Dead by Daylight | All Killers Memento Mori Animation


  1. GrayGames

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    EDIT: Thanks for the massive support on this video guys! There is so many comments here I can't reply to all of them, but I did read all of them and acknowledged them. Once again thanks for the 100K+ views and all the support! Dead by Daylight | All Killers Memento Mori Animation ►Previous Video: ~ How's it going guys? My name's Charles, you can call me GrayGames and today’s video guys I will be showing you guys all killers memento mori animation in Dead by Daylight with both perspectives, killer and survivor! Killers in video: Evan MacMillan or "The Trapper", Philip Ojomo or "The Wraith", Max Thompson Jr. or "The Hillbilly", Sally Smithson or "The Nurse" from The Last Breath, Michael Myers or "The Shape" from The HALLOWEEN®, Lisa Sherwood or "The Hag" from Of Flesh and Mud, Herman Carter or "The Doctor" from Spark of Madness, Anna or "The Huntress" from A Lullaby for the Dark, Leatherface or "The Cannibal" from LEATHERFACE™, Freddy or "The Nightmare" from A Nightmare on Elm Street™, Amanda Young or "The Pig" from The SAW™, Jeffrey Hawk or "The Clown" from Curtain Call, Rin Yamaoka or "The Spirit" from Shattered Bloodline, "The Legion" from Darkness Among Us, Adiris or "The Plague" from Demise of the Faithful, Ghostface or “The Ghost Face” from Chapter XII: Ghost Face. If you guys did enjoy the video make sure to hit that like button below to support the channel, and if you're new to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button below and turn on notifications to get notified when future videos come out! Dead by Daylight Patch 3.0.0[PTB v1.118.0] - Chapter XII: Ghost Face ►Binge Watch The Series Playlist: ●--------------● ▼ Want More GrayGames? ▼ 💚Twitter: 💚Twitch: 💚Instagram: 💚Facebook Page: 💚Discord Server: 💚Steam Group: 💚Join The "GG" Army Today!: 📧For Business Inquiries ONLY: 🙋‍♂️FANS: If you're a fan and would like to send me a message or something, the best way to contact me would be by putting “@GrayGames” on your message on my Discord Server or sending me a DM on Twitter which are both linked above! 🎵Song Used In Video/ Outro Song: Dead by Daylight - (Theme) - Above music is by Michel F. April. 🖌PERSON WHO DESIGNED MY LOGO/ BANNER @AhmedGDesigns on Twitter ●--------------● 😃Hope you guys have a great day!😃

  2. Mister Random

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    I think there is a typo in the description. I thought the hillbilly wasn't named?

  3. GrayGames

    GrayGames3 개월 전

    @Drift and Ghosty What?

  4. Drift and Ghosty

    Drift and Ghosty3 개월 전

    Ik you copyer and passed the description btw loved the huntress and hated the hag the hag was desustong sorry for bad spelling btw

  5. Spring Puppet

    Spring Puppet4 개월 전

    In my opinion they got very sloppy with the killers kills And what I mean is they don’t have anything like gash wounds that would make it will be a look Realistic but it’s a video game so I guess the pass

  6. محمد اللول

    محمد اللول4 개월 전

    Mortal kombat players: "brah"

  7. Blake Riel

    Blake Riel4 일 전

    YOu FOrgoT thE OnI!!!!!

  8. Darkdarkie100 Yeet

    Darkdarkie100 Yeet4 일 전

    The clowns mori is a fucking joke dude

  9. Afro

    Afro5 일 전

    My favourite was the Legions' cuz u can see *them* struggling to kill the guy, cuz they're teenagers

  10. Mario android

    Mario android7 일 전

    Where is demogorgon????

  11. Technofreakazoid Gaming

    Technofreakazoid Gaming9 일 전

    How do you do a mori

  12. LoserSkits

    LoserSkits15 일 전

    Thanks for showing these from both perspectives! Usually the game's camera angle freaks out and I end up seeing a bush or the inside of a wall for the whole kill! Haha.

  13. CheshireCat ́s

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  14. ;Smaya;

    ;Smaya;17 일 전

    Ghostface be like:😵💀✌🏼

  15. SirRoggothy _

    SirRoggothy _18 일 전

    Idk why, but I feel sad for Tapp. I’m mean just look at those eyes😭

  16. _SargentoCoelho _

    _SargentoCoelho _18 일 전

    2:49 Remember Shaman from For Honor? This is her now, feel old yet?

  17. Pablo you don't have to know

    Pablo you don't have to know개월 전

    But do you lose it when you lose??? The game as killer????

  18. Azrael Cain

    Azrael Cain개월 전

    It's used up after you use it as a match offering but you can get more from bloodwebs and the ebony mori (the super rare one) let's you mori every survivor as long as they got hooked once first

  19. Agent Mk07

    Agent Mk07개월 전

    dam frank (legion) is cool and dam ur pretty strong if you can pull someone by the leg with a tiny ass knife xD

  20. Epicals Place

    Epicals Place개월 전

    God damn it hag! We talked about this!

  21. Spinning Red Chair

    Spinning Red Chair개월 전

    I appreciate that each kill was done on a map suited for the killer thematically



    if this game had actual animations huntress would have the most brutal not hag, all she does is fucking rip out an organ

  23. Emo Kitty

    Emo Kitty개월 전

    ‘What’s you’re favorite scary movie?’ The ghost face Mori kinda remind of joker.

  24. Fabulous Kitty

    Fabulous Kitty2 개월 전

    Only if they make it more bloody and there will be wound

  25. GrayGames

    GrayGames개월 전

    It would be nice if they added more blood and gore into the moris.

  26. F.B.I

    F.B.I2 개월 전

    Ghost face is the best

  27. Some Random7019

    Some Random70192 개월 전

    2:54 best kill

  28. Gregobert Hernandez

    Gregobert Hernandez2 개월 전

    This should be more gruesome, when someone gets their stomach chainsawed I wanna see some intestines

  29. 50,000 subscribers without any videos

    50,000 subscribers without any videos2 개월 전

    Is Legion actually that strong? He/she jammed a knife in someone’s arm and still got pushed back

  30. Some kid

    Some kid2 개월 전

    Hag's is fucking brutal. I have a fear of seeing people get cut open and have their organs played with, I don't know what that is called, but I get nightmares from that now.

  31. UpdateDotExe

    UpdateDotExe2 개월 전

    Coolest: Huntress Lamest: Wraith or Billy Most Gore: obv hag

  32. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha2 개월 전

    Is Memento Memori a perk 🤔

  33. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha2 개월 전

    Is meint

  34. ShadowNinja

    ShadowNinja2 개월 전

    Bubba causally drops his hammer just for it to magically appear in his hand

  35. Germán Rodriguez

    Germán Rodriguez2 개월 전

    I like how some killers have a loop sound during the mori (example: Leatherface, the legion, the clown, the doctor)

  36. Nuklear Winter

    Nuklear Winter2 개월 전

    Strange I was playing against a Michael Myers (on the dead by daylight mobile version)he could mori kill me without a mori HOW?!🤔😱

  37. Absurd Boy

    Absurd Boy2 개월 전

    I loved how you matched the killers with maps and survivors

  38. Cats Are Evil!!!

    Cats Are Evil!!!2 개월 전

    I love how you showed the animation on the map with the survivor that went with the killer!

  39. Quartz Skull

    Quartz Skull2 개월 전

    So many of the original mori's need to be updated like the hillbilly cuts a person in half but there's no cut mark Edit: OK most of the mori's don't have cut wounds

  40. Tzuyu

    Tzuyu2 개월 전

    3:53 he turned feng into an anime gorl

  41. lil mosquito pee

    lil mosquito pee2 개월 전

    2:26 just pause and say "LOok At DIs DUUuUUuUUDe"

  42. Jaison The wolf

    Jaison The wolf2 개월 전

    My top 5 favorite Kills in dead by daylight 5: the wrath 4: the doctor 3: leather face 2: the hag Honorable mentions Michael Myers. Ghost face. Demogogrdon. The piggy 1: legion

  43. Chuckles The Clown

    Chuckles The Clown2 개월 전

    0:55 when my mom finds my report card

  44. FzEch gamez

    FzEch gamez3 개월 전

    Why does all of the characters starts with *"THE"*

  45. iRobot15O6

    iRobot15O63 개월 전

    Weird that there’s no wounds

  46. Sebas Michaelle

    Sebas Michaelle3 개월 전

    ash is still alive haha 😂 😂

  47. Blueberrynick_YT Official

    Blueberrynick_YT Official3 개월 전

    Can I just tell u you got a new sub because this would take alot of hours to get all Mori and show us Thank u alot I really appreciate it