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  1. GrayGames

    GrayGames2 개월 전

    Dead by Daylight | All Killers Memento Mori Animation The new killer Demogorgon is here, check out how the mori animation looks! How's it going guys? My name's Charles, you can call me GrayGames and today’s video I will be showing you guys all killers memento mori animation in Dead by Daylight with both perspectives, killer and survivor! The moris were done on the killers respective map and survivor! If you guys did enjoy the video make sure to hit that like button below to support the channel, and if you're new to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button below and turn on notifications to get notified when future videos come out! ALL KILLERS MORI: Evan MacMillan or "The Trapper", Philip Ojomo or "The Wraith", Max Thompson Jr. or "The Hillbilly", Sally Smithson or "The Nurse" from The Last Breath, Michael Myers or "The Shape" from The HALLOWEEN®, Lisa Sherwood or "The Hag" from Of Flesh and Mud, Herman Carter or "The Doctor" from Spark of Madness, Anna or "The Huntress" from A Lullaby for the Dark, Leatherface or "The Cannibal" from LEATHERFACE™, Freddy or "The Nightmare" from A Nightmare on Elm Street™, Amanda Young or "The Pig" from The SAW™, Jeffrey Hawk or "The Clown" from Curtain Call, Rin Yamaoka or "The Spirit" from Shattered Bloodline, "The Legion" from Darkness Among Us, Adiris or "The Plague" from Demise of the Faithful, Ghostface or “The Ghost Face” from Chapter XII: Ghost Face, Demogorgon or “The Demogorgon” from CHAPTER XIII: Stranger Things! Dead by Daylight Patch 3.2.0[PTB v1.184.7] - CHAPTER XIII: Stranger Things ►Binge Watch The Series Playlist: ●--------------● ▼ Want To Support GrayGames? ▼ 👕MERCH: 💰PATREON: ▼ Want More GrayGames? ▼ 💚Twitter: 💚Twitch: 💚Instagram: 💚Facebook Page: 💚Discord Server: 💚Steam Group: 💚Join The "GG" Army Today!: 📧For Business Inquiries ONLY: 🙋‍♂️FANS: If you're a fan and would like to send me a message or something, the best way to contact me would be by putting “@GrayGames” on your message on my Discord Server or sending me a DM on Twitter which are both linked above! 🎵Song Used In Video/ Outro Song: Dead by Daylight - (Theme) - Above music is by Michel F. April. 🖌PERSON WHO DESIGNED MY LOGO/ BANNER @AhmedGDesigns on Twitter ●--------------● 😃Hope you guys have a great day!😃

  2. GrayGames

    GrayGames개월 전

    I had 2 PC's set up. Loaded up a KYF lobby. Equiped a Cypress mori as killer.

  3. AlexPizzi GT

    AlexPizzi GT2 개월 전

    How did u get a mori with only 1 Person? Did you unhook yourself? If yes, did it take long to work? If no, how did you do it then, without hooking?

  4. Gtx Blush

    Gtx Blush10 일 전

    The Demma Gorgon I wish he actually ripped his head off that was a pretty depressing kill it wasn’t even brutal you thought he would bite into the person’s head is like rip it off bite it off and then it just comes out with the tiniest bit of like blood the only good kill was the huntress

  5. Death S0ck

    Death S0ck12 일 전

    Jane always makes it seem like I'm watching porn without earbuds

  6. wolfcub 868

    wolfcub 86816 일 전

    In rhe demagorgan kill their hands shake after the kill its a nice detail

  7. Circle Of Dao

    Circle Of Dao19 일 전

    wounds/dismemberment and some different sound effects less repetitive sound effects would actually make these very enjoyable

  8. Jopester Plays465

    Jopester Plays46529 일 전

    What if you could see the survivors 1st person perspective in a 3rd person mori? Like say in Freddy Krueger you could see the blades coming out of your chest while looking down or something, or maybe legion’s, that would be cool

  9. NoobyGamer 11

    NoobyGamer 11개월 전

    Use meg

  10. Itsameah

    Itsameah개월 전

    The spirit in honestly my favorite killer and has a neat mori. Something about cracking limbs is so creepy.

  11. Ali

    Ali개월 전

    My favorites are the Hags, Ghost Face, Legion, and Demagorgan.

  12. Jacobprogaming

    Jacobprogaming2 개월 전

    Why didn't you just edit the other video than this one?

  13. GrayGames

    GrayGames개월 전

    Which video are you referring to?

  14. Angel Gramajo

    Angel Gramajo2 개월 전

    Great vid sry i haven't texted been busy with high school work. But great video

  15. GrayGames

    GrayGames개월 전

    It's alright! Thanks!

  16. Joshua Minshull

    Joshua Minshull2 개월 전

    Demogorgons is my fav Brutal as hell Tied with The Huntress one

  17. Jack Ieong

    Jack Ieong2 개월 전

    Clown’s and hag’s mori is the only real mori, that puts a scar on the survivor. Why aren’t there more

  18. Jopester Plays465

    Jopester Plays46529 일 전

    Jori Costava Bite marks? It should be the survivors head literally ripped off

  19. Jori Costava

    Jori Costava개월 전

    The demogorgon leaves bite marks on the head

  20. D.K TV

    D.K TV2 개월 전

    The Trapper: 0:13 The Wraith: 0:41 The Hillbilly: 1:11 The Nurse: 1:42 The Shape: 2:19 The Hag: 2:53 The Doctor: 3:30 The Huntress: 4:04 The Cannibal: 4:38 The Nightmare: 5:15 The Pig: 5:43 The Clown: 6:07 The Spirit: 6:45 The Legion: 7:15 The Plague: 7:47 The Ghost Face: 8:24 The Demogorgon: 8:58

  21. Gunnermuner73

    Gunnermuner732 일 전

    D.K TV absolute chad

  22. Captain Supremeous

    Captain Supremeous2 개월 전

    Where is nea’s mori

  23. Crawl Creeper Animation

    Crawl Creeper Animation18 일 전

    Nea is not a Fucking killer...she's A survivor

  24. Mazukai ZX

    Mazukai ZX2 개월 전

    out of all the killers probably legion and the clown is the only one you could have a realistic chance at fighting against in real life the others just have abilities that will maul you to death

  25. nine zewo owo

    nine zewo owo2 개월 전

    I like it how nea tried to open the mask of the nurse

  26. ABSTRX Official

    ABSTRX Official2 개월 전

    That's not what she...

  27. Brayden Fazler

    Brayden Fazler2 개월 전

    8:32 THUD

  28. Vibe check emoji

    Vibe check emoji2 개월 전

    Look how big micheals hand is compared to Lauries at 2:38

  29. BenGamerSpartan7_YT

    BenGamerSpartan7_YT2 개월 전

    They should be more violent than mortal Kombat fatalities

  30. Chaosstorm5273

    Chaosstorm52732 개월 전

    I never knew Freddy's lullaby played during Mori for Survivor perspective. Thats really cool

  31. Maxi Geiger

    Maxi Geiger2 개월 전

    Wraith just like : WHY WONT YOU DIE ?

  32. Maxi Geiger

    Maxi Geiger2 개월 전

    We need haloween skin moris on survivor pov

  33. Mxeno skorpion

    Mxeno skorpion2 개월 전

    Imagine the mori's if they had more gore to them

  34. Jori Costava

    Jori Costava개월 전

    It would be banned in a lot of places

  35. KirkLurkPU

    KirkLurkPU2 개월 전

    Honestly, if a lot of people want more gore, they can probably do it, but instead you can turn on and off the "realistic gore" that people wanted in the settings. That way, whatever satisfies you, you have an option whether to apply it or not.

  36. Mxeno skorpion

    Mxeno skorpion2 개월 전

    If we are talking about gore factors needing to be at an acceptable rate for some countries then they at least need to fix Hillbilly's mori, and maybe vamp up some of the other weaker ones

  37. Gabriel Otic

    Gabriel Otic2 개월 전

    @Mxeno skorpion well of course itsnt just their heads getting lobbed off. It's more of just the gore fsctor. Trust me, even I am complaining at the mori's gore factor. Im a doctor main and i was hoping theyd like cry blood or their eyes just melt from their sockets but yeah... cant have that

  38. Mxeno skorpion

    Mxeno skorpion2 개월 전

    Either way the only mori to have their heads pop off is the demogorgon but more tame mori's like Leatherface and Pig kinda need a bit more gore

  39. CuriousHippo

    CuriousHippo2 개월 전


  40. Angel of corruption Lucatiel

    Angel of corruption Lucatiel2 개월 전

    My fav will always be doctor, like the way he rubs his hands makes it look like he's thinkinh "alright, lets get this experiment started"

  41. Gabriel Otic

    Gabriel Otic2 개월 전

    My fave killer and mori. I always thought he wouldve gone "now to apply a controlled shock!" *checks on survivor* "better?:

  42. Absolutely Amel

    Absolutely Amel2 개월 전

    I fail to see how Adiris' Mori actually kills Jane

  43. Yeager

    Yeager2 개월 전

    chain was yanked down and the incense burner hit and pulled the side of her neck breaking it

  44. Absolutely Amel

    Absolutely Amel2 개월 전

    On a side note, it would have been even better if she put her mouth on the survivors and just puked right down their throat for added disgust

  45. Malachi Cole

    Malachi Cole2 개월 전

    The sound of Jane breathing while Adiris vomits on her face makes the mori unsettling and unsatisfying. Just a random thought but I might as well point it out.

  46. Mr Toblerone

    Mr Toblerone2 개월 전

    Absolutely Amel That first hit was probs enough to kill her

  47. BTNArksome 1215

    BTNArksome 12152 개월 전

    8:30 OMG!! I totes gotta post this on my insta!!!

  48. Quartz Skull

    Quartz Skull2 개월 전

    They need to make cut wounds and update the trapper and the wraith

  49. TheNekoZombie

    TheNekoZombie2 개월 전

    Honestly, I feel like the animations have gotten better over the last few dlcs. Smoother and cleaner

  50. Wacky acky _

    Wacky acky _2 개월 전

    Ya like the 3rd person view of the killer and the surviver

  51. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel2 개월 전

    Man one day I'll become successful like you're becoming on youtube keep up good work

  52. Jovante 99

    Jovante 992 개월 전

    When Dem survivors find one too many totems

  53. Bryan G

    Bryan G2 개월 전

    Yay finally

  54. Joyful Leader

    Joyful Leader2 개월 전

    Sometime after the Stranger Things chapter releases, can you do a Demogorgon Mori on all survivors video? That would make my day!

  55. Roy Harris

    Roy Harris2 개월 전

    Great stuff as always, thanks for keeping these updated If you don’t want to have the Demo mori both Steve and Nancy, maybe you could have one of the characters on the survivor perspective and the other on the killer perspective?

  56. Tomb8521 T

    Tomb8521 T2 개월 전

    When The Stranger things chapter comes out, can you show Nancy and Steve being moried by every killer? Thanks.

  57. Mundoslav A A

    Mundoslav A A21 일 전


  58. King Asun

    King Asun2 개월 전


  59. GrayGames

    GrayGames2 개월 전

    I'll definitely do that!

  60. Freddy dbd

    Freddy dbd2 개월 전

    Gd stuff

  61. GrayGames

    GrayGames2 개월 전

    Thanks! 😃

  62. Camera Vice

    Camera Vice2 개월 전

    Just when I think the previous mori video is perfect you find a way to make it better. Nice touch using the killers real names



    You forgot to put Bubba Sawyer on The Cannibal (Leatherface)

  64. GrayGames

    GrayGames2 개월 전

    Thanks! I always try to improve my videos! Glad you liked that! 😃

  65. Brandan Gaming

    Brandan Gaming2 개월 전

    My fav mori is legion

  66. GrayGames

    GrayGames2 개월 전

    I liked that mori also! I wish more moris had the survivor fight back.

  67. Nathan

    Nathan2 개월 전

    are the Hillbilly and Meg related?

  68. GrayGames

    GrayGames2 개월 전

    Technically no. The original killers don't have a respective survivor to go with them. So I just matched the original killers with the original survivors in order.