David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia (Official Video)


  1. Arddy Lyrics

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    You love me and I froze in time well this should be : *you listen this song and it never annoys you*

  2. vitoria rocha

    vitoria rocha18 시간 전

    Alguem em 2019???

  3. Mr arton

    Mr arton22 시간 전

    Сиа. Я люблю этот голос

  4. Stefano Callegari

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  5. Ana Alice

    Ana Alice일 전

    O humano é o vírus do planeta

  6. ARG MrSx

    ARG MrSx일 전

    Copyright ??

  7. ARG MrSx

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  8. ernaeh 99

    ernaeh 99일 전

    Me: This was like three years ago, right? Description: uploaded 28.9.2012 Me: 😳

  9. Karla Hernández

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  10. DaWolf .Spirit

    DaWolf .Spirit일 전

    I forgot my childhood songs. Idk how, but damn I'm glad I found them again

  11. johnny lee

    johnny lee일 전

    2:58 Yup,still remember this part..

  12. Malae Beaumont

    Malae Beaumont일 전

    Imma cry so much nostalgia ;-;

  13. Nicolás Mckarter

    Nicolás Mckarter2 일 전

    Quien disfruta esta hermosa canción en Diciembre 2019!💖👑🙌🏼

  14. Tadek

    Tadek2 일 전

    When i got just dance, i danced this alot, then i searched it up on KOreporter and i was so scared cause of the blood but now i'm like, its just blood to myself. But this was one of the best ones on 2014.

  15. mrjohn yo

    mrjohn yo2 일 전

    i remember this

  16. FizzBee

    FizzBee2 일 전

    Save the wolves (and the turtles ofc sksksks and I oop- xD)

  17. DaPeckNeck

    DaPeckNeck2 일 전

    Oh my god..

  18. Laura Diversão

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  19. Laura Diversão

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  20. Laura Diversão

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  21. Laura Diversão

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    Que coisa mais linda do mundo vc merece a placa de 1 milhão de inscritos!!!!

  22. Cutelizydoll

    Cutelizydoll2 일 전

    The throwback I just had cause of this song 😮😮😮😮

  23. Peridot CLOD bob

    Peridot CLOD bob2 일 전

    *hires like 60 dogs*

  24. Le valet De coeur

    Le valet De coeur2 일 전

    I danced it on just dance 😂

  25. Chow Mein Rainbows

    Chow Mein Rainbows3 일 전

    Love this sing so much it literally causes me pain

  26. Portishead Small

    Portishead Small3 일 전

    Сто двадцать шесть тысяч комментариев 🤙🏻

  27. Fernanda Pérez Vivanco

    Fernanda Pérez Vivanco3 일 전

    Oh God this song bring back so many memories, 2012 was the year! And here I am nostalgic AF!

  28. Isaiah Hernandez

    Isaiah Hernandez3 일 전

    Right !

  29. Jhoan Alexander Ortega Quiñones

    Jhoan Alexander Ortega Quiñones3 일 전

    Afrojack life.....!

  30. K Watson

    K Watson3 일 전

    Unpopular opinion SHE WOLF is better than TITANIUM

  31. Baran Yakar

    Baran Yakar3 일 전

    Türkçü Kardeşlerim burdasınız biliyorum :d Çıksanıza olum ortaya

  32. omar kassem

    omar kassem3 일 전

    الاغنية حقا معبره وجميله ❤👌🏻

  33. Kenzie Hyland Pro

    Kenzie Hyland Pro4 일 전

    I like 2:55 - 3:28

  34. Kth stigma

    Kth stigma4 일 전

    somehow i have a huge emotional connection to this:( i listened it for 10 sec and was crying ;;

  35. Icha Destriany

    Icha Destriany일 전

    U r not alone 😭

  36. Mbarak 2016

    Mbarak 20164 일 전

    2019 btw @__@

  37. Giuseppe Terrones

    Giuseppe Terrones4 일 전

    Alguien Diciembre 2019?💕

  38. Turqal Abbasov

    Turqal Abbasov4 일 전

    I ts Turkish symbol White wolf 🇺🇿🇹🇷🇰🇬🇦🇿 Thank David Guetta and Sia Yours love Turkish

  39. Vampiricgoose55 Nav

    Vampiricgoose55 Nav4 일 전

    there’s somebody listening it on december/2019?

  40. [Mod]Tendo

    [Mod]Tendo4 일 전

    Those anyone noticed that's a husky? No? Just me ok...

  41. kalie

    kalie4 일 전

    Sia's voice always make me cry. There's so much pain on it

  42. Priscila Cavalcante da Silva Andrade

    Priscila Cavalcante da Silva Andrade4 일 전

    Alguém em 2019 ouvindo esse clássico?? Dê like aqui. ❤😍

  43. manu

    manu일 전

    Aqui de sta ceppa