David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi - Memories (Official Video)


  1. Isaax

    Isaax22 시간 전

    In about two weeks, this song will be decade old.

  2. DonzEeBoi 2019

    DonzEeBoi 2019일 전

    Hey hey dou dou dou douuu

  3. Agustina Del Rey

    Agustina Del Rey일 전

    Fua alta nostalgia jajajajaja :(

  4. Mr. Aronnax

    Mr. Aronnax일 전


  5. Homeboi

    Homeboi일 전


  6. Cillian Murphy

    Cillian Murphy일 전

    Anyone trying to find the better soundcloud version?

  7. Alex Adad

    Alex Adad일 전

    Wer ist auch von 2089 hier?

  8. Dog black

    Dog black일 전

    Ce son me fait chialer

  9. Michael Jay MIller

    Michael Jay MIller2 일 전

    Got a lot of good memories of her. All the crazy shirt I did all my life.

  10. Al L

    Al L23 시간 전

    I got my tie in a knot.

  11. Junior Jess

    Junior Jess2 일 전

    2010? I swear I was playing this in 2009. I remember that year like yesterday. Great year! It was raining women. Great Memories 👍

  12. Meezy Me

    Meezy Me2 일 전

    Gonna tell my kids this was chance the rapper

  13. Gustavo Gonzales

    Gustavo Gonzales2 일 전

    you thinking before me

  14. Cristina Castro

    Cristina Castro2 일 전

    Eske de ley vo a tomar

  15. Nathan Medina

    Nathan Medina2 일 전

    Who else was like born in 1998 or 1996 and remember this middle school jam as we were all are young adolescent selves

  16. Tomislav Bajto

    Tomislav Bajto2 일 전

    David Guetta looking like Gus Johnson

  17. Joseph Astier

    Joseph Astier2 일 전

    It's 2020 and this still owns



    2020. WHO IS HERE🗣

  19. Shakira Rousselle

    Shakira Rousselle2 일 전

    C'est pas parce que tu as une bonne mémoire de voir les femmes dénudées que tu es obligée de te valoriser pour leurs corps. Sa me dégoûtes franchement ya plus que sa qui compte dans le business le corps des femmes le sexe et la vulgarité ! Ou va le monde !

  20. Sahil Arora

    Sahil Arora2 일 전

    This was some epic music

  21. Katherine Ruiz Montero

    Katherine Ruiz Montero2 일 전


  22. Kayla

    Kayla3 일 전

    In this video David Guetta looks a little bit like Tom Felton 🥴💚

  23. Candee Cabezas

    Candee Cabezas3 일 전

    Love this song. Only if I can meet you guy party with you. With only few year of my life.

  24. zMaGNuM -ratio-

    zMaGNuM -ratio-3 일 전

    Gonna tell my kids this was Minecraft and Fortnite

  25. hamza lamou

    hamza lamou3 일 전

    hey hey

  26. Jonathan

    Jonathan3 일 전

    I remember when I first saw this, I thought Kid Cudi wearing his hoodie over his cap was the coolest thing ever lol.

  27. Jack Harold

    Jack Harold3 일 전


  28. Maria Betancourt

    Maria Betancourt3 일 전

    Estuve buscando esta canción por tantos años!!!! 😭

  29. Mayver :v

    Mayver :v3 일 전

    Se parece modrick del Real Madrid

  30. naokatory gd

    naokatory gd3 일 전

    2020 uwu

  31. Jim Condon

    Jim Condon3 일 전

    David Guetta, one of the biggest DJs around... bloke has no rhythm, bloke looks so awkward

  32. Alexandru Leahu

    Alexandru Leahu3 일 전


  33. Robroscob

    Robroscob3 일 전

    Anyone (or David) tell me what the sample is from? It's from another tune years before but can't remember who's it is.

  34. Deisy Ortiz

    Deisy Ortiz3 일 전


  35. mehmet tıpır

    mehmet tıpır3 일 전

    Good old times, Good old 'memories'

  36. HypliX'

    HypliX'3 일 전

    Damn, this was 10 years ago? Then is wasn't long ago that my viking ancestors fucked people up

  37. Taiga Aisaka

    Taiga Aisaka4 일 전

    N O S T A L G I A

  38. Jim Goose MFP

    Jim Goose MFP4 일 전

    Kid Cudi with a Guns N roses T-shirt. Badass man 👍🏻

  39. akemi doll

    akemi doll4 일 전


  40. Ghsbdhd Hdhhshdhd

    Ghsbdhd Hdhhshdhd4 일 전


  41. mario condello

    mario condello4 일 전

    It's getting l8 and I need to be home by eight !

  42. Cora Lee

    Cora Lee4 일 전

    That was my cell phone music for so long !!!!! 🙏🏻😀😀😃

  43. Michael H

    Michael H4 일 전


  44. Ruibels One

    Ruibels One4 일 전

    2020???? Yes👍

  45. Mimi B

    Mimi B4 일 전

    This takes me back to the early 2010s rave days!!! Too many fun memories!!

  46. Jamie Griffiths

    Jamie Griffiths4 일 전

    Still a classic tunee 🌊🌊

  47. Mateo Garcia

    Mateo Garcia4 일 전

    Enero del 2020 ?

  48. Joe Mamma

    Joe Mamma4 일 전

    Me trying to sleep My mind: 'Heyhey'

  49. Tiudyr645

    Tiudyr6454 일 전

    I miss this music era, was like a transition to the 2010's decade.

  50. J Pablo Vega

    J Pablo Vega4 일 전

    Es que de ley voy a tomar :v

  51. Zoe T

    Zoe T4 일 전

    Febrero 2020?😍

  52. -The LosT-

    -The LosT-4 일 전

    1 decade still hearin'

  53. Gewinner Typ

    Gewinner Typ4 일 전

    -2020- "Und immer noch ein richtiges Brett"

  54. Joshua Espinosa

    Joshua Espinosa5 일 전

    Jesus Christ this song is almost 10 years old. Time flies...

  55. all Dub or Nothing

    all Dub or Nothing5 일 전

    Reminds me of the time I went to Venezuala.....by myself.

  56. Jakob Muru

    Jakob Muru5 일 전

    This song is gonna be on my funeral

  57. Dince

    Dince5 일 전

    And there goes the best decade of the entire century :(

  58. Leonardo Rivera

    Leonardo Rivera6 일 전

    Back When BITCOIN Was Worth Just Pennies......

  59. Eduardo Kovaleski

    Eduardo Kovaleski5 일 전

    HAHAHAHAH Stonks We need to find out what will be the next Bitcoin...

  60. Cécile H

    Cécile H6 일 전

    J'aime toujours autant... 2020

  61. Cécile H

    Cécile H4 일 전

    @Turbo 2006 j'adore <3

  62. Turbo 2006

    Turbo 20064 일 전

    @Cécile H C rare de voir des français sur des clip Anglais dis moi tu en pense quoi de la musique?😉

  63. Cécile H

    Cécile H4 일 전

    @Turbo 2006 salut à toi!!! ;)

  64. Turbo 2006

    Turbo 20064 일 전

    Salut les français !

  65. khaled sasi

    khaled sasi6 일 전


  66. VectoRRR

    VectoRRR6 일 전

    The dud of the song of Gta sa 2007