as him

  78. Game Monster

    Game Monster6 일 전

    Next killer after this pennywise?

  79. Gokublajdd d

    Gokublajdd d6 일 전


  80. Lovinq 。

    Lovinq 。6 일 전

    make a Dustin character and give him a special ability like whenever he gets attacked by a demadorgeon he deals less damage because of his realationship with the one he raised

  81. Dante Fiore

    Dante Fiore5 일 전

    Cant kill children in games, rating would go through the roof in most countries

  82. Ruth Intal

    Ruth Intal7 일 전

    Is this fortnite or what

  83. Dante Fiore

    Dante Fiore5 일 전

    Read the title?

  84. Why youtube why

    Why youtube why7 일 전

    LOL Nancy looks like James Dean

  85. Jesus Hernandez

    Jesus Hernandez7 일 전

    Add pennywise

  86. Xx__TrYHaRdZ__xX RnG__iii

    Xx__TrYHaRdZ__xX RnG__iii7 일 전


  87. Dante Fiore

    Dante Fiore5 일 전


  88. Ingrid T.W.L

    Ingrid T.W.L7 일 전

    i was wondering, can we do slenderman next time, another non human killer, but overall, i like the killer this time, cool

  89. ChannelWatcher0808

    ChannelWatcher08087 일 전

    Would it work with Pinhead AKA The Hell Priest? I know he's not a killer he's torturer but in the entity's world there is no time nor real death it is like hell Would it work out?

  90. ChannelWatcher0808

    ChannelWatcher08085 일 전

    @Dante Fiore A Human Killer?

  91. Dante Fiore

    Dante Fiore5 일 전

    He is a human killer, so absolutely

  92. Kyle J

    Kyle J7 일 전

    Should do one for scary stories

  93. Kivul

    Kivul7 일 전

    Is there a solid release date on this?

  94. Shazlg

    Shazlg3 일 전

    Yes 17th sept

  95. Kado The Potato

    Kado The Potato7 일 전

    Now we need pennywise to teach survivors not to clown around

  96. Beverly Kell

    Beverly Kell3 일 전

    Oh gawd no. He traumatised me when I was little XD