David Guetta - Dangerous (Official video) ft Sam Martin


  1. Bruno Neca

    Bruno Neca5 시간 전

    Ayrton Senna and nothing more,rest in peace my hero,king of F1,the best.

  2. Lauty Maneis

    Lauty Maneis16 시간 전

    apa esos culitos rikis rikis

  3. Sanu Rawat

    Sanu Rawat일 전

    Devid u owe an apology to every F1 fan...... Instead of showing hard working engineers u are showing us models

  4. Cande Park

    Cande Park일 전

    Diciembre 2019



    Lol the marussia have no chances to win

  6. Lydia Rego

    Lydia Rego2 일 전

    This video also showcase the worst pit crew ever

  7. Veysel Kılıç

    Veysel Kılıç3 일 전


  8. Bjarne Van Groen

    Bjarne Van Groen3 일 전

    You had to put Sebastian Vettel in your vid

  9. Kazalis Evangelos

    Kazalis Evangelos3 일 전

    Thank you so much for making my day with all these amazing songs ! Respect !

  10. Patricia Nieves Luque

    Patricia Nieves Luque3 일 전

    Nada q ver con eso, en parte.. Saludos

  11. Mario Bessire

    Mario Bessire3 일 전


  12. Mario Bessire

    Mario Bessire3 일 전


  13. Matis Mergen

    Matis Mergen4 일 전

    Chui le seul français 😭

  14. Une simple larme

    Une simple larme2 일 전

    Non t'inquiète pas 😂 je suis laaa

  15. Transport UK

    Transport UK5 일 전

    3:56 for the start of the song.

  16. De Vrieze Louis

    De Vrieze Louis5 일 전

    C'est moi ou romain grosjean est classé 3ème ? Ca n'arrivera jamais :-D

  17. Fortnite Pro

    Fortnite Pro6 일 전




    David Guetta I hop that he do not go in to the movies and i hop that he dosent stop playing songs .... Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wwe and went to the movies. that is ok still a bad muther FING MAN david guetta ???? NEW XXX OR 007 ?.

  19. Pedro Rogério

    Pedro Rogério8 일 전

    Lauda and Hunt, Prost and Senna...the golden years of F1

  20. O_D_D 1

    O_D_D 18 일 전


  21. Plumik YT

    Plumik YT8 일 전

    Я один как дибил пытаюсь найти русский отзыв?!😂😂



    Нет не один

  23. Vincent Linnane

    Vincent Linnane9 일 전


  24. Jujubeleza Mattos

    Jujubeleza Mattos10 일 전

    Ayrton Senna ❤💪

  25. Bruno Neca

    Bruno Neca5 시간 전

    Ayrton Senna is the best of all

  26. BRANCHERIAU sandy

    BRANCHERIAU sandy10 일 전


  27. marko martinovic

    marko martinovic10 일 전

    You can tell it's fake because Romain doesn't spin in pit

  28. Man in a Hat Studios

    Man in a Hat Studios11 일 전

    im under the impression that Lotus f1 sponsored this awful racing video

  29. Nazri Buang

    Nazri Buang11 일 전


  30. Lillit Wooddy

    Lillit Wooddy12 일 전

    why the motif vaguely resembles France Gall? 🤔🤔🤔

  31. Israel Franco

    Israel Franco12 일 전


  32. Jelwin Geuan

    Jelwin Geuan12 일 전

    This is why JP lose, his on GP2 car...

  33. DeizackGames

    DeizackGames13 일 전

    It is male chauvinist apart of cringy

  34. Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name

    Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name13 일 전

    Good thing about fiction it don’t ever work

  35. Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name

    Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name13 일 전

    And we both know who number one is right boy

  36. Дима Николенко

    Дима Николенко13 일 전

    Один из моих любимых треков 10-х годов:)

  37. Marta Blajdo

    Marta Blajdo14 일 전

    Published on 1 Nov 2014 dkdkdks Odldksmsemrrrejjdsjejejekekeejsjwkekrsk (P) & © 2014 What A Music Ltd Under Exclusive Licence to Licence Parlophone Warner Music France Warner Music Group Company

  38. Анна Тимофеева

    Анна Тимофеева15 일 전

    Я, один и России??

  39. Софья Макарова

    Софья Макарова14 일 전


  40. Mohammed Chavan

    Mohammed Chavan15 일 전


  41. SK VM

    SK VM15 일 전

    3:53 here had it begins. 5:00 to skip.

  42. Magician Spot

    Magician Spot15 일 전

    Podiums: *David guetta: 1* *Hulkenberg: 0*

  43. Ankit Gyawali

    Ankit Gyawali12 일 전

    Magician Spot You hit right at the spot mate😂

  44. Magician Spot

    Magician Spot15 일 전

    “There’s no friends in formula 1” *sainz, norris, verstappen and ricciardo: Am i a joke to you*

  45. Lil Sizzurp

    Lil Sizzurp15 일 전

    November 2019 ? Because of nostalgia ?

  46. Divyansh Sharma

    Divyansh Sharma16 일 전

    its not a song...its a moment to cherish forever 🔥

  47. Saugata Debnath

    Saugata Debnath16 일 전

    Nice movie. I think there is a short song somewhere in between

  48. Morena Belen Torres Krenz

    Morena Belen Torres Krenz16 일 전


  49. DeizackGames

    DeizackGames17 일 전


  50. Jithu Jithin

    Jithu Jithin17 일 전

    3:56 thank me later

  51. celso croissier tadeo

    celso croissier tadeo17 일 전

    Ojalá volviese a la F1 la competividad de aquellas épocas; Lauda, Senna... yo quiero vivir enfrentamientos así, no tanta electrónica, tanto control...

  52. Marc Caminal

    Marc Caminal17 일 전

    He turning at a higher than any f1 can barely achieve in straights LOL

  53. Emma Lubica

    Emma Lubica18 일 전

    I cried when grosjean appeared hahah😂

  54. just a human

    just a human18 일 전

    ford vs ferrari ? damn

  55. Saadboujdour Saadboujdour

    Saadboujdour Saadboujdour18 일 전

    Top khoya zin. Top khoya zin râ k ghaya khoya zin

  56. Saadboujdour Saadboujdour

    Saadboujdour Saadboujdour18 일 전

    Rankom ghaya khoya zin top khoya zin

  57. Saadboujdour Saadboujdour

    Saadboujdour Saadboujdour18 일 전

    Rankom ghaya khoya David gauttz

  58. Andres Umaña

    Andres Umaña18 일 전

    David Guetta in a lotus f1 vs a bunch of spec f2 cars

  59. Jamie Morris

    Jamie Morris18 일 전

    That's how stupid he is

  60. Dj Bellathy

    Dj Bellathy18 일 전

    Super Max Max super super Max Max Max!!!🇳🇱🏎🦁

  61. Rom1 _

    Rom1 _19 일 전

    Pk ya pas de commentaire français alors que David Guetta est Français

  62. Ritwik Ranjan

    Ritwik Ranjan19 일 전

    Melody sounds like justice - heavy metal

  63. TiggyStardust

    TiggyStardust19 일 전

    This is so sad....to see two childhood friends turn bitter rivals

  64. Jamie Morris

    Jamie Morris18 일 전

    Not true mate at all. F1 is not like this at all David Guetta displayed it in a very bad way. They're friends in f1, f1 cars don't race with F2, Girls are not treated like that, They don't race in Jerez

  65. Sentock

    Sentock20 일 전

    *N O S T A L G I A*

  66. H. D.M.

    H. D.M.20 일 전

    David Guetta always fits the songs with the movies videos perfectly

  67. carromaniatico 3

    carromaniatico 318 일 전

    No the f1 isn't like tath

  68. Alana S.L

    Alana S.L20 일 전

    Que hino meu povo 🇧🇷😍