Darth Vader's rage | Star Wars: Rogue One [Ending scene]


  1. Ryan Milon

    Ryan Milon시간 전

    Good acting by the guy at 0:55

  2. nawab256

    nawab256시간 전

    man this scene doesn't look as impressive as i remembered it

  3. zero two kabayan

    zero two kabayan2 시간 전

    Wait is is end from star wars a new hope

  4. Josh Lugliani

    Josh Lugliani시간 전

    zero two kabayan this movie takes place right before.

  5. Rachel Arreola

    Rachel Arreola2 시간 전

    Best scene ever in Star Wars

  6. Michael Kilsdonk

    Michael Kilsdonk3 시간 전

    1:32 the sheer terror in that is intense.

  7. TheCrazyFox 05

    TheCrazyFox 053 시간 전

    0:53 Top 10 Most Badass Moments in Anime

  8. Gordo Fat

    Gordo Fat3 시간 전

    This scene came out of nowhere I didn’t expect this at all when I first saw it I was like wow

  9. Huge Disappointment

    Huge Disappointment3 시간 전

    When the good kid gets back in for dodgeball:

  10. lazer tag

    lazer tag4 시간 전

    can't believe this scene wasn't supposed to be in it... its the best scene in the whole movie

  11. diego souza

    diego souza4 시간 전


  12. Unbounded Fox

    Unbounded Fox5 시간 전


  13. Ryuzaki The Crux

    Ryuzaki The Crux5 시간 전

    I really hope they do a series of Darth Vader on Disney+ or something, there's so many good stories they could use for a TV show.

  14. Grade A

    Grade A5 시간 전

    I’d admit, I would be in a panic too shitting my pants... hearing that breathing first then seeing that glow of that red light saber 😵

  15. Alpha Whiskey-6

    Alpha Whiskey-65 시간 전

    Remember when Tarkin is asked if they should begin targeting nf the fleet and he says that Vader will handle it? If the Death Star had just shot the capital ship, then not only would their copy of the plane have been disintegrated, but so would the Tantive IV. Meaning a new hope never would’ve happened

  16. Zer0

    Zer05 시간 전

    Okay men let's do this commander what nex- wheres the commander?!?!?!? *commander in escape pod* I dont know text me if yall make it tho

  17. Vidal Deciga

    Vidal Deciga5 시간 전

    Veteran single handedly takes down terrorists 😁

  18. Toasterinthebath

    Toasterinthebath6 시간 전

    deadass THROWING their guns at him

  19. AR - 08CS - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473)

    AR - 08CS - Robert H Lagerquist Sr PS (1473)3 시간 전


  20. Alpha

    Alpha6 시간 전

    I didn’t know Star Wars was Disney

  21. charles Receski

    charles Receski6 시간 전

    I would have used parts of the rebel ship to construct a shield bunker over the thermal exhaust port

  22. DHD Maze

    DHD Maze6 시간 전

    When the quiet kid opens his back pack

  23. Samurai Jack

    Samurai Jack6 시간 전

    "You would be wise to surrender" -Vader

  24. GoonaTV

    GoonaTV6 시간 전

    Imagine being a rebel, zero knowledge of the force or its history, maybe hearing rumours, then witnessing this 1:06 lmao

  25. Lethal Edits

    Lethal Edits6 시간 전

    Personally I didn’t like Rogue One but the 3rd act especially that last 5 - 10 mins was perfection

  26. The bloody Aussie mate

    The bloody Aussie mate6 시간 전

    By far one of the best scenes ever in movie history

  27. Bobby Liang

    Bobby Liang7 시간 전

    I wonder how many gigs of data the death star plans are?

  28. Mark Hazleton

    Mark Hazleton7 시간 전

    1:21 that Rebel is almost as badass as Darth Vader. He knows Vader is going to kill him, but he also knows how important the Transmission is that he is carrying... so before he is killed, he passes it thru the door, basically saving the future. "TAKE IT!!! TAKE IT!!!" all he could think about before dying was the future of the Rebellion. A beautiful and meaningful sacrifice in the middle of chaos.

  29. rasanru0

    rasanru07 시간 전

    The fact that he rip off a rebel while holding him up while being shooted is just so badass

  30. Mark Hazleton

    Mark Hazleton7 시간 전

    The ONLY Good "new" Star Wars from Disney.

  31. AMJH 4LAH

    AMJH 4LAH8 시간 전

    When i first saw this film, at the cinema, i thought it was brilliant. But when this scene arrived......i think i was the living embodiment of the term 'jaw-dropping'. Amazing, awesome scene.

  32. Niklas Bründel

    Niklas Bründel8 시간 전

    So acctuelly the rebels have opened the fight and Vader is just self-defence....

  33. Nazar Timofeev

    Nazar Timofeev8 시간 전

    You know he had to do it to 'em

  34. Eric Kelly

    Eric Kelly8 시간 전

    Me: I hope those rebels are able to open the door to safety. Hears Vader breathe Me: Well they're boned

  35. JanoMusic

    JanoMusic9 시간 전

    I've never gonna forget when i saw this on the Cinema, we were all screaming of excitement

  36. FailGreat AchieveGreat

    FailGreat AchieveGreat9 시간 전

    That's how you make a villian look like the badass that he is

  37. C4mp3r01

    C4mp3r019 시간 전

    "First, weapon selection is critical. If I see one more idiot attacking a Jedi with a blaster pistol, then I'll kill them myself." - HK-47

  38. Miss Bomba Claudie Comedy Channel

    Miss Bomba Claudie Comedy Channel10 시간 전

    One of the greatest Star Wars scenes ever.

  39. Spunky: Domestic Terrorist

    Spunky: Domestic Terrorist13 시간 전

    The CGI was a bold choice, and a stupid one.

  40. Joseph Landing Jr.

    Joseph Landing Jr.14 시간 전

    Me returning to High wall of Lothric with my Level 120 Dark Moon Blade build.

  41. Shelling Ford

    Shelling Ford14 시간 전

    Game Mode Unlocked: New Game+

  42. Red Flanders

    Red Flanders15 시간 전

    I get chills everytime I watch this