Conor McGregor is eager to return to the UFC: Exclusive interview with Ariel Helwani | SportsCenter


  1. Leopoldo Fregoli

    Leopoldo Fregoli4 일 전

    Irish dwarf will be obliterated by gamebred. “He s a midget”

  2. salah eddine

    salah eddine4 일 전


  3. Chris Allen

    Chris Allen5 일 전

    If you pussies hate him so much stop watching u fucking bitches😂😂

  4. Alberto Pazos

    Alberto Pazos14 일 전

    When I do coke I can barely talk haha

  5. taggy193

    taggy19317 일 전

    Lay off the sniff mate

  6. Jessica Midyette

    Jessica Midyette18 일 전

    just gottaz love this dude

  7. rools2roolsproject

    rools2roolsproject19 일 전

    £50 000 Bail means the judge don't believe you.

  8. Nicole Ferreira

    Nicole Ferreira19 일 전

    Foot was a balloon. Liar!!😂

  9. Jipsy Swindle

    Jipsy Swindle25 일 전

    I love those accents where you can't understand a focken thing that they're saying. And thats one of the reasons I am a Conor McGregor fan.



    Formidable production, I love it so much .. Highest part is 1:23. *I up first twerking, Please check it out and tell what you think* 🖤 💚 💘

  11. Hamze Osman

    Hamze Osman개월 전

    Khabib not only destroyed him in the cage, he destroyed his career, he took his fame, his fans, his superstar status. He deserved it though

  12. Hamze Osman

    Hamze Osman개월 전

    Is that how much khabib destroyed this guy.

  13. Fully Alive

    Fully Alive개월 전

    Never thought Khabib would have so long-lasting effect

  14. Ismael Alvarez

    Ismael Alvarez개월 전

    I need some subtitles

  15. Conflict MagazIne

    Conflict MagazIne20 일 전

    Why? Are you too stupid to understand plain English

  16. Ahmed

    Ahmed개월 전

    My food was a balloooooooooon !!!!!

  17. Zane Addington

    Zane Addington개월 전

    Keep fighting in the ring, or sucker punching old men?

  18. Toxic Gaming

    Toxic Gaming29 일 전

    Zane Addington He's fighting Donald Cerrone

  19. Paul Denino

    Paul Denino개월 전


  20. Bossman

    Bossman개월 전

    Look at his ears hes been wrestling alot I bet hes wants rematch with khabib. He had injured ears before but not that bad

  21. Nicholas Delia

    Nicholas Delia개월 전

    Lay off the hateraide you would to beat the snot out of mayweather in a real fight ..still the goat..

  22. Martyn O Dell

    Martyn O Dell개월 전

    Please Connor, Take a step back,! & Listen to your'SELF'.! ? 'Self'.. When things are not going your way ! You're Retiring ! etc..! Toy's Out Ya' Pram. ! Without a Single Thought Of The Massive Supporters ( £$€ ) & Equally Important Fan Base Followers He Has. I could go on & on..! But Tearfully Can not, Please Connor, Take a Little Time Out, & Soak up the thought, ' WE ' THE PEOPLE ! Linked With The Medical Profession etc ! Will inform you of Retirement Date.! '' NEVER " ~*~ Peace~&~Lõve. M~Dee'~*~ x

  23. Captain Mustard

    Captain Mustard개월 전

    No one: Absolutely no one: McGregor: mmmmm hmm hmmm ye ye mmmm hmm ye

  24. EL Cucuy

    EL Cucuy2 개월 전

    Oh mcgregor is not same anymore just retire

  25. Peter

    Peter2 개월 전

    Conor “mmm” McGregor

  26. Boom Town

    Boom Town2 개월 전

    Did Conor respect the UFC when he attacked a bus full of fighters?

  27. Holýz

    Holýz2 개월 전

    lets go can't wait to watch another one of this legends fights!!

  28. OG Kennedy

    OG Kennedy2 개월 전

    "Conor McGregor was never my friend" -Dana White

  29. fairdinkum cobber

    fairdinkum cobber2 개월 전

    gregoo buddy..... im not sure if you have realized yet but you burned your own career with your infamous boxing circus... you burned your army of fans.... you have burned you trusting irish lads..... if you are not sure what i'm talking about have a look at the fight again.... you do not deserve to be in mma family with hard working fighters bleeding and sweating to get the pro card.... pouring their hart out and looking after their families.... worst of all you brought doubt and distrust to both boxing and mma..... for you my friend the only way back is a very long way around..... through charities and schools but not gold watches and sports cars

  30. David Draguta

    David Draguta2 개월 전

    This guy is full of Sh… he never should be aloud to be in this sport again, in any shape of form!

  31. Edp P

    Edp P2 개월 전

    Wow this guy is full of excuses !! don't believe anyone with squinting little bitty eyes !

  32. Ronnie Haley

    Ronnie Haley2 개월 전

    I can't believe he's begging like this " just stop conor

  33. Bryan McClees

    Bryan McClees2 개월 전

    I would love to hear him and Ozzy Osbourne have a conversation. I can't understand what either one is saying!!!

  34. RyzenKurt Ritchie

    RyzenKurt Ritchie2 개월 전

    the real Mcgregor has “GONE”

  35. Ziga Vidmar

    Ziga Vidmar2 개월 전

    I'm eaga to go back in there..I'm very eaga, very in shape

  36. UFO Specialist

    UFO Specialist3 개월 전

    McGregor 8 seconds in after hearing Ariel's question: "MMM. MMMM. MMM. MMMMMM." LOL

  37. Cameron

    Cameron3 개월 전

    people saying he’s doing coke smh, he’s obviously depressed and dealing with bad anxiety. i hope he gets better

  38. A/_inooR

    A/_inooR3 개월 전


  39. Elvira Abotanatin

    Elvira Abotanatin3 개월 전

    So this is what conor looks like without confidence khabib messed him up real good.

  40. Splashpage

    Splashpage3 개월 전

    He talks in double speed😅

  41. Sibusiso Ndaba

    Sibusiso Ndaba3 개월 전

    Sounds like he's high on coke

  42. JustFor U

    JustFor U3 개월 전

    💯 hate to conor

  43. benjamin jenkins

    benjamin jenkins3 개월 전

    he looks like he got he's energy ego drained.

  44. Percy Watson

    Percy Watson3 개월 전

    I missed the old inspirational Conor!

  45. Jashmeer Rampearie

    Jashmeer Rampearie3 개월 전

    Conor needs to go fight Cm Punk to get his ego back

  46. Jashmeer Rampearie

    Jashmeer Rampearie3 개월 전

    I'm a huge conor mcgregor fan, but after loosing to mayweather he was never the same... He tried to hide it with the khabib fight but u could see his ego and confidence broken.

  47. Ruisu Gaming

    Ruisu Gaming3 개월 전

    Interviewer: *Talking* Conor: hmmmmm

  48. Abdirahman A

    Abdirahman A3 개월 전

    0:36 thank me later

  49. Chandu Yadav

    Chandu Yadav3 개월 전

    Lets go connor



    Who the fook is this fatty ?

  51. HealtHTubeR

    HealtHTubeR3 개월 전

    This guy talks like some drug addict on medication.......

  52. Mehdi Ibrahimi

    Mehdi Ibrahimi3 개월 전

    who ever you are but you are not a figher you no good conner

  53. Karmayak Gurung

    Karmayak Gurung3 개월 전

    I know u can beat khabib, if u have the same fire you used to have, let's do it this time. U can do it.

  54. Peter Thiessen

    Peter Thiessen3 개월 전

    Just stay away, nobody misses you. Your classless. Your high on coke again.

  55. meilstrup1

    meilstrup13 개월 전

    4:08 "I was eeEEeEEEGGHHheeerr to get bacCKk" lol

  56. Dastagir Dastagir

    Dastagir Dastagir3 개월 전

    Insha allah you will beat him my brother

  57. C J

    C J3 개월 전

    I’m pulling for Conor man.. I truly am. The man is an inspiration. I would love to see him go on one more run in the UFC, touch some gold and bow out with his everything left in the ring.

  58. Peter Thiessen

    Peter Thiessen3 개월 전


  59. Lanu Jamir

    Lanu Jamir3 개월 전

    Please come back want to see u in the ring.

  60. JonnyTGood

    JonnyTGood3 개월 전

    illuminati have been at him! :(

  61. Mayur Salvi

    Mayur Salvi3 개월 전

    Book the rematch conor MacGregor vs khabib

  62. Troy Mason

    Troy Mason4 개월 전

    4:03 - If you come back in that state you will end up like bj penn

  63. Luis Sanchez

    Luis Sanchez4 개월 전

    Conor- my fooot was a ballooon. RDA- *foot is actually a ballooon. Conor- I’ve heard ice works wonder

  64. Baby Nut

    Baby Nut3 개월 전

    one pulled out, one didn’t. but okay