David Guetta - Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey (Lyric Video)


  1. Jeevan Jeevan

    Jeevan Jeevan13 시간 전

    Bang Bang🔫🔫🔫 2019 like

  2. Mohammad Karam

    Mohammad Karam15 시간 전

    Every time I listen to this song I get a headache

  3. Nandish Sreekissoon

    Nandish Sreekissoon17 시간 전

    Who is listening to this in 2019?

  4. Blinkie Winkie

    Blinkie Winkie13 시간 전

    Your dad

  5. Laura Barrientos

    Laura Barrientos18 시간 전

    Like si andas mendigando Likes.!

  6. rahma sukma

    rahma sukma19 시간 전

    2019 anyone?

  7. Asael S.M.A Alcaraz

    Asael S.M.A Alcaraz21 시간 전


  8. Nouka

    Nouka일 전

    Idk. I liked the original from Nancy Sinatra. Dont get me wrong the remix aint bad. Its just that its kind of, weird. To hear the remix when you‘ve listened to the original for a long time

  9. Parzival

    Parzival일 전


  10. Jessica

    Jessica일 전

    You stole nancy sinatra's song....

  11. Istique Ashrafey

    Istique Ashrafey일 전

    i though it was so boring but when the music start it was so amazing I😦😦

  12. Sonia Castro Alpizar

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  13. Mister M

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  14. Daniel Singerline

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  15. Carla Caballero

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  16. Marcio Cristiano

    Marcio Cristiano2 일 전

    Melhores tocadas bang bang

  17. Plasma Boomer

    Plasma Boomer2 일 전

    Grill gamers national anthem

  18. Dr. Edmond

    Dr. Edmond2 일 전

    song and music never matched....random music...

  19. L OCAA

    L OCAA2 일 전

    BonJovi's version is 💯%better...FACTS!💯

  20. Eduardo Perez

    Eduardo Perez2 일 전

    Bang 🔥💙❤️

  21. Samantha Beslou

    Samantha Beslou2 일 전

    Whether you like the song or not, you have to admit the video is badass.

  22. its Namzug

    its Namzug2 일 전

    Like si chingas a tu madre :)

  23. Guadalupe Torres

    Guadalupe Torres2 일 전

    Me encanta

  24. TheBrownEyedBrunette

    TheBrownEyedBrunette3 일 전

    I just keep thinking of killing Bill when I watch this

  25. St T.

    St T.4 일 전

    LOL only good parts of the song are the Nancy Sinatra parts. THis guy just robbed the original song, I bet most people think this is the orignal.

  26. Katu Avila

    Katu Avila4 일 전

    Que buena cancion

  27. Mannilal Baghel

    Mannilal Baghel4 일 전


  28. Cartoontv

    Cartoontv4 일 전

    That tone bang bangggg

  29. Cartoontv

    Cartoontv4 일 전

    Bang bang

  30. jennifer uveges-somers

    jennifer uveges-somers4 일 전

    Why is everyone hating on this “remix” of this song its dumb

  31. Евгений •

    Евгений •4 일 전

    the king of retard music

  32. kabaski Núñez

    kabaski Núñez5 일 전

    Likes si escuchas músicas chidas como estás 😁

  33. Erik Baggio

    Erik Baggio5 일 전

    Whi as det

  34. Zeki Sarıışık

    Zeki Sarıışık5 일 전

    Sene 2019 geyiği 🎸

  35. Løgan ツ

    Løgan ツ5 일 전


  36. By SeZzen

    By SeZzen5 일 전

    -Bang Bang-

  37. Mar Vill

    Mar Vill5 일 전

    Seems like this remix and video defeats the purpose of the original song. Seems so not needed. Idk.

  38. Alfredo Sanchez

    Alfredo Sanchez6 일 전

    Wow como mola 😯😀

  39. I'm Eugene /flynnryder

    I'm Eugene /flynnryder6 일 전

    This has to be the ugliest remix, yikes

  40. Mar Vill

    Mar Vill5 일 전

    Thank you! Idk why people like it

  41. MrLonely So2

    MrLonely So26 일 전

    Grande Sinatra

  42. nimbus stractus

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  43. Veasnachan Ban

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  44. rahul thakur

    rahul thakur6 일 전

    any one again in oct 2019.hit a like for your love towards D.G

  45. Shaikh Safina

    Shaikh Safina6 일 전

    I like this song

  46. Didik Budiantoro

    Didik Budiantoro6 일 전

    Before 500 Million Views !!

  47. Ayhan Kocakaya

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  48. Kiliseye Molotof Atan İmam

    Kiliseye Molotof Atan İmam7 일 전


  49. Gacha _Miah

    Gacha _Miah7 일 전

    I remember i would dance this when i was a kid XD

  50. Jesus López

    Jesus López7 일 전

    Al principio todo iba bien pero cuando llega david Guetta todo se va al diablo

  51. PRATHAM 13

    PRATHAM 137 일 전

    I think my Phone listens each and every thing, yesterday i was hearing this song in the Gym in their speakers, and i loved that song, i was thinking in my mind, where i will get this song, and now i got this song in my KOreporter recommendation.

  52. Draco Lucius Malfoy

    Draco Lucius Malfoy7 일 전

    I was six when I first listened to this song... and Bad. 😂💖🤣♥️

  53. Rheneas Lennox

    Rheneas Lennox7 일 전

    What red dead game is this?

  54. daniel mombela

    daniel mombela7 일 전

    i dont speak english very well, but thats i can understand, they are brothers and he everytime win the shot games, but the last battle is a serious battle and he win one more time

  55. El JS

    El JS8 일 전

    Party party !!! October 10th like

  56. Tonika Nedkova

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  57. Harry công

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  58. Joshoa Nemenzo

    Joshoa Nemenzo8 일 전

    Hahahaha i just randomly remembered this song rn

  59. siddhanth manjunath

    siddhanth manjunath8 일 전

    what do you get when you combine frank sinatra and EDM?

  60. Tom Lwin

    Tom Lwin8 일 전

    I love the remix but man this is not your song the original is by Nancy Sinatra

  61. susan haydon

    susan haydon8 일 전

    Love this x

  62. Luke MacInnes

    Luke MacInnes8 일 전

    You're looking for the audio Bullys version

  63. Rithik Saxena

    Rithik Saxena9 일 전