Conor McGregor is eager to return to the UFC: Exclusive interview with Ariel Helwani | SportsCenter


  1. SurferDON Biggavelle

    SurferDON Biggavelle14 시간 전

    Very Trump Like Facial Expression .

  2. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader일 전

    Well it could have been worse for McGregor, image if punched a female 🤔

  3. Di Chanel

    Di Chanel일 전

    He's talking very fast, I think this clown better be a rapper

  4. Abdullah Khan

    Abdullah Khan일 전

    Man it seems that khabib has destroyed him in out completely

  5. Jack Shite

    Jack Shite일 전

    I want to feel sorry for him because this is really sad, but he hasn't learnt. Rape allegations, bus incident, smashing fans phones, hitting the ref at Bellator, cheating on his wife with public pics released, allegedly having a baby to another woman, hitting an elderly man on a bar stool, total coke head and drunk, it's just a train wreck.

  6. Lil Rewb

    Lil Rewb2 일 전

    Ariel: So Conor, why did you hit that old man? Conor: My FoOt WaS A bAlLoOn

  7. Motion Mayer

    Motion Mayer2 일 전

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy whose balloon was a foot.

  8. Mark Keane

    Mark Keane3 일 전

    He broke his hand on the old guys head lol

  9. Harald Selliseth

    Harald Selliseth3 일 전

    Sounds like Khabib gave him some brain damage

  10. Ian Dog

    Ian Dog3 일 전

    This guy is finished

  11. Awesome

    Awesome4 일 전

    Connor is one of the best fighters in the world, one of the best self-made Fighters as well. He didn't have a father training him his whole life, he didn't have anyone and still proved himself to be an incredible athlete and Warrior. In my opinion he should retire and enjoy his hard-earned Rewards.

  12. Chris Bowman

    Chris Bowman4 일 전

    The retorn of Conor McGregor.

  13. JUMMES 110

    JUMMES 1104 일 전

    Hes like bossbaby🤣❤

  14. Guillermo 237

    Guillermo 2374 일 전


  15. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha4 일 전


  16. Marcelo Viana

    Marcelo Viana4 일 전

    Ariel "biased" Helwani

  17. Speedy Bohlke

    Speedy Bohlke5 일 전

    Stfu McGregor

  18. Oooh my gaaad

    Oooh my gaaad5 일 전

    Come on Conor Your foot wasn't a balloon when you were using by fence and doing all the illegal tactic you fight dirty illegal elbows and everything else

  19. Ana With One N

    Ana With One N5 일 전

    This was pathetic. Karma’s a dirty one, shithead.

  20. Kevin Chavez

    Kevin Chavez5 일 전

    Big mcgregor fan... but man.. he isn’t the guy I knew anymore

  21. Aaron Phone

    Aaron Phone5 일 전

    His accent is thick. Like when he was 16.

  22. bilal ark

    bilal ark5 일 전

    Looks like he s got depressed after kabib mauled him..

  23. Missy jenns amputated penis Mmm

    Missy jenns amputated penis Mmm5 일 전

    Ariel, why didnt you ask him what he meant , when he told khabib "its just buisiness" in the cage

  24. Missy jenns amputated penis Mmm

    Missy jenns amputated penis Mmm5 일 전

    Khabib betterbwatch out..MC-rousey is gonna start grappling..

  25. Charles Summers

    Charles Summers5 일 전

    Conor could have took the world by storm more then ever but he couldn't keep his head small enough..

  26. Oggy Oggy

    Oggy Oggy5 일 전

    He’s now known as C.M. punk.

  27. Abdul Charawani

    Abdul Charawani6 일 전

    Khabib really humbled this bloke

  28. Jesse C

    Jesse C6 일 전

    Connor didn't build the UFC, he just connected with all the leftover viewers from the Kardashians. And there will be a new clown show to take his place tomorrow.

  29. i SkyWalKing

    i SkyWalKing6 일 전

    This is one of the most embarrassing interviews of ALL time...

  30. raptor_doing

    raptor_doing6 일 전

    My foot is a baloon

  31. Ray Ban

    Ray Ban6 일 전

    No one fookin cares Connor

  32. joker joker

    joker joker6 일 전

    Reporter :" you sound as motivated as ever, but i wanna ask you.." Connor : "hhhn, hmhmmh, mmhmh, hhhkn,mmmhnhm"

  33. Jim MoeFoe

    Jim MoeFoe6 일 전

    Now look at the press conference of Jose Also vs Conor in Rio, Brazil. He's like a different man.

  34. Harold Worsham Sr.

    Harold Worsham Sr.7 일 전

    McGregor don't want any smoke from Khabib, dude is like a Spider Monkey, he is a superior grappler, he will dominate McGregor all over again. Hats off to McGregor, would love to see him come back.

  35. awis linear

    awis linear7 일 전

    He blinks with the same frequency as he took Floyd's right straights

  36. One

    One7 일 전

    he ran out of money

  37. Da7upguy

    Da7upguy7 일 전

    there is no doubt in my mind that even though it seems like he is on coke or something, I believe he has just lost his mind like he said he would a long time ago. he's changed and not for the better and I don't know if we will see the old Conor ever again. we are being shown the mind lost Conor.

  38. Teddi786 OG

    Teddi786 OG7 일 전

    It's in you to tap out

  39. Alka Zeicer

    Alka Zeicer8 일 전

    After all sh** talking he has to eat it all out.. Lost even his own fans for punching old man - disrespect and disgrace to the sport. Should hide in shame..

  40. CHARMIT Singh

    CHARMIT Singh8 일 전

    Conor McGregor ❤

  41. atal jay

    atal jay8 일 전

    That's vodka in his glass

  42. Metti Kaliente

    Metti Kaliente8 일 전

    Connor looks like he just came out of rehab

  43. Negative Vizion

    Negative Vizion4 일 전

    maybe he did. some type of private rehab facility that keeps everything low key. regardless, i hope he can break whatever addiction he may have. whether it be coke, alcohol, etc.

  44. Erwin Rommel Famador

    Erwin Rommel Famador8 일 전

    Quite sure McGregor is now hiding in his mom’s undies! He’s scared of Khabib! 😂😂😂😂

  45. Mad Cat Sphere

    Mad Cat Sphere8 일 전

    From now til Conor fights and loses to Khabib again you guys better enjoy these moments. Cuz he's on his way out til...

  46. Brijesh pratap

    Brijesh pratap8 일 전

    A... I want to see next second fight Conor vs khabib Plz return McGregor And show all over whole world you are 💯% best light weight fighter in the UFC history.

  47. Supreme Kai

    Supreme Kai8 일 전

    The man was not old he was 50, Dana is 50 and so is Joe, they can take punches like that all day it wasn't a big deal let it go.

  48. eagle fire

    eagle fire8 일 전

    Khabib really show him real figth

  49. Ben Zeltser

    Ben Zeltser8 일 전

    I think its an act of poorness. he must look weak after such brutal behaviour. all part of the plan. he is scientist level intelligent but we CANNOT overlook him punching a 60 year old man. imagine your dad over there. I dont know about you but when I get that thought my nerves hit the celling and I feel like breaking the mans face with a D9

  50. SlaVic__PoWer RU.united

    SlaVic__PoWer RU.united8 일 전

    Its money the destroyed Conor. Money Alc and Drugs.

  51. Sergio Bascunan

    Sergio Bascunan9 일 전

    Drama Queen... and good old at sucking Conor's cock... Ariel Helwani

  52. Bacon ツ King

    Bacon ツ King9 일 전

    I pulled a cock muscle watching this shit

  53. Abdel Fr

    Abdel Fr9 일 전

    Khabib ended your fooking career already and you look miserable.

  54. Maximus Meridius

    Maximus Meridius9 일 전

    Mr Excuses.

  55. Andrei Sames

    Andrei Sames10 일 전

    We are here Conor, were still for you brother, even though many so far turned into bitches

  56. leslie alcantara

    leslie alcantara10 일 전

    upload the whole video you foooking kunt , doesnt sound like McGregor at all sounds anxious and desperate not composed and no confidence.. he is a shell of who he was

  57. Manchester United

    Manchester United10 일 전

    I have done coke before and I can confirm he’s on coke he’s not composed and relaxed he’s speaking too quick and most likely telling lies and feeding you with what you want too hear

  58. Marko Milosevski

    Marko Milosevski8 일 전

    True man.. friend of mine met a person from Ireland in Bulgaria, he told him that he is training in Cavanaugh's academy.. he also showed him a picture with Conor and told him that he is doing some coke. Maybe is true maybe not but after footages like this I'd rather concern that as a true claim.

  59. Martian Moon

    Martian Moon10 일 전

    My fOoT wAs a balLOOn

  60. christopher purcell

    christopher purcell10 일 전

    He's also a rapist I hear

  61. Yamin Khan

    Yamin Khan10 일 전

    Can't wait to see you again ....King

  62. Andersen Petrazzi

    Andersen Petrazzi10 일 전

    He BARELY punched the guy...