Damon Dash Isn't Interested In Reuniting With Jay Z Or Kanye


  1. A A

    A A3 개월 전

    the system dumps you like a used condom! dame's only problem is not being able to sellout like in those old days. it was all good back then as long as you were making millions... now you broke and want to talk about culture vultures? GTFO!

  2. Karma Karma

    Karma Karma4 개월 전

    Eberyone praises jay z but they forget he picked the side od a fuckin PEDOPHILE over the one man who pretty much made his career anddddd closed his eyes to that mother fuckin piece of shiiiiit RAPER that RAPED the girl who his “homie dame” loved and was dating. If ur taping someone being jumped instead of breaking it up U R A PIECE SHIT AS MUCH AS THE PPL JUMPING THAT ONE PERSON. JAY Z IS AN OPPORTUNIST AND DISLOYAL AND MONEY HUNGRY. DAME ON OTHER HAND IS A FRIEND EVERY DUDE SHOULD WIIIIIISH TO HAVE, I KNOW I DO!!! DAME AND BIGGS BOTH BT MORE SO DAME. DAME IS A DIFFERENT BREED. GOD BLESS HIM. THEY DNT MAKE EM LIKE HIM ANYMORE. FUCK MONEY, WHAT IS KEY IS INTEGRITY AND HONOR!!

  3. Krystin Grant

    Krystin Grant6 개월 전

    Don't do it 💯

  4. Floppy Hat Adventures

    Floppy Hat Adventures6 개월 전

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  5. Lorenzo Burton

    Lorenzo Burton6 개월 전

    Click bait 4 real.

  6. Uptown BX

    Uptown BX6 개월 전

    This nigga head tho! (Pause) 😂😂😂

  7. The Science

    The Science6 개월 전

    It be amazing how people have these blessed lives and be hung up on bullshit, but I guess they are still human

  8. Jessica Thomason

    Jessica Thomason6 개월 전

    You stull guilty lil bitch! No money for you.

  9. melvin elliott

    melvin elliott6 개월 전


  10. justin c

    justin c6 개월 전

    He still hurt.you can tell

  11. JL Cooper

    JL Cooper7 개월 전

    Click bait at its finest. Do anything for views 👎👎

  12. Asknathaniel Motivation

    Asknathaniel Motivation7 개월 전

    Jay z’s success has really did damage to dame

  13. jason zullo

    jason zullo7 개월 전


  14. The 704 Imperial

    The 704 Imperial7 개월 전

    The title to this shit is fraudulent. He never said he wasn't interested. WTF. CLOUT CHASING OFF A TITLE. CHANGE IT!

  15. Anthony Taylor

    Anthony Taylor7 개월 전

    Dame cant blame nobody but himself his alpha male agenda fuck over himself by fucking too many women in the industry other men had feelings for those roc groupie chicks Laugh like shit

  16. Everybody Hates

    Everybody Hates7 개월 전


  17. AR Sports Video

    AR Sports Video7 개월 전

    They already had the reunion show without dame. The b sides concert.

  18. Radii15

    Radii157 개월 전

    Dame got kicked out the music business

  19. PoundHard Entertainment

    PoundHard Entertainment7 개월 전

    Still waiting for him to mention JAY Z lol....Click bait

  20. Beverly Huttinger

    Beverly Huttinger7 개월 전

    Kanye just got lucky that he got put on in the first place because he can't rap and his records were garbage period!

  21. MrCalverino

    MrCalverino7 개월 전

    DID HE USE THE FACE APP? 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  22. twann07

    twann077 개월 전

    Whether it's for the money or not I guarantee if it did happen Dame would love it and it would be the start of something going forward

  23. Ill Will

    Ill Will7 개월 전

    Makes sense. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. Mister Webb

    Mister Webb7 개월 전

    He stay on that bullshit. He got blackballed.

  25. kwame robinson

    kwame robinson7 개월 전

    seem like he bitter as hell with Hov it got something to do with Jay z billionaire status...his mega millions super star wife... etc they used to be on the same level

  26. Tonice Mon’a

    Tonice Mon’a7 개월 전

    I met him in person .. well kinda 😩 he brushed me off all I wanted was a picture 🥺

  27. Mar Mar

    Mar Mar7 개월 전

    Damn is a real dude

  28. Twisted Knowledge

    Twisted Knowledge7 개월 전

    Choke called this reaction from gate WoW.. Dame is definitely a legend in the things he has accomplished in his life .. I hate watching Dame unravel and look so vulnerable and stripped when he’s asked certain questions.. U can see it in his eyes and his posture he’s a Defeated man ..

  29. Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile7 개월 전

    Dame washed up hova god

  30. adrian camp

    adrian camp7 개월 전

    Yall so hungry for views coming with this wack click bait shit, u get some quick views, but lose standard with this shit

  31. Youngthrift King

    Youngthrift King7 개월 전

    Damn dame in high school you was the man homie .........fuck happened to you

  32. Yo Yo

    Yo Yo7 개월 전

    Why everything with him revolves around the Jay Z situation lmaoo let it go

  33. Jay Rock

    Jay Rock7 개월 전

    Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy or Dame Dummy.....lol

  34. Go CPNG

    Go CPNG7 개월 전

    Is The Jazz O Beef Really Over?

  35. kaze 187

    kaze 1877 개월 전

    I bet he wears his shirts twice now

  36. kimberly lemuel

    kimberly lemuel7 개월 전

    Really!!! And their not interested either

  37. nihl hinz

    nihl hinz7 개월 전

    Dash has a habit of underestimating people. Dash also don't grow, Dash tells his loan officer other shit. This shit brought down your cute little site 1010% Clown, lame shit. Juicy ass shit.

  38. Ellen Rimbaurer

    Ellen Rimbaurer7 개월 전

    Very well put.

  39. XL Sully

    XL Sully7 개월 전

    bitterness turns people hella grey LOLOOLOLOLOLOL

  40. Ni'Shara Thomas

    Ni'Shara Thomas7 개월 전

    Jay Z tried to off dame lol


    KICKDRUM7 개월 전

    Click bait losers

  42. myran taylor

    myran taylor7 개월 전

    He still salty

  43. Jovon Brown

    Jovon Brown7 개월 전

    Dame the lame 👎

  44. AND 1

    AND 17 개월 전

    Him and Kanye been good the whole time stop tryna get views on fake titles

  45. Mr P

    Mr P7 개월 전

    No one has asked about the apology.....and where is that convo with him and Kenyatta??????????

  46. Narobi Gaines

    Narobi Gaines7 개월 전

    New Yorkers have some strong 💪 morals about they self that I can say truly shaped a lot of hip hop culture . Right or wrong that’s how that man feel .

  47. polyverse1

    polyverse17 개월 전

    Hear this old sucka go again sabotaging himself by running his mouth.

  48. Nicklas Mudymba

    Nicklas Mudymba7 개월 전

    polyverse1 you’re an idiot that missed his point just like the majority....

  49. Justin Elliott

    Justin Elliott7 개월 전

    Them shades mane

  50. John Doe

    John Doe7 개월 전

    Money don't mean Jay won. Dame aint hurting you niggaz don't know that man personally. I'm sure he's comfortable. He has longevity. You niggaz just talk to much

  51. Muloto Johnson

    Muloto Johnson7 개월 전

    He just saying he aint fuckin wit nobody from his past !!dam dash 💯!

  52. lonewolf261000

    lonewolf2610007 개월 전

    It’s so true. When you get Older you have to move on. It looks horrible to see someone old doing something they use to do when they were Young. Like I hate seeing Wu tang perform In their old age. It looks ridiculous and sad. A bunch of men pushing 50 performing songs they use to perform when they were 22. It all comes down to the old age fact GETTING OLD SUCKS

  53. D BUG

    D BUG7 개월 전

    Self Centered Bastard who gives 2 fucks nigga

  54. K G

    K G7 개월 전

    Narcissism at its finest... Even Rome fell....

  55. K G

    K G7 개월 전

    You ARE TOO OLD.

  56. K 9599

    K 95997 개월 전

    He said “I don’t feel like acting 20 when I’m 49” while wearing a long ass chain and red shades 😂

  57. shaka zulu

    shaka zulu7 개월 전

    I agree with the reunion concerts..that shit be mad corny...

  58. VoidSurfer9

    VoidSurfer97 개월 전

    Cry me a river

  59. Nicklas Mudymba

    Nicklas Mudymba7 개월 전

    VoidSurfer9 yet you’re crying about his views. Suck my dick

  60. Sharon Wright

    Sharon Wright7 개월 전

    Real man shit !

  61. MBrooks 1987

    MBrooks 19877 개월 전

    Dumb bitter

  62. St Peter

    St Peter7 개월 전

    Personaly l feel Dame is a brilliant business man. Yo Mr Dash l wish l could work for you in Africa in Diamond and gold mining and commercial farming 00263772472746 Lets keep making cheese Chinese taking over here taking all the diamonds