DanTDM Presents 'The Contest' (Official Trailer)


  1. Kitty Curl

    Kitty Curl2 시간 전

    Oof if only it was coming neat me :/

  2. GD Spongebobdab

    GD Spongebobdab일 전

    Pls the philippines

  3. Pearl Magix

    Pearl Magix3 일 전

    Dantdm:Hope to see you in the contest! Me:I live in singapore...

  4. abdur rafay

    abdur rafay5 일 전

    I think U mean universe

  5. LegoWormNoah101

    LegoWormNoah1015 일 전

    Arboarian - strength Talonian - speed Artcican - stamina

  6. Tracy Anderson

    Tracy Anderson7 일 전


  7. Seema Shrivastav

    Seema Shrivastav7 일 전


  8. crying pikachu

    crying pikachu8 일 전

    Dan I went did you see me I was at the left side in Glasgow Scotland btw the show was great can't wait for your next one

  9. andy kennedy

    andy kennedy8 일 전

    I went yesterday to see you! Me and my friend loved it

  10. Exantho

    Exantho9 일 전

    I literally don't know what the heck I would be out of the three tribes. I'm not strong, I'm not fast and I defiantly don't have lots of stamina. There should be a 4th tribe, for geeks and nerds. That's what I would be in. But since I live in Australia, I don't think I'm gonna travel to the other side of the planet, just to watch one show. I don't think so.

  11. Peter Fay

    Peter Fay9 일 전

    Ok ok.... I SAW THE SHOW IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Manchester c:

  12. Paco Torres

    Paco Torres9 일 전

    WE ALL LOVE YOU DANTDM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The panda man Cool man

    The panda man Cool man10 일 전

    I’m talonian

  14. Leafy Jr - AMP

    Leafy Jr - AMP10 일 전

    Dan! I Just Got Home From The Contest And I’m Very Tired,It Was Amazing Though Keep Up The Good Work!! You Can Beat PewDiePie!!!

  15. RBX_R3f0cus

    RBX_R3f0cus10 일 전

    I sense a discord hypesquad reference

  16. Ollie Rowe

    Ollie Rowe10 일 전

    I’m going!

  17. Phil G

    Phil G10 일 전

    My favourite part was when you played against the krakanax

  18. Phil G

    Phil G10 일 전


  19. Phil G

    Phil G10 일 전


  20. Maxwell Oldfield

    Maxwell Oldfield10 일 전

    dude i've seen this in manchester and WOW!!!

  21. DB095

    DB09511 일 전


  22. DB095

    DB09511 일 전


  23. Jamie Shawcross

    Jamie Shawcross11 일 전

    Just got back from taking my young son to this in Manchester and he loved every second of it. You made his, and a lot of kids nights. Top stuff

  24. Mellolover77

    Mellolover7711 일 전

    I was there it was so much fun!!!!!

  25. The kernel Kookies

    The kernel Kookies12 일 전

    I’m red

  26. KillerKraken YT

    KillerKraken YT12 일 전

    If I could join I have stealth soo Idk what that is but I don't have strength or stamina but speed maybe...

  27. Rubber Ducky Face

    Rubber Ducky Face12 일 전

    The end music was so intense ._.

  28. La Lisa

    La Lisa13 일 전

    Dantdm! My little brother did a dab and he is a dab police!

  29. Gabriel Combs

    Gabriel Combs14 일 전

    Will 'The Contest' be on KOreporter?

  30. Mila Londt

    Mila Londt14 일 전

    Sorry. I meant Artica not articles.

  31. Sir Parker

    Sir Parker15 일 전

    Whats on the back side of the planet? Another tribe? Plz for the States

  32. Sir Parker

    Sir Parker15 일 전

    Ths United States

  33. KingCharles111

    KingCharles11116 일 전

    Is it going to air on a TV channel?


    MINECRAFTMAN7816 일 전

    What about the 4th evil tribe (I went to the show

  35. Keira Hodges

    Keira Hodges17 일 전

    YA-( realises i live in northampton/england ) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  36. James Edmonston

    James Edmonston17 일 전

    None as the wolf

  37. James Edmonston

    James Edmonston17 일 전

    Blue won

  38. Krazykentboy

    Krazykentboy17 일 전

    Well done Arktikan for winning at Wembley

  39. ben01623

    ben0162318 일 전

    i went to show AWSOME BTW

  40. Fenela Saldana

    Fenela Saldana18 일 전

    I m not from uk i live in philippins

  41. A_NoobLel Gaming

    A_NoobLel Gaming18 일 전

    Dan you did GREAT!!!!!!

  42. The JesterJosh

    The JesterJosh18 일 전

    In 1000 years will a youtuber named JakeTEM Jake the emerald minecart

  43. Triple Life Gaming

    Triple Life Gaming19 일 전

    Dan I would love to go but sadly I won’t be able to make it I’m sorry....

  44. Helvetica Animations

    Helvetica Animations19 일 전

    Arctikan tribe yeet

  45. Daniel Escano

    Daniel Escano19 일 전

    Although I’m not from the UK, neither live there. But my parents bought tickets for the contest as an Easter gift.

  46. Maria Boat

    Maria Boat20 일 전

    I live really close to the uk but don't have the money to fly there :(

  47. Afaneh Family

    Afaneh Family21 일 전

    How do u get tickets ?

  48. xxpro3366

    xxpro336621 일 전

    I can not go because I live in the .u.s

  49. xxpro3366

    xxpro336621 일 전

    This is fake

  50. Lia Colours

    Lia Colours21 일 전

    I want to go ;[

  51. Janethegreatest Roberts

    Janethegreatest Roberts21 일 전

    I'm going on the tour on 6 of July !!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🙃🙂🙃🙂

  52. Felicia Widjaja

    Felicia Widjaja22 일 전

    I'm in artikan tribe boi who is with me and what tribe are u in?

  53. Timothy Styles

    Timothy Styles20 일 전

    Felicia Widjaja me