Cutting Peoples Hair, Then Giving Them $1000


  1. Lucas and Marcus

    Lucas and Marcus29 일 전

    What would YOU do if this happened to you? 😂

  2. I'm nestly

    I'm nestly9 시간 전

    Bless me with $1000 bro

  3. Hamdi Hussein Saleban

    Hamdi Hussein Saleban11 일 전

    Guys i think that you should share money with those who really need!! As me. I would very much like it to make my mom happy and happier Last time I saw her was when I was 13 years and now I have recently filled 18 years. I actually want to spend time with my mom who lives in another country and surprise her for trip🙏🏻

  4. Tazzy H

    Tazzy H15 일 전

    Can you do a tour in Leicester it would mean losds

  5. Leticia Jimenez

    Leticia Jimenez16 일 전

    If it a big piece I’ll be 😠 but if it a little i will be happy 😃

  6. Iang Ku

    Iang Ku17 일 전

    I would spend a lot of that money

  7. R H

    R H시간 전

    I spent the money already

  8. Darren Guelas

    Darren Guelas2 시간 전

    Not bad that was just a tiny piece of hair you can even shave my hair off if you want

  9. Archana Devi

    Archana Devi3 시간 전


  10. Pulse On iPadツ

    Pulse On iPadツ3 시간 전

    If u like Dobre brothers like this post 👇

  11. Makalaya Maxin

    Makalaya Maxin4 시간 전

    That's. Okay you. Don't have to do that for. Us

  12. Frank shem Punla

    Frank shem Punla4 시간 전

    that black reaction 😂

  13. Monica Nunez

    Monica Nunez4 시간 전

    damn marcus your so cute but i never seen your gf in any of your videos??

  14. Kayla Lih

    Kayla Lih5 시간 전

    Don’t cut my hair for $1000 tf

  15. {Never Enough}

    {Never Enough}5 시간 전

    6:48 isn't that kinda weird?.... I mean bc like...they kept dat piece if hair..

  16. Angela marie Avenila-Orlando

    Angela marie Avenila-Orlando6 시간 전

    Hey try to cut my hair plsss i need moneyyy😍🙂

  17. fuse dave

    fuse dave6 시간 전

    Do this plss in the netherland ons time in roermond or linnen or haelen

  18. Savage Cabbage

    Savage Cabbage6 시간 전

    3:40 That sudden change of mind is so 😂😂😂😂



    I will freak out

  20. ThirdWorld Ping

    ThirdWorld Ping10 시간 전

    Imagine thinking that this isn't scripted....

  21. The Ajaira ltd The Ajaira ltd

    The Ajaira ltd The Ajaira ltd11 시간 전

    If i was there please shave my head😂 bt give cash

  22. Rodjan Jaen

    Rodjan Jaen11 시간 전


  23. Destiny Imiera

    Destiny Imiera11 시간 전

    I just made $4000 sitting at home from Kermahackers. Wordpress . Com ( delete space)

  24. Eymar John

    Eymar John11 시간 전

    Wel cut my hair am ready guys 😂😂😂

  25. Dustin Littlefield

    Dustin Littlefield14 시간 전

    This will tell ya money solves just about any issue. Lol

  26. alishasguitar

    alishasguitar14 시간 전

    Did you really give one of the girls 10,000 like nothing!!!! Like what!?

  27. twins Mejia

    twins Mejia14 시간 전

    cut my hair too please i need money 😥my grandmother is sick 😭 like this please


    EILEEN LIN16 시간 전

    The people there real nice

  29. Edward Magadan

    Edward Magadan17 시간 전

    Please shave all my hair.

  30. Keegan Alphonse

    Keegan Alphonse17 시간 전


  31. ΛK GAMER

    ΛK GAMER18 시간 전

    *cutting peoples hair and giving them new hair*

  32. iluz gonzalez

    iluz gonzalez20 시간 전

    Why would you do that give it to the home less

  33. Daveka Singh

    Daveka Singh21 시간 전

    I wish you guys had five iphone11 s so it can help my family

  34. NaStic Ghost 1

    NaStic Ghost 122 시간 전

    I don’t like there acting

  35. Cause Trouble

    Cause Trouble23 시간 전

    Just gotta understand that money stop nonsense😆

  36. gabriela dinguerman

    gabriela dinguerman23 시간 전

    Them: I'm bored, what should we do? "Let's go outside and give random people 1000 dollars" Me: You don't know what it is not to eat, to sleep outside. Thanks got I did not go through this. But there are a lot of people going through it. Maybe in your next video you can donate to those in need❤

  37. Lava Youtuber

    Lava Youtuber일 전

    Please givi this money to poor people

  38. Kayleigh Barrett

    Kayleigh Barrett일 전

    Put slime in peoples hair 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞❤❤❤

  39. Jerlina Servidad

    Jerlina Servidad일 전

    ..i wish bought of you could cut my hair too😊😊😊, watching you guys from Philippines, god blessed

  40. Kayleigh Barrett

    Kayleigh Barrett일 전

    What if we done that to you love you and my name is taliaxxx💖💖💖💖❤❤🦄🦄🦄🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  41. Jayelle Austin

    Jayelle Austin일 전

    I think it’s kind of racist how they had to Rock Paper Scissors to the black guy but didn’t rock paper scissor for anyone else

  42. Anai Clark

    Anai Clark일 전

    I would be so mad !😠😬😡

  43. Aster Lavrenchuk

    Aster Lavrenchuk일 전

    People be like....why the heak you cut my hair....and then see money be like it's all good

  44. Behn Aranda

    Behn Aranda일 전

    Lucas pls help me

  45. SniperZ

    SniperZ일 전

    Next time you should break their leg and give them a wheelchair

  46. Raju budha Raju budha

    Raju budha Raju budha일 전

    Lucky buddy

  47. Latoya Freeman

    Latoya Freeman일 전


  48. James Magpayo

    James Magpayo일 전

    Cut my hair ang get bald then give me also a car hahaha

  49. Erin Smith

    Erin Smith일 전

    *Lucas you can cut my hair too.*

  50. Qari Mohammed

    Qari Mohammed일 전

    You can shave off mine I don't care

  51. larah jerlie

    larah jerlie일 전


  52. felly darwin

    felly darwin일 전

    If that was me i am going to ne so happy and hair is mad

  53. OC Gxdzz

    OC Gxdzz일 전

    2:25 lol he was about tl get beat up

  54. The Optimus

    The Optimus일 전

    hired actress lolz

  55. Carine Bloch

    Carine Bloch일 전

    I’ve never seen such a poor content with that much follower

  56. Benjie Reyes

    Benjie Reyes일 전

    The Power of Money!!!

  57. Ava Bridges

    Ava Bridges일 전

    You guys are insane

  58. Neath River

    Neath River일 전

    what if someone has a gun and give you a shot bro 😅? Oh it's gonna be '' that was epic ''.

  59. Ali Khan

    Ali Khan일 전

    Next prank cutting people legs and giving them wheelchair. Wtf

  60. rusprus tamlai

    rusprus tamlai일 전

    I feel like, u might need to take this money to someone who need it the most.

  61. Promoting Sounds V2

    Promoting Sounds V2일 전

    Mad at first *MONEY* Oh..Thanks

  62. miss hehilll

    miss hehilll일 전

    At barbershop, i paid for my haircut..

  63. miss hehilll

    miss hehilll일 전

    Its better than smash their phone..

  64. Diana Abella

    Diana Abella일 전

    You gor many money and all boys are angry😀😀😀😀

  65. Pinkgachaisgacha Lime

    Pinkgachaisgacha Lime일 전

    Who do u think is richer? ( just be honest i won’t judge) Mrbeast= like Lucas and Marcus= comments

  66. Lathitha kota the gamer

    Lathitha kota the gamer2 시간 전

    Mr beast

  67. Jenna Zubi

    Jenna Zubi3 시간 전

    Pinkgachaisgacha Lime OF CORUSE MR BEAST