Chris Broussard makes a bold prediction for LeBron and new-look Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED29 일 전

    Are the new-look Lakers serious title contenders?

  2. Kory Shepard

    Kory Shepard28 일 전

    Only laker fan believe there a lock the rest of us see what's going on kawhi is the man period

  3. Chris Cha

    Chris Cha28 일 전


  4. jpiz224

    jpiz22428 일 전

    Lmao these predictions got me dying

  5. SOC

    SOC28 일 전


  6. Lorenzo Bontorin

    Lorenzo Bontorin4 일 전

    None: [ ] 1:24 Chris: LeBrawn Jaymes

  7. RomanoAmericano

    RomanoAmericano11 일 전

    Who’s laughing now? Broussard is the only analyst who’s worth anything and not embarrassed right now by the Lakers going 7-1... everyone else should go get a job. Clowns!

  8. HardlyCommon

    HardlyCommon22 일 전

    Everyone said the Lakers would make the playoffs...everyone saying the Lakers will win the title...see a correlation?

  9. Frank Hernandez

    Frank Hernandez22 일 전

    stop the drama with Russ and James, they know each other well, and they'll figure it out.

  10. Austin Stout

    Austin Stout23 일 전

    Lebron isn’t gonna start trying until post season 😂


    BABY GIRL25 일 전

    Jenny taft Gorgeous Queen😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️🌹💍

  12. Leland W

    Leland W25 일 전

    Bron showed why he is the GOAT in the Lakers/Jazz game.

  13. Phill G

    Phill G25 일 전

    Should be a good Western conference championship series. Clippers in 6

  14. Shev Stax Beats

    Shev Stax Beats26 일 전

    This isn’t a bold prediction. Slob Brossurd picks Lebron every year.

  15. Timothy Holden

    Timothy Holden26 일 전

    Skip Bayless done lost his mind saying that he would take Doc Rivers over Greg Popaviche, Nah bruh, I'm not buying that one.

  16. tonedefhimfan

    tonedefhimfan26 일 전

    it's a wonder ppl still listen to this fecal matter dispenser. fr fr

  17. Duane Crooms

    Duane Crooms26 일 전

    Who didn’t watch this video but came back to see it . After watching the game ??? 😂😂

  18. jj ball

    jj ball26 일 전

    lakers will barely make the playoffs. They have zero depth unlike the clippers and bucks.

  19. ChrisMonroeSTL

    ChrisMonroeSTL26 일 전

    Skip is right! Houston Rockets are on the way... 🚀

  20. George Charles

    George Charles27 일 전

    In Bron I Trust

  21. Kadeem Smith

    Kadeem Smith27 일 전

    Wheres Goat Parker??

  22. 50farmers

    50farmers27 일 전

    Man I love to watch the mental gymnastics the LeBron apologists come up with when their hero gets his brains beat in. The Claw beat that man like a rented mule.


    BABY GIRL27 일 전


  24. Oliver_B

    Oliver_B27 일 전

    Bron bron is old af, his body won’t take it anymore.

  25. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson27 일 전

    Chris and Shannon were either misinformed, or not really educated on the lakers.

  26. Carl Riggins

    Carl Riggins27 일 전


  27. Carl Riggins

    Carl Riggins27 일 전


  28. Obed Antonio

    Obed Antonio27 일 전

    This video DID NOT aged well...!!! Btw i'm not talking lakers vs clippers openning game... i'm talking about lakers DID NOT make the playoffs... AGAIN...!!! Yes yes.... i'm coming from the future...😎👽

  29. fbi taha

    fbi taha27 일 전

    Anyone else feel like Joy was a bit more bubbly this segment

  30. Ayo Mentality

    Ayo Mentality27 일 전

    Lakers are lucky to make confrence it is gonna be the same season last year for them because lebron thinks he still the best

  31. fkyourwxve

    fkyourwxve27 일 전

    I been asking around about Chris he was sorely missed on here. He always keeps it a buck

  32. Muse Russell23

    Muse Russell2327 일 전

    Damn that didnt age well for broussard

  33. James Galbraith

    James Galbraith27 일 전

    How is this clown employed

  34. dylan simister

    dylan simister27 일 전

    This aged well

  35. SuperNintendoBrotha

    SuperNintendoBrotha27 일 전

    Shannon sharpe a damn fool LOL

  36. Hector Raigosa

    Hector Raigosa27 일 전

    Lakers have yet to mesh.. wait till they actually get it together.. it's a whole new team .. it's not last years youngsters.....

  37. Razzle Dazzle

    Razzle Dazzle27 일 전

    Broussard always gonna ride Lebron and always gonna be wrong lmaoooo. Lechoke will not make the playoffs this year.

  38. Destaye

    Destaye27 일 전

    10 all-stars and the LAKERS can't beat Kwai. SMH

  39. Richard Michael

    Richard Michael28 일 전

    Chris Broussard IS A LOW IQ TOOL

  40. Jason Knight

    Jason Knight28 일 전

    Lebron is too old, he is on the down hill.

  41. Diego Morales

    Diego Morales28 일 전

    I assume this was before the Clips without PG beat the Lakers by 10. :-|

  42. DatGreatness

    DatGreatness28 일 전

    Did he say Kawhi has a frail build? Interesting.

  43. Rigel Gamalier

    Rigel Gamalier28 일 전

    "WRONG" again!!!

  44. Luis Alvarez

    Luis Alvarez28 일 전


  45. Ollie

    Ollie28 일 전

    Get Rob Parker on!

  46. Ollie

    Ollie28 일 전

    Beverly had more rebounds than Mcgee and Howard combined... no not just one...

  47. JTG

    JTG28 일 전

    This mf don’t need to make anymore bold predictions


    SHOT BY NOLAN28 일 전

    “cLiPpErS aRe Out”

  49. Arc Solomon

    Arc Solomon28 일 전

    No one picks the Houston Rockets?

  50. Jay

    Jay28 일 전

    Chris looks like an old version of Eric Andre

  51. Cedric Page

    Cedric Page28 일 전

    Automatic and couldn't pull it off but then he will be the same one talking about it only the first game

  52. Nat Buskirk

    Nat Buskirk28 일 전

    finally Chris ¨Clippers are out¨ Broussard shows his face

  53. Javier Delgado

    Javier Delgado28 일 전

    I can't believe Skip said the Rockets will have the most wins and they will be in the Western conference finals... hes trolling and wants to see who will fall for it.

  54. Javier Delgado

    Javier Delgado28 일 전

    Where was Lebrons 'chip' last night when they needed it. Lebron doesnt have the tenacity of Michael or Kobe and will always be more finesse guy than raging bull.

  55. Chico Too Legit

    Chico Too Legit28 일 전

    Just Dropped some more Fye! Go check them junts out!

  56. Chris R.

    Chris R.28 일 전

    Always knew Kawhi was gonna go to the clippers just to spank Lebron indefinitely in the same building. Which he did just last night ahhh what a time to be alive to watch Lebron the sellout and his minions squirm.

  57. Brian Murray

    Brian Murray28 일 전

    well this clip aged well..... hahahhahahah! Down goes the king!

  58. Deathtickle81

    Deathtickle8128 일 전

    lol, Chris!

  59. Derek Jones

    Derek Jones28 일 전

    He just keeps losing credibility

  60. Michael Franco

    Michael Franco28 일 전

    Am I the only one who doesn't look at Chris the same anymore after this summer?! 😂

  61. why you always cappin

    why you always cappin28 일 전

    Chris Broussard sounds like Gerald from Hey Arnold all grown up.

  62. Elias Hernandez

    Elias Hernandez28 일 전

    Lebron james issa joke

  63. ArabellaPoppy

    ArabellaPoppy28 일 전

    Chris will always be damn fool. 😂

  64. Dan Customer

    Dan Customer28 일 전

    Strange the Chinese government banned every NBA game except the Beijing Lakers and comrade LeBron on opening night ! F*** the anti-American NBA and f*** comrade LeBron !