Cutting Peoples Hair, Then Giving Them $1000


  1. Lucas and Marcus

    Lucas and Marcus5 개월 전

    What would YOU do if this happened to you? 😂

  2. Briana McDonald

    Briana McDonald24 일 전

    Gladly take the money 🤣😅

  3. veronique beal

    veronique beal26 일 전

    this will never happen to me, I have no one to help me financially, I live on $ 470 per month with a disability allowance, and I have health problems

  4. Saeed Yazidi

    Saeed Yazidi29 일 전

    I wasn’t gonna say anything bro. That’s the best you tuber ever seen in the whole tire world 😊😊

  5. PAUL PL

    PAUL PL개월 전

    Lucas and Marcus I will be happy It’s nothing to me😁😄

  6. Jomerzkie Vines

    Jomerzkie Vines2 개월 전

    I want this

  7. Itss Miahh

    Itss Miahh24 초 전

    If u cut my hair I would cry because I’m already halfway bald

  8. Luke Fillingham

    Luke Fillingham32 분 전

    “You wanna split it” 1:30

  9. E'k kayden

    E'k kayden시간 전


  10. Gmoney DAVIS

    Gmoney DAVIS일 전

    I wouldn't care because it would grow back quickly

  11. Abel roger

    Abel roger일 전

    pls guys just donate hospital you guys are idiots

  12. Yasin Abdi

    Yasin Abdi일 전

    The other girl she be like cut my hair too

  13. Anamul Kabir

    Anamul Kabir일 전

    I am ready to give my all hair, just give me 1000$

  14. Anamul Kabir

    Anamul Kabir일 전

    Cut the hair but don't just give the money...make some comedy

  15. Amaal Leslie

    Amaal Leslie일 전

    Imagine y'all got robbed before the video even started

  16. Amaal Leslie

    Amaal Leslie일 전

    You're basically giving them free money you should cut more of their hair

  17. Brittany Richards

    Brittany Richards일 전

    Their giving money like its candy 🍭 lol

  18. super boy255

    super boy2552 일 전

    Njoo mninyoe kabisa

  19. 33wrenusn

    33wrenusn2 일 전

    By the way I love your videos OMG I love them but I love your girlfriend more lol

  20. 33wrenusn

    33wrenusn2 일 전

    But I’m not that type of person I would give it to a homeless person that needs it because I’m a child of God

  21. Jess and Anton Rossi

    Jess and Anton Rossi4 일 전

    The guy wid the dreads 👍👍

  22. Chhiteshwar Gupta

    Chhiteshwar Gupta4 일 전

    Let them react

  23. Eve Lynna

    Eve Lynna4 일 전

    When rich wasted their money.. You should cut my hair then..

  24. Jennifer Bawiin

    Jennifer Bawiin4 일 전

    You are very rich

  25. Niwesh Narain

    Niwesh Narain4 일 전

    Steve I love you my best friend

  26. Georgia McCallahan

    Georgia McCallahan4 일 전

    I love the first people's reaction lol

  27. beautiful cool Nicole world

    beautiful cool Nicole world4 일 전

    Good video

  28. xxx xxx

    xxx xxx5 일 전

    I would let u guys cut all my hair to get $1000

  29. Dhiman Ji

    Dhiman Ji6 일 전

    Hii guys if you have this mach money then help to the poor people or who needs the money🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳

  30. Fenny M Dkhar

    Fenny M Dkhar6 일 전

    Love you guys you are the real prankster

  31. Bhai Omi

    Bhai Omi7 일 전

    Plece cut my hair give me 500

  32. Jaleigha Finley

    Jaleigha Finley7 일 전

    That is my friends sister the first girl

  33. Ai Shan

    Ai Shan7 일 전

    Its Scripted!

  34. Ai Shan

    Ai Shan7 일 전

    Why both guys shy? making YT video but shy

  35. Ai Shan

    Ai Shan7 일 전

    Actually good Idea but those boys does'nt know to speak or talk with people they are both shy.!speak normaly to the people its like scripted people just smiled.

  36. electron GVN

    electron GVN8 일 전

    The other one was like they should come and cut mine too

  37. R B

    R B8 일 전

    I'll be happy because I got money

  38. Ram Johann Santelices

    Ram Johann Santelices8 일 전

    In 1:13 that girl shocked really hard

  39. Thembi Leima

    Thembi Leima8 일 전

    Oh bro don't do like that instead of doing like that give that money to poor...or homeless

  40. Goulen Lhungdim

    Goulen Lhungdim8 일 전

    The one u give money to are ur friends lmao🤣

  41. Judy Stiltnee

    Judy Stiltnee8 일 전

    If it happened I would be like what what 😇

  42. Irfan Basha

    Irfan Basha9 일 전

    Really I love the attitude of the Camera Man ... hats off

  43. max and charlie

    max and charlie10 일 전

    My little sister said she was going to buy her a lot of toys for herself

  44. Depraved_Susi

    Depraved_Susi10 일 전

    *casually cuts peoples hair*

  45. Aranjuez Archie

    Aranjuez Archie10 일 전

    Cut homeless hair and give them money bro

  46. abbigail scott

    abbigail scott10 일 전

    Can I have sum of that money please

  47. Michael Stroppa

    Michael Stroppa11 일 전


  48. The Golden Triplets

    The Golden Triplets11 일 전

    Uh lol

  49. JDB

    JDB12 일 전

    Give my to $ 1000 i like that too😂😂

  50. logesh lokey

    logesh lokey12 일 전

    Panakaara thimiru😑

  51. Manny The goat!

    Manny The goat!13 일 전

    Wanna cut my hair :v

  52. roblox_rocketSHIP!

    roblox_rocketSHIP!13 일 전

    Cutting peoples legs and giving them wheel chairs

  53. Butt Hole

    Butt Hole13 일 전

    You the best best and best of best the best from the best

  54. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez13 일 전

    These are paid actors lmao

  55. Luci Butts

    Luci Butts13 일 전

    Y’all just going to cut a man Dreads like that 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  56. Soufiane Anassi

    Soufiane Anassi14 일 전

    Boring video... i just waste minutes ftom my life for nothing 👎👎👎

  57. Those Moments

    Those Moments14 일 전

    1:10 that’s mammas tax. “What chu gonna spend it on vapes’s”.

  58. Jesse Makaza

    Jesse Makaza15 일 전

    I would be the happiest kid in the world

  59. kyromx gaming

    kyromx gaming15 일 전

    money can buy anything braw??

  60. Raunit Singh

    Raunit Singh15 일 전

    Killing people, then paying for their funeral

  61. Chevelle Dockery

    Chevelle Dockery15 일 전

    Cut off all my hair when u see

  62. kaylee davidson

    kaylee davidson15 일 전

    ok but like this is the dumbest challenge ever

  63. Tin-tin V

    Tin-tin V16 일 전

    You two are so handsome😍

  64. Axmed Official

    Axmed Official19 일 전

    Subscribe channel please

  65. Princess Nora

    Princess Nora19 일 전