David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi - Memories (Official Video)


  1. Cris Castillo

    Cris Castillo5 시간 전


  2. THE101NE

    THE101NE13 시간 전

    lol David looks weird af

  3. Kowallski_

    Kowallski_16 시간 전

    Kid Cudi already knew in that year, that people will always start thinking about their Memories while listening to this song

  4. Chat for KD croqui

    Chat for KD croqui17 시간 전

    Moi: à la recherche d un commentaire français .... même si je sais parler anglais ...

  5. Julien Youngpine

    Julien Youngpine17 시간 전

    It’s almost 2020 and this is still a gem.

  6. GraciousHulk 207

    GraciousHulk 20718 시간 전

    This takes me back glad I was. A 90s baby

  7. Taylan Yeşilyurt

    Taylan Yeşilyurt19 시간 전

    I didn't know that Luka Modric was a DJ.

  8. Patricia Mora M

    Patricia Mora M20 시간 전

    How young was david here

  9. pınar .uzunlu

    pınar .uzunlu일 전

    hey heyy yeahh yeahh December 2019

  10. LuiSZ Rodríguez

    LuiSZ Rodríguez일 전

    Es que de ley voy a to maaaar🎶

  11. Baliey Chatfield

    Baliey Chatfield일 전

    Awesome 2000s Song

  12. Jonathan N

    Jonathan N일 전

    Haven’t heard this in like 8 years

  13. Drake Williams

    Drake Williams일 전

    Rip david

  14. El Calvin Serrano

    El Calvin Serrano일 전

    Diciembre 2019

  15. abcba cbabc

    abcba cbabc일 전

    Legends never die

  16. Lusciousundead HD

    Lusciousundead HD일 전

    Oh this opens my memories ❤️

  17. Cerebrito Stephen Hawking

    Cerebrito Stephen Hawking일 전

    Que grande Luca Modric!

  18. Don't mind me

    Don't mind me일 전

    I've wanted to know what this song was called since I was like 7

  19. Amine Muslim

    Amine Muslim일 전

    what is luca modric doing in this clip?? :p

  20. jo

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  21. Joaky Lopez

    Joaky Lopez일 전

    hey hey yeah yeah ❤ alguien 2019 🔴⚪🔴

  22. victor raul gonzales mamani

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  23. All 4 Fun

    All 4 Fun일 전

    Kids nowadays: Ohhh so this is kid cudi

  24. DerDickeMagBlicke 29

    DerDickeMagBlicke 29일 전

    Thats mine Memories

  25. Lario skot

    Lario skot일 전

    Winter 2019..602 ...623 ..480

  26. Shady Kozak

    Shady Kozak일 전

    I listen this when I was 13 Now I'm 21 and still feel like it was yesterday

  27. lachlachtotlach

    lachlachtotlach6 시간 전

    Yeah, back in the days when having to do your homework was the biggest problem..

  28. Daniele Meroni

    Daniele Meroni일 전

    Dustin Whitman back at it again after prison

  29. Nelson Alvarado

    Nelson Alvarado2 일 전

    who else has memories that faded like kawhi leonard.

  30. WATERFUCK #low

    WATERFUCK #low2 일 전


  31. Funtik

    Funtik2 일 전

    Кто русский лайк

  32. Μπουλμπα Σαρ

    Μπουλμπα Σαρ2 일 전

    Wow I see my childhood infront of me after listening to this

  33. G4LL

    G4LL2 일 전

    Whats happend to music? Whats happend to that cruel world?

  34. XXSNIPS Gaming

    XXSNIPS Gaming2 일 전

    Who's here before the 10s is over

  35. AxerGamerYT

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  36. pipeño zavala

    pipeño zavala2 일 전

    Sky and lemon a tomar 🤣

  37. Ян Ian Вишицкий Vishitskii

    Ян Ian Вишицкий Vishitskii2 일 전

    My youngster song

  38. J & M Reviews

    J & M Reviews2 일 전

    Never liked this song when it first came out and I still don't like it in 2019.

  39. EPL

    EPL2 일 전

    Because of the law I'm about to drink.

  40. Ignacio Palma

    Ignacio Palma2 일 전

    Wow... Ten years ago! Time fly

  41. Rodrigo Rodrigues

    Rodrigo Rodrigues2 일 전

    i am a 90's kid and im crying right now

  42. Tim

    Tim2 일 전

    décembre 2019 :):):):)

  43. Rafael Roman

    Rafael Roman2 일 전