1. Sprite

    Sprite개월 전

    Get you a man who finds the last Sprite in the store.

  2. Dionne DuPree

    Dionne DuPree15 일 전

    I love y'all I subscribed and press that bell

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    Kendi Kc18 일 전

    Sponsor them dk4L❤❤💕💚💚

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    Sprite sponsor them!!!!

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    Sponsor sponsor sponsor

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    say dat sprite! ❤️

  7. Ambèr Shante’a

    Ambèr Shante’a9 시간 전

    The vlog the reason I’m now obsessed with cran-pineapple drink 😭

  8. just me

    just me9 시간 전

    i love yall

  9. Zyaire’s Adventure Channel

    Zyaire’s Adventure Channel3 일 전

    u asked who ik has an airfryer & makes steak in an airfryer we do and asparagus + green beans 😘‼️ im waiting who yk do it like me n dearra n ken 🥱💞🤣

  10. Janee Christie

    Janee Christie4 일 전

    9:04 I love their wholeeee bond😍🥺

  11. blk_scorpion

    blk_scorpion5 일 전

    Girl I love the all dressed

  12. O.J A

    O.J A5 일 전

    16:50 ken got me dying😂😭😭😭

  13. Jazzy Jay

    Jazzy Jay10 일 전

    when you picked up the all dressed chips and the s'mores cookies... I knew we was meant to be friends !!!

  14. Jayda With Flava

    Jayda With Flava10 일 전

    Give them their own show💀🙌🏽.

  15. Dere'Yonna Williams

    Dere'Yonna Williams11 일 전

    How many times do Dearra change her clothes a day 😂😂

  16. Erica Thomas

    Erica Thomas13 일 전

    I get scam likely calls everyday

  17. Shirl'Mya Mcdonald

    Shirl'Mya Mcdonald14 일 전

    how can u go grocery shopping buying nothing but snacks and forget to get snack cakes, c'mon nah, lmao.

  18. Rvch Vaeh

    Rvch Vaeh14 일 전

    It’s so funny that y’all did “Butter make it taste better” cause I swear I was making something the other day & found myself saying that.🤣🤦🏼‍♀️. LOVE Y’ALL😚‼️

  19. Carlita Bernerd

    Carlita Bernerd15 일 전

    Butter make it taste better 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  20. Kemora Anthony

    Kemora Anthony15 일 전

    Those noodles are nasty I got them before

  21. Rainna Cymmone

    Rainna Cymmone15 일 전

    anybody else realize she said pacific day instead of specific day?????

  22. Abigail Nelson

    Abigail Nelson15 일 전

    Mine says spam likely to

  23. Dashaunti Hall

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  24. Dezi and Play Zhaila and Pranks

    Dezi and Play Zhaila and Pranks16 일 전

    I get this calls too

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    Dk4L ❤️

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    Love your videos😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😇😇😀😅🏐

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    Do a new vlog and challenge and pranks.

  28. lazamekiah

    lazamekiah18 일 전

    You guys should do more shopping videos and cooking videos.

  29. Aniyah Knight

    Aniyah Knight20 일 전

    Day 19

  30. My My Woo Woo

    My My Woo Woo20 일 전

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even jesus: Dearra: call me moo d Ken in da background: MOOOOOOOOOOOO me:😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂

  31. Maudie McLaughlin

    Maudie McLaughlin20 일 전

    Healthy D in the house

  32. jameka robinson

    jameka robinson23 일 전

    Nawl your not the only person who gets those scam likely calls

  33. Kaiden the king !!!!

    Kaiden the king !!!!23 일 전

    Missing vlogmas all ready😭❤️

  34. Yazmin Gray

    Yazmin Gray23 일 전

    omg i forgot all about "butter make it taste better" 😭😭❤ i miss itttt.

  35. Yazmin Gray

    Yazmin Gray23 일 전

    who else loves bare face d 😩😩❤

  36. ThatsFauxRaven

    ThatsFauxRaven23 일 전

    I love y’all omg 😂 been with the gang 4L and ain’t going nowhereeee



    That white cran peach be BUSSINNNNN 🥰🥰 my favorite

  38. Miyagi Nunn

    Miyagi Nunn24 일 전

    Where the video of you making that sandwich I BEEN LOOKING HIGH AND LOW HELPPPPPP

  39. Alexandria Nguyen

    Alexandria Nguyen24 일 전

    I love when De'arra's face expression when she discovers something new🤣

  40. SierrasWorld

    SierrasWorld25 일 전


  41. Bruna Martins da Cruz

    Bruna Martins da Cruz25 일 전

    i LUUUV how de'arra uses like 3 different outfits in one videos and i also LUUV how she never repeats outfits ... bruh i want to be like that when i grow up ... i want to be as style as she is

  42. Ika Doug

    Ika Doug26 일 전

    Okaaaay but have y’all tried the cream of chicken noodles 🧐🧐🧐



    Merry Christmas eve to the best couples on earth 😄😄

  44. Emodak funny gang

    Emodak funny gang26 일 전

    Butter 🧈 make it tase better 🤣🤣💯💯💯

  45. Jamaya Mack

    Jamaya Mack27 일 전

    Not being racist but Why black people spend almost $200 to$300 on food in the grocery store

  46. Mya Ray

    Mya Ray27 일 전

    Who else want derra and Ken tohave a baby

  47. _teethapimp

    _teethapimp27 일 전

    Me cooking: mama pass me the butter Mom: why you need butter De’arra & ken: CAUSE BUTTER MAKE IT TASTE BETTER BUTTER MAKE IT TASTE BETTER 💃🏾🕺🏾

  48. Keianna Mcallman

    Keianna Mcallman27 일 전

    Day 10 works 🎄😍

  49. Crackhead.corner

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  50. Madison Porter

    Madison Porter27 일 전

    That white cran peach is BANGIN

  51. Sabina Thomas

    Sabina Thomas28 일 전

    That intro a LEVEL UPPP!!!!! 😍😍

  52. It’s Yo girl Imani!!!!!

    It’s Yo girl Imani!!!!!29 일 전

    I love how De’arra have a fit for everything she do or go😍🤪

  53. Leigh-anne Harris

    Leigh-anne Harris29 일 전

    Y'all kno how the girl usually take the guy lingo, Ken is starting to sound more like De'arra lol As a fellow Memphian thts exactly how we sound

  54. Nkem Ezeamii

    Nkem Ezeamii29 일 전

    But can we get outfit deets though 😩

  55. NewEra Media

    NewEra Media29 일 전

    Naw i just recently read on the box that almond milk expires 7 days after opening, but if its unopened it will last forever! I was blew... drinking old milk lol

  56. dreal_kasey_ periodt

    dreal_kasey_ periodt29 일 전

    A rata tat tat😂😘😘❤

  57. Kate Barlow

    Kate Barlow29 일 전


  58. Horace Fisher

    Horace Fisher29 일 전

    This is not the guy in the photo this is him daughter Karleese) I just brought crab,cream cheese,honey ham &that bread D recommend now let's see if this is good.

  59. zaniyah bullock

    zaniyah bullock29 일 전

    i loved the video but you guys didnt do my favorite part 😢 “ see you in the next vloggy vlog “

  60. Malaysia Carter

    Malaysia Carter29 일 전

    Dearra changes clothes way to much .

  61. Lewisa Diez

    Lewisa Diez개월 전

    im loving this gurlll!!

  62. Itss_mellymel

    Itss_mellymel개월 전

    Lmfao that beef part had me dead 😂😂

  63. EverythingDestiny

    EverythingDestiny개월 전

    I’m catching up rn but y’all always have the best energy 😂💖

  64. Eunesa White

    Eunesa White개월 전

    Am i the only one who noticed that the camera lens was closed in the intro when ken was holding it😂😂

  65. Ajah’s Jackson

    Ajah’s Jackson개월 전

    Day 10