1. SmoothGio

    SmoothGio6 개월 전

    Bangers on Bangers 📈 #RoadTo2M

  2. Dareon Larkins

    Dareon Larkins개월 전

    Ida ROCKED YO SHIT to the point were u gone have to call ya niggas up cuh, this anit😕

  3. hussein baydoun

    hussein baydoun4 개월 전

    SmoothGio outro song??

  4. The Life Of Jay

    The Life Of Jay4 개월 전


  5. rashad davis

    rashad davis5 시간 전


  6. Gavin

    Gavin3 일 전

    My mans DDG is off it

  7. Malakye Smith

    Malakye Smith3 일 전


  8. Rismay Tee

    Rismay Tee4 일 전

    Nigga smoothie gio talkin about I box tf outta here yall jump it was 4 or 5 of yall on ddg😂

  9. Big Guap Cinco

    Big Guap Cinco5 일 전

    whats the outro song ?

  10. lol

    lol7 일 전

    2:40 lmao

  11. Timothy Riley

    Timothy Riley12 일 전

    You be grabbing people during every prank...

  12. Timothy Riley

    Timothy Riley12 일 전

    You’re good bro. Deshae is cool, but that’s who does all the grabs.

  13. Devoo 2Timez

    Devoo 2Timez15 일 전

    8:40 n dats on period😭😭😭😭

  14. steve stevo

    steve stevo18 일 전

    Goddamn ma nigga. I nearly LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Bossman kb Awesome

    Bossman kb Awesome20 일 전

    Can’t believe ddg and kennedy is not going out anymore

  16. Carmel jones

    Carmel jones21 일 전

    I lovveee ddg he is hilarous! And he was so protective of kennedy more men need to be like that

  17. Free5ive

    Free5ive21 일 전


  18. Gio Deubner

    Gio Deubner21 일 전

    My name is gio 2

  19. Bozo Bozo

    Bozo Bozo22 일 전

    Spending money on a thot is not a prank lol jokes on you dummy 🤧🤯🤣

  20. Destiny Jay Dior

    Destiny Jay Dior22 일 전

    This prank was funny 🤣🤣❤️

  21. Kross Ballantyne

    Kross Ballantyne24 일 전

    What that song called

  22. Berlinda Engmann

    Berlinda Engmann25 일 전


  23. UnoTank HLYB

    UnoTank HLYB25 일 전

    Might as well spin da block on lil Kennedy 🤣🤣

  24. Candice Cornelia

    Candice Cornelia25 일 전

    im so cringe watching this omg 😭😭😭

  25. Pat Frank

    Pat Frank29 일 전

    Told y'all i don't trust him.. It's something bout him i don't trust... DDG stay away from

  26. muganga brian

    muganga brian개월 전

    you little ass kid

  27. BandoHC

    BandoHC개월 전

    Someone need to beat the shit out of ddg

  28. jaivonne dennis

    jaivonne dennis개월 전

    What’s the song gio was singing at the end

  29. Dominique Sanders

    Dominique Sanders개월 전

    DDg is stupid

  30. Ashante Jones

    Ashante Jones개월 전

    This was so funny

  31. Kain Martínez

    Kain Martínez개월 전

    Bro this shit so fake only a dumbass would believe this fake ass acting

  32. Akira Elai

    Akira Elai개월 전

    Wait- he didn’t actually get her that necklace, right?

  33. Roman H

    Roman H개월 전

    No lol.

  34. Sapper Gehdheoddj

    Sapper Gehdheoddj개월 전

    Kennedy was on this Nigga dick she was to happy

  35. Wyq0

    Wyq0개월 전

    yo what that song at the end of the video

  36. Dev & Kasoo

    Dev & Kasoo개월 전

    Cringy videosssss!!!!😂

  37. Kid Champagne

    Kid Champagne개월 전

    Flash bacc 😂😂😂

  38. Caleb King

    Caleb King개월 전

    This was cheese 😂😂😂😂

  39. mario batres

    mario batres개월 전

    U should make a L/w count

  40. Nigga Penis Portable Phone Charger

    Nigga Penis Portable Phone Charger개월 전

    Gio: "You know you not bout to smack my camrea" Gio: "why you smack my camrea bruh ;("

  41. Stakkyabread

    Stakkyabread개월 전

    Am I the only one that think Kennedy and Ashley look alike?

  42. Nebeyu Ermias

    Nebeyu Ermias개월 전

    What is that beat at 12:16

  43. FamousYou2uber

    FamousYou2uber개월 전

    Y is he mad that's his x

  44. Money Sniper

    Money Sniper개월 전


  45. Twin_ RKS

    Twin_ RKS개월 전

    This is fake lol

  46. Young Reccless KiD

    Young Reccless KiD개월 전

    "Don't touch her" look like he was gonna beat his ass

  47. Young Reccless KiD

    Young Reccless KiD개월 전

    Tryna give you my life

  48. Khumoetsile LETEBELE

    Khumoetsile LETEBELE개월 전

    These sound effects😭

  49. Life Motivation

    Life Motivation2 개월 전

    Kennedy a real Woman 😍

  50. Pedro De Araujo

    Pedro De Araujo2 개월 전

    What’s the name of the last song???

  51. Rayshan Thomas

    Rayshan Thomas2 개월 전

    The cat sound effect had me dead😂😂

  52. Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams2 개월 전

    outro song -fso dinero - changing weathers

  53. TSM_KingDog30

    TSM_KingDog302 개월 전

    10:08 roasted

  54. k.beendaht on ig

    k.beendaht on ig2 개월 전

    U know ddg will fuk u up😂😂😭

  55. k.beendaht on ig

    k.beendaht on ig2 개월 전

    Always trynna steal somone bitch 😂😂💀

  56. i put bleach in my eyes

    i put bleach in my eyes2 개월 전

    I wanna see gio rock ddg

  57. i put bleach in my eyes

    i put bleach in my eyes2 개월 전



    KING CARSON2 개월 전

    SMOOTH GIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Kamile Salaam

    Kamile Salaam2 개월 전


  60. Nay’Ana Durham

    Nay’Ana Durham2 개월 전

    DDG: "Bro get that camera out my face for I smack yo shit and break it then its going be a problem". Smooth Gio: "You know u not going to smack my camera" Also Smooth Gio: "Bro why u smack my camera bruh"

  61. Saddmkfnjacob Highhawk

    Saddmkfnjacob Highhawk2 개월 전

    Had to say hoe when he walked out that door


    BLINK _DKID2 개월 전

    Who’s watching December 26th 2019 😭😭 I really miss ddg and Kennedy

  63. Micheal Harrison

    Micheal Harrison개월 전

    BLINK _DKID simple question, no need for that type of response g


    BLINK _DKID개월 전

    They broke up tf

  65. Micheal Harrison

    Micheal Harrison개월 전

    what happened with them?

  66. Khufu Utley

    Khufu Utley2 개월 전

    Lol he lowkey tried show off the watch

  67. Adory Mims

    Adory Mims2 개월 전

    You gotta live up to yo standards 😂😂

  68. Josiah Wise

    Josiah Wise2 개월 전

    Ddg and old girl ain't dating