David Guetta - Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Video)


  1. selwin eduardo gonza marin

    selwin eduardo gonza marin16 시간 전

    Alguien de Perú??

  2. Lizza Stew

    Lizza Stew17 시간 전

    Algum brasileiro em 2019 ?

  3. Dean Lorg

    Dean Lorg19 시간 전

    tenho e medo desses bonecos Senhor

  4. Basmala Elzoeiri

    Basmala Elzoeiri21 시간 전


  5. Tommy Hendry

    Tommy Hendry21 시간 전

    I remember hearing this in the clubs and I swear nobody I know partied as hard as me. My life is a movie!

  6. Evandro Kaiquekovalski

    Evandro Kaiquekovalski22 시간 전

    parceria maravilhosa de nick minaj e devid guetta ate hj escuto esta musica ha 8 anos agora em 2019

  7. LIBRA ginástica

    LIBRA ginástica일 전

    2030 any One here

  8. lyxus chan attong

    lyxus chan attong일 전

    Hi Niki Minaj this is my most favourite song and every song if u is my favourite and u too David Geutta

  9. Fortnite 4fun

    Fortnite 4fun일 전

    Teacher:who your best rapper Nicki:me Cardi: me Nicki getting mad: 2:54

  10. queen amber

    queen amber2 일 전

    Tvd boys brough me here❤❤

  11. marcelo fernanades

    marcelo fernanades2 일 전

    Verbo se conjuga..........



    Who's In 2019? OMG GOOD OL DAYS

  13. ILoveYou

    ILoveYou2 일 전

    AI is nasty and so is the Illuminati.

  14. PotatisFlingor

    PotatisFlingor3 일 전

    Haven’t heard the song since 2012 **knows all the lyrics**

  15. rohit mukalla

    rohit mukalla3 일 전

    Any Telugu guys

  16. Ana Ludin Silva

    Ana Ludin Silva3 일 전


  17. aldahir ANDY minajnda

    aldahir ANDY minajnda4 일 전


  18. Jhon Jairo Giraldo Cardona

    Jhon Jairo Giraldo Cardona4 일 전

    Who 2019 ?

  19. Jasude Patterson

    Jasude Patterson5 일 전

    Any one here in 2019

  20. Rajinder kaur

    Rajinder kaur5 일 전

    Do is DJ JC co CX fix cm kV

  21. adrian Dominguez

    adrian Dominguez5 일 전

    October 2019?

  22. jung hyung park

    jung hyung park5 일 전

    I love the voice Nicki minaj, 강라해

  23. Sanni z

    Sanni z6 일 전

    I love this🥰

  24. Juju Ley

    Juju Ley6 일 전

    Trop bien je kif même si je suis française

  25. Blue Hood

    Blue Hood6 일 전

    Wow...she sings?

  26. Sharky Draws

    Sharky Draws6 일 전


  27. JFields Dembogurski

    JFields Dembogurski6 일 전

    2:54 I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, 😂 😂

  28. NEW EDM

    NEW EDM6 일 전

    i am going to regenerate this Era

  29. Me Me

    Me Me6 일 전

    *make me come alive Come on and turn me on* Lil me: I wonder what she means Me now:.............

  30. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo6 일 전


  31. Ressa Ressahusband Bb

    Ressa Ressahusband Bb6 일 전

    With nicki ninaj rapping like this, i thought she would never fall off or at least get 20 years in the gane. Cardi b might have took her spot, but at least nicki had a strong 10 year run from 2009 to 2019.....

  32. .

    .5 일 전

    Ressa Ressahusband Bb Yet Nicki got the Highest Selling SONG in 2018 “Fefe” Her album went 2x platinum She has the most viewed female rapper video in 2019 Made 2.5 times as much money In only 2019 than cardis WHOLE career

  33. Ressa Ressahusband Bb

    Ressa Ressahusband Bb5 일 전

    i feel nicki can rap better than cardi too and she is and alwsys will be a legend, but she not as hot now as she was then.. Nobody is checkin for her like they used to.Nicki sales were declining, then Remy hit her with ether abd cardi became famous overnight. Them 3 situations knocked nicki off her pedestal. But nicki still fine as f@@k tho fa real....

  34. .

    .5 일 전

    Ressa Ressahusband Bb Cardi will NEVWR take Nickis spot Nicki is still doing amazing Lmao cardis last song peaked at number 80 on billboard and it’s only her second year Nicki is an icon and legend in the rap game and will stay forever

  35. indian trap

    indian trap7 일 전


  36. Eva Echo

    Eva Echo7 일 전



    FALLZ NEFUE7 일 전

    يع الغنيه معفنه

  38. Nesquick UwU

    Nesquick UwU7 일 전

    This is disturbing.....

  39. natanyofsho

    natanyofsho7 일 전

    Nicki Minaj should have been a pop star




  41. hotdog hotdog hot diggity dog

    hotdog hotdog hot diggity dog7 일 전

    dude i used to love this song and the video with it i've been trying to find this for months because i haven't seen the video in so long and used to think it was the coolest thing ever

  42. Lemnaj Cavite

    Lemnaj Cavite8 일 전

    I honestly thought it was Kermit's gf at first glance. XD

  43. ايوش ايوش

    ايوش ايوش8 일 전


  44. slotomania lion

    slotomania lion9 일 전

    my friend saw this

  45. Mattis N

    Mattis N9 일 전

    Still avery nice song, but the video scared me a little bit!

  46. Moonlight Boy

    Moonlight Boy10 일 전

    That's my first song I heard from her 😍


    SUNIL LANDE10 일 전


  48. Georgian tiktokers

    Georgian tiktokers10 일 전

    who watching 2019?



    We need another david guetta x Nicki minaj song before Nicki actually retiresssss

  50. Rizki Saputra

    Rizki Saputra10 일 전


  51. Johnny Martini

    Johnny Martini10 일 전

    David Guetta's voice never ceases to amaze me 😍

  52. Ramzi Bradai

    Ramzi Bradai11 일 전


  53. Fayth Cera

    Fayth Cera11 일 전

    I completely forgot the song name, I just Google "Steampunk Nicki Minaj" & Found it..

  54. İzzet Kalkan

    İzzet Kalkan11 일 전

    Bu kadının sesi süper

  55. Yaboonz 209

    Yaboonz 20911 일 전

    *ME:* ‘Takes out a piece of GUM’ *FRIEND:* can i have gum **asks loudly** *THE WHOLE CLASS:* *1:23*

  56. Yaboonz 209

    Yaboonz 20911 일 전

    *ME:* ‘Takes out a piece of GUM’ *FRIEND:* can i have gum **asks loudly** *THE WHOLE CLASS:* *1:23*

  57. Gowtham Raj

    Gowtham Raj12 일 전

    It awesome 😑😍😍😍😍😍

  58. Queena nae

    Queena nae12 일 전

    How old are you

  59. Young Trap

    Young Trap13 일 전

    2:32 voice ❤️🥰

  60. Luis angel Campos

    Luis angel Campos13 일 전

    Excelente música una buena

  61. Paul SingH

    Paul SingH13 일 전

    what you people call artificial intelligence is our you fool our life streamwith the combined knowledge of all we have gathered!

  62. Bangtan Selindan

    Bangtan Selindan14 일 전

    When Nicki used to make really good songs... Smh

  63. Depressed Luigi

    Depressed Luigi14 일 전

    when music videos had a budget and creativity