Clash of Clans: TOWN HALL 13 is Here! (New Update)


  1. Jonny Flores

    Jonny Flores4 시간 전

    Ok I’m done with town hall 13 Now What

  2. BiLL CyPhEr

    BiLL CyPhEr12 시간 전

    Goblin king needed

  3. Sean Blackwell

    Sean Blackwell23 시간 전

    Do the seige barracks even do anything?

  4. coc theD3stroy3r5

    coc theD3stroy3r5일 전

    Please join our new clan theD3stroy3r5 we are active and war active and need new players

  5. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda일 전

    So no one gonna talk about the walls in that village being the number 13?

  6. Deekay Here

    Deekay Here일 전

    am selling my TH10 maxout COC account! It has Lvl 35 King Queen + Lvl 13 clan + 4800 gems + Max Troops! Just for $150. Contact me on Whatsapp +91-7609960899

  7. The Youngsterz

    The Youngsterz일 전

    No practise mode for th 13

  8. The Youngsterz

    The Youngsterz일 전

    No practise mode??????

  9. Rock Is Lyf

    Rock Is Lyf일 전

    2019: townhall has inferno 2029: townhall have troops inside 🤦‍♂️

  10. Конопля ThePlayingTogether

    Конопля ThePlayingTogether일 전

    Поздровляю ты нашел(а) русский кмент

  11. Senni Bee

    Senni Bee일 전

    Hi supercell please bring town hall 13 attack practice in practice and if you can pls bring another new base for eg : base 1 is home village ,base 2 is builder hall ,base 3 like loot hall

  12. Jebonz Z

    Jebonz Z일 전

    Bring back global chat

  13. Tenuun Temuujin

    Tenuun Temuujin2 일 전

    You should add a skin for the royal champion which is the pizzaman which has a pizza cutter for spear and pizza for shield

  14. Tio Madara

    Tio Madara2 일 전

    SUPERCELL vocês precisam REMODELAR o Dragão do CLASH OF CLANS, a animação dele é muito feia

  15. Adailton Junio B. Pedro

    Adailton Junio B. Pedro2 일 전

    so I was banned for cheating for 2 days, but it was unfair, because I only joked because I was jumped solve that I'm from Brazil

  16. baby doll

    baby doll2 일 전

    anyone buy level 9 base cntact me 03002432425

  17. Muntazir Mehdi

    Muntazir Mehdi2 일 전

    Plz give me money in COC plz

  18. baijusurya surya

    baijusurya surya2 일 전


  19. ملكة العراق

    ملكة العراق2 일 전


  20. Loyd Garmadon

    Loyd Garmadon3 일 전

    I am only at townHall 6

  21. Shawon Islam

    Shawon Islam3 일 전

    Now Town Hall has giga inferno. From 2050 Town Hall Will attack in hiding 10 seconds.

  22. Hamza Xo236

    Hamza Xo2363 일 전

    OMG take a nopel for what I see and hear

  23. Hi LV

    Hi LV3 일 전

    Hello sc i pley coc ower 5 yr and i am only 12 year old with th 11 soo many people in game hawe a problem like - i have elexir 7 123 123 and golld only 712 123 i don t nead that much elexir cuz i have upgreided all things and troops to max i only nekas my defens upgreid PLEASE meak somthing that can turn elexir to golld or golld to elexir. Elexir 10.000.000 %60 = 6.000.000 golld think u 😁

  24. عمار عمار

    عمار عمار3 일 전

    كيفكم شباب تاون 13 للبيع بسعر كويس

  25. momo fern

    momo fern3 일 전

    please make a clash of clans animated movie please. thank you

  26. jjekess

    jjekess4 일 전

    2019 : Town hall with inferno 2069 Town hall with townhall


    LETS PLAY 2 CLASH4 일 전

    good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. канал Foxy

    канал Foxy4 일 전

    Thank you th13

  29. Swan Htet Aung

    Swan Htet Aung4 일 전

    Please more animations (clash a rama)

  30. Fun Friends

    Fun Friends5 일 전

    “Finally an upgrade”

  31. Jack Organisation

    Jack Organisation5 일 전

    I have many ideas of troops, buildings, traps, defense, hero’s with me. Do you like to know that supercell

  32. Virtual It Support LTD

    Virtual It Support LTD5 일 전

    Cool boy

  33. Rarock

    Rarock6 일 전


  34. angeloalwaysbust a

    angeloalwaysbust a6 일 전

    Just stop

  35. Christian Eduardo Morales Chow

    Christian Eduardo Morales Chow6 일 전

    Debieran de poner un boton para que cada uno de los integrantes de un clan decidan si entrar a guerra o no. Por que un lider muchas veces mete para guerra a un miembro que no quiere estar en guerra. Saludes

  36. Don 7

    Don 76 일 전

    Man I though clash of clans was dead but 42million views in 1 month says it all

  37. Ali Alomre

    Ali Alomre6 일 전

    لماذا لغو المحادثه العالميه

  38. Dani Os Patisserie

    Dani Os Patisserie7 일 전

    Wonder when the builders will get guns? 😂😂😂

  39. MC squid91

    MC squid917 일 전

    Best update ever!!

  40. Jake Letrada

    Jake Letrada7 일 전

    A lot of rushers is coming. 🤣✌

  41. Ivan05 :3

    Ivan05 :37 일 전

    I suggest making changes. Allow players to sell crystals to each other. If this of course can be done.

  42. Raj Rock

    Raj Rock7 일 전

    NEED GLOBAL CHAT... say everone

  43. All tech with me

    All tech with me7 일 전

    Please help us to fix lag problem of clash of clans..... And help us to solve auto back problem of clash of clans...... THANKS...

  44. ASDF - Roblox

    ASDF - Roblox8 일 전

    0:49 look at the walls it says: 13!

  45. ANIME gamer

    ANIME gamer8 일 전

    u did a worst thing in the game that is making pekka weaker than king its so bad u know see from first the pekka was the powerful troop but now why is the king is powerful who agree my words write same

  46. Daniel Vallejo

    Daniel Vallejo9 일 전

    Love it

  47. Mohamed Nabil

    Mohamed Nabil9 일 전

    لعبة جميلة تستحق اللعب بصراحه ده رقم الواتس للمساعدة 01202926965

  48. naim afifi

    naim afifi9 일 전

    Why u banned my account without any reason????

  49. naim afifi

    naim afifi9 일 전

    U accused me phishing for what reason?banned permanently for what reason??are your team professional???reply me supercell

  50. naim afifi

    naim afifi9 일 전

    What your contact number supercell

  51. عبدالرحمن الشيخ

    عبدالرحمن الشيخ10 일 전

    يا شباب موجود قريه ١٢ قريتين٩ قريه٦ اللي عايزهم يكلمني واتس01205013141باسعار حلوه

  52. KLS Gamer Beast

    KLS Gamer Beast10 일 전

    Clash of clans is the greatest game ever

  53. ملاك الصالح

    ملاك الصالح4 일 전


  54. LG Business

    LG Business10 일 전

    J’ai découvert une super chaîne ! Aletien Coc allez voir c’est top ! 💪💪✅✅


    INFI-FURRY10 일 전


  56. Gautam Sharma

    Gautam Sharma11 일 전

    Old was gold!!!

  57. Gautam Sharma

    Gautam Sharma11 일 전

    Simple was perfect

  58. KK technical point

    KK technical point11 일 전

    This game is water and global chat is wine chat can live without water but water cant live without wine. Enable global chayt

  59. KK technical point

    KK technical point11 일 전

    Global chat

  60. Delan_lan

    Delan_lan11 일 전

    Anyone wanna join my clan leg3ndri8? We are level 11 and always max out clan games and always go to war

  61. Mr.Frozbi

    Mr.Frozbi12 일 전

    please return global chat перевод плиз верните глобальный чат

  62. Сергей Андреев

    Сергей Андреев12 일 전

    А по русски!

  63. Nani Mazani

    Nani Mazani12 일 전

    Who ever reads this, pls don't mind bcoz this comment is for entertainment purpose only 2019:Town Hall has inferno 2020: Town Hall has eagle 2021: Town Hall has scattershot 2022:Town Hall has Another Town Hall Troops Colour: pink,purple,blue,pink,purple 2030:Welcome to the lolipop candy side of The Chocolate Factory.But theres more..............Upgrade time:1 decade