#CrowderDebateStream! The Third 2019 Democratic Debate! | Louder With Crowder


  1. StevenCrowder

    StevenCrowder개월 전

    Show begins at 17:25! What were your favorite moments from this debate?

  2. OneDog

    OneDog7 일 전

    @John Russell Why do you love raping men? Also, how can you not feel asking bullshit strawman questions isn't rude and inconsiderate. Maybe disingenous or outright shitty?

  3. Darin Lunde

    Darin Lunde10 일 전

    I loved the "it's mine too" joke. Perfect understanding of the leftist view on the issue.

  4. Gareth De Bruyn

    Gareth De Bruyn11 일 전

    Hey pussy when u debating Sam Seder?

  5. John Russell

    John Russell22 일 전

    @OneDog I'm allowed to ask questions because I am free. Questions are not rude and if they bother you it is because you cannot think through them without getting provoked. I suggested security increases it doesn't matter the source but only the success. I happen to know that the armed forces would rather defend us than defend foreign nations. If you find the military invasive in public spaces then feel free to pay for private schools. While the constitution doesn't allow for sheltering troops in people's homes, I do believe the first continental army aka 1st army was formed to defend Americans. Why do you distrust the military?

  6. OneDog

    OneDog22 일 전

    @John Russell Lol, not angry. Just pointless because I dont see a problem. 400 kids died while 40 million survived. That is an acceptable loss for freedom. Its horrible and tragic, but acceptable for freedom. Being afraid at this point is not something I can be, so solutions are not what I seek. Why talk about it? Hope you understand and quit interpreting lack of desire to continue with anger or frustration. I am genuinely bored and tired of talking with you. When I say Im done and you ask a question, yes it is quite inconsiderate. Pretty much what I would expect from someone wanting military intervention for mass shootings. Invasive and inconsiderate. Now go ahead and try to get me to respond again and say it isnt about winning and losing.

  7. Ero Sama

    Ero Sama6 시간 전

    why these people sucking Obama's dick and saying we need to get trump out of office. why don't they have new ideas and stop trying to boost there campaign by mentioning Obama and saying trump is evil.

  8. R3DneckSuperman

    R3DneckSuperman6 일 전

    I got about 30 mins in... Got too drunk just from them saying Trump. I'm a lightweight.

  9. kovvvas

    kovvvas7 일 전

    Sam Seder

  10. Dube Face

    Dube Face8 일 전

    How meany letters are in the LGBT thing

  11. Darin Lunde

    Darin Lunde10 일 전

    Does anyone have a timestamp for the "it's mine too" joke?

  12. Darin Lunde

    Darin Lunde10 일 전

    25:11 found it

  13. Corporeal Being

    Corporeal Being11 일 전

    Don't forget about Hitler's compulsory schooling, and violent opposition to home education. Definitely Leftist.

  14. Corporeal Being

    Corporeal Being11 일 전

    Gotta love Wendy's. My favorite fast food restaurant.

  15. Skunk

    Skunk13 일 전

    Intro is gold!

  16. J the History Nerd

    J the History Nerd15 일 전




    Democrats are communists

  18. AoRArchAngel

    AoRArchAngel16 일 전

    You know whats the worst part about the education part of the debate? Other countries send their kids OUT OF THEIR COUNTRIES to better their education, yet we struggle with the idea of simply sending kids out of the county for it?!

  19. Jon Umine

    Jon Umine16 일 전

    Wow, 5 min into the dem debate and everyone in the studio is already drunk!

  20. usernameisgood

    usernameisgood17 일 전

    They were speaking over at least 90% of the debate. Super annoying.

  21. Sunde Anastasia

    Sunde Anastasia11 일 전

    They have to. Otherwise they get hit for c o p y rite

  22. Corvette087

    Corvette08717 일 전


  23. Cloud Chadster

    Cloud Chadster17 일 전

    I literally had to search google and youtube fourteen times to find this video, and it still didn't come up. Eventually I just went to the "StevenCrowder" youtube page (which was located at least halfway down the page), and then sort through the videos chronologically to find it.

  24. sark76

    sark7617 일 전

    Cumia is the funniest man on the planet.

  25. Eric Wells

    Eric Wells18 일 전

    soundbytes are the new policies of the left

  26. Eric Wells

    Eric Wells18 일 전

    no more than 200 a year for prescriptions - Bernie.....smh. Im close to that amount each and every month. when i do get enough cash, im gonna become a Mug Club member. Ive enjoyed Crowder for years and would be awesome to support him so he can continue to make great videos

  27. tHeWasTeDYouTh

    tHeWasTeDYouTh18 일 전

    What's insane about Bush era liberals is these same nutbags who said the meanest shit to Bush now claim he was a better president. Like all the wars and Patriot act and all that is not as bad as Trump tweets.

  28. Billy Buchanan

    Billy Buchanan17 일 전

    Because they like government control!

  29. brady robertson

    brady robertson18 일 전

    44:35 I spend 50$ a month so that my lungs continue to function. Bernie you’re going to bankrupt the people that keep me alive?... yeah no. I don’t support DEATH. But it’s nice to see you do Bernie

  30. ReySoMLB

    ReySoMLB19 일 전

    The show has the best music! Anyone know who mixes it? And does this person have their own KOreporter channel? Lol

  31. Griphter

    Griphter19 일 전

    "Drugs don't cost money to make" They do cost money but they inflate the prices it's fucking ridiculous how much shit American insurance companies can get away with a friend of mine has Cancer they've been rejecting covering her surgery and trying to give her pills that have never fucking worked and making her pay for said pills when a small surgery would resolve it all but they finally gave in and now she has to pay thousands out of pocket to get a flight to Chicago to go exactly where they want her to get the surgery or else they won't cover her how isn't that fucking ridiculous? It's fucking idiotic how much she has to pay for such little treatment here in Peru a "THIRD WORLD COUNTRY" like you would say a shithole country my mother has cancer the Insurance covered it completely in the blink of a fucking eye the US is a garbage bin pretending to be the worlds superpower they can't even take care of their own fucking people what a fucking sham.

  32. CriticalSystemError

    CriticalSystemError19 일 전

    30 minutes in and I'm already one big glass of bourbon in. Good thing I have a high tolerance, otherwise I might die tonight.

  33. Thee20th Doctor

    Thee20th Doctor20 일 전

    Hey Steven, one thing you got wrong, the thumbs down in gladiatorial tournaments actually signaled for the looser to be spared

  34. Thomas Schafer

    Thomas Schafer20 일 전

    The Nickleback of Countrys.....HA

  35. Marionette Studios

    Marionette Studios20 일 전

    Daddy Trump for 2020

  36. Casey Williams

    Casey Williams20 일 전

    baron trumps mom caught him juuling now we have a vape ban

  37. Josh Eberhardt

    Josh Eberhardt20 일 전

    Andrew Yang isn't socialist #changemymind

  38. Marisol Santana

    Marisol Santana21 일 전

    They said Obama and you forgot to drink you owe us a shot now xD

  39. 52262

    5226221 일 전

    Every word ruban said lol. Really bad connection.

  40. Alex Brownstone

    Alex Brownstone21 일 전

    Waiting for Steven to make a democratic debate parody of “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” I’ll Make A Pres Out Of You

  41. Luke Salazar

    Luke Salazar20 일 전

    I want to see this

  42. Rafael Blanco

    Rafael Blanco21 일 전

    You guys missed the two best moments with all your chit chat! Castro calling Biden Old and Beto trying to start a civil war.

  43. Todd no last name

    Todd no last name21 일 전

    How is Faux-cahontas the leader? Because we know that she's a liar, unlike everyone else, who we just think they're liars.

  44. Jacob Aragon

    Jacob Aragon22 일 전

    I'm a single individual currently making 72k a year. Looking to pick up another 30-40 hr/week job to put me over 70 hr/week and 100k a year. Why should i be punished for working 80 hour weeks

  45. Luke Salazar

    Luke Salazar20 일 전

    It's sad but true

  46. MeldrickCz

    MeldrickCz22 일 전

    actually you could got practical oligarchy even if goverment cease to call shots in various aspects of life...oligarchy just crawl in vacant space as second most powerful player.

  47. Rafael Costa

    Rafael Costa22 일 전

    Three takes on this: #1 I am only in this shithole country called youtube because there is no comment section on the video on blaze tv (or maybe I'm too dumb to find it). If you don't have one, please do it. I only keep the subscription here to help you defeat the young turks. Other than that, down with youtube, long live Mug Club!! #2 was that Sven Computer posing as Hitler. I miss that guy. He is funny. #3 As the night goes on, the jokes go easier but the guys laugh more. And me too, as I'm also drinking :D

  48. WLBNKS

    WLBNKS23 일 전

    I honestly like Yang

  49. Kaizerin Nijhar

    Kaizerin Nijhar23 일 전

    The democrats election : 1.we r heading for impending doom . 2. We came together after a disaster. Lol uh 9/11 3. We r dying. 4. The climate change is gona kill us 5. Andrew yang I’m Asian I know a lot of drs 51/2: everyone should get cancer and U can get good coverage lol . 6. All candidates were Probably drunk before the debate began .’ 7. I had to have a few drinks to watch this like a soccer match . 8. I can’t deny it but every one of those democrats must be silently having a massive crush on donald trump .

  50. Rugged Honour

    Rugged Honour23 일 전

    She’s leading in the polls... ...the Totem polls.

  51. Joshua Arellano

    Joshua Arellano23 일 전

    Where was Bill?

  52. benjovi55

    benjovi5523 일 전

    20:30 This drinking game would kill everyone. That much alcohol would kill me in like 20 minutes. Would kill Crowder in like 45. Specially with recent weight gain.

  53. Grant Donaldson

    Grant Donaldson24 일 전

    Fuck the New Jersey Devils

  54. Matthew McClelland

    Matthew McClelland24 일 전

    I clicked on this because I’ve seen your “change my mind” series, and was expecting meaningful counter points to the candidates stances. Instead all I got was “lol the gay man is gay, lol look at the Asian, he looks so Asian lol Mulan lol GO TRUMP”. What a shit show.

  55. Randy Bobandy

    Randy Bobandy24 일 전

    The guy that looks like Q from Impractical Jokers is hilarious.

  56. Troy Willis

    Troy Willis24 일 전

    Steven-“I want to hear what he has to say” 5 seconds... Steven-*yells for a minute

  57. fullmetalvash7

    fullmetalvash724 일 전

    Were did the rest of the Democrat debate videos go ? Did KOreporter take tham down again

  58. johnny twillie

    johnny twillie24 일 전

    Iago voice. Ha!👏👏👏

  59. johnny twillie

    johnny twillie24 일 전

    "Is he dying as he speaks?"😂😂😂😂💀💀

  60. johnny twillie

    johnny twillie24 일 전

    Nobody named castro will run this hemisphere. On God.

  61. J Lew

    J Lew24 일 전

    George Stuffin-Envelopes is such political hack.

  62. Avery Dopke

    Avery Dopke24 일 전

    If I have 10 guns and the government instituts a mandatory buy back how many guns do I have?

  63. Avery Dopke

    Avery Dopke24 일 전

    12 because I lied to those commie bastards

  64. Tanner Gibbs

    Tanner Gibbs24 일 전

    Love the show by the way! You guys are hilarious and a breath of fresh air from all these doom and gloom politics. I think you also appeal to a lot of young Conservatives who feel singled out. I myself am a young Conservative from a smaller town, but I now live in a big city. From 10,000 people in the middle of nowhere to a quarter million in a city with a huge metro area.

  65. Tanner Gibbs

    Tanner Gibbs24 일 전

    It is still technically a Republic, though there are several things that have degraded and destroyed this Republic. Such as how Senators are elected now vs. how they were before. And, specifically, the system of federalism has been degraded as well, it seems to have had it's biggest changes after we allowed the Federal government to tax income.

  66. Joško Grebenar

    Joško Grebenar24 일 전

    Unfunny POS interrupting Crowder when he is stating facts is fucking annoying as fuck.

  67. Ben Henschel

    Ben Henschel24 일 전

    The dude in glasses has absolutely no point in this show. Been watching for a long time...still haven’t caught the name or reason or any substantive add.

  68. Santino

    Santino24 일 전

    Steven I love you but god damn you’re talking wayyyyy too much

  69. Comfortably Uncomfortable

    Comfortably Uncomfortable24 일 전

    Who’s the fat guy who took the Lords name in vain

  70. Hunter Mccoun

    Hunter Mccoun24 일 전

    At 8:20 ish during the opening music, I wanna know where that voice clip came from

  71. Tholin Nothing

    Tholin Nothing24 일 전

    "With arms wide open."