Colts vs. Titans Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019


  1. Beuriot Quentin

    Beuriot Quentin10 일 전

    I love Adam with all my heart, and he is and will forever be a legend... but he's definitely got to retire... I mean seriously, his pro football career is as old as I am, and I finished college last year... seeing him missing so many FGs and PATs in 2 weeks is as heartbreaking for me as seeing Usain Bolt collapsing on the track in the middle of his final race in the 2017 World Championships was...

  2. streezus

    streezus11 일 전

    0:27 love how this dude was so confident he made a clean play

  3. Brian Lee

    Brian Lee17 일 전

    I loved seeing TY Hilton beating Malcolm Butler

  4. Steve Maviver

    Steve Maviver22 일 전

    Seems the front line of the Titans can't protect the QB

  5. IsaacAtap

    IsaacAtap24 일 전

    Colts win! Their defense is getting better and Jacoby Brissett is finding his groove now.

  6. timomastosalo

    timomastosalo26 일 전

    Titans start, he shouts: 'Sorry 'bout THIS!'

  7. julio guzman

    julio guzman26 일 전

    Titans and colts suck that's the truth

  8. julio guzman

    julio guzman26 일 전

    I don't know why I hate Mariota and titans , why do they look so stupid , 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠😠😠 All I want it's titans losing every weekend .

  9. Modern Music

    Modern Music27 일 전

    Adam Vinatieri needs to be BANNED from the NFL he almost cost the Colts another game like he did with the Chargers. I'm not even a colts fan and its annoying

  10. Modern Music

    Modern Music27 일 전

    I'm dying at the DB acting like he didn't commit one of the most evident PI's in NFL History at 0:43 hahahahahaha

  11. mike nakama

    mike nakama27 일 전

    no offensive blocking Mariotta should change team, the OC can't see the lack of blocking .Why don't he try rolling the qb around to slow the pass rush. Another year of this and Mariotta should change to a team with better coaching.


    NOG OPS THICC27 일 전

    we dont need luck

  13. jarock1420

    jarock142028 일 전

    Dear Colts, Where is my kicker?!?!?! That is all, signed a disgruntled fan

  14. Randy Porter

    Randy Porter28 일 전

    I thought the new OC for the Titans was going to give this offense new life. Guess not.

  15. Andrew Onabanjo

    Andrew Onabanjo28 일 전

    The block at 1:54 was insane

  16. John-boy

    John-boy28 일 전

    That #25 of Titans, holds and then has pass interference on same play (then celebrates like it was a great play, LORL, that's laugh out really loud) Henry is fun to watch run, like a really fast tank. Brissett made some mistakes but is very exciting to watch. Love when the linemen score a TD. Good win Colts, going into Tennessee and getting a W

  17. zaytovenn samuel

    zaytovenn samuel29 일 전

    Colts are a wayyyy better team than what people realize, so are tge browns. As tge season goes on both titans win and loss will be justified by these 3 teams records

  18. George McCrary, II

    George McCrary, II29 일 전

    eh the ball was high but it definitely hit his hands tho. should've been caught

  19. BEE KAY

    BEE KAY29 일 전

    They be trying to take Mariota's head off🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  20. Brandon Patterson

    Brandon Patterson29 일 전

    Always good to see the Titans lose.

  21. paseey

    paseey29 일 전

    which would you rather have if you only had 3 choices...mariota, cousins, tribisky

  22. paseey

    paseey29 일 전

    Mariota sucks

  23. ryan

    ryan29 일 전

    Mariota is horrible

  24. eyang7

    eyang729 일 전

    Worst kicker lol 😂

  25. Martin Brady

    Martin Brady29 일 전

    Was traveling all week and missed this game. Based on these highlights, it looks like the Titans are the better team overall but played like crap when it counted. Not only could they have easily won it in the end, they could have salted it away much earlier. Mariota looked confused too often. Credit to the Colts? Or has Mariota's ceiling tapped out?

  26. Keepin it Raw

    Keepin it Raw29 일 전

    Wtf is Marriota saying when he’s hiking the ball

  27. Sam Hens

    Sam Hens29 일 전

    Never seen anyone fall of a cliff like Vinateri. He cannot be allowed to take any more kicks for the colts

  28. malvoish

    malvoish29 일 전

    I feel like adoree cost us that one

  29. DTV

    DTV29 일 전

    That Was A Good One

  30. Nick Mandelin

    Nick Mandelin29 일 전

    If Vinatieri had made those field goals, the colts would have made a descent win

  31. Man In The Arena

    Man In The Arena29 일 전

    If Derrick Henry isn't getting 25-35 dedicated plays a game you are going to lose. Tennessee football teams are just the most stupid to ever play the game.

  32. HopingForTheWeeknd

    HopingForTheWeeknd29 일 전

    Is it me or is the Cody Parky curse real? 😱

  33. Bradley Bickel

    Bradley Bickel29 일 전

    Why are nfl teams starting to wear white for home games... I don’t like it



    Derek Henry be wide open releasing out the backfield they don’t throw him the ball smh

  35. Vincent

    Vincent29 일 전

    DGUNZDAMC GMB he looks out of place catching the ball

  36. Bossblack13

    Bossblack13개월 전

    So you blame Marcus for a pass that Brown should’ve caught and the fact that Sharpe had a first down but decided to run backwards smh okay.

  37. PoseidonodiesoP

    PoseidonodiesoP개월 전

    0:40 😂 c'mon dude, "incomplete ya!"

  38. Sam Will

    Sam Will개월 전

    How the hell are you gonna have blatant pass interference and then showboat like you’re not a garbage player....thanks for the free first down idiot.

  39. dgaubin

    dgaubin개월 전

    #25 on the Titans thinking he made a good defensive play - the mind boggles.

  40. Joel Koffi

    Joel Koffi개월 전

    Yo titans not bad at all

  41. ItsRyanA

    ItsRyanA개월 전

    Fun fact: Titans were held to 1/10 on 3rd down.

  42. Studio Anthony

    Studio Anthony개월 전

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s time Indy finds a new kicker.

  43. AwShuqs

    AwShuqs개월 전

    Henry has become one of my favourite backs to watch, behind Dalvin Cook and Gurley

  44. braxtomania

    braxtomania개월 전

    Falcons coming for those cheeks.

  45. Ivan Spectre

    Ivan Spectre개월 전

    Damn Vinatieri, that is 5 missed kicks in the last two games. Dude is a legend, hopefully he can pull it together.

  46. Jody Mars

    Jody Mars개월 전

    Stop doubting my boy brissett

  47. Sam Fidow

    Sam Fidow개월 전

    Bench Mariota let other QB start this Sunday too much soft like toilet tissue damm it

  48. Christopher Jordan

    Christopher Jordan개월 전

    8:00 TY killing it 🤑

  49. Jonathan Watson

    Jonathan Watson개월 전

    Love that BMT!!!!!! That was awesome to see a O-Line get a chance to score!!!!!

  50. Jacob Degneau up

    Jacob Degneau up개월 전

    Love how retarded CBs are sometimes, after he grabs him by the helmet he gets up celebrating before he sees the flag.

  51. Dosage of Cancer

    Dosage of Cancer개월 전

    “They were who we thought they were." #JustTitanThings

  52. PJ Lewis

    PJ Lewis개월 전

    Should’ve just ran the ball 🤦🏽‍♂️

  53. Ameya Pathak

    Ameya Pathak개월 전

    What’s up with that’s colts kicker. Colts give deestroying a chance

  54. Brad Rich

    Brad Rich개월 전

    U dont spike the ball on 3rd down w/o timeouts at least throw for the 1st down or throw it incomplete and give the kicker a chance 7 yards out of range still might might it

  55. Clayton Lewis

    Clayton Lewis개월 전

    Cain had him beat 0:42

  56. Marco Solo

    Marco Solo개월 전

    Marioto needs to go and fast,...The Titans will never go anywhere with him!

  57. Bryan Keith

    Bryan Keith개월 전

    Who called that last play?

  58. Jorge Assad

    Jorge Assad개월 전

    Colts vs Titans? More like ex Patriots reunion

  59. Preston Brooks

    Preston Brooks개월 전

    0:28 #25 really thought that was ok

  60. Ron Thammavong

    Ron Thammavong개월 전

    These announcers are alright. they kinda suck though

  61. Ej Burnley

    Ej Burnley개월 전

    Rock ya sin got beat on that final Titans play . . . Thank god it was Mariota at QB lol