Colin Cowherd plays the 3-Word Game after NFL Week 7 | NFL | THE HERD


  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd26 일 전

    What was your favorite game from Week 7?

  2. L R

    L R22 일 전

    Vikings Lions

  3. Glass Chin Joshua

    Glass Chin Joshua24 일 전

    BALTIMORE. Lamar is Electric ⚡️

  4. Jon House

    Jon House25 일 전


  5. Dom Osborne

    Dom Osborne25 일 전

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd 33 to 0. There’s 3 words for your last game.

  6. 56strine

    56strine25 일 전

    How bout dem Niners?! Slip sliding away!

  7. Jonathan Huff

    Jonathan Huff19 일 전

    This dude pronounces everything incorrectly

  8. Connell Sassen

    Connell Sassen21 일 전

    Darnold aged well

  9. Leroy Worsley

    Leroy Worsley22 일 전

    Lamar Jackson is Awesome! MVP

  10. Leroy Worsley

    Leroy Worsley22 일 전

    The Jets are Horrible! The Quarterback is seeing Ghost!LOL

  11. Joey Chuzie

    Joey Chuzie22 일 전

    I hope Bake beats The Pats somehow, that’d be wild

  12. jake king

    jake king22 일 전

    Pats jets “I’m seeing ghosts”

  13. Logan Bove

    Logan Bove22 일 전

    Patriots vs. Jets in three words: I’m Seeing Ghosts

  14. PLNB0019

    PLNB001923 일 전

    Talked about every winner. It the saints. It was all Chicago y’all. Geez

  15. Geo NYC

    Geo NYC23 일 전

    Patiently waiting for your college and NFL picks

  16. Mel von G

    Mel von G23 일 전

    I am pretty sure that KC will heavily rely on there running game!

  17. Tim Bagwell

    Tim Bagwell23 일 전

    hahahaha couldn't be more wrong about that Jets Pats game

  18. Liam Kemelov

    Liam Kemelov23 일 전

    Week seven! Colin: Bengals, did not watch! Lost 9 games straight...

  19. Carson Davis

    Carson Davis23 일 전

    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  20. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu23 일 전

    Darnolds Biggest Test: throws 4 ints and sees Ghosts

  21. Levi Schaffer

    Levi Schaffer23 일 전

    Vikings Superbowl Bound..... SKOL

  22. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu24 일 전

    Your dude Sam Darnold was so bad he claimed to have seen ghosts. Yikes.

  23. Justin Lariviere

    Justin Lariviere24 일 전

    "Bill doesnt play well on MNF...oh."

  24. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu23 일 전

    Lmao. I’d love to see Colin’s reaction to Darnold playing twice as bad as baker did a couple weeks ago

  25. Maximilion Pegasus

    Maximilion Pegasus24 일 전

    You didn’t say anything about the Saints great defense. Just I’m convinced you’re just biased against the Saints.

  26. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu24 일 전

    He was off on this pats and jets game wasn’t even close

  27. TheLongDark

    TheLongDark24 일 전

    1:11 Fewer. 8:33 Colin: "Patriots by 9 or 10." Reality: *Patriots win 33-0.*

  28. Pockit

    Pockit24 일 전

    **Jets get shut out in a 33-point loss and Sam Darnold has a passer rating of 6** Colin Cowherd: "I think the Jets are pretty good and the Patriots are struggling"

  29. Alex Van Keulen

    Alex Van Keulen24 일 전

    Team beats falcons: did not count Team beats dolphins: they look good What.

  30. William Sheehan

    William Sheehan24 일 전

    Tom Brady also played baseball and was drafted into the pros, I hate how they always act like Russ and PH are the only baseball players in the NFL

  31. William Sheehan

    William Sheehan24 일 전

    Tom Brady also played baseball and was drafted into the pros, I hate how they always act like Russ and PH are the only baseball players in the NFL

  32. Trinh Russell

    Trinh Russell24 일 전

    Colin: Patriots win by 9 or 10 Reality: Wins 33-0

  33. _Mason 88

    _Mason 8824 일 전

    Go bengals

  34. Spencer G

    Spencer G24 일 전

    Thank you for giving props to my Vikes! No one else is. The disrespect to Cousins has been blasphemous

  35. Govi Reddy

    Govi Reddy24 일 전

    Kirk Cousins might have night blindness.

  36. JohnDoe

    JohnDoe24 일 전

    Missed the mark on the Jets a bit

  37. PrinceRonnieJR848

    PrinceRonnieJR84824 일 전

    Absolutely nailed it on the Bears defense. The discouragement in them in the second half was palpable. They are exhausted and are over it. Offense put up 3 points if you take out the garbage time production. Season is over. Ryan Pace has been dreadful when he has conviction in his draft picks. Every time he trades up, bad.

  38. Edward Cardona

    Edward Cardona24 일 전

    Darnold's biggest test...boy did he fail

  39. Charles Williams

    Charles Williams25 일 전

    This cat is phony, give Lamar credit.

  40. Devon Nelson

    Devon Nelson25 일 전

    Lmao. I’d love to see Colin’s reaction to Darnold playing twice as bad as baker did a couple weeks ago

  41. Collin Snyder

    Collin Snyder25 일 전

    He was off on this pats and jets game wasn’t even close

  42. bryce arell

    bryce arell25 일 전

    3 word game on Darnold is Thick Trunky Coastal

  43. spinz186

    spinz18625 일 전

    Bears have been impotent on offense, I think a lot of the fault has to go to Nagy and the O line too tho. Hard to throw the ball well when the defense knows you can’t run it. That being said, Trubisky is missing key throws that are jus ugly to see

  44. Desmond Appiah

    Desmond Appiah25 일 전

    The issue with the eagles is the skill players on offense and the DB's on defense. And Flether Cox is a special player.

  45. Desmond Appiah

    Desmond Appiah25 일 전

    Also watching the quasi support for the Jets in hindsight is hilarious lmao. The Pats whammed them.

  46. Eric C

    Eric C25 일 전

    Joy Taylor gets paid to read a paper sent to her by the producers for 2 minutes... I’m jealous she does absolutely nothing

  47. Liam Regan

    Liam Regan25 일 전

    Collin buddy check your research because the patriots absolutely eviscerated the jets last night

  48. Jaedi Rincon

    Jaedi Rincon25 일 전

    Mitchell Turbisky = Cold Trash

  49. Maphisto Jones

    Maphisto Jones25 일 전

    Thanks Colin, for taking my advice and not talking about what you don't know about. You said " The Saints are done anyway ". They will never play the Patriots in the Super Bowl this season. That will be such a downer anyway, Brady vs Brees, No one wants to see that anyway.

  50. C Peterson

    C Peterson25 일 전

    "Pats vs Jets should be a good game." LOL

  51. Brandon Hanning

    Brandon Hanning25 일 전

    No comment on the Titans? Tannehill starts and throws 300? Jeff Simmons first game, that you gave no credit for his goal line stand? You didnt watch the game, did you?

  52. john bush

    john bush25 일 전

    The Saints game should've been teddy stays starter

  53. Luke Gonzales

    Luke Gonzales25 일 전

    "I think it's gonna be a good Monday night game." That didn't age well. 33-0 lmao

  54. pathnativejam

    pathnativejam25 일 전

    The Madden Curse strikes again.

  55. Levi Guise

    Levi Guise25 일 전

    I drafted Joe Mixon ahead of Dalvin Cook in fantasy.... I'll be kicking myself for that for a long time. Wtf. Joe Mixon has been horrible, so much for the offensive coordinator that helped Gurley shine

  56. Gregory Bell II

    Gregory Bell II25 일 전

    Yeaaaa you whiffed on that jets take. They got smashed!!!

  57. Wayne Wallace

    Wayne Wallace25 일 전

    Colin, you want to take that Pats prediction

  58. Aaron Propson

    Aaron Propson25 일 전

    Guess Colin was maybe not close on the pats jets

  59. Reed Bowden

    Reed Bowden25 일 전

    Lol last night was ugly (MNF)

  60. Hidden Secrets

    Hidden Secrets25 일 전


  61. SquidTeamSIX

    SquidTeamSIX25 일 전

    "Good monday night game" 33-0😂😂😂

  62. Nicholas Garrett

    Nicholas Garrett25 일 전

    “The jets are a pretty good football team”

  63. Meghrajsinh Chudasama

    Meghrajsinh Chudasama25 일 전

    #ColtsNation love you from India 🇮🇳

  64. Diesel

    Diesel25 일 전

    Patriots win by 9 or 10? Well....why don't ya fix those numbers around a lil bit. Hahahaha ;) #gotem

  65. Enrique Toquero Lebrero

    Enrique Toquero Lebrero25 일 전

    NE only won by 33 hahahahah

  66. Ryan Ritt

    Ryan Ritt25 일 전

    That Monday night football prediction didn't age well

  67. Teal’s Tapes

    Teal’s Tapes25 일 전

    Jets vs Patriots: Wrong about Darnold

  68. john bush

    john bush25 일 전

    Darnold sucks hard

  69. Line In The Sand

    Line In The Sand25 일 전

    Why are the 49ers getting all this praise? I get theyre undefeated but they havent played anyone yet. Im not hating but they havent shown theyre legit yet