Clash Royale League: CRL West Fall 2019 | Week 1 Day 2! (English)


  1. Miguel Lucero

    Miguel Lucero14 일 전

    3:06:25 “That fishermmnn” 🤠

  2. Jordan Limantara

    Jordan Limantara20 일 전

    33:14 the fisherman pulling the magic archer to the bomb was probably the highlight of the day that sadlu went unnoticed

  3. N/ A

    N/ A29 일 전

    Can someone play God, and timestamp this ???

  4. M H

    M H개월 전

    Stupid team liquid

  5. Brayan Cevallos

    Brayan Cevallos개월 전

    People are required for clan The clan is called Team THC I have 5800 cups, join to share the best tips of the game.

  6. Alex G

    Alex G개월 전

    Wtf is this?

  7. 노빠꾸

    노빠꾸개월 전

    Boeufmac go!

  8. Ozzy Stormzilla

    Ozzy Stormzilla개월 전

    Nerf fisherman range

  9. Jon Bridge

    Jon Bridge개월 전

    Love watching surg goober lose

  10. AlexDa Kid

    AlexDa Kid개월 전

    IMT for the CRL win. 👌

  11. TGZ riddler40

    TGZ riddler40개월 전

    IMT is the best team

  12. freaking tastic

    freaking tastic개월 전

    Yeray super impressive !

  13. Shobhit Kushwaha

    Shobhit Kushwaha개월 전

    Liquid play better when they play from Blue Tower. Idk if I'm the only one who notices that XD

  14. King GeNociide

    King GeNociide개월 전

    *Building fantasy deck

  15. Sisyphos

    Sisyphos개월 전

    Where can i pick my team for fantasy royale?

  16. Bode Abbott

    Bode Abbott개월 전

    i just went on the clash royale app and went to news/ esports area. It asked me to make a fantasy team. ( dont worry it hasn't started yet )

  17. Aital Fly

    Aital Fly개월 전

    И только русских тут нет 😂

  18. Dan Art

    Dan Art개월 전


  19. Raymond C.T

    Raymond C.T개월 전

    3:17:02 What Is S-G

  20. Virginity Rocks

    Virginity Rocks개월 전

    Is it me or does airsurfer look like dr stranger ?

  21. ShinobiX

    ShinobiX개월 전

    Omg, ur right. I didn't even notice until I read ur comment.

  22. Halaffa Pokemagician

    Halaffa Pokemagician개월 전

    2:15:45 *Flashbacks of when you were level 2 in arena 2 and people played level 7 skarmy on your princess tower*

  23. ChummyTV

    ChummyTV개월 전

    Hey CRL, it would be very usefull to zoom in on the game. We don't much care about players face during some of the fight. I can't see towers and details on my phone the way it's displayed. Thank you

  24. The Midwife

    The Midwife29 일 전

    You must have a tiny phone or a really low resolution.

  25. Atlas D-DC

    Atlas D-DC개월 전

    Oh wow I'm so surprised! Bridgespam with pekka wins again wow I am so surprised I did not see this coming at all, wow, so very surprising...

  26. AwP

    AwP개월 전

    Ohh yeahh is finally back

  27. what does that mean 》

    what does that mean 》개월 전


  28. Sin of sloth

    Sin of sloth개월 전

    lmao liquid is so toxic bruh, they deserved that fat ez L

  29. Хитрый лис

    Хитрый лис개월 전

    Pizdec kruto epty!

  30. A shiok

    A shiok개월 전


  31. 空の王者笑

    空の王者笑개월 전

    Why cream esports use pompeyo in 1vs1?

  32. Kriptonickushman

    Kriptonickushman개월 전

    Dude shut up and play the game

  33. Luis Aleman TY 9TEMPORADA 2

    Luis Aleman TY 9TEMPORADA 2개월 전

    Guión 😂🎂 Hola

  34. XthegreatwhyX

    XthegreatwhyX개월 전

    One hundred percent is the new I couldn't agree with you more.

  35. A shiok

    A shiok개월 전

    What is LaPoKaTi doing now?

  36. A shiok

    A shiok개월 전

    Awp_cr Why?

  37. AwP

    AwP개월 전

    he'll join next week

  38. Last Suspect

    Last Suspect개월 전

    I don't know

  39. Эд Каминский

    Эд Каминский개월 전

    1:22:18 lol. Most need stuff before play

  40. Samy Ciuta

    Samy Ciuta개월 전

    Mmmmm... Kelly😋😊

  41. Samy Ciuta

    Samy Ciuta개월 전

    Ceva Românași??

  42. I'm bored

    I'm bored개월 전

    When it's in American time zones but you live in the islands on the other side of earth

  43. what does that mean 》

    what does that mean 》개월 전

    New sealand? Australia? Japan? Indonesia?

  44. Joshua Kei

    Joshua Kei개월 전

    They should put Pompeyo in the 1v1 set, not the 2v2 set

  45. Mihai Hogas

    Mihai Hogas개월 전

    Futu ti arhanghelii ma tii sk

  46. Kelli Bain

    Kelli Bain개월 전

    Why is Lapokati not there?

  47. Daniel Lankford :D

    Daniel Lankford :D개월 전

    When I saw Javi14 vs Sergical, I had to stop watching the dishes while the water was running. My mom told me "Daniel you're wasting water. That's money down the drain" I didn't even realise it! That match was that good!

  48. Jon Bridge

    Jon Bridge개월 전


  49. Last Suspect

    Last Suspect개월 전

    Save water. Drink rum

  50. ŃigHtÇorĘ

    ŃigHtÇorĘ개월 전

    @Shadan Alsabti Cringe

  51. Shadan Alsabti

    Shadan Alsabti개월 전

    That was the dumbest story

  52. グリーンハイツ

    グリーンハイツ개월 전

    javi op

  53. のっぽリング

    のっぽリング개월 전

    javiパネェ ウェストの選手の中でも頭1つ、いや2つ抜けてる

  54. Geovanny Martinez

    Geovanny Martinez개월 전

    Fui el like número 2k

  55. Manish Choudhary

    Manish Choudhary개월 전

    Where’s lapokati?

  56. Fearless

    Fearless개월 전

    In the back sukn d1ck

  57. Justin Jansen

    Justin Jansen개월 전

    Manish Choudhary joins next week

  58. Davi Esparza

    Davi Esparza개월 전

    Thunderstruck is the worst player in the league

  59. Clock work

    Clock work개월 전

    Thunderstruck: I’m a shit player but a nice guy so I get to be here

  60. Sirmad Hasan

    Sirmad Hasan개월 전

    @Mustafa Iraq they need him just to fill the team. Basically they could put anyone else instead of him and have the same result.

  61. Mustafa Iraq

    Mustafa Iraq개월 전

    @Sirmad Hasan They need him it seems even if he is " so bad "

  62. Mr. Weed

    Mr. Weed개월 전

    lets be fair here, he is a good player but not on the crl level yet. give him a bit more time to get some more experience and he will be more competitive.

  63. Sirmad Hasan

    Sirmad Hasan개월 전

    He is a burden on the team. His teammates would be so frustrated to have him. It is an automatic L with him

  64. Wasif Samin

    Wasif Samin개월 전

    Mr.peyo rocks

  65. Y uki

    Y uki개월 전

    why LAPOKATI not assign?

  66. Justin Jansen

    Justin Jansen개월 전

    ちゃんあじさい joins next week

  67. RavDawg OFFICIAL

    RavDawg OFFICIAL개월 전

    Check out my KOreporter for awesome clash royale battles daily

  68. ThatOne Guy

    ThatOne Guy개월 전

    Where's seltzer we need her

  69. リボン

    リボン개월 전


  70. TAKU -TO

    TAKU -TO개월 전

    what does that mean 》 👍👍

  71. TAKU -TO

    TAKU -TO개월 전

    リボン いえいえ😊

  72. what does that mean 》

    what does that mean 》개월 전

    @TAKU -TO yes for sure

  73. リボン

    リボン개월 전

    @TAKU -TO 試合に出てなかったので心配してました!ありがとうございます!

  74. TAKU -TO

    TAKU -TO개월 전

    リボン 前シーズン同様、IMMORTALSに在籍しています!

  75. Aden Harris

    Aden Harris개월 전

    The games as lame as the players look hahahaha

  76. Imran Haque

    Imran Haque개월 전

    that was completely uncalled for

  77. Baby Magnum

    Baby Magnum개월 전

    Less lame than your profile in my humble opinion.

  78. Wessex

    Wessex개월 전

    @Zvonimir Kralj Aden is in the insecure and childish side of life

  79. Zvonimir Kralj

    Zvonimir Kralj개월 전

    How small and sad person you need to be to say something like these? Grew up man.

  80. G Man

    G Man개월 전

    Out of all five comments, you managed to find mine. Have a great day!

  81. The Midwife

    The Midwife29 일 전

    Shadan Alsabti Angry little toxic child. Grow up!

  82. Mr. Weed

    Mr. Weed개월 전

    @Shadan Alsabti jeez calm down 😂

  83. Shadan Alsabti

    Shadan Alsabti개월 전

    Your name is literally “what does that mean”

  84. what does that mean 》

    what does that mean 》개월 전

    @Shadan Alsabti toxic kid

  85. Shadan Alsabti

    Shadan Alsabti개월 전

    It means “ I know” you uncultured swine

  86. aman tmg

    aman tmg개월 전

    Pompeyo 👏👏

  87. Herlambang Muhammad

    Herlambang Muhammad개월 전

    NRG,, this team , i think just too much count on beufmac

  88. Luis Aleman TY 9TEMPORADA 2

    Luis Aleman TY 9TEMPORADA 2개월 전

    Hola 😠😯😢😼👻

  89. Andrew Mathias, Romania

    Andrew Mathias, Romania개월 전


  90. Oheeeoh

    Oheeeoh개월 전

    Surgical Goblin @ 2:37:30

  91. farid gerami

    farid gerami개월 전

    @Jon Bridge don't spoil it !

  92. Jon Bridge

    Jon Bridge개월 전

    He loses! 👏👏👏

  93. farid gerami

    farid gerami개월 전


  94. OMG iTs RADWAN ! N

    OMG iTs RADWAN ! N개월 전

    Overwatch ♥️and Clash royale ♥️

  95. Zementa

    Zementa개월 전

    Sk op

  96. Philipp Bernhard

    Philipp Bernhard개월 전

    sk gaming is op

  97. YT_ Hyde

    YT_ Hyde개월 전

    Well played airsurfer. Someone get this man a shower! He’s earned t! For real.... please someone force him to bathe

  98. David Lesage

    David Lesage개월 전

    Good look