Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! - Floral Foam, Squishy, Tide Pods and More!


  1. София Чекушина

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    Вы тупые тратите 💰 испортите машину

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  3. sherrie rahming

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    i cried

  4. Reegan Marshall

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    Nooooooo not Oreos

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  6. Kimia na Nzambe

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    C'est du gaspillage

  7. Maryann Gaballa

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    I used to like your videos, but not anymore!

  8. Kathy Miller

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    You don't waste food

  9. PomShip

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    Try not to get satisfied challenge

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  11. AwhxPancake

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    0:37 WHY OREOS

  12. EmilciaaQ

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  13. Dhanisetty Akshaya

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    Who wanna waste jelly Coca Cola toothpaste belts belts hamburger french fries McDonalds and so are you don't forget hatchimals lol

  14. bert

    bert2 시간 전

    Please stop crushing food and drinks people are starving in the world they would do anything for food and a drink Any ways love your chanel

  15. Kasandra P

    Kasandra P2 시간 전

    I hope ur tires get ruined bc ur wasting so much stuff I came to watch normal things, I am not sry it is true

  16. Solange Zuccari

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    Odeio voces babacas

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  18. kitcat me

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    0:34 my life ended...

  19. Sha'Priest Walker

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    Amazing! Lol

  20. Alice's Tommy

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    Nice crushing 👍

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  22. Asma Aamer

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    A waisted every thing

  23. Valentin Valenzuela

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    Ay gente que lo nesesita de verda y vos gastandolo comida y niños desean esos jugetes

  24. Diana Draws mEmEs

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    This was painful to watch

  25. Bishow Paudel

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    Wasting money

  26. Azariah Peterson

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    Ion like the cheetoh puff part that disrespectful

  27. Hieder.TV* hieder

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    والله حرام عليكم تبذيييييييييييييييييييير 😕

  28. ليلى محمد

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    وهاذم كفار يعرفو لحرام

  29. Ebrusu ergül07

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  34. Sophia Marques

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    Why would you do that to mc Donald's food shame r. I. p.

  35. Just Sydney

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    Those taco shells were so cool

  36. Tam Nguyen

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    3:49 حرام عليهم دي نعمه ربنا 😵😔

  38. Vanity Dash fake this paper Monroe

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  39. Vanity Dash fake this paper Monroe

    Vanity Dash fake this paper Monroe3 시간 전

    ): food

  40. prathima rai

    prathima rai3 시간 전

    Why do u waste things u can give it to poor people 😠

  41. Lindsey Bowman

    Lindsey Bowman3 시간 전

    No poor food Such waste

  42. morgan we are the Davises

    morgan we are the Davises3 시간 전

    Love it

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  45. kareli rebolledo

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    I love

  46. Alisson Mendoza

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    Clase desperdicio con las galletas

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  48. Karen Ayala

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    Que pesar con la comida si no la va a comer para que la compra , bueno... Ya se que es para aplastar pero la comida no porque cuantas personas la desearían comer😠😠

  49. Jit Singh

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    Omg the first one survived 😂😂😂

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  51. Anocino Ati

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    شكون يغسل الارض

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  54. Jagadeesh P

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    Waste of time idotic work

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    ايه الهبل ده

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    حرام البسكويت ونعمت ربنا

  58. Ana Puig

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    Estás mal gastando comida muchos niños na tienen comida

  59. Benedito Galdino

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    é uma besteira

  60. Ana Clara Bertoldi

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    Que desperdício

  61. Maria Nascimento

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    Só desperdiça comida tem gente passando fome babaca

  62. Arielle Dylan

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    Rip Oreos

  63. Геля Деш!!!!!

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    3:50 неееет🤣

  64. sai venkat

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    Within 2 weeks you got 61M views ,wow

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  66. مؤمن can g

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    ,مؤمن نهاد جودت

  67. Syed ejaz Hussain

    Syed ejaz Hussain4 시간 전

    why do u waste food?? there are many people in the world who don't have a single penny to buy food

  68. Elouise Bong

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    EJouise Leti

  69. Nada Nada

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    واش هذا توكل عليكم ربي

  70. Melinda friendly art girl 278 :3

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    C'est du gaspiage 😫😫😫😫😫😡😡

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  72. Jahmani Jack

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    Why did you run over the food you could of ate it

  73. RAJ RANI

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    😠 what are you doing

  74. Claudio Passini

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    Que buen video

  75. Claudio Passini

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    Me encanta tu video

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  77. عمووريً ًٌ.ٖ.

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    حرام هاي نعمة الله 😥


    KAJA SALIM5 시간 전

    U waste the Oreo i like Oreo u know!😭😭😭😭😭😠

  79. Tracy Bamford

    Tracy Bamford5 시간 전

    Them chips look good but now they dont

  80. Pornthep Tirasuntrakul

    Pornthep Tirasuntrakul5 시간 전

    The last number of likes is what slime you are going to get! 1-Fluffy 2-Butter 3-Cloud 4-Glossy 5-Crunchy 6-Normal 7-Bubblegum 8-Hard 9-Soft 0-Bubbly The activator 1-3-Borax 4-7-Sta-flo 7-9-Contact lens solution Color 1-Green 2-Purple 3-Yellow 4-Pink 5-White 6-Red 7-Orange 8-Brown 9-Blue 10-Indigo Comment down below what you got!

  81. qastari syamim

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    throw in a head in there pls

  82. صفاء غاوي

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    انت بشر لما شو انت كافر ومستحيل إلا ما الله يحاسبك دفع كل هل مصاري بس عشان هالفيديو مستحيل حدا يحط ليك عليه وكل مين حط هو كافر كافر كافر

  83. Shade Shade

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    صح كلامج حرام والله هاي نعمه

  84. Saeeda Peerzada

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    waste of foood

  85. FUCK LIFE 666

    FUCK LIFE 6666 시간 전

    I will kill you

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    Oh my God

  87. Thuy Thuy

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    It cazy

  88. Daniela Pujado

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    Pucha que fome, que gastes mucho dinero, en comida, juguetes y útiles de aseo.Mientras que otros lo necesitan y han luchado toda su vida.

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  92. Ruth Child of God lord Jesus

    Ruth Child of God lord Jesus6 시간 전

    Obviously what they wanted was fame they didn’t even think to help the poor since there so rich

  93. Sgsjgs Gsjsgsheg

    Sgsjgs Gsjsgsheg6 시간 전

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  94. Naima Zakir

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    Очень приятные звуки

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    حرم والله يا عالم علي كل دي

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    2:28 no !!!!






    Te amo

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    1:14 no !!!!!

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    What a waste

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