1. SmoothGio

    SmoothGio29 일 전

    Bangers on Bangers 📈 #RoadTo2M

  2. yema mason

    yema mason3 일 전

    Whats the name of your back ground music

  3. Davin Cope

    Davin Cope4 일 전

    He cutie😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. business minded

    business minded8 일 전

    She was feeling you !

  5. Jody Collins

    Jody Collins13 일 전

    SmoothGio man you should’ve smashed after the camera turned off

  6. Poloboi ENT.

    Poloboi ENT.18 시간 전

    “You’s a kid, you just graduated” 😂 “I WAS VALEDICTORIAN”

  7. Nathaniel Martinez

    Nathaniel Martinez일 전

    this dude cool and all but he foul for getting flirtatious with someone taken

  8. Callme Jorge

    Callme Jorge일 전

    Yoo whats the outro song that shit 🔥at min 13:09

  9. Klara Smith

    Klara Smith일 전

    Where did gio go???

  10. ツMenaceDaGoon

    ツMenaceDaGoon일 전

    Bro post it’s been 3 weeks



    I guess no more videos this channel going to straight shit

  12. Mikey G

    Mikey G2 일 전

    go check out some dope videos koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-P7CwDtC5Mxs.html like comment subscribe

  13. Mikey G

    Mikey G2 일 전


  14. Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams2 일 전

    This video was sooo funny

  15. Crown Jassi

    Crown Jassi2 일 전

    8:17 anybody know what’s the name of that fighting beat he use????ASAP

  16. Crown Jassi

    Crown Jassi2 일 전

    Retr0 omgggg thank u sooooo much 🖤

  17. Retr0

    Retr02 일 전

    Faneto by chief keef

  18. Triple D

    Triple D2 일 전

    When Daryl see this this is gonna be him😡✊🏾📷✊🏾🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Crown Jassi

    Crown Jassi2 일 전

    She said “something on the menu ,THIS MENU”😂🤣😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. Dani Ruth

    Dani Ruth2 일 전

    Bruh!!! On meee!!! DDG funny as fuck I am weakkkkkkkk

  21. Linwood Jones

    Linwood Jones2 일 전

    Who here to see if people asked about cid?😱

  22. Idon’tknowausername

    Idon’tknowausername2 일 전


  23. Lï MãññMãññ

    Lï MãññMãññ2 일 전


  24. swayvy Chris

    swayvy Chris2 일 전

    Gio hasn’t post since 3 weeks ago 😣

  25. Jesse Deniz

    Jesse Deniz3 일 전

    gio im not gonna lie you a lil fucking weasel

  26. Jake Philips

    Jake Philips3 일 전

    Kennedy lowkey wants some of gio 😂😂😂

  27. YMG Brando 23

    YMG Brando 233 일 전

    So you lettin yo mans abuse women out here bruh???????

  28. Lonely Mikhiya

    Lonely Mikhiya3 일 전

    Ever since DDG turn 21 he always calling people kids 😒

  29. Charcoise Gillette

    Charcoise Gillette3 일 전

    Post more

  30. Rod Tod

    Rod Tod3 일 전

    Crazy to see some high schooler from broward be in Cali doing big things.

  31. Dylan Francis

    Dylan Francis3 일 전

    Nigga you Turing into zias bruh can you post

  32. Vee Mel

    Vee Mel3 일 전

    Dggg 22 and she’s 20 what’s his piijy

  33. BigHeadMike

    BigHeadMike3 일 전

    Whats the name of the song at the end


    ITZQUANZ TV4 일 전

    Man i miss ya ass where a new vid at bro

  35. BihPayYoRent

    BihPayYoRent4 일 전

    Damnn maneee where smooth gio 👀👀

  36. Zay goescrazy

    Zay goescrazy4 일 전

    Bro when is smooth gio gonna upload other public interview it’s been a while

  37. Galaxy girl

    Galaxy girl4 일 전

    Smoothgio did you hear about Kingcid abusing Diamond flawless

  38. Z- Gustavo

    Z- Gustavo4 일 전

    Why haven’t this ugly dude posted yet

  39. Kyaria Nakayia

    Kyaria Nakayia5 일 전

    Kennedy and Ashley looks just alike ☺️❤️

  40. Almightyoc TV

    Almightyoc TV5 일 전

    hey guys im really trying to grow my channel I have over 167 subs right now trying to reach my goal of 200 or even more . please show some love guys .

  41. Rob2x Tv

    Rob2x Tv5 일 전


  42. Ciara Ogenio

    Ciara Ogenio5 일 전

    Where's ur gf?? Cuz i don't see any vdeos of ypu and her

  43. Brazzykiddez YT

    Brazzykiddez YT5 일 전

    I got to unsub to you you don’t be posting at all 🤦🏽‍♀️

  44. garvin bartholomew

    garvin bartholomew5 일 전


  45. jaylen woods

    jaylen woods5 일 전

    9:36 I was expecting him to say we got food at the house 😭

  46. Janleel Suarez

    Janleel Suarez3 일 전

    bro he slacking been a wholeee 3 weeks

  47. Dorion Owens

    Dorion Owens5 일 전

    He can't fight

  48. Ghost King

    Ghost King6 일 전

    Gio for real man if u got in a ring with ddg he will knock yo mf asss out bro real talk

  49. Mandisa Ingram

    Mandisa Ingram6 일 전

    Lol I didn’t expect that to happen GG

  50. Mandisa Ingram

    Mandisa Ingram6 일 전


  51. Beautybydiamond 7

    Beautybydiamond 76 일 전

    Ddg said “you was hongry” 💀

  52. Keumani Roston

    Keumani Roston6 일 전

    The dude with hat should have played like he was about to talk to the darkskin girl to make his girlfriend mad that would have made the prank better 😂

  53. Kerri Clay

    Kerri Clay6 일 전

    You know you not gonna smack my camera. Why tf you smack my camera

  54. Imfrombmf thomas

    Imfrombmf thomas7 일 전

    This shyt was a setup

  55. JTPlaysRBLx

    JTPlaysRBLx7 일 전

    Her edges bro lol

  56. Southsidee 215

    Southsidee 2157 일 전

    This crazy brooo😱

  57. Biggy4fresh

    Biggy4fresh7 일 전

    Antibody got the song in the outro

  58. QueenQuinn

    QueenQuinn7 일 전

    Bruhhh you havent posted in 3 weeks

  59. GloBoiDave

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  60. HeWantMyDunks-_ -

    HeWantMyDunks-_ -7 일 전


  61. Fernando Cotrim

    Fernando Cotrim7 일 전

    Never ever my girl would be doing a prank like this hell no. U gotta respect ✊🏾 me

  62. Eilis Jones O'Shannessy

    Eilis Jones O'Shannessy8 일 전

    After all that, he still got her order wrong when ddg came

  63. BentFN

    BentFN8 일 전

    Ddg really pussy tbh Florida niggas will run his ass

  64. Yolanda Davis

    Yolanda Davis8 일 전

    Darrell chill Bruh

  65. Jekedkkdndn Ndnddnn

    Jekedkkdndn Ndnddnn8 일 전


  66. Omar Abdulla

    Omar Abdulla8 일 전

    How long you go without making a new video😭

  67. KASH ENT.

    KASH ENT.8 일 전

    If he don't learn about doin pranks wit peoples girlfriend 🤦🏼‍♀️

  68. Banxna Milk

    Banxna Milk8 일 전

    This intro was so long ago