1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf2 개월 전

    helllooooo friends ur fav French KOreporter might make a comeback soon ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘

  2. Thomas Howard

    Thomas Howard6 일 전

    Hopefully she does

  3. funtimefoxy25 funtime

    funtimefoxy25 funtime9 일 전

    <>-<> =_= ()__()

  4. Care Sheely

    Care Sheely21 일 전

    SSSniperWolf hi

  5. asafoko1

    asafoko122 일 전

    Love you!! (First time being early) Congrats to 16 millions :D. We’re really proud and happy for you!

  6. Arshanapally Bhavani

    Arshanapally Bhavani개월 전

    Your amazing gurllllll

  7. Ciara B

    Ciara B일 전

    I've been to a french fry vending machine

  8. MNMspeed 123

    MNMspeed 1232 일 전

    Was it fun to cook with marshmello?

  9. Marichat,Adrinette,ladynoir,and ladrien

    Marichat,Adrinette,ladynoir,and ladrien3 일 전

    I love your shirt! Please tell wear you get it, I really want one!

  10. BunBunplayzz

    BunBunplayzz5 일 전

    The one thing I noticed the whole video When we were on the fries one I noticed she said... STAND IN THE DRIVE THRU

  11. Thomas Howard

    Thomas Howard6 일 전

    Hi Lia your vids are great and keep up the great work 🐶

  12. Lovely Joon

    Lovely Joon6 일 전

    The one in japan tho. They be selling food, clothes, a whole house

  13. keshya Lee

    keshya Lee12 일 전

    this is creative!!

  14. Tony Johnson

    Tony Johnson13 일 전

    I'm allergic to crab lobster any shellfish except shrimp so I'm suffering because I can't have my favorite seafood

  15. Falesha Jackson

    Falesha Jackson14 일 전

    Van i we get a part 2 please

  16. Falesha Jackson

    Falesha Jackson14 일 전


  17. All So Random

    All So Random16 일 전

    The Farmer's Fridge is in Chicago I tried the yogurt and guacamole and chips

  18. Yara Migdalia Santiago Negron

    Yara Migdalia Santiago Negron17 일 전

    I need the pizza vending machine in my house please everyone sign a petition for pizza vending machine

  19. kr gaming

    kr gaming18 일 전

    We have the farmers fridge in latvia

  20. Red dragon In Gacha

    Red dragon In Gacha19 일 전

    It’s not robbery it’s strawbooery

  21. Game Builder

    Game Builder19 일 전

    /[o-o]\ Those vending machine...

  22. jolene the bean

    jolene the bean23 일 전

    SSSniperWolf: Starbucks tea isnt real tea * Simply Nailogical enters chat*

  23. _reynajcruz_ 9

    _reynajcruz_ 924 일 전

    No one: Not a single soul: Me: Sssniperwolf: "iAm gLuTeN fReE" No hate lover her lol :):)

  24. Aj Labrador

    Aj Labrador25 일 전

    I NEED A PIZZA MACHINE IN MY ROOM NOW!!! And french fries machine

  25. McCraft Cup Series

    McCraft Cup Series27 일 전

    For the emergency shoe machine, they should make it for men too.

  26. Rylee Tran

    Rylee Tran27 일 전

    The most i paid for bottle water was six dollars.

  27. Nat Caps

    Nat Caps28 일 전

    Wham bam yes m’ am 😂😂 make this blue if u love lia 😂❣️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  28. Aanab Tahir

    Aanab Tahir28 일 전

    Lia: *sees a burrito machine* Also Lia: "ok I need this, but like in my room" Me: *agrees*

  29. RANDOM •

    RANDOM •개월 전

    The coolest is the pizza one In my opinion

  30. Timothy Davis

    Timothy Davis개월 전

    Uh know u gotta shake the machine

  31. Drake Draven

    Drake Draven개월 전

    UR The CoolesT!!!

  32. Eric Opp

    Eric Opp개월 전

    I hate the live crab one, it's horrible!!!!!! They are living creatures!!!!!!! How would u like it if you were put in a SODA CUP ALIVE, then payed for to be EATEN

  33. The Dreamer

    The Dreamer개월 전

    I want her to get assoulted

  34. Jaden and michel Dover

    Jaden and michel Dover개월 전

    It would be cool if they put a video game machine in America

  35. Jaden and michel Dover

    Jaden and michel Dover개월 전

    Yeah teaaa

  36. Bunni- bot

    Bunni- bot개월 전


  37. I like pan

    I like pan개월 전

    Where I live I got a smoothie machine or a milkshake machine all you gotta do is put it in and you can get a spoon and straw AnD ItS OnLy 3.25$ HaHaHaHaHaHa

  38. Calibaby80

    Calibaby80개월 전

    These food vending machines should be at our jobs and schools 😜

  39. Voin Barker

    Voin Barker개월 전

    save the crabs

  40. Wynter Lay

    Wynter Lay개월 전

    i went to vegas and i think me or my mother got one pair of the shoes to try because we are so tired with the heat and walking .~.

  41. Silly Kitten

    Silly Kitten개월 전

    The vending machines at my school literally don't work until after school is over

  42. Matt Sullivan

    Matt Sullivan개월 전

    The coolest, that I would die to try you ask? You of course!

  43. Alaina Laprise

    Alaina Laprise개월 전

    Where I live there’s live bait at gas stations

  44. galaxy squad

    galaxy squad개월 전

    i swear japan is in the year 4093 and the rest of the world s in the year 2008

  45. freethinking123

    freethinking123개월 전

    So damn irritating to listen to her.

  46. DemonBendy_wolf 232

    DemonBendy_wolf 232개월 전

    There's a money one put a 1.00$ in and get. Stack of money

  47. Maldonado Family

    Maldonado Family개월 전

    Can't you use old Chuck-E-Cheese coins

  48. Stop Polluting

    Stop Polluting개월 전

    You know why people haven't done the burrito box?? Because you'd have to refill it.

  49. U.P.S

    U.P.S개월 전

    Like who doesn't like Donald Trump Comment who likes him

  50. me bandae

    me bandae개월 전

    I love how youtube said *SHE'S* making the future with this when she's just looking at it

  51. DogLife_ Xoxo

    DogLife_ Xoxo개월 전

    At the end you said die to try but if you die you can’t try it :/

  52. Trinity B

    Trinity B개월 전

    Love you videos❤️❤️❤️ LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHH

  53. Joshua Neziah Watts

    Joshua Neziah Watts개월 전

    I love her dramatic whining voice😂😂😂

  54. Esme M

    Esme M개월 전

    That’s so weird I can’t have gluten either!!!!!

  55. isabella wyrick

    isabella wyrick개월 전

    am I the only one that notices that in a vid she wears glasses and in the thunmnain she don't and the oppisit

  56. Little Dae

    Little Dae개월 전

    In Disney world water from a stand is $5 and from a vending machine it’s like $6😒 it’s good water tho

  57. Lachad Branch

    Lachad Branch개월 전