David Guetta - Where Them Girls At ft. Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida (Official Video)


  1. Keirra miller awesome

    Keirra miller awesome6 시간 전

    Nick Minoan is the best no kb😊😊😊😊😉😉

  2. Juan Sweet

    Juan Sweet8 시간 전

    Te quedaba genial tu estilo de pelo men porque te lo cortastes

  3. Angus Hall

    Angus Hall9 시간 전

    Keep running give me love get in

  4. christian luther decasa

    christian luther decasa17 시간 전

    October 22, 2019 💪

  5. Miles Dugar

    Miles Dugar일 전

    Nicki’s dilivery was everything here

  6. Kalosa Precilia Longue jambes

    Kalosa Precilia Longue jambes일 전

    2029 Anyone 😍🙏🏼

  7. Gabrielle Collier

    Gabrielle Collier일 전

    Note to self : dont pop any bubbles unless I want to be forced to dance

  8. Justinianus the Great

    Justinianus the Great2 일 전


  9. Andre' Owuor

    Andre' Owuor2 일 전

    I'm here coz I want likes, so GIVE ME!!!!

  10. DSB fam

    DSB fam2 일 전

    I seriously got this of tik tok 🤣🤣

  11. DSB fam

    DSB fam2 일 전




    2019? someone 😊❤

  13. Samantha

    Samantha2 일 전

    David Guetta = 1 Like DJ Snake = 1 Comment Team french 😝🇫🇷

  14. jan Wheels

    jan Wheels2 일 전

    nicki minaj should be the female ambasador of mcdonalds, not my style though

  15. El Bandito

    El Bandito3 일 전


  16. Omar Maestre

    Omar Maestre3 일 전

    First time I heard this song I listened “so many boys and girls, where do I begin?” And I said ohmy a bisexual song xdd

  17. Luis juega

    Luis juega3 일 전

    Nice phones

  18. Willow Productions

    Willow Productions3 일 전

    Throwback to when Nicki Minaj was actually hot af

  19. S T

    S T3 일 전

    Nicki Minajjj

  20. Joao Batista

    Joao Batista3 일 전

    Oktober 2019 Outubro 2019 ?

  21. andy Widy wijayanti

    andy Widy wijayanti4 일 전


  22. mazhar dalgic

    mazhar dalgic4 일 전

    2019 ilk günki gibi.

  23. Jerica Tf

    Jerica Tf5 일 전

    Girls just won’t understand the era we had when it came to music like this

  24. braian dominguez

    braian dominguez5 일 전


  25. Just Bored

    Just Bored5 일 전

    I love how ridiculous this is

  26. Yassir Yassir

    Yassir Yassir6 일 전

    1:29 Luka Modric

  27. Coked Cobain

    Coked Cobain6 일 전

    Don’t mind me just going on a old song binge this my stop currently

  28. DouglasTroll_924 SBK

    DouglasTroll_924 SBK7 일 전

    El es Madd Chadd!? 1:44



    People says marshmallow ,alan walker, Martin garix is the best dj.......... Are you kidding me Dont forget the legend 👇 DAVID GUETTA 😎

  30. Hyzmo

    Hyzmo7 일 전

    El inglés de Nicky Minaj es horrible.

  31. Reza Ferdinand

    Reza Ferdinand7 일 전

    Just like AKON song

  32. Stacey Clarke

    Stacey Clarke8 일 전

    Minaj’s verse amazing 😂😂😂👑👑💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️😛😛🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  33. Nickalos Rider

    Nickalos Rider8 일 전

    We had the good phones back then but nowadays the phones are getting dumb

  34. Androidplay's !

    Androidplay's !8 일 전


  35. Brunnster

    Brunnster8 일 전

    Watching this with my brother and he said "is that Cardi B" 😂😂😂

  36. omr2828

    omr28288 일 전

    Saudades dessa época de músicas melhores do que a de hoje

  37. Yernar Turekhanov

    Yernar Turekhanov9 일 전

    Who there after watching 10 minutes version? 😆😆😆

  38. Déesse-Mère des temps modernes

    Déesse-Mère des temps modernes9 일 전

    J'adore ce clip. C'est la liberté. Les corps jeunes et libres. La danse. La musique. Du ragga... Excellent ! 💎

  39. SOoRAj Music

    SOoRAj Music9 일 전

    Till 0:45 what happened to my earphones?? I was fixing my headphones plug

  40. Gaurav Solanki

    Gaurav Solanki2 일 전


  41. Lex Thagz

    Lex Thagz9 일 전

    The only song that calms me down. I miss the good old times ,Nicki be the best for ever😘😘😘

  42. Legendaries

    Legendaries10 일 전

    Long Life of this song

  43. Ryze Bryze

    Ryze Bryze10 일 전

    haha man I was just 11 when this song was out I cant believe I understand the lyrics more clearly.I love how Flo Rida says "So go get them we can all be friends" when he doesn't see any girls around the girl he's tryna holla at.

  44. Diana V

    Diana V10 일 전

    This song😘😍😍

  45. AnDrZeJ z GaZoWnI

    AnDrZeJ z GaZoWnI10 일 전

    Who 2019

  46. Bitch Please

    Bitch Please10 일 전

    hahahaha que recuerdos cuando yo amaba ala nicki hahahaha

  47. peachy

    peachy11 일 전

    1:45-2:06 is the best part bye

  48. F4XR Kye

    F4XR Kye11 일 전


  49. Ana Paula. Decroix

    Ana Paula. Decroix11 일 전

    Saudades do meu marido lembro muito dele na Espanha ❤💔

  50. Meme Tv

    Meme Tv11 일 전

    I am ashamed to be apart of our new generation

  51. Moisés Cascão

    Moisés Cascão12 일 전

    10-10-2019 ✌🏻😎🇧🇷

  52. kimchi fried rice

    kimchi fried rice12 일 전

    This song gives me flashbacks to those disco party’s you had when you were six, you know, the ones where everyone would just jump up and down

  53. Green Ej

    Green Ej12 일 전

    OMGOSH that Nicky part, is everything GURL.

  54. 応仁の乱

    応仁の乱12 일 전


  55. Diário da Depressão

    Diário da Depressão13 일 전

    ALGUÉM EM 2019

  56. Crazy Gamer4142

    Crazy Gamer414213 일 전

    Nicky before surgery

  57. Yuh its Axel

    Yuh its Axel14 일 전

    2:14 girl are ok or r u possesed?

  58. samuel mendes

    samuel mendes15 일 전

    Que nostalgia!

  59. Aaron McPherson

    Aaron McPherson15 일 전

    Pee Be pee bee

  60. RapidlyFastSnorlax

    RapidlyFastSnorlax15 일 전


  61. Jess Dark

    Jess Dark15 일 전

    Shooter: If you say something gay I'll shoot Me: 1:59

  62. Mariana Dias

    Mariana Dias15 일 전