Dave Chappelle's Son Meets Kevin Hart | Netflix Is A Joke


  1. Faiz Jalal

    Faiz Jalal시간 전

    I still dont know what happened to his voice

  2. Stephen Kolman

    Stephen Kolman2 시간 전

    He's always brilliant.

  3. R Fuhrer

    R Fuhrer17 시간 전

    Don't worry dave , k hart did not impress me , charge 90 a ticket .........

  4. Think PIONEERing

    Think PIONEERing일 전

    Hell in high school I ain’t have no damn money and I called girls bitches all the time... shiiid, all it cost me was a girlfriend...

  5. Sarah

    Sarah3 일 전

    Dave is way funnier 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Silverbug 19

    Silverbug 193 일 전

    He is the funniest

  7. Silverbug 19

    Silverbug 193 일 전

    Netflix is a left wing slow box. Obama's are consulted. It's horrible lies on military, biblical issues.

  8. Ritesh Bhandari

    Ritesh Bhandari3 일 전

    I am watching this and he mentioned kevin hart for the first time and now I am going for his stand up.... Bye...


    MCMXCII3 일 전

    I wonder if his kids know he’s fake?

  10. RihannaVevo c:

    RihannaVevo c:4 일 전

    Love it

  11. Fransico Hernandez

    Fransico Hernandez4 일 전


  12. Jacob Walls

    Jacob Walls4 일 전

    3000 down votes?!? Lol, go fuck yourselves

  13. Smail Jr

    Smail Jr4 일 전

    Dave Chappelle is a legend 😂😂 The Jay-Z/Beyonce joke was the best 😂😂 BTW I only got "I'll just shut the fuck up" money

  14. PrettyBrown Eyez

    PrettyBrown Eyez6 일 전

    You're great too, Dave!!!!

  15. El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.

    El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.6 일 전

    KOBE AND GIGI...............................

  16. El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.

    El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.6 일 전

    KOBE AND GIGI...............................

  17. El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.

    El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.6 일 전

    KOBE AND GIGI...............................

  18. El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.

    El-Erwin Muhammad-Ali.6 일 전

    KOBE AND GIGI...............................

  19. strength45

    strength456 일 전

    prime Kat Willimas Dave Kevin for my generation of comics.

  20. John Kuhfal

    John Kuhfal6 일 전

    why does the subtle have to say "nigger" when u know this nigga obviously saying nigga.. smh


    #LIVELIFE7 일 전

    Walking in the rain koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-makIxsF8jkg.html

  22. Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle

    Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle7 일 전

    Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart are the Nas and Jay-Z of comedy. Jay-Z: *hands Nas’s 10-year-old son, Knight, a copy of “The Blueprint”* Hey, lil’ man, I want you to have this. Knight: Thanks, Mr. Carter! Jay-Z: If your father ever makes you mad, play track #2.

  23. Tris Turner

    Tris Turner7 일 전

    $60 million a year is apparently “quiet please” money

  24. Melissa Leon

    Melissa Leon7 일 전

    Love you Dave Chappelle

  25. DoroteoVilla

    DoroteoVilla7 일 전

    Kevin Heart is funny as hell. Dave Chappelle is a master. There is just no comparison.

  26. jamz san

    jamz san7 일 전

    The legendary dave!!!

  27. Aqib Iqbal

    Aqib Iqbal7 일 전

    I gotta take a loan out for shut the f up. What a line!!!

  28. abhinav rawat

    abhinav rawat7 일 전

    Quite please money😂😂

  29. Maxwell Romeo

    Maxwell Romeo7 일 전

    Oh Dave, you are just one of my fav of all time. Thanks for not smoking though...

  30. Fetti Monk

    Fetti Monk8 일 전

    0:11 mans in the grey sweater not allowed to laugh at that one 😂

  31. Gaming For Humanity

    Gaming For Humanity8 일 전

    Dave knows what's up.

  32. Rehman Ahmed

    Rehman Ahmed8 일 전

    first of all that wasn't drake song it was big sean's song drake was featured. second ur son is proud of u he was just excited to meet him

  33. CMN

    CMN8 일 전

    "Actually I live around here" 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Wilhelm Geisler

    Wilhelm Geisler8 일 전


  35. Mike OxLong

    Mike OxLong8 일 전

    Hart good....Chapelle LEGEND!!

  36. Bam Bam

    Bam Bam8 일 전

    TRUMP 2020

  37. Bre Brooks

    Bre Brooks8 일 전

    I laughed the whole time 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭...

  38. Jake Betts

    Jake Betts8 일 전

    Man this place fuckin sucks lol

  39. Sasha Romano

    Sasha Romano9 일 전

    250 To hear Kevin Hart bitch about how he fucked up his life again ? Fuck that shit I'm buying kush and ordering chicken while rewatching Dave Chappelle ....

  40. Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle

    Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle9 일 전

    I saw Dave Chappelle back in ‘98 at the Manhattan Mall where Faith Evans was doing a concert promoting her album “Keep the Faith.” He wasn’t doing stand-up, nor was he given an intro. He was just randomly there for the purpose of warming up the audience, I guess, while the equipment/audio crew gets things prepared for Faith. He basically was just shooting the breeze with the crowd inbetween mic checks. In all honesty, I didn’t even know he was there (since I was in the nosebleed section), until he said, “Oh by the way, those weren’t my real teeth on ‘The Nutty Professor.’” I’m probably the only one who caught that, because everyone was just talking amongst themselves. My guess is that Dave was trying to get some attention from fans, since he was relatively unknown at the time. I never thought he’d be where he is today. What a phenomenal career climb. Salute to one of the greatest to ever grace a mic.

  41. Adam e

    Adam e9 일 전

    2:15 😂



    The way he says *I was furious* is hilarious

  43. Kimberly Taylor

    Kimberly Taylor9 일 전

    First, Nick Cannon, now Kevin Hart! 🤔

  44. Areathamay1209 Neal

    Areathamay1209 Neal10 일 전

    And there is.. lol

  45. The Mummy Cats

    The Mummy Cats10 일 전

    I heard Dave helped write this video: koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-_Enl_ArqiRg.html

  46. 4RealKev

    4RealKev10 일 전


  47. JEppsLars

    JEppsLars10 일 전

    this dude is the king.

  48. Taking the Fork

    Taking the Fork10 일 전

    So freakin adorable, hope his son becomes a comedian

  49. Laker Fan

    Laker Fan10 일 전

    Who else sang all me with him 😂

  50. Boogeyman 77

    Boogeyman 7710 일 전

    Dave Chapelle is a great story teller...

  51. 2PhoneSensei

    2PhoneSensei10 일 전

    Dave a fucking legend lol

  52. south africa

    south africa10 일 전

    this is kevin's joke 🤦🏿‍♂️😂

  53. Mouratu Tuju

    Mouratu Tuju11 일 전

    Last joke so brilliant and hilarious 🤣🤣

  54. Marquis Roberson

    Marquis Roberson11 일 전

    Haha,son embarrassing him,haha,Dave the best

  55. dave broz

    dave broz11 일 전


  56. Creeeator

    Creeeator12 일 전

    King Chappelle!

  57. Rashid Jackson

    Rashid Jackson12 일 전

    "Do you know how much money you have to have to tell a girl to shut the fuck up?"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. The Wight Base

    The Wight Base12 일 전

    1:30 my office mood

  59. Angie 01

    Angie 0112 일 전

    So I’ve seen ppl saying this dude is funnier than Kevin so I watched this to see what’s up. Lemme just tell u rn that I didn’t laugh even once. He’s funny but not Kevin Hart funny. I’m sorry but Kevin is the GOAT a mf legend and this guy doesn’t even come close to him in comedy. Props to him tho he doing what he doing and making that bag. No disrespect👏🏼

  60. christianrapper

    christianrapper8 일 전

    It’s possible to like both. They have different styles.

  61. Emblazer

    Emblazer12 일 전

    I just shut the f up, cause I ain't got no money..