Chris Hemsworth Hates Deadpool - Thor: Ragnarok Funny Interview - 2017


  1. Tom Werchola

    Tom Werchola8 일 전

    Theres nothing about deadpool

  2. Alomgir Hossain

    Alomgir Hossain2 개월 전

    Might as well just cut the video and leave the part where he talks abt deadpool

  3. joe

    joe5 개월 전

    Shakes hand>>Sees tie>>Throws it back

  4. Luiz Marinho

    Luiz Marinho6 개월 전

    Hold on. So Mjolnir was destroyed just because Chris Hemsworth isn't good at flipping it and directors had different ideas of how he should handle it?

  5. Michael

    Michael6 개월 전

    The shocking part made no sense because he can generate lightning which is way more powerful than the shocks he got.

  6. Miss Crazygirl

    Miss Crazygirl6 개월 전

    Why isn’t anyone talking about how Thor gave Hulk relationship advice?

  7. Chug Jug

    Chug Jug6 개월 전

    Hi! Just a Deadpool Fan Passing by the people who say where is it

  8. Tedd NG

    Tedd NG7 개월 전

    As soon as the vid starts: Chris: FFFFUCK

  9. Assassin’s Creed

    Assassin’s Creed7 개월 전

    Tedd NG ikr

  10. Dogg O

    Dogg O7 개월 전

    Oh gosh srsly?! Chris is just freaking joking! That’s his style of humour. You ppl would know if you watched any of his other interviews

  11. Kate McCurdy

    Kate McCurdy7 개월 전

    The only reason Deadpool WASN'T in Ragnarok is because he's owned by Fox. Otherwise we would have gotten a Deadpool/Thor cross

  12. JustA_ DeadMan

    JustA_ DeadMan8 개월 전

    Bring me Deadpool😡⚡

  13. Caleb Stanek

    Caleb Stanek8 개월 전

    He said Laurence Fishburne does he mean Samuel L Jackson? 😂

  14. Jadan Vang

    Jadan Vang8 개월 전

    Chris: “What are you doing here?” DP: “Sorry, let me make it up to you let’s go play cricket and will be like 12 Strong except without Zod” Chris: “Loki!!!!”

  15. Kumoito jp

    Kumoito jp8 개월 전

    Total Stud! Nuf said!

  16. Hasslevania

    Hasslevania8 개월 전

    click baited

  17. Christian Santos

    Christian Santos8 개월 전

    So many Chris 1 Chris Hemsworth 2 Chris Evans 3 Chris Pratt And some Toms 1 Tom Hiddleston 2 Tom Holland

  18. Lady Stoneheart

    Lady Stoneheart8 개월 전

    this interviewer needs to chill lol fake excitement doesn't make anyone happy

  19. tomaf

    tomaf8 개월 전

    Who's Jiji Adid?

  20. tomaf

    tomaf8 개월 전

    Who did Michelle Pfiefer play in the Marvel universe? I only remember her doing a second rate catwoman.

  21. Nezumi Körner

    Nezumi Körner9 개월 전

    Did I miss it? I didn’t hear Hemsworth say that he hates Deadpool. Or is this some sort of assumption based on the look on his face when seeing the Deadpool tie?

  22. M@

    M@9 개월 전

    Interviewer is a tool for leaving that card on his lap for the whole interview.

  23. Sebastian VanZyl

    Sebastian VanZyl9 개월 전

    they didn't even talk of Deadpool???????

  24. Jim Law

    Jim Law9 개월 전

    Never heard anything about deadpool

  25. Amin Limbu

    Amin Limbu9 개월 전


  26. sl1138utube

    sl1138utube9 개월 전

    Pretty sure the whole Avengers team would hate Deadpool.

  27. judge caligula

    judge caligula9 개월 전

    Ragnarok is fucking shit. Hemsworth is a b-grade bitch compared to Reynolds. Thats why

  28. George NoX

    George NoX9 개월 전

    he wishes he was as good as Deadpool lol

  29. PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG

    PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG9 개월 전

    He's definitely Chris#1 now.

  30. NumA Rigaud

    NumA Rigaud9 개월 전

    I got hypnotised and subscribed

  31. Alan Williams

    Alan Williams9 개월 전

    If you can't wait for 04:23

  32. Alan Williams

    Alan Williams9 개월 전

    How Canadian and Australian be enemies

  33. ME

    ME9 개월 전

    i hope Disney dont get the rights to deadpool because they will ruin deadpool completely

  34. Derek Benjamin

    Derek Benjamin9 개월 전

    No mention of Deadpool here.

  35. Hudson Hicks

    Hudson Hicks9 개월 전


  36. Riley Productions

    Riley Productions9 개월 전

    I think that Chris was just joking.

  37. Deadpool

    Deadpool9 개월 전

    So sexy....

  38. M Miah

    M Miah9 개월 전

    Did he say ' fishbrown ' 😂

  39. RoadRunner

    RoadRunner9 개월 전

    "... Laurence Fishburn..." no you did not! HAHA

  40. Joe Honegger

    Joe Honegger9 개월 전

    When does he say he hates Deadpool?

  41. Bonnie Knight

    Bonnie Knight9 개월 전

    Ragnarok isn't funny either, just saying

  42. TacTech Channel

    TacTech Channel9 개월 전

    Literally has lightning coming out of his body. Gets shocked. WTF?

  43. James Smith

    James Smith9 개월 전

    Fuck you clickbaiting worthless fuck!

  44. James Smith

    James Smith9 개월 전

    I love this Chris! He’s an amazing actor!

  45. fake fake

    fake fake9 개월 전

    This must have been the first interview of the day. The actor is genuinely enjoying himself.

  46. atorguy91

    atorguy919 개월 전

    3:39 is he talking about Samuel Jackson?lol

  47. Dustin Oakley

    Dustin Oakley9 개월 전

    Y shade Deadpool?

  48. steveb4088

    steveb40889 개월 전

    Kinda a douche for making dude wear a poster for the interview

  49. DrokkBr000

    DrokkBr0009 개월 전

    Anybody else notice he said laurance fishburn?

  50. Lord Merihem

    Lord Merihem9 개월 전

    "small part of it" The humility of this man.

  51. Shady Gamer

    Shady Gamer9 개월 전

    Did anyone notice, Chris said Laurence fishburn when infact its samual L. jackson. wtf that dude is from the matrix not S.H.E.I.L.D.

  52. Shady Gamer

    Shady Gamer8 개월 전

    Nahara Martinez where does Lawrence Fishburn show up in the MCU? Can't remember if he ever made a appearance.

  53. Nahara Martinez

    Nahara Martinez8 개월 전

    Edmund Swartz No, he actually was talking about Laurence Fishburn.

  54. gene tillman

    gene tillman9 개월 전

    Loved comic books while growing up. The overboard adult bandwagoning is is really faggy tho. I enjoy the MCU but some of you "fans" need to get a fucking life. Pathetic

  55. khaled awesat

    khaled awesat9 개월 전

    He doesn't hate deadpool, it's just a competition between X-men and The Avengers.

  56. Dr. MDMA M.D.

    Dr. MDMA M.D.9 개월 전

    Thor is notoriously humble😂he just called himself a "small part" in the MCU, mf ur Thor, your brother was the first main villain, your sister was a badass villain, your dad was a God & you're one of the original avengers... chill out boi

  57. Santosh Kumar Desai

    Santosh Kumar Desai9 개월 전

    Is it me or He's gonna be in Antman? He just named Antman cast.

  58. Jason Hattrich

    Jason Hattrich9 개월 전

    Oh shit he said, Lawrence fishburn. You mean Samuel l Jackson.. we still love you thor.

  59. Greiwulfe

    Greiwulfe9 개월 전

    Did he call Samuel Jackson, Lawrence fishburn? lol

  60. eyflfla

    eyflfla9 개월 전

    misleading title :/

  61. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki9 개월 전

    Well i hate Deadpool too.

  62. Kapilthev Kenway

    Kapilthev Kenway9 개월 전

    Click Bait they didn't mention anything about DEADPOOL

  63. Curtis B

    Curtis B9 개월 전

    "a part of that in some small way"...... that's some impressive humility for someone as famous as he is especially seeing as how his Thor is awesome.

  64. Tulio Costa

    Tulio Costa9 개월 전

    Misleading!!!! Bullshit!! He does not mention Deadpool at all in this video!!!

  65. Danny Kross

    Danny Kross9 개월 전

    Did no one catch the Lawrence Fishburne/Sam Jackson joke Chris made at 03:38 lol

  66. JF Garuda

    JF Garuda9 개월 전

    He dont hate Deadpool he was just joking because he wasnt promoting Thor

  67. Parallaxus

    Parallaxus9 개월 전

    Lawrence Fishburne? Is Morpheus joining the MCU? Is he going to offer Tony Stark the red pill and blue pill to get into the soul stone? Is Tony Stark the chosen one? Is he going to go up to Hawkeye and do like in John Wick 2, and yell "Somebody PLEEEASE get this man a [bow]."

  68. MsLouisez

    MsLouisez9 개월 전

    i'm australian, yet, his voice amazes me

  69. jmflame

    jmflame9 개월 전

    worse movie ever !!!! Thor: The Dark World has been the greatest of the three.

  70. Francis Turner

    Francis Turner9 개월 전


  71. theGlitch16

    theGlitch169 개월 전

    Talk about click bait

  72. Greenee Something Something

    Greenee Something Something9 개월 전

    Hahaha got a Deadpool ad

  73. Arbiter Of demons

    Arbiter Of demons9 개월 전

    This is not actual deadpool dislike.

  74. MumenRider

    MumenRider9 개월 전

    How does this little playful reaction translate into "Chris Hemsworth Hates Deadpool". That's clickbaity as fuck.

  75. Treehugers

    Treehugers9 개월 전

    The sexual tension between Hemsworth and literally everyone somehow makes me respect him more.

  76. SGNS Entertainment

    SGNS Entertainment9 개월 전

    What was funny about this interview???

  77. DavidH373

    DavidH3739 개월 전

    Haha, so funny... wait... Nah...

  78. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz9 개월 전

    How fuckin dare he hate Deadpool. Deadpool fucking rules

  79. TheQuietCaptain

    TheQuietCaptain10 개월 전

    Deadpool master race

  80. ted rebel

    ted rebel10 개월 전

    anybody else see a chakra theme in the poster on the wall?

  81. Ha Rii

    Ha Rii10 개월 전

    I saw infinity war today

  82. Tom Fenn

    Tom Fenn10 개월 전

    Why do all of these channels have the same intro music - I'm Filmy Official, The Celebrity Expert

  83. zachariashb orkastrator

    zachariashb orkastrator10 개월 전

    Loved the movie! So funny but I find it ridiculous that Thor is held prisoner by an electronic shock device!?! He's the god of electricity???

  84. Logan Jones

    Logan Jones10 개월 전

    Great title for the video you fucking assclown. Really groundbreaking on point stuff here, douchebag

  85. Brother Elias

    Brother Elias10 개월 전

    He means geeking out about it.

  86. Dr. Rich

    Dr. Rich10 개월 전

    Awesome interview! Thank you ❤️👍

  87. KaiXero Gaming

    KaiXero Gaming10 개월 전

    Did Thor had forgotten he shocked Madcap and Deadpool with his thunder.

  88. P Stead

    P Stead10 개월 전

    Laurence Fishburne played Silver Surfer.

  89. Josiah David

    Josiah David10 개월 전

    I don't remember seeing Lawrence Fishburn in the MCU? Last I saw him he was Superman's boss...

  90. TessieTelevision

    TessieTelevision10 개월 전

    Seemed alittle tired.

  91. zane wilkins

    zane wilkins10 개월 전

    And don't forget the little truck the love triangle with Deadpool Thanos and death that was fucking hilarious

  92. zane wilkins

    zane wilkins10 개월 전

    Put Deadpool in Infinity war and I'll think about some subscribing

  93. Chelsea Kirk

    Chelsea Kirk10 개월 전

    I didn’t hear anything about Deadpool at all but ok

  94. Reth: The Mad Gamecat

    Reth: The Mad Gamecat10 개월 전

    What role does Michelle Pfeiffer play? Was that bit about her and Lawrence Fishburn being at the shoot supposed to mean they will be in Infinity War? Michelle Pfeiffer could play Death, Thanos' love interest, and do it perfectly! They may have left that part of his story out, or will use Hela.

  95. Reth: The Mad Gamecat

    Reth: The Mad Gamecat8 개월 전

    Nahara Martinez Oh ok, cool! Thanks! I'm excited to see that. 1st movie was so fun!

  96. Nahara Martinez

    Nahara Martinez8 개월 전

    Robert Meadows the Gamecat She plays Janet Van Dyke in Ant-Man and The Wasp.

  97. DrSeckzytime

    DrSeckzytime10 개월 전

    Dude's jelly. Deadpool > Thor.

  98. Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive

    Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive10 개월 전

    Um. He said nothing about deadpool...

  99. Eternal Night

    Eternal Night10 개월 전

    I think they need to face off

  100. Jay Taber

    Jay Taber10 개월 전

    There was no mention of Deadpool on this.....

  101. Max Tan

    Max Tan10 개월 전

    there's no "thor talking to hulk about black widow" extra in the dvd??!

  102. Didit Martadi

    Didit Martadi10 개월 전

    That poster is freaking awesome!!!

  103. Fred Gustafson

    Fred Gustafson10 개월 전

    I like Thor. Like Chris Hemsworth. Preferred the first two films. Ragnarok was like Friday Night at the Improv. Entertaining, but not a Thor film.

  104. Luxury Brown

    Luxury Brown10 개월 전

    this thor movie totally changed the tone from the other Thor movies. it was such a change. it was quite stupid.

  105. Arthur Menges

    Arthur Menges10 개월 전

    I always wondered how he got tazed. He is the God of flipping thunder.