1. Damon Fryer

    Damon Fryer개월 전

    Yo DDEFAM crush that subscribe button on our new channel!! Turn this notifications on also 🔔 Much love y’all ❤️

  2. Jo's Channel

    Jo's Channel18 일 전

    Come to ontario niagra region pls

  3. 10Buckboy

    10Buckboy개월 전

    Hey guys ✌ is there an email I can contact u guys at ?, I've emailed the info@dailydrivenexotics.com but no luck.

  4. ArBraam De Villiers

    ArBraam De Villiers개월 전

    Come to South Africa Guateng. What the shop name, want to look at the merch please.. DDE🔥🔥

  5. alex mcdiarmid

    alex mcdiarmid개월 전

    Come to UK 🇬🇧 I live in Bristol

  6. Taha M

    Taha M개월 전

    its spring in australia

  7. Dallas Rew

    Dallas Rew9 시간 전

    You should really go to Minnesota

  8. HusslinDaddy

    HusslinDaddy6 일 전

    Come to the UK, the car community is immense

  9. Rody Sigue

    Rody Sigue6 일 전

    I am from the Philippines and I love DDE 🇵🇭

  10. Jadon Johnson

    Jadon Johnson6 일 전

    u guys should come to jamaica

  11. BizeSize Productions

    BizeSize Productions7 일 전

    u should come to singapore

  12. victor Muscarella

    victor Muscarella8 일 전

    And u can see what I mean with Damon treating Dave like a child Damon sitting there with a v10 hurcan and a v12 merci and then gets Dave a v8 R8 like cmon seriously so I'm very happy to see Dave in a proper super car with the squadra Corsa very nice Dave

  13. victor Muscarella

    victor Muscarella8 일 전

    Yo seriously no way am I subscribing to a just Damon channel he's a arrogant asshole Dave please start ur own channel I will watch every vlog. Seriously DAVE make ur own channel I guarantee u get more subs than Damon's channel

  14. Cody Sohot

    Cody Sohot9 일 전

    Come to Maldives

  15. Brandon Hendry

    Brandon Hendry10 일 전

    You guys should come to Montana it's so nice here

  16. liam lundin

    liam lundin10 일 전

    go to sweden

  17. William07 Kamiam

    William07 Kamiam10 일 전

    Can y'all go to Georgia

  18. Acurs TV

    Acurs TV10 일 전

    To come to norway and drive all over jossing fjord and trollstien

  19. gamer legend

    gamer legend11 일 전

    You should come to Greece

  20. Dennis Jasper

    Dennis Jasper14 일 전

    Come to Germany . No vmax at the Autobahn .

  21. Jack Konieczny

    Jack Konieczny14 일 전


  22. Rob Stallard

    Rob Stallard15 일 전

    Haliax, nova scotia


    ROBLOX BEAST15 일 전

    Come to uk

  24. Mo an

    Mo an15 일 전


  25. Wolf 425

    Wolf 42516 일 전

    I miss the old Canada videos with the whole family

  26. Brandon Pallas

    Brandon Pallas17 일 전

    🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 You need to come to Australia Guys.

  27. Daniel Summerly Pettersen

    Daniel Summerly Pettersen18 일 전

    Roadtrip in norway in the winter

  28. Cole Prowse

    Cole Prowse19 일 전

    Please bois come to Calgary the Calgary rivers wanna see the men the myth and the legends dde🤘

  29. Shaded Theory

    Shaded Theory19 일 전


  30. FAN BOY

    FAN BOY19 일 전

    DDE come to slovenia we would love to see you here

  31. Xhuliano Murati

    Xhuliano Murati19 일 전

    Feeling bad i cant buy from you guys from albanian fan it looks weird because i order things from us everyday

  32. Bode Duncan

    Bode Duncan19 일 전

    come to C.O.

  33. Hjalmar Anton Aronsen

    Hjalmar Anton Aronsen20 일 전

    Home to Norway!❤️🤗

  34. Kazimir O_o

    Kazimir O_o20 일 전


  35. Rúben Amorim

    Rúben Amorim20 일 전

    you should came to Portugal!!

  36. Jason Rivera

    Jason Rivera20 일 전

    I’m pumped for the new videos!!!

  37. Tayvon Stewart

    Tayvon Stewart21 일 전

    Just playing

  38. Nancy Dindini

    Nancy Dindini22 일 전

    Righr know i own a laferrarl but i want a bugatti divo but its not that easy to get a divo because inorder to get a divo we need to own a,Bugatti cyron, i not rich😢 if i got at least 998 million i wil surely bought a two divo one for me and one for my favorite DDE KOreporter channel love you dde iam always with you,and never miss a single video from your channel stay strong be happy and stay healthy

  39. Nancy Dindini

    Nancy Dindini22 일 전

    if you sold you murci what car did you prefer to buy,and how many years did you own our Hurrracn, please reply me boss iam your big fan

  40. Ethan Kok

    Ethan Kok22 일 전

    Do come to Malaysia as we have a good car scene here. One SVJ63 here along with other sick rides like the Gemballa Mirage GT sitting in the showroom. :)

  41. Francisco Barreto

    Francisco Barreto22 일 전

    Go to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  42. Senna

    Senna22 일 전

    Go to Oregon

  43. spanpaokara

    spanpaokara23 일 전

    You should definitely come to Greece in the period of summer..

  44. Ariel Beqaj

    Ariel Beqaj23 일 전

    I live in albania

  45. KIRK Samson

    KIRK Samson23 일 전


  46. Jaun van der merwe

    Jaun van der merwe23 일 전

    Always South Africa!!!! Why the hell do we always get screwd

  47. Kyle Morrick

    Kyle Morrick21 일 전

    Standard procedure lol it's always us

  48. Tin Lekić

    Tin Lekić23 일 전

    You guys need to visit Croatia!

  49. Vivian Frank

    Vivian Frank23 일 전

    Come london and make your way to europe

  50. Mumen jawad Hazeem

    Mumen jawad Hazeem24 일 전


  51. Davion Hamilton

    Davion Hamilton24 일 전

    🇯🇲jamaica 👌🏽👌🏽

  52. Peter Lennox

    Peter Lennox25 일 전

    Pleeeaase come to Ireland you wouldn't think it but we have an SVJ and loads more

  53. VO VETTE

    VO VETTE25 일 전

    smash that subscribe button for VO VETTE, a Low Budget mostly one shot; up and coming channel.

  54. Max  Cere

    Max Cere25 일 전

    Montreal City 👌Québec Canada

  55. jcxdejesus de Jesus

    jcxdejesus de Jesus26 일 전


  56. Felix Chrona

    Felix Chrona26 일 전

    You definitely need to come to Sweden 🇸🇪

  57. Arlen

    Arlen26 일 전

    Damon did you cry when you let it go?

  58. Ski Mask The Slump God

    Ski Mask The Slump God26 일 전

    Come to Tampa, FL, USA

  59. Robil

    Robil27 일 전

    You should definitely go to the Czech republic, If yes then I will start my M-B and do tour guy for you :)

  60. Jack Robinson

    Jack Robinson27 일 전

    Come to the uk

  61. lauwieS4

    lauwieS427 일 전

    The Netherlands!!!!!

  62. Jonas Held Hansen

    Jonas Held Hansen27 일 전


  63. MKuul

    MKuul27 일 전

    Come to Estonia DDE :)

  64. Marios Koumados

    Marios Koumados27 일 전

    You should definitely come to Greece

  65. Eddy Mata 370Z

    Eddy Mata 370Z28 일 전

    Point Arena CA

  66. Shakuntala Khetan

    Shakuntala Khetan28 일 전

    Bro come to Singapore

  67. Shakuntala Khetan

    Shakuntala Khetan28 일 전

    15 day later