Code Vein - Before You Buy


  1. gameranx

    gameranx개월 전

    A few more things we didn't get to add due to sickness: -Didn't get to test much co op yet, hopefully better than the beta -AI companions are actually useful but they repeat the same lines over and over -too many enemies require no real strategy -anime vampires are very cool

  2. Quique Cantu

    Quique Cantu17 일 전

    @thy_savior I feel the same way. I just have alot of games I want to play in my mind. Welp I guess Ill add this in my list 0

  3. Nick Green

    Nick Green개월 전

    you also forgot to bring up the backstabs

  4. Taekwon

    Taekwon개월 전

    kurtz souls

  5. David Willis

    David Willis개월 전

    @Jacob Rice Can't say, I haven't used it, but forums aren't complaining about it.

  6. JesseeGftw

    JesseeGftw개월 전

    The coop is the same like the beta which was dissapointing but oh well

  7. Jane MochiZuki

    Jane MochiZuki12 시간 전

    Dark Souls x God Eater = Code Vein

  8. Last Mistake You'll Make

    Last Mistake You'll Make일 전

    I love this game. It’s so fun. However, I want way more content. It was over too soon

  9. Neserik Alucard

    Neserik Alucard일 전

    If you get to join a friend can you walk with him and help him beat the game? or its just tiny missions that you can only do with him?

  10. Albert Gongora

    Albert Gongora3 일 전

    I'm not going to lie I love this game especially all four secret endings first the three original endings plus the 4th secret ending which actually hints at that we might actually get a sequel from this game and I think that would be awesome and it would be pretty fun to see that since you know I understand the developers of this game have made a lot of humans similar to code vain before code vain came out which was the course that gave me our games that came out before it were called God eater which was a really good interesting game the only bad part was it relied too much on the buddy system are pretty much you rely too much on your partner instead of getting to play by yourself because the system one of them allow you and your partner to basically go on without each other unlike this one you actually can and I would love to see more sequel adaptations because there's so many different ways they can take the direction to scheme to actually sit up for a sequel

  11. jonny s

    jonny s일 전


  12. InvalidShortcut

    InvalidShortcut4 일 전

    Not dark and grimmy enough. OK for beta males.

  13. jonny s

    jonny s일 전


  14. von bulanadi

    von bulanadi5 일 전

    Is this as good as nioh?

  15. hill 2000

    hill 20006 일 전

    is this game better than nier automata? I wanna buy this, but im not sure. I also wanna play more games like nier automata hence why I am asking this

  16. Ephe Meric

    Ephe Meric6 일 전

    "Anime OR dark souls fan". What's the difference?

  17. Dragoon TV

    Dragoon TV10 일 전

    needs more waifus but maybe a $15-20 dollar game in that case.

  18. Fate Testarossa

    Fate Testarossa10 일 전

    the one thing Bad For This game IS " Your Character Can Not Speak " Just That For me 😂

  19. Santi Nilo

    Santi Nilo11 일 전

    I don't agree with your opinion on the maps. It sounded like you based your opinion on just the first maps only. The later maps are interesting like wth. They have a whole map of just fire!!! Your sick man, definitely sick.

  20. cba 2442

    cba 244211 일 전

    So how hard is this game? I don't like your standard dark souls difficulty. I've never played more the a few hours of those.

  21. Fred Duwe

    Fred Duwe10 일 전

    I would say it's easier than Dark Souls depending on if you use the AI buddy or dismiss him. Code Vein is definitely more friendly for newcomers because it has Tutorials for its mechanics. The AI buddy can be seen as a support to help you get used to the flow of combat and near the end you might be good enough to leave companions in the base and explore on your own. CV is faster paced than Dark Souls 1-2 but a little bit slower than Bloodborne. But you have to keep in mind the game lacks a little bit when it comes to oevel design. Except two to three areas, most are pretty forgettable and maze like (however you get a map you have to unlock by finding Mistles in the area). All in all this is the game for you if you look for the least frustrating Souls experience, but still supplies the opportunities to get the classic Souls experience (if desired).

  22. Ariq Malya Putera

    Ariq Malya Putera11 일 전

    so its single player??? better wait for the crack XDDD!

  23. foca foxxi

    foca foxxi13 일 전

    I loved the demo....hated that I spent so much time on the boss AND IT BASICALLY ENDED THERE ;w;

  24. bleeduntildeath

    bleeduntildeath14 일 전

    my biggest complaint is the music, what it has is beautiful, but it is not as diverse as the other souls games are

  25. BabyKhan 1220

    BabyKhan 122015 일 전

    ‘Linear’ you clearly didn’t reach Cathedral Of The Sacred Blood lol

  26. [スイッチ-姫]Rias Gremory

    [スイッチ-姫]Rias Gremory16 일 전

    seems look Monster Hunter

  27. Professor Lunara Wolf

    Professor Lunara Wolf18 일 전

    Just wait till u get to the snow area. It’s freaking lit

  28. Mr Edgar

    Mr Edgar17 일 전

    Hi professor, powderpuff girls

  29. Justin Watkins

    Justin Watkins18 일 전

    I'm loving this game

  30. Mr Edgar

    Mr Edgar17 일 전

    I made a parody of the game, please check it

  31. qadri rulzdood

    qadri rulzdood18 일 전

    And I’m back with another episode of already buying the game (downloading atm) but I’m still gonna watch the video.

  32. Nicklaus Schubert

    Nicklaus Schubert18 일 전

    You sound like JD from Scrubs

  33. Mastered Ultra Instinct Shaggy

    Mastered Ultra Instinct Shaggy19 일 전

    Sekiro is better than this

  34. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia19 일 전

    Seriously this game reminds me of God Eater, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne way too much. 😋

  35. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia19 일 전

    Who else came here because of Pongsifu?

  36. Michael Marrs

    Michael Marrs20 일 전

    Boy was I wrong, this is the WORST GAME EVER MADE, I paid way too much money for this crap, DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP, ITS WORTHLESS!!!

  37. Mister Twinkey

    Mister Twinkey21 일 전

    Thanks for the review I was thinking about vetting this to play with my friend but I am not sure it is my cup of tea

  38. HotRude

    HotRude21 일 전

    Am I the only person who thought this game was boring? Character creation was awesome but seemed so boring

  39. BlackSheep

    BlackSheep22 일 전

    Just looked at the review on IGN omg it was bad

  40. Hi

    Hi23 일 전

    lol... wtf it looks they just took dark souls and modded the hell out of it

  41. OmegaMusic

    OmegaMusic23 일 전

    Im a from software fan. I have played dark souls and sekiro and also I am playing code vein right now. I find It so amazing in gameplay, graphics, music and story. It combines elements from all the previous games and It finally has an immersive story and an appealing appearance. Not like the dull cryptic ambiance of the dark souls franchise that can get boring. This is rock, fire, neon and blood. Fast paced, precise and most importantly interactive, with living characters having real conversations as never before in a from software game. As for now 9.5/10

  42. Krisztián Kiss

    Krisztián Kiss19 일 전

    Should i buy it?

  43. Noelkinz ᴹᵃᵈ ᴸᵃᵇᵉˡ ᴱⁿᵗ

    Noelkinz ᴹᵃᵈ ᴸᵃᵇᵉˡ ᴱⁿᵗ24 일 전

    got itfor free 99 on pirate bay :) lets go!

  44. Kofja

    Kofja25 일 전

    tiny anime dude swingin a huge block of concrete on a steel bar, very anime xd

  45. Gurdulu

    Gurdulu26 일 전

    Get well, Jake!!

  46. Jay Mont

    Jay Mont26 일 전

    This game sounds AMAZING ima play it RIGHT NOW

  47. Jay Mont

    Jay Mont26 일 전


  48. Shurue

    Shurue27 일 전

    The level design sounds like a deal breaker for me. The thing that interests me most with this style of game is an interconnected world. Just because Dark Souls 1 set the standard high doesn't change the fact that it is in fact the standard, or at least it should be.

  49. Anklage

    Anklage27 일 전

    You can create your own Edgelord? Your own Waifu?!?!? Must buyyyy! reeeeee

  50. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees13 시간 전

    MINE Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine!

  51. Aiman Hafeez

    Aiman Hafeez28 일 전

    does it have cross play for all platform?

  52. Plague Doctor Raven

    Plague Doctor Raven28 일 전

    *Their masks reminds me of the masks from Tokyo Ghoul*

  53. Plague Doctor Raven

    Plague Doctor Raven28 일 전

    *Anyone else want there to be more Souls like games?*

  54. Aiden Ashworth

    Aiden Ashworth28 일 전

    Game's better on ps4. ;3

  55. nuthing skull

    nuthing skull29 일 전

    So basicly its a game in the darksouls universe set far into the 21 century future after knights and fire ceepers have ben erased from history and vampires have now dominated the world

  56. qadri rulzdood

    qadri rulzdood18 일 전

    Dio really did it this time huh

  57. Zamire Wilson

    Zamire Wilson26 일 전

    A very brief but plausible summary.

  58. Logan McAllister

    Logan McAllister개월 전

    If you like anime art style and souls like games get it, loving every second of it

  59. Sean Feeney

    Sean Feeney개월 전

    My only issues are how there's a lot of object phasing and it's slow to render cutcenes almost scene after scene. It's presentation, level design as well as overall variety disappointed me as well.

  60. Ak47

    Ak47개월 전

    idk seems more preferable for the youths

  61. Tao Gunka

    Tao Gunka개월 전

    The game is good

  62. Melting Stream

    Melting Stream개월 전

    The character creation though

  63. Adrian rojo

    Adrian rojo개월 전

    Code vein is ass and good at the same time but the story short

  64. david2odo

    david2odo개월 전

    Dislike; Don't admit you're bad at these games. Gotta git gud. Scrub. 🤣 Your opinion is now invalid. If you were good at these games, you'd have a better review.

  65. Flo morteforet

    Flo morteforet개월 전

    is it SLI optimised?

  66. Justin Graber

    Justin Graber개월 전

    **SPOILER WARNING** Honestly having beaten the game I think it was a really enjoyable experience and definitely scratched that dark souls itch better than most games do. My real only complaints about this game come from the story being pretty predictable (which yeah it's not that deep of a story, to begin with), but it definitely had me questioning the world and having some theories spring up as I played which I really liked about it, but it fell kinda flat on me at times. The other main annoyance was from the fact that this game is all about character customization and really making the character have a personality through that customization, but we never hear the player speak! I forget how many voices you can choose from, but it was really disappointing to only hear my character talk once. I do wish they would have had all the bosses give you some kind of reward besides haze too. I remember fighting some really annoying bosses and being kind of bothered by the fact that my "reward" was just progression and haze.

  67. nicoloco9974

    nicoloco9974개월 전

    I'm getting it for pc. Anyone else?

  68. FEAR

    FEAR29 일 전

    yep. I spent maybe 30 minutes trying to figure out if I should get it. Every review has "dark souls and bloodborne" feels to it. So I said screw it. I'll get it.

  69. milkman1006

    milkman1006개월 전

    It looks alot like god eater

  70. t0m1k123

    t0m1k123개월 전

    Combat looks good but i have a small problem.... i love souls games, but hate anime

  71. NenekTerbang

    NenekTerbang개월 전

    Been playing for hours.. the character creation is good, skill tree is ok, weapon is wow but combat is just... Flat. Never feel sophisticated. Dunno know why

  72. Kevin Galdino

    Kevin Galdino개월 전

    I'm with a vampire + dark souls

  73. Michał M

    Michał M개월 전

    Guys, after 2 weeks, is it worth it?

  74. It's Time To Cleave

    It's Time To Cleave개월 전

    I've been enjoying it a lot, just finished it. I could count the things I didn't like in the game on one hand (a good thing). It was exactly what I expected it to be and I recommend it

  75. Brent Roady

    Brent Roady개월 전

    How much replay value does this game have?

  76. DAudIcI

    DAudIcI개월 전

    I like Dark Soils mechanically but the game always gives me the sads and I can't really get into the world. This looks just wacky enough to do it for me...

  77. Richard Gautney

    Richard Gautney개월 전

    I love soulslikes, so I tried the demo, but the combat is clunky, the environments/enemies are boring, and the systems are convoluted. If people want fanservice, they should just play one of the millions of JRPGs that at least have fun gameplay loops.