clickbaiting my GIRLFRIEND (Q&A)


  1. cadith10gaming

    cadith10gaming4 개월 전

    What a lucky man she’s beautiful take care of her Lannan ❤️✌️

  2. CaptainCaleb2005

    CaptainCaleb20053 일 전


  3. Kayson Walters

    Kayson Walters8 일 전


  4. President Obama

    President Obama개월 전

    For the views

  5. S u b w a y

    S u b w a y개월 전

    cadith10gaming t

  6. Carl Fietze

    Carl Fietze6 시간 전

    Hit the subscribe button if lazarbeam`s girlfriend Beautiful.

  7. Yeetgamer

    Yeetgamer7 시간 전

    I wonder if Ilsa is like Elliot "WHAT'S GOING ON GUYS!" *Ilsa *Lannan "oh"

  8. Daniel Vargas

    Daniel Vargas8 시간 전

    um excuse me 8:41

  9. Assassin Robot

    Assassin Robot8 시간 전

    My yeet is yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  10. your game

    your game12 시간 전

    8:40 Why just why, Are you watching pawn?

  11. NightSaffron66

    NightSaffron6613 시간 전

    3:33 lannan makes it look like she said: lets use it later :v

  12. Skipp Y

    Skipp Y14 시간 전

    Soon lazar, Elliot, and Ilsa will all be dating

  13. NIK2

    NIK215 시간 전

    Shit. Im still lonely

  14. Lexi N

    Lexi N16 시간 전

    She’s a beautiful woman Lannan take care of her

  15. Sandra Petosa

    Sandra Petosa17 시간 전


  16. Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas19 시간 전

    Why does lazarbeam have a pic of that guy in is room

  17. Sparr0w

    Sparr0w19 시간 전

    Lannon watches porn lol

  18. mads p

    mads p21 시간 전

    what does PH stand for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Lazer Fruit

    Lazer Fruit21 시간 전

    She is hot just a jk Lazar beam is better

  20. gd kyan

    gd kyan22 시간 전

    Ohs.sow sos sos

  21. Gamerroy 43

    Gamerroy 4322 시간 전

    No-No bevs on camera *he says as the bevs are clearly visible*

  22. francog162

    francog16222 시간 전

    Dating muselks sister and having more views then him mad lad

  23. Karen Webster

    Karen Webster22 시간 전

    Fuk those 35k that disliked !

  24. Max W

    Max W23 시간 전

    Muselk took the L

  25. Terminator

    Terminator일 전

    YOO Kaidoz was in it

  26. king ninja

    king ninja일 전

    9:20 tell that to tannar lol

  27. king ninja

    king ninja일 전

    Help ilsa start her own channel

  28. Matrix

    Matrix일 전

    i have a feeling if they got married the ring would say YEET

  29. Hammarkids

    Hammarkids일 전

    Damn. She pretty.

  30. pros changers

    pros changers일 전

    Lannan: YoU WeRe WeIrD. Also lannan:*rubs anal stretching cream on his face*

  31. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader일 전

    When two gay lovers find out they are brothers Super Smash Bros Ultimate

  32. Xd souqi

    Xd souqi일 전

    Kaidoz the youtuber just replied

  33. Charlie J M Smith

    Charlie J M Smith일 전

    Lannen u fuckin cheatin onelizibeth

  34. Shampoo MacTavish

    Shampoo MacTavish일 전

    Alrrrrright everybody, welcome to the Muselk channel, an$ today we will be swatting Lazarbeam for dating my sister!

  35. Cruz Vergara

    Cruz Vergara일 전

    Rip juice wrld

  36. Bladen Keene

    Bladen Keene일 전

    Ilsas hot as fuck

  37. Sedick Johaadien

    Sedick Johaadien2 일 전

    Nice things

  38. Thebestman ALIVE

    Thebestman ALIVE2 일 전

    If you think that lazarbeam girlfriend beautiful then hit the like button

  39. alaskamister

    alaskamister2 일 전


  40. Alex Rclets

    Alex Rclets2 일 전

    I watch ph too

  41. GodTRTL797

    GodTRTL7972 일 전


  42. Kaden Mccormick

    Kaden Mccormick2 일 전

    Lazar beam scored

  43. NormiesRuinMemes -

    NormiesRuinMemes -2 일 전

    So I see you started playing pacman

  44. Mr Giraffe

    Mr Giraffe2 일 전

    Why does his gf look like tannar