Conan: Russia Can Still Participate In America’s 2020 Election - CONAN on TBS


  1. Steven Torrey

    Steven Torrey개월 전

    Thanks to (Moscow) Mitch McConnell!

  2. Share Data

    Share Data개월 전

    Moscow Mitch

  3. solo ist

    solo ist개월 전

    Conan is too good of a comedian for punchlines like these.

  4. Shyam Doshi

    Shyam Doshi개월 전

    how is jordan doing? haven't seen the man in awhile. petition to have at least 1 segment with jordan a month

  5. jumbeaux1

    jumbeaux1개월 전

    Lazy crowd.

  6. Abdul Azam

    Abdul Azam개월 전

    The Chernobyl joke was not funny

  7. Pravakar Patra

    Pravakar Patra개월 전

    1:04-1:08 Conan is so still that actually thought the video was paused due to bad internet with the audio still on...

  8. chocograph

    chocograph개월 전

    Yawn. Aren't you bored to death of Trump by now????

  9. Keshav Rao

    Keshav Rao개월 전

    Conan needs an Emmy

  10. Pravakar Patra

    Pravakar Patra개월 전

    he already got it...



    Does the moron who writes the titles never read the comments?

  12. Apasche Raider

    Apasche Raider개월 전

    Says they can't be part of the Olympics, most people: *ooohhh* A few others: *Clap clap clap*

  13. simply luk

    simply luk개월 전

    Oh yeah how many Russians living in USA if they all go vote that's will be russian democratic interference in us vote system 😂👍

  14. coronaflo

    coronaflo개월 전

    If they can vote they are Russian-Americans.

  15. Ceco Elvisa

    Ceco Elvisa개월 전

    Trump / Putin 2020 . Make the Soviet Union great again

  16. Cosmic Blunder

    Cosmic Blunder개월 전

    Pretty bad

  17. Mariela Wilthew

    Mariela Wilthew개월 전

    Just my opinion, but I feel like the writing on the show has been going down hill, I love Conan but these monologues and bits just haven't been funny to me lately 🤷‍♀️

  18. Mariela Wilthew

    Mariela Wilthew개월 전

    @Romanes eunt domus Yeah but I was dead inside before the writing started to go down

  19. Romanes eunt domus

    Romanes eunt domus개월 전

    That's probably because you're dead inside

  20. Ben Rujo

    Ben Rujo개월 전

    @Sirlene Andria oh thanks so much for clearing that up, I was super disappointed when I first read that

  21. Sirlene Andria

    Sirlene Andria개월 전

    @Ben Rujo When Brian McCann left the show the writing really went downhill... Brian Stack, the voice of Wikibear also left years ago... the Twitter joke stealing is false, Conan himself wrote an essay about it:

  22. Ben Rujo

    Ben Rujo개월 전

    They have, I honestly believe that Conan is too talented and too nice. He's too nice to change up the writers room and too talented to let them fall entirely flat. Apparently one of the writers had been stealing Twitter jokes too 😕

  23. shapen360

    shapen360개월 전

    Conan had more authenticity in the last 30 seconds than Jimmy Fallon has had in five years.

  24. Father Gabriel Stokes

    Father Gabriel Stokes개월 전

    Can't wait for World Cup 2022

  25. Andrew Ebisu

    Andrew Ebisu개월 전

    Conan being a little Lilly Singh here

  26. Andrew Ebisu

    Andrew Ebisu개월 전

    Conan being a little Lilly Singh here

  27. Jarod Gordon

    Jarod Gordon개월 전

    Conan, Kimmel and Corden may be light in political satire and social commentary unlike their other late night colleagues but they still make the current events tolerable and amusing.

  28. Jarod Gordon

    Jarod Gordon개월 전

    @Sirlene Andria compared to others: Oliver, Minhaj, Bee, Maher, even Colbert and Meyers which talks about the current events in depth every episode... Then yes, Kimmel is light in that aspect.

  29. Sirlene Andria

    Sirlene Andria개월 전

    Kimmel is light politically? The guy used his son as emotional tool to talk about Obamacare plus he uses every opportunity in his show to bash on Trump - not as bad as Colbert, but he does. It's unfortunate because Kimmel can be funny when he wants to and... well, he has a pretty big glass ceiling above his head including blackface in the 80's, the whole "The Man Show" and he even had Weinstein appearing in one of his sketches in 2015, just a few years before the scandal blow up.

  30. Spicy Memes

    Spicy Memes개월 전

    Конан походу немного в ахуе от реакции зрителей на тему выборов ))))

  31. J I Joe

    J I Joe개월 전

    We don't need to get inside your election, whoever will be new president will dance for the same flute, but you willnot see it, again...

  32. sad flute

    sad flute개월 전

    Not funny just keep out of politics don't be their puppet you lose fans that way

  33. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    sad flute so you comment on videos you don’t finish isn’t that like reviewing a book you haven’t read?

  34. sad flute

    sad flute개월 전

    @Michelo17 I didn't watch all of it no

  35. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    @sad flute the fact you didn't get the reference makes me think you didn't watch the video...

  36. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    They were in there for a kidney transplant!

  37. Eline Verstraeten

    Eline Verstraeten개월 전

    @sad flute The Siberian guys!!!

  38. Edmund Singleton

    Edmund Singleton개월 전

    Now that we know hair dye is a necessary requirement to host a television talk show, just ask Conan O’Brian, Jimmy Fallon, and David Spade, it should be a cinch for a game show host like Drew Carey too, whom has already broken ground for Vanna White to fill in for Pat Sajak recovering from surgery, its not like she has not been appearing with dyed hair since the 1980’s, and with all of the above, I’ll just write, good luck with them dare letters…

  39. Willian Dalsoto

    Willian Dalsoto개월 전

    I'm really glad you put the joke on the title, wouldn't want the viewers to laugh.



    Lookin good conan I thought this was an old episode till you said 2020 Olympics

  41. Turururu

    Turururu개월 전

    It's amazing how the biggest news channel in KOreporter is russia today = RT, and KOreporter do nothing they help them ....

  42. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    Turururu they were in there for a kidney transplant!

  43. solo ist

    solo ist개월 전

    @kentucky fried RT is also a propaganda tool.... there's no difference

  44. PresidentialWinner

    PresidentialWinner개월 전

    @kentucky fried Can you say honestly that RT is unbiased? Newsflash; NO MEDIA IS. Everyone is biased and everyone has vested interests, a line they follow, a direction they have to travel towards. Don't ever think you are looking at the truth, but people, companies and their backers who tell THEIR truth. Some companies, people tell the truth in a way that is closer to the reality than others. RT might be a good one, i don't know.

  45. kentucky fried

    kentucky fried개월 전

    Cause people prefer RT over american trash and fake news.

  46. PresidentialWinner

    PresidentialWinner개월 전

    Yeah i wonder why. Either A) Everyone wants to know news from RT willingly or B) Russia has helped RT become the biggest news in KOreporter. Now, i'm not saying that B is the correct option, but i am saying Russia would really like it if everyone watches RT willingly...

  47. IllumiNATE Your Life

    IllumiNATE Your Life개월 전

    Best Late Night Show in our Time 👍😎

  48. pathologicaldoubt

    pathologicaldoubt개월 전

    Look at woke Andy killing the funny

  49. Полина Антонова

    Полина Антонова개월 전

    Thank you for the invitation ! We will!))

  50. Death To All But Metal

    Death To All But Metal28 일 전

    @Полина Антонова You're welcome 👌We'll keep Interfering in yours too btw :)

  51. DGUTS211

    DGUTS211개월 전

    Ahh yes typical lefty celebrity your derangement is hilarious 👍👍👍

  52. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    DGUTS211 they were in there for a kidney transplant!

  53. dec

    dec개월 전

    Conan is a russiagater smh

  54. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    Sirlene Andria they were in there for a kidney transplant

  55. Sirlene Andria

    Sirlene Andria개월 전

    @AisuruMirai (2016, CNN) "In July of 2016, the FBI launched a counterintelligence investigation into possible links between the Russian government and Trump campaign officials. " (Jul 2019, NYT) "F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia " They found nothing, that's why there's silence.

  56. AisuruMirai

    AisuruMirai개월 전

    It's much kookier to believe that Trump-Russia was a government conspiracy to ruin Trump's campaign than it is to believe that Russia tried to influence the election. 1) Russia had tried in the past to interfere in other nations' elections, including using social media to sway the public. 2) Trump and his associates had dozens of contacts with Russians and always tried to hide the fact. That's called consciousness of guilt. Papadapolous, Flynn, Gates, Manafort, and Stone have all been convicted of crimes surrounding the Trump campaign's contacts with Russians. 3) If the FBI were trying to rig the election for Hillary, then why did they announce an investigation into _her_ rather than publicizing their ongoing investigation into _Donald Trump?_ Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? JFC you people are impossibly dumb.

  57. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    dec they were in there for a kidney transplant!

  58. King Bartu

    King Bartu개월 전

    Totally worth it

  59. George

    George개월 전

    only Russia dope yeah yeah yeah aight.

  60. Oh Aww Geez

    Oh Aww Geez개월 전

    Hehe I love Andy’s swipe at Mayo Pete

  61. Captain Prototype

    Captain Prototype개월 전

    I didnt even recognize andy anymore! First time we got conan's show in hollamd was in 1993 for a few years..

  62. Noelle Nn

    Noelle Nn개월 전

    After that last joke, there is no reason why Conan shouldnt be in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

  63. Brian Erney

    Brian Erney개월 전

    Don't give dam about election in 2020 what is point of it going to suck anyway

  64. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    @Keith Arm They were in there for a kidney transplant!

  65. Keith Arm

    Keith Arm개월 전

    Brian Erney cause you're gonna be mad again if Trump wins..

  66. Лев Гюго

    Лев Гюго개월 전

    We could interfere in your 2020 election, but we couldn't make a thing with NBC situation in 2010, sorry

  67. Death To All But Metal

    Death To All But Metal28 일 전

    @Лев Гюго Lol yeah where was Putin when we needed him in 2010?😂Putin decides to interfere for orange face but not orange hair?😂

  68. Ben Rujo

    Ben Rujo개월 전

    @Romanian Shadow alright calm down, he's just a person, not head of their Olympic committee.

  69. Лев Гюго

    Лев Гюго개월 전

    @Romanian Shadow pobody's nerfect

  70. Romanian Shadow

    Romanian Shadow개월 전

    nah cant interfere but you should be ashamed that russia got banned from the olympics i mean what you expect nothing but a bunch oh cheaters

  71. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    “They were in there for a kidney transplant!” That’s going to be my response to every triggered Trump supporter that comments probably before watching the video

  72. Keith Arm

    Keith Arm개월 전

    Hate to see Conan stoop to their level...

  73. Keith Arm

    Keith Arm개월 전

    Don't like morning shows though late shows pushing Democratic Narratives.. all day long.. "Forking Ridiculous"

  74. Keith Arm

    Keith Arm개월 전

    Michelo17 I like Conan!! Glad he finally got the kidney transplant... Wish he didn't get dicked by Jay Leno... Conan is by far the best Host for the Late Show..

  75. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    Keith Arm they were in there for a kidney transplant!

  76. Keith Arm

    Keith Arm개월 전

    Bunch a goofs...

  77. Lennart M.G.

    Lennart M.G.개월 전

  78. hockeypops

    hockeypops개월 전 suk! Quit telling people your from MA. You used to be good until you became political. From a MA resident

  79. Victor M.

    Victor M.개월 전

    Sometimes I don't get you guys. "But Russia can still participate in the 2020 elections !" And then applause. I mean laughing I would understand but applause ? Like "Yeah ! Russia can ruin our whole democratic process again !" 😂

  80. Sirlene Andria

    Sirlene Andria개월 전

    @randall2020 And Hillary keeps on ruining in 2020, this time the target is Tulsi Gabbard . A democrat.

  81. James Gomez

    James Gomez개월 전

    It was more about Conan stating a fact that Republicans refuse to acknowledge.

  82. Avi Chetri

    Avi Chetri개월 전

    @randall2020 No it wasn't. It was Donald Trump for existing.

  83. randall2020

    randall2020개월 전

    It was Hillary last time who ruined the elections.

  84. pea bee

    pea bee개월 전

    All these jokes should have ended with waka waka

  85. EngineerPrepper

    EngineerPrepper개월 전

    Conan, I watched you for years and I love your show... but stay away from political jokes, For me, its making me just turn off the tv when you do. Any show that talk politics has my thumbs down... we get it. MSM and shows that If you want to stay on the air has to bash Trump constantly, but enough already. Your the only one that makes me laugh at a late night show... dont ruin it for me.

  86. B L

    B L개월 전

    Triggered fascists are hilarious

  87. Pratik4311

    Pratik4311개월 전

    @William Hansard Lol I'm 28

  88. EngineerPrepper

    EngineerPrepper개월 전

    @Michelo17 LOL... indeed.

  89. William Hansard

    William Hansard개월 전

    Ok boomer

  90. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    EngineerPrepper they were in there for a kidney transplant!

  91. R A

    R A개월 전

    It’s gonna be even funnier when trump wins again. 🇺🇸

  92. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    R A they were in there for a kidney transplant

  93. TeeMother

    TeeMother개월 전

    My question is why did that other twin need three testicles?

  94. last1second

    last1second개월 전

    I think vodcanium is the kid who had no testicles. I feel sorry for your lost kiddo

  95. alain kaizer

    alain kaizer개월 전

    You know what ruins a joke? Saying to people that your telling a joke.

  96. Sérgio

    Sérgio개월 전

    @Vodkainum nock nock! Who's there? It doesn't matter. When that door opens get out.

  97. Willian Dalsoto

    Willian Dalsoto개월 전

    @Vodkainum wow, you really showed him.

  98. Vodkainum

    Vodkainum개월 전

    @KPIBM Not as much as your mom. 😂

  99. Toppu

    Toppu개월 전

    Conan: *Russia can still participate in America's 2020 election* Everyone: *laughs* 2020: *Trump wins again* Everyone:

  100. King Bartu

    King Bartu개월 전

    Of course he's going to win look at the competition

  101. enter name here

    enter name here개월 전

    You do realize that we have been interfering in other countries elections for 50 years

  102. enter name here

    enter name here개월 전


  103. Michelo17

    Michelo17개월 전

    Toppu they were in there for a kidney transplant!

  104. Joshua Munn

    Joshua Munn개월 전

    I hope they do I hope they make Trump and Republicans win again I hope Democrats lose because of Russia and Ukraine forevermore I hope Democrats gets exactly what they deserve for 200 years of bullshit.

  105. Flack Byte

    Flack Byte개월 전

    Conan keeping the cameraman on his toes.

  106. Shadow Heart

    Shadow Heart개월 전

    Tony is too busy reading yacht magazines again.

  107. wolverineiscool

    wolverineiscool개월 전


  108. Rémi illuminati

    Rémi illuminati개월 전

    Russia derangement syndrome

  109. •THE• •REVENANT•

    •THE• •REVENANT•개월 전

    Conan is king of showbiz

  110. Лука

    Лука개월 전

    lot of mustard on that guy!

  111. Ashutosh Jindal

    Ashutosh Jindal개월 전

    I wonder what the punchline is

  112. alain kaizer

    alain kaizer개월 전

    Yeah man, was eagerly waiting in anticipation what the punchline is for that first joke.

  113. Fish Finn

    Fish Finn개월 전

    OMG! I'm the first one to see this

  114. Fish Finn

    Fish Finn개월 전

    your mom was

  115. Howdy Justice

    Howdy Justice개월 전

    Is your boyfriend impressed?

  116. Evija3000

    Evija3000개월 전

    You took the time to write the comment so meanwhile you technically didn't see this :D