David Guetta ft Anne Marie - Don't Leave Me Alone (Oliver Heldens Remix)


  1. Kiciakbmw Piotr

    Kiciakbmw Piotr4 개월 전

    Zajebisty kawałek !!!

  2. Valentina Ochoa

    Valentina Ochoa4 개월 전


  3. charles flaviano

    charles flaviano7 개월 전

    I thought this is the original song. But when i try to search original is different but i really love it the how it was remix

  4. Street Racing

    Street Racing10 개월 전

    O Melhor Remix

  5. armando7972

    armando797210 개월 전

    Esta versão é tão boa quanto a original. Parabéns Oliver!!! This version is as good as the original. Congratulations Oliver !!!

  6. Miguel Angel Peña Rondon

    Miguel Angel Peña Rondon10 개월 전

    Este es el mejor remix de esta rola 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Nicole Kacal

    Nicole Kacal10 개월 전

    better than the original

  8. Bannath

    Bannath10 개월 전

    Is this the version that Pulse 87 always plays? Sounds like it, but can't say for sure.

  9. Erick Alexandre

    Erick Alexandre10 개월 전

    MÚSICA DA HORA PASSA NA @Energia97play

  10. Virtual

    Virtual10 개월 전

    The best song on yt

  11. pedrinho

    pedrinho11 개월 전

    OH SHET!

  12. Krystian Pławski

    Krystian Pławski11 개월 전

    My immortal sound 😈 even when I'm sleep only 3-hours, its like big coffie 4 me 🐗😎🙊

  13. This is Madness

    This is Madness11 개월 전

    Este remix es mejor que la original 🔥

  14. Kerri McKay

    Kerri McKay11 개월 전

    This is better than the original. :D

  15. Simo Dena

    Simo Dena년 전


  16. bloopblipable

    bloopblipable년 전

    OKAY I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA FOR A VIDEO: it's kind of futuristic, and the dj is performing but he's in love with the A.I/holographic dancer/singer of the song (Anne Marie) and she's dancing and singing to him. Like maybe he rescued her from a scrap pile and fixed her up fell in love. Now she performs amazing music but it's because she's expressing her love to him. How amazing is that and yes I'm high. I want a light show and cool futuristic people someone make it happen

  17. Ailen Zaida Isis Jorge

    Ailen Zaida Isis Jorge년 전

    Better than the original!!! ♥♥♥

  18. Apeksh Naidu 38

    Apeksh Naidu 38년 전


  19. Ari B

    Ari B년 전


  20. Husnain Naeem

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  21. silversecret82

    silversecret82년 전

    Sooo good! :)

  22. angel rodriguez

    angel rodriguez년 전

    When you think if Oliver can't surprise you he just still doing it OMG I love this track 🔥

  23. Achu Ammu

    Achu Ammu년 전

    Wow this song should have really famous if it was done a little better.

  24. Na Sa

    Na Sa년 전


  25. Arlie Simplicio

    Arlie Simplicio년 전

    Melhor que a original!!!

  26. Volt Catastropher

    Volt Catastropher년 전

    This is better than the original.. Love it



    Oliver Heldens

  28. Melanie Barham

    Melanie Barham년 전


  29. Federico Della Corte

    Federico Della Corte년 전

    good job Oliver!

  30. Eduardo Aese Ruvalcaba

    Eduardo Aese Ruvalcaba년 전


  31. Aurimas Lapšys

    Aurimas Lapšys년 전

    So catchy , bassline looks like NERO - two minds , when i listen this song , and hear drop i'am was been crazy !!

  32. Kacper Bąk

    Kacper Bąk년 전

    Better than original song! Sorry @David Guetta 😀😈

  33. Al Marcson

    Al Marcson년 전

    This commentpage needs some Heldens love! 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  34. Izka xd

    Izka xd년 전

    Sztos 💪

  35. Дмитрий Фирсов

    Дмитрий Фирсов년 전

    Не то,что 7 альбом!Трек просто класс!!!!👌

  36. PhilBMW1

    PhilBMW1년 전

    best part cut out. dislike

  37. Christian Prieto

    Christian Prieto년 전

    the best oliver

  38. Raahim Usman

    Raahim Usman년 전

    Hot trash

  39. Anthony Davies

    Anthony Davies년 전

    This is terrible. Disappointed with Oliver on this one.

  40. Laurence Ségeron

    Laurence Ségeron년 전

    Meilleur DJ du monde liker si vous êtes d'accord avec moi 😎🎶👏❤️👌