David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)


  1. sisi me

    sisi me43 분 전

    Sia is my favourite artist alive💃💃...Sending love from South Africa ❤❤

  2. Paula Ribeiro

    Paula Ribeiro3 시간 전

    wow i love the music wow is very very very good!

  3. alessve5621DGamer Life

    alessve5621DGamer Life3 시간 전

    Increíble video

  4. Emma Thompson

    Emma Thompson3 시간 전

    I don't get the moral of this song

  5. Melani Aragón

    Melani Aragón4 시간 전


  6. Iasmin Mello

    Iasmin Mello4 시간 전

    Só lembro do comercial da pasta de dente

  7. Виталий П.С.

    Виталий П.С.5 시간 전

    Я слушаю, мне нравится. Бас

  8. JR - José Rivera

    JR - José Rivera5 시간 전


  9. Ndl King

    Ndl King5 시간 전

    2030 people will still be jamming to this 🙌😂😂

  10. Kxng Leon

    Kxng Leon6 시간 전

    Didn't knew everyday so much people come back here and listen this song🔥

  11. Oscar Gomez

    Oscar Gomez6 시간 전

    that cop is just like de Expresidente of México Peña Nieto :v



    This rocks!!

  13. Jacky 09

    Jacky 096 시간 전

    This should be a Sia song !

  14. Lachlan Wong

    Lachlan Wong7 시간 전


  15. Lachlan Wong

    Lachlan Wong7 시간 전

    meh typos

  16. Emily Barrett

    Emily Barrett7 시간 전

    I don’t know what when on in this vid

  17. 1Espartan2

    1Espartan27 시간 전

    Ah mexicano gustarle JAJAJA

  18. T-55 AM2B

    T-55 AM2B7 시간 전

    I wanna see that little bitch put against a 7.92mm M/88 Patrone

  19. ava didio

    ava didio9 시간 전

    lol its like stranger things all over again

  20. Светло Svetlo

    Светло Svetlo9 시간 전

    Клип полное гавно .В США всегда так .Музычка весела.

  21. Miriã Borges

    Miriã Borges10 시간 전

  22. Lexie Garman

    Lexie Garman10 시간 전

    Good voice

  23. Koalas

    Koalas10 시간 전

    Bruh a kid destroyed a school and only a single cop got there? lol

  24. template channel

    template channel11 시간 전

    iklan close up

  25. ferreira rubems

    ferreira rubems12 시간 전

    I'll come back here in 2021 leave a like to remind me..

  26. Mamah Irul

    Mamah Irul12 시간 전

    teringat iklan ice cream corneto

  27. 김소영

    김소영13 시간 전

    I love the song

  28. 스파하는설이

    스파하는설이13 시간 전

    I like it a lot.

  29. Carlos Plutarco Soplin Orbe

    Carlos Plutarco Soplin Orbe14 시간 전



    LEANDRO14 시간 전

    Nostalgia ;) Lagu jaman warnet.

  31. Sad as hell

    Sad as hell15 시간 전

    quem leu em 2019?

  32. Tr!ppy

    Tr!ppy15 시간 전

    Who else is just randomly listening to old songs in 2019? I know im not alone..

  33. August Hill

    August Hill43 분 전

    Tr!ppy me

  34. Fadxi Hassan

    Fadxi Hassan2 시간 전

    Yeah it’s bringing so much old memories

  35. Kaela Arce

    Kaela Arce3 시간 전

    Tr!ppy MEH

  36. Виталий П.С.

    Виталий П.С.5 시간 전

    Я слушаю, мне нравится

  37. netanel levi

    netanel levi9 시간 전

    @Raúl Alvarez This song is 8 years old, its older than most of the people that use youtube

  38. Claudio Ferny

    Claudio Ferny15 시간 전

    Old but Gold

  39. ivelisse pereira

    ivelisse pereira15 시간 전

    my bff died when he was watching this 😭😭😭😭




  41. Момчил Иванов

    Момчил Иванов19 시간 전

    Cool sia

  42. Rolling_Sensation54

    Rolling_Sensation5422 시간 전

    Yet still its 2019.. Still this David guettas best song probably ever made... May this song live on in history....🙏

  43. BLISSEcstasy GAMING

    BLISSEcstasy GAMING22 시간 전

    Came here after my friends found out about my KOreporter channel, I was expecting them to give me supports and I heard them laugh, and say that my views, videos and subscribers would neva go viral, that it's a waste of time😒, so I came here to let them know I am TITANIUM 🔥🔥

  44. Juancho Vilchez

    Juancho Vilchez23 시간 전

    Sia eres. Unica

  45. Ola

    Ola23 시간 전

    Ur mom is so lazy

  46. Hoody Penguin

    Hoody Penguin23 시간 전

    youtube recommended you 5 years later? yeah i know it's the *ALGORITHM*

  47. Brendan Hauser

    Brendan Hauser일 전

    Wait did he shoot up the school?

  48. Sian Tait

    Sian Tait일 전

    That kid also stars in the first film goosebumps with Jack Black as champ

  49. Danielle Merino

    Danielle Merino일 전

    May our decade be one of the greatest with this song

  50. Giancarlo Marchese

    Giancarlo Marchese일 전


  51. Alex Life

    Alex Life일 전

    How are you going to to do the cops/armored personnel

  52. JadyBug Games

    JadyBug Games일 전

    Man, it feels good to hear the old songs

  53. Glenda Pinza

    Glenda Pinza일 전

    David guetta lo maximo☝️😎

  54. Lilly Muñoz

    Lilly Muñoz일 전

    this song and this music video holds so much nostalgia for me.

  55. Gabriela Samara

    Gabriela Samara일 전


  56. Pinky Motivation

    Pinky Motivation일 전

    I wonder how's the kid in the music video doing in life now

  57. Nancy Torio

    Nancy Torio일 전

    2020 🎼🔥🔥💥💥

  58. OxtailCafe 24089

    OxtailCafe 24089일 전


  59. Leanne Bond

    Leanne Bond일 전


  60. Kayla Clarke

    Kayla Clarke일 전

    Makes me think of my son he is 9years old I had a break down and lost him wen he was 2 years old to social services he is having a bad time and loves this song so wish he could come home I've sorted my life out and have 2 children at home with me but they won't let me have him bk I love u soo much kayden mummy love you soo much xx

  61. p3rcio

    p3rcio일 전

    Eleven's brother

  62. Cloaked Kobold

    Cloaked Kobold일 전

    This sent chills down my spine

  63. d.richard Buchanan

    d.richard Buchanan일 전

    Guetta + Sia = Powerful music 🎶 really helps my workout ❤️ haha especially jogging 🏃

  64. FBIFullbloodedindian

    FBIFullbloodedindian일 전

    man its 2019..almost 2020,,time where have you gone

  65. Deepanshi Srivastava

    Deepanshi Srivastava일 전

    I am bullet proof nothing to loose 💫🌟

  66. in disguise

    in disguise일 전

    Is he actually a bomb leave a like if u think that?