1. I'm in Goat Mode

    I'm in Goat Mode55 분 전

    Damn, that TV could be used for something better. He just wants to flex his big boy jeep

  2. cheeks8eight

    cheeks8eight56 분 전

    Nice car broski!

  3. D.Maintain

    D.Maintain56 분 전

    I wonder if i post something satisfying will i get a ton of views

  4. Adam Potts

    Adam Potts57 분 전

    still smash

  5. Scott Maccullam

    Scott Maccullam58 분 전

    love u unspeakable

  6. KingMolecule

    KingMolecule58 분 전

    why do i click on these videos, it's so straight forward they're gonna get crushed

  7. Loganimations

    Loganimations59 분 전

    It’s not even a monster truck lol

  8. Yaymaster Yay

    Yaymaster Yay59 분 전

    Lemonade the best

  9. so Zucxy

    so Zucxy시간 전


  10. Everything Wild

    Everything Wild시간 전

    You know as a KOreporterr I love my cheese balls 😂😂😂

  11. Kimber Watkins

    Kimber Watkins시간 전


  12. El Gatto Chacarotto

    El Gatto Chacarotto시간 전

    can i get like for no particular reason?

  13. yule abay

    yule abay시간 전

    I like jello

  14. Sammy Cheetos

    Sammy Cheetos시간 전

    So this got 1m in 15 hrs?

  15. Fuzbear entertainment

    Fuzbear entertainment시간 전

    This thumb nail makes no sense the carton can't squirt out any thing if you are not running over it and minutemaid does not come in rainbow

  16. RynoPlayz

    RynoPlayz시간 전

    If you think that’s a monster truck you should come down to yee yee land

  17. Zoe Euston

    Zoe Euston시간 전

    get a dirtbike

  18. ra8ra gamer

    ra8ra gamer시간 전

    Did you buy it for kayla ?

  19. Wither Legent

    Wither Legent시간 전

    What number one trending nice

  20. Roy storm Safety

    Roy storm Safety시간 전

    But that’s a waste of food if you crush the food

  21. Cambree Thompson

    Cambree Thompson시간 전

    Yeah it's cool and all, but does anyone else think they are wasting a ton of money. (Like the TV. Why would you destroy that! Those are worth a lot of money!)

  22. Future CallUp

    Future CallUp시간 전

    Cute monster truck

  23. Michelle Sharp

    Michelle Sharp시간 전

    paint balls

  24. Crazy GAMESTER

    Crazy GAMESTER시간 전

    1:39 IS HE CRAZY!?

  25. Sheep

    Sheep시간 전

    Is this a Paul?

  26. Dalim Mont

    Dalim Mont시간 전

    Monster truck? Where? You talking about that ugly ass cooned out car? Lol

  27. Elise Weinrich

    Elise Weinrich시간 전

    He copied tbnrfrags! I watched his video of this a couple weeks ago.

  28. This is You

    This is You시간 전


  29. skull killer

    skull killer시간 전

    thats the car u got kayala in saying yes to my girldfriend for 24 hours vlog

  30. gari gari

    gari gari시간 전

    Nimeti nieye eziyon o.......

  31. Mh Speed

    Mh Speed시간 전

    Number one on trending

  32. Karaplays Subscibe pls me nwoobie

    Karaplays Subscibe pls me nwoobie시간 전


  33. Rocky Jackson 007

    Rocky Jackson 007시간 전

    Wow, Great video.🔥 i Really like it.🔥 Beautiful video.🔥 Wonderful video.🔥 UNSPEAKABLE is a Best channel on KOreporter.🔥

  34. Karaplays Subscibe pls me nwoobie

    Karaplays Subscibe pls me nwoobie시간 전

    Girl:Ay u want Protecon for yout TV?:you:will it not break when I crush it?:girl:WAT NO ?? :you:ah it would crush it anyways =_=

  35. Ninja llama

    Ninja llama시간 전

    Did you ever use this car

  36. Wilfredo Morales

    Wilfredo Morales시간 전

    He just stole FazeRugs idea @fazerug

  37. Herpderp

    Herpderp시간 전

    And a tank

  38. Trần Hạo Nam

    Trần Hạo Nam시간 전

    Thang nay cũng khùng đâu kém đâu mà ảe chửi ntn quá

  39. :(

    :(시간 전

    that thumbnail makes no sense.

  40. Yousef Gaming

    Yousef Gaming시간 전

    The watermelon one was One of my favorite👍🏻

  41. Plib

    Plib시간 전

    Mrbeast who?

  42. Vince Crisostomo

    Vince Crisostomo시간 전

    for kayla

  43. wut lo0l

    wut lo0l시간 전

    Wide stock tires on g class *exist* KOreporterr: *MonStEr TrUcK*

  44. Vince Crisostomo

    Vince Crisostomo시간 전

    question?? is that g wagon permanently youres or rented i see the other video of it that you rented it

  45. wut lo0l

    wut lo0l시간 전

    A g class is now a monster truck

  46. GMD Azure

    GMD Azure시간 전

    I’m gonna be honest, I would rather have the Dora trailer on top of trending than this

  47. 韩麒

    韩麒시간 전


  48. DeepSouthFishing

    DeepSouthFishing시간 전

    This would be much better if you didn't open your mouth

  49. Prince Ali

    Prince Ali시간 전

    It’s sad what the world has come to.

  50. Hanne Nielsen

    Hanne Nielsen시간 전


  51. Watch Now

    Watch Now시간 전

    nice vide

  52. Имао верил

    Имао верил시간 전

    Nr 1 on trending bet minecraft would be better

  53. Island Breeze

    Island Breeze시간 전

    I swear he was gon put his head under the wheel next 😅

  54. Launjout Life

    Launjout Life시간 전

    Island Breeze I was dead Ass waiting

  55. RedWarrior

    RedWarrior시간 전

    You copied this from Preston bro

  56. Herpderp

    Herpderp시간 전

    But the damned jeep nathan

  57. Eric Cronin

    Eric Cronin시간 전

    this would be an awsome video if played in reverse

  58. Jedref Busiños

    Jedref Busiños시간 전

    PEWD is losing it

  59. Lego Masters

    Lego Masters시간 전

    Do a 24 hour boxfort challenge like if you agree

  60. Vigilant Herø

    Vigilant Herø시간 전


  61. Kalyn Morrissey

    Kalyn Morrissey시간 전

    Are you rich,!

  62. xa xo

    xa xo시간 전

    this vido is satisfing like if u agree 🤪💖💖🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bink;;;;;;&

  63. Launjout Life

    Launjout Life시간 전

    xa xo if he had out put his head underneath next

  64. MrFrazzT

    MrFrazzT시간 전

    its a gwagon not a monster truck

  65. lizabeth don't worry

    lizabeth don't worry시간 전

    Everyone who watched this can yall hop to stray kids and watch their "Miroh" m/v

  66. YR S

    YR S시간 전

    #1 on trending woo

  67. Jamella Carlene's Vlog

    Jamella Carlene's Vlog시간 전

    Nice Truck bro!

  68. FyreGamer

    FyreGamer시간 전

    Nice you hit #1 on trending! Good job you deserve it!

  69. Doomer K Kid - Death Of A Doomer

    Doomer K Kid - Death Of A Doomer시간 전


  70. Eric Cronin

    Eric Cronin시간 전

    Wait a minute he rented that truck as a prank on Kayko and now he's crushing things with it even though he has to bring it back he cant bring it back with stuff all over it

  71. Licreste Loreus

    Licreste Loreus시간 전

    Go check out ray & rai and sub

  72. xXFluffyMooncakeXx

    xXFluffyMooncakeXx시간 전

    aaawwww please give the tablet to me instead i wanted to use it to animate .... : (

  73. Beeellaa:3

    Beeellaa:3시간 전

    i watched this yesterday while eating a ore ice cream sandwich at 10:00 XD

  74. Natalie Paul

    Natalie Paul시간 전

    I don’t know how this is treating 🤔

  75. Vicente Urmatam IV

    Vicente Urmatam IV시간 전

    pls tell me why he crushed a tv after say yes challenge with kayla

  76. Xxx Tentacles xxX YAHH

    Xxx Tentacles xxX YAHH시간 전

    1:47-1:49 a black man's worst nightmare😂

  77. Madhatter

    Madhatter시간 전

    Have you ever seen an actual monster truck? Fucktard

  78. Sayed Saeed

    Sayed Saeed시간 전

    Next time try on expired goods

  79. Rabbit Smith

    Rabbit Smith시간 전

    Just wasteful.........😑

  80. CanadianBacon7890

    CanadianBacon7890시간 전

    so there are people on KOreporter that produce some super high quality content.. This dummy just runs over things with an expensive vehicle which he, for some reason, keeps calling a "monster truck"... Are we going back to the early days of KOreporter?

  81. 基德搖擺人

    基德搖擺人시간 전

    waste n idiot

  82. Ayesha Moosani

    Ayesha Moosani시간 전

    wait.... what why who huh?? trending?? i need an explanation plz!

  83. Liz Yardley

    Liz Yardley시간 전

    I’m sad because I didn’t see this video till now

  84. Kahlia Neely

    Kahlia Neely시간 전

    You wasted so e great drinks there are people who don’t even get good water and why a tv some people don’t get tvs

  85. Kahlia Neely

    Kahlia Neely시간 전

    You allso wasted great food there are hungry kids out there and you are crushing food

  86. Zach Gaming and Reviews

    Zach Gaming and Reviews시간 전

    You know you can just open the door....

  87. Wade B

    Wade B시간 전

    How is this #1 Trending on KOreporter?

  88. I like Playing

    I like Playing시간 전

    How is this in 1 trending

  89. •Tima_ _LoL•

    •Tima_ _LoL•시간 전


  90. Mario V. Lassalle

    Mario V. Lassalle시간 전

    What’s wrong with this guy.....

  91. Madison Parker

    Madison Parker시간 전

    Did u see that purson running at 1:31

  92. Miller's Entertainment

    Miller's Entertainment시간 전

    Any new KOreporterrs want to help each other out. Subscribe and I will subscribe back!

  93. FinFamilyFun

    FinFamilyFun시간 전

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!! our kids would love to smash things like this.. NOW I KNOW WHY MY SON ASKED TO SMASH HE BROKE PHONE WITH THE CAR hahahahahah big thumbs up from us @FinFamilyFun

  94. 年1中国日报网

    年1中国日报网시간 전


  95. Therese Lee

    Therese Lee시간 전

    While some people around the world are dying from hunger and can’t afford a house, the others are crushing food and perfectly new television sets with a car.

  96. Belovet

    Belovet시간 전

    I recommend if your gonna do this again, this is suppose to be asmr (i think) 🤔 and not to be rude, but a lil too much talking🤭😬

  97. isaiah stark

    isaiah stark시간 전

    Your truck is so cool

  98. EMTurtle

    EMTurtle시간 전

    This guy is a minecraft tuber lol

  99. onceかれん/카렌

    onceかれん/카렌시간 전


  100. DAx Aguirre

    DAx Aguirre시간 전

    I'm homeless and always hungry :( I could use all the food you are wasting. :(

  101. Unitato Corn

    Unitato Corn시간 전

    The bath booms are my favorite

  102. JHillGamer

    JHillGamer시간 전


  103. Khe-Sahn Lewis

    Khe-Sahn Lewis시간 전

    Did anyone notice that he forgot to do the Tide Pods