David Guetta - Hey Mama (Official Video) ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack


  1. abigail beck

    abigail beck4 시간 전

    Bebe Rexha barley sings in the song

  2. Mastro3 87

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  3. Haseeb Sha

    Haseeb Sha10 시간 전

    minaj, bebe rexha MMMMMMMUUUAA

  4. İzel Akgöl

    İzel Akgöl16 시간 전

    İbrahim tatlısessiz bir hiçsin..

  5. Nikhil Shinde

    Nikhil Shinde18 시간 전

    When there's no food in fridge me be like " hey mama hey mama hey mama "

  6. 1994 1234

    1994 1234일 전


  7. 1,000 Subscribers With 1 Video

    1,000 Subscribers With 1 Video일 전

    Who is better? Like: *David Guetta* Comment: *Nicki Minaj*

  8. 1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge

    1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge일 전

    "Afrojack" Eminem: Who? "Afrojack" Eminem: Who? I thought so...

  9. Aleksandra Bąk

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  10. Rebeka Kołodziej

    Rebeka Kołodziej일 전

    I love it! 😍

  11. Lara Klara

    Lara Klara일 전

    Oh,i now this song probably more than 3 years. And i'm still in Love with it😂

  12. Arka Chanda

    Arka Chanda일 전

    Back in those days cardi still looked like a human being

  13. Bellis Word

    Bellis Word일 전

    JUST DANCE 2016

  14. Val Santos

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  15. Ritwik Reddy

    Ritwik Reddy일 전

    the interesting thing is that I expected this type of video when I first listened to the song and I'm sure many people did that too. unlike lot of songs where this type of intense videos are mostly out of tone with the song, this video perfectly fits with the intensity of song.

  16. RaYoZ YTB

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  17. Cinare Bayramova

    Cinare Bayramova일 전

    November anyone?

  18. Mlp Starlight lulamoon

    Mlp Starlight lulamoon일 전

    I love this song

  19. jade

    jade일 전

    nicki : yes i do the cooking , yes i do the cleaning the feminist in me : dies

  20. Tommmy Toms

    Tommmy Toms일 전

    Bebe murderd the song

  21. Claire Holt

    Claire Holt일 전

    Nicki tryna show off. Personally I like Bebe Rexha better.

  22. Shaniyat174 Thomas

    Shaniyat174 Thomas2 일 전

    I like nick hear

  23. 皮皮

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  24. bownie blondie

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  25. Arya Patel

    Arya Patel2 일 전

    The entire video is so random

  26. MedSou

    MedSou2 일 전

    All those comments *who's here in 2019?* Let me tell you a story *We never left*




  28. TheRounder1980

    TheRounder19802 일 전

    Imo this is the hottest I’ve seen Nicki. Not huge fan of Her but she kills this

  29. Arho

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  30. Juan Chunga

    Juan Chunga2 일 전

    this song is really addicting... cant stop replaying it

  31. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge

    50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge2 일 전

    i’ll be back in the year below every year during November. November 2019 ✅ November 2020 November 2021 November 2022 November 2023 November 2024 November 2025 November 2026 like to remind me. guys, i genuinely will come back, i literally check this comment every few days.

  32. Na0m1 Fes

    Na0m1 Fes21 시간 전

    @Bev Hindle 😂😂 great question 🤔🤔

  33. Bev Hindle

    Bev Hindle2 일 전

    Ok so why do you need a like to be reminded?

  34. Erzsike Nagy

    Erzsike Nagy2 일 전

    E C D S dance

  35. Z0b0l1

    Z0b0l13 일 전

    MAD MAX!

  36. Make ur Style

    Make ur Style3 일 전

    Who is here2K19????

  37. Fatiha Moudaffar

    Fatiha Moudaffar3 일 전

    yeah, Niki Misha. bebè racks wow

  38. NOOR MAX

    NOOR MAX3 일 전

    منوره ام صلاح

  39. Нина Таранец

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  40. Âkol Madut

    Âkol Madut3 일 전

    Who is the queen? Like: Nicki Minaj Comment:Bebe Rexha



    Nicki Minaj is the best 🤯🤯🤯

  42. au secours aidez moi

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  43. Spitec 1980

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  44. Audrina

    Audrina14 시간 전

    Both lol

  45. h e l l o w

    h e l l o w14 시간 전

    69 likes Nice

  46. janissaire111

    janissaire1113 일 전

    Damn, that read head ...

  47. رينادهヅكافيلヅ

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  48. Toon Gaarthuis

    Toon Gaarthuis4 일 전

    enyone 2019 i just wacht it to get the vibes

  49. RaccZy

    RaccZy4 일 전

    When you have not called you’re mom and say: *HEY MAMA MAMA*

  50. FlowerTrollSan

    FlowerTrollSan12 시간 전

    That Kagome profile pic is so cute. 😍

  51. عاشقة ناروتو شيبودن

    عاشقة ناروتو شيبودن3 일 전

    RaccZy otaku😍😍😍😍

  52. Tsobanelo Theodore

    Tsobanelo Theodore4 일 전

    The song they use at start is an old work song from black people back in the days of slavery.. ITS A DISGRACE that this masterpiece full of pain,emotion and hope is used from young people with no worries,but what the hell, ignorance is bliss right?

  53. Tÿłãń Wîłęÿ

    Tÿłãń Wîłęÿ4 일 전

    tell me why I'm just realizing its 2 more artist in this song and not Just Nick

  54. C H A I C H A

    C H A I C H A4 일 전

    where is bebe rexha

  55. Moon River

    Moon River4 일 전

    Mad max vibes

  56. Okha Bamaniya

    Okha Bamaniya4 일 전

    Nicki and David blasted on this song . excellent...

  57. Gilcilene Evaristo Santos

    Gilcilene Evaristo Santos5 일 전

    Oh mulher porreta essa Nicki

  58. Melissa Little

    Melissa Little5 일 전


  59. Alexinkzy

    Alexinkzy5 일 전

    Nicki the green screen queen

  60. Антон Федорыцев

    Антон Федорыцев5 일 전

    My grandfather hears: "D-day"

  61. Darlin' Zurc

    Darlin' Zurc5 일 전

    2:35 who's that boy?

  62. os zueros zueros

    os zueros zueros5 일 전

    Alguém 2019?

  63. User0286

    User02865 일 전

    This is the Beat Song Ever

  64. wise Human

    wise Human5 일 전

    This is just a show for hot people doing incredible flexible moves and all around being freaky. This is great art work.....

  65. Trace Conrad

    Trace Conrad5 일 전

    This reminds me of Mad Max

  66. Jenny T

    Jenny T5 일 전

    I ALWAYS hear: When you need d*ck Imma let you have it😂😂

  67. A L E X A N D R A MAX

    A L E X A N D R A MAX5 일 전

    Like who listen in 2019 🤗

  68. hugo poirotte

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  69. Adonis Top of Men

    Adonis Top of Men5 일 전

    great song ……..

  70. tinlin ko

    tinlin ko5 일 전

    1:05, is that Sheena Liam from AsNTM Cycle 2? The winner from Malaysia ?