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    🔥🔥 This is a wonderful little movie. 0:41 💕💝💙 👇👇👇

  2. علي المحمداوي

    علي المحمداوي6 개월 전

    جاي من سينمانا لايك وتعليق 😁❤👏🚶‍♂️

  3. วัชรี วัดแย้ม

    วัชรี วัดแย้ม8 개월 전

    Now leave?

  4. Max Aggropop

    Max Aggropop8 개월 전

    at 1:30 she looks like my ex-girlfriend throwing a tantrum. which is cute af, but maybe not that threatening to most people.

  5. Alexandru Octavian

    Alexandru Octavian8 개월 전


  6. raspy32official

    raspy32official8 개월 전

    DARK PHOENIX = 117 (Jewish Ordinal) A PHOENIX WILL RISE = 117 (LCH Kabbalah) Bridge = 117 (English Ordinal) Sophie Turner born 2 months and 23 days (322) before the deaths of both Margot Kidder (2018) and Isaac Kappy (2019). Both died on 5/13 and the latest clip was uploaded 5/31. Why Sophie?! Slick bloodlust... Got the taste on GoT. This is _her_ story. Disassociated trauma exploding Art imitates Life, not the other way round. She was popped in the butt for those TV and movie gigs and this is all the trauma coming from that _illuminating_ experience. Funny? Well, truth in comedy as they say.

  7. ne0tic

    ne0tic9 개월 전

    Can't wait!

  8. Chronous Style

    Chronous Style9 개월 전

    If Captain Marvel suddenly flew in and one shot Jean, I'm done with Marvel and Disney.

  9. Prithvi Raj

    Prithvi Raj9 개월 전

    I want wolverine

  10. mkpianofab

    mkpianofab9 개월 전

    At the end of the movie to fix all of this there are going to somehow erase everything and time will go back to the 1800's and Logan as a kid again......... :sigh:

  11. Joekingclown

    Joekingclown9 개월 전

    So Sansa turned out to be just as evil as Dany .. great.. just great.

  12. Michael Barnes

    Michael Barnes9 개월 전

    Just imagine Jean snapping her fingers and Thanos gauntlet just splits like a banana off his hand or She crushes it while he is still wearing it.🔥

  13. Eric Celestino

    Eric Celestino9 개월 전

    when are they going to cross over to the rest of Marvel ? Or at least get Legion out of the small screen to duke out with Jean aka Dark Phoenix

  14. Jeopardy Dexter

    Jeopardy Dexter9 개월 전

    If you saw The Last Stand and Days of Future Past, all I'll say is that you've seen Dark Phoenix then. :)

  15. Garri87 Games

    Garri87 Games9 개월 전


  16. Percival Flores

    Percival Flores9 개월 전

    I'm relieved that they gave a good ending for the originals in Days Of Future Past. They should give this a good one too.

  17. Rory Dash

    Rory Dash9 개월 전

    this is not going to be good...if the trailer had to remind us of all the other movies...a

  18. Jameson Jones

    Jameson Jones9 개월 전

    Queen Sansa has become more dangerous than Queen Daenerys! Keep Jon away!

  19. Adam Ggg

    Adam Ggg9 개월 전

    Look's like that's the reality stone???

  20. Jasmine 010

    Jasmine 0109 개월 전

    Why are they just realising this

  21. beeto45

    beeto459 개월 전

    she wispers instead of acting, im not a fan of that

  22. calmodi

    calmodi9 개월 전

    Sansa eat a snickers...

  23. Ivan Drago

    Ivan Drago9 개월 전

    When is Legion going to get involved in X Men world. I thought his father is Charles Xavier, Professor X

  24. Bay Goal

    Bay Goal9 개월 전

    is this the same jane from thor

  25. Invox

    Invox9 개월 전

    Man of Steel soundtrack? Is that even legal?

  26. Joe Bunting

    Joe Bunting9 개월 전

    Without Wolverine this movie doesn't seem right.

  27. Julius Ulit

    Julius Ulit9 개월 전

    Can she defeat Galactus?

  28. Saikat Biswas

    Saikat Biswas9 개월 전

    From X Men 1 to Dark Phoenix.. Scott just keeps screaming "Jean"

  29. Luis Salinas

    Luis Salinas9 개월 전

    Who cares! The nerve of Fox to even compare it to EndGame.

  30. Djohnson Johnson

    Djohnson Johnson9 개월 전

    Don't you get it? Sansa Stark is Tony Stark's lost daughter-in-law! This is why she wants the Iron Throne. Iron Man, Iron Throne. Get it? It finally comes together here!

  31. Oz El

    Oz El9 개월 전

    Sansa became the female joffrey :)

  32. Eren Koçyiğit

    Eren Koçyiğit9 개월 전

    This trailer just like "After watching end game"

  33. Kenny

    Kenny9 개월 전

    I can't wait I love the xmen. I finally got the magneto I wanted all in black..lol..I love how they show Phoenixs power against magneto. His helmet was designed to block psychic intrusion and she just ripped it off his face..smh..( X ) rule.

  34. beanieman54

    beanieman549 개월 전

    Only thing I can focus on is Sophie’s “American” accent

  35. Dant atsu

    Dant atsu9 개월 전

    So, basically, something happens to a woman, she goes crazy with a great strength, and starts killing everybody just because.

  36. alcedo lacedo

    alcedo lacedo9 개월 전

    If you are not kid anymore than you are an x - kid not x men

  37. GaneshKumar G

    GaneshKumar G9 개월 전

    Sansa Little bird

  38. Onur Bahçeli

    Onur Bahçeli9 개월 전

    Who is the enemy Prince uldren?

  39. books from Windblown

    books from Windblown9 개월 전

    After this years later Reboot!

  40. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson9 개월 전

    No Wolverine to save you this time. Better bend that knee to Queen Sansa.

  41. Ash 27

    Ash 279 개월 전

    Sansa grew up

  42. John Gates

    John Gates9 개월 전

    I feel like I've seen this movie before......oh that's right.....

  43. sneha shetty

    sneha shetty9 개월 전

    omg atlast..waiting from so long...

  44. Richie Stormborn

    Richie Stormborn9 개월 전

    I like that at 1:39 they completely don't mention X-Men: The Last Stand as one of the movies now available...as if to make everyone forget it ever existed lololololol

  45. Freddy Kruger

    Freddy Kruger9 개월 전

    Stop making Xmen movies and just bring back the 90s cartoon cause the movies have been terrible.

  46. Richard Laurente

    Richard Laurente9 개월 전

    Domestic : Estreno fin de semana : 80-110 millones USd Worldwide: Estreno fin de semana: 250-300 millones USD

  47. DoNutx777

    DoNutx7779 개월 전

    Aww, fox tried to make a trailer with Endgame vibe... would've been nostalgic if they care for a little bit about continuity

  48. Buddy2714 Plays

    Buddy2714 Plays9 개월 전

    Well the x-man movies are over great first it was the Avengers now x-man really marvel

  49. Phu Nguyen

    Phu Nguyen9 개월 전

    the best X-Men movies have all been about the future. Not about the first class, or original class.

  50. Kristopher Hutchens

    Kristopher Hutchens9 개월 전

    So there no official part of the mcu yet are they?

  51. Faker Assassin

    Faker Assassin9 개월 전

    I think she’ll die here just like in the comics

  52. Paul Leepoy

    Paul Leepoy9 개월 전

    they get five black stars from the Pentagon!

  53. Kevin Leahy

    Kevin Leahy9 개월 전

    Worst american accent

  54. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez9 개월 전

    it will flop less than the game of thrones series finale.

  55. Floraox Føxý

    Floraox Føxý9 개월 전

    Rip avengers and x-men Wow the greatest movies

  56. Dylan Sullivan Pug Knight

    Dylan Sullivan Pug Knight9 개월 전


  57. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark9 개월 전

    Este trailer es mas falao que mi guantelete del infinito

  58. 2012XF3

    2012XF39 개월 전

    Why cant this movie just die.

  59. Filippos Doukas

    Filippos Doukas9 개월 전

    Mad Sansa way more mad than Dany...