David Guetta - Lovers On The Sun (Official Video) ft Sam Martin


  1. Abbas Chvash

    Abbas Chvash6 시간 전


  2. Ralf Hsl

    Ralf Hsl19 시간 전

    I prefer calvin harris but this is good

  3. Johannes Strauß

    Johannes Strauß23 시간 전

    Who will still love this Song in 50 years 😍🙋🏻‍♂️

  4. Winterfell

    Winterfell일 전

    Steel Ball Run

  5. Luka Aravinda

    Luka Aravinda2 일 전

    Drop is so close yo without you avicii ◢ ◤

  6. elohim robles

    elohim robles2 일 전

    Ya puedo jugar red dead redencions

  7. amtareq alzuahra

    amtareq alzuahra3 일 전

    2020 😂😂😂

  8. universal music channel

    universal music channel3 일 전

    The best music ever

  9. Daniel Carmindo

    Daniel Carmindo4 일 전

    Música boa

  10. sheny van der merwe

    sheny van der merwe5 일 전

    meow meow



    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:46 🔥💃💓 👇 👇🧡



    the intro looks like adam "hangman" page (aew wrestler) titantron :o

  13. loli lopez

    loli lopez5 일 전

    David Guetta👏👏👏👏👏👏

  14. Polux P

    Polux P5 일 전

    1:29 why is there so much light if there's no sun?

  15. Aura Campø

    Aura Campø6 일 전

    0:56-1:22 that part, so much memories❤️

  16. PC Aide

    PC Aide6 일 전


  17. Milano Martins

    Milano Martins6 일 전

    Muit bom obiserva

  18. Milano Martins

    Milano Martins6 일 전

    Muit bom acho ke alguei gosta de obiserva cei maus pessameto ke todos cuida da própria vida cei olhar pra niguei boa noit abrs fui

  19. Joshua Eppinga

    Joshua Eppinga7 일 전

    2014 vibes. Never knew the radio would give me stuff to nostalgise about..

  20. marcós kappa

    marcós kappa7 일 전

    Que clássico

  21. William Lima

    William Lima7 일 전

    Há muito tempo que eu queria essa música e aí depois de um tempo eu a encontro por acaso

  22. Reyna Zarate

    Reyna Zarate7 일 전

    Me gustó mucho el video con su ambientación del Viejo Oeste y vaqueros, y la brillante participación del gran actor Ray Liotta, quien le da el levantón a esta producción. Entre ciencia ficción y película de vaqueros, buena idea entretenida. Música muy buena, dinámica y con fuerza. 🤗😍🎶♩🎶😉🌞

  23. Vito Bratta

    Vito Bratta7 일 전


  24. Chakraborty. B

    Chakraborty. B7 일 전

    Avicii literally made the whole song. The lead is his. He is never given enough credit

  25. Jose Castro

    Jose Castro11 시간 전

    Armoured Bobcat he is in the credits

  26. Armoured Bobcat

    Armoured Bobcat5 일 전

    he didnt make the lead, but he did help with the beats - he should have been atleast featured

  27. Florencia Smirnoff

    Florencia Smirnoff10 일 전

  28. Plasma Game279

    Plasma Game27910 일 전

    При чем здесь avicii? Я не понимаю

  29. carlos k9sa

    carlos k9sa11 일 전

    Vendo de parte de tío Lorenzo o lobexno El de los 3 minutos o menos

  30. Yazuki

    Yazuki12 일 전

    3:04 when I'm about to have sex with a woman and suddenly find out is a transvestite

  31. Music is love Music is life

    Music is love Music is life12 일 전


  32. Renato Cardoso

    Renato Cardoso12 일 전

    Curtindo em 6/2/2020.

  33. Daniel enrique Gonzalez quintero

    Daniel enrique Gonzalez quintero12 일 전

    Red dead redemption

  34. marcus vinicius

    marcus vinicius13 일 전

    musica boa do caramba...

  35. The Rugger

    The Rugger14 일 전

    The video is like Clint Eastwood's movie "The Good, The bad,The ugly"

  36. Alexander Benites Ulloa

    Alexander Benites Ulloa14 일 전

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack

  37. • Persy •

    • Persy •14 일 전


  38. Gabriela Silva

    Gabriela Silva14 일 전

    Brs cadê vocês????? 2020

  39. Finnish Nationalist

    Finnish Nationalist15 일 전

    This is actually one of the few "modern" songs that i like. I don't really enjoy machine made music but this is pretty nice.

  40. Brandon Stokes-Jackson

    Brandon Stokes-Jackson15 일 전

    I love this song Leave a like if you love this song

  41. Ricardo Soares

    Ricardo Soares15 일 전


  42. Nasir Khan

    Nasir Khan16 일 전

    Awesome song of all time

  43. oliver sheehan

    oliver sheehan17 일 전

    nostalgic song

  44. Hemilly Oliveira

    Hemilly Oliveira18 일 전

    The sexy

  45. Lost Islands

    Lost Islands18 일 전

    The Avicii-Wake me up is strong with this one!

  46. Leila Duarte

    Leila Duarte19 일 전

    2019? ❤️

  47. Aruwa Urachi

    Aruwa Urachi19 일 전

    I need some help ! I don't know why but when i hear this whistle 0:29 I remember a song i used to listen as a kid, between 2007 and 2011 and I CANT FIND IT ! Help me please ;-;

  48. Aruwa Urachi

    Aruwa Urachi11 일 전

    No, something older

  49. Mariangel Velazquez Correa

    Mariangel Velazquez Correa11 일 전

    Whistle From Flo Rida?

  50. Mary Gonzalez

    Mary Gonzalez19 일 전


  51. Djule Cabahug

    Djule Cabahug19 일 전

    Avicii, we will never forget the legacy you left in the EDM industry and how you made billions happy in this world. You will always be a legend. Rest in Peace.

  52. macgrath_

    macgrath_19 일 전


  53. xLiToAraUz

    xLiToAraUz20 일 전

    Should be titled David Guetta & Avicii - Lovers on the sun (Ft. Sam Martin)

  54. Edilma Almeida

    Edilma Almeida20 일 전

    ESSA MÚSICA É TAO LINDA, minha infância todinha ae

  55. Mario Balsera

    Mario Balsera20 일 전

    Three things that happened today: 1. My friend say he didn't like this song 2. My friend got ran over by a bus 3. I lost my bus driver license

  56. Javier Almohalla

    Javier Almohalla20 일 전

    After watching this videoclip a thousand times just realized the bad guy is Ray Liotta

  57. Mazoru

    Mazoru21 일 전

    playing red dead 2 with your girlfriend be like

  58. nassor khalfan

    nassor khalfan21 일 전

    David guetta is the 🔥🔥🔥

  59. TheFrostSnowball

    TheFrostSnowball21 일 전

    Back in 2014 I was listening to this song all the time. I forget about it till today, when it randomly popped in my YT playlist. Great memories.

  60. André Svensson

    André Svensson21 일 전

    Best song by David Guetta

  61. Streetboyz

    Streetboyz22 일 전

    Remember this comment in 5 years :)

  62. Sarah Gracia

    Sarah Gracia23 일 전

    1:37 Avicii

  63. Nazareno Rodriguez

    Nazareno Rodriguez23 일 전


  64. Tiger516 Funny

    Tiger516 Funny21 일 전

    Those darn O'Driscolls.😂😂

  65. Thijs YT

    Thijs YT23 일 전

    0:19 that guitar is so good😍