Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Teaser: Happy Birthday [HD] | Netflix


  1. Delaney Elder

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  2. chloe

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    Srsl the Satanic stuff is just pathetic. I mean, it's clear as the driven snow *pun intended* that that's Baphomet.

  3. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez일 전

    Too much Satan worship for me... Pass!

  4. Whitney Stout

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    Yes available Sabrina next season 2 hope season 3 and season 4 new season 5

  5. Saavan Thethy

    Saavan Thethy3 일 전

    This series was dope AF.

  6. Oba Razzak

    Oba Razzak4 일 전

    So much symbolism and a nod to the occult elite I wouldn't watch this if I were you

  7. td280558

    td2805585 일 전

    Satanic shit!

  8. R. Lima

    R. Lima7 일 전

    Amazing show

  9. Underneath The Moon

    Underneath The Moon7 일 전

    I only have compliments to give for this show. Kiernan Shipka? What an actress!!!

  10. Canis Major

    Canis Major9 일 전

    Sabrina actress looks a lot like Maude Ewing Adams Kiskadden, known professionally as Maude Adams, was an American actress 1872-1953 Reincarnation??

  11. Yoongi's Black Hair

    Yoongi's Black Hair9 일 전

    Kiernan Shipka is a perfect Sabrina, wise and dangerous but at the same time she emanates such a touchingly innocent thing.

  12. Movie Halloween

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  13. Sergio Díaz Nila

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    the best teaser for a series ever


    OP-EAA MUSIC10 일 전

    How COME i paid a monthly subscription n 1 annual suscrito yet i cant view my own ACCOUNT

  15. Amadou Pouloulou

    Amadou Pouloulou11 일 전

    what is the music we hear

  16. Asif A. Ali

    Asif A. Ali11 일 전

    Is that a shorter, and less-smiling-version of Emma Watson? 😐

  17. Asif A. Ali

    Asif A. Ali8 일 전

    +Celestinova Nah. I like Emma. She smiles more.

  18. Celestinova

    Celestinova11 일 전

    She's way better than Emma

  19. Wheeler's & Baby

    Wheeler's & Baby12 일 전

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Ericson Nandeibam

    Ericson Nandeibam12 일 전

    Guyz Isn't she cute, pretty and adorable? XD. WELL I THINK SHE IS...

  21. 44excalibur

    44excalibur13 일 전

    They should call this the PC adventures of Sabina the SJW.

  22. Holy Gaga

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  23. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams13 일 전

    Tv14 pedophiles fantasy expressed in a show. Sick.

  24. alex thelizardking

    alex thelizardking13 일 전

    Wyatt family is missing here

  25. movie hub

    movie hub13 일 전비디오-dA6Xgml0k50.html full episode 1

  26. amsoul6425

    amsoul642514 일 전

    Dear Netflix, I hate 1 hour episodes, please go back to 40 min format

  27. amsoul6425

    amsoul642513 일 전

    +Liam Caswell I know, but, let me keep some hope 😩

  28. Liam Caswell

    Liam Caswell13 일 전

    amsoul6425 the odds are you’ll only get two likes but they will just by pass it as your opinion, not something that should be campaigned for

  29. amsoul6425

    amsoul642513 일 전

    What if someone else see the comment and likes it, it might help to succeed

  30. Liam Caswell

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    amsoul6425 🤣🤣🤣their not going to listen to 1 individual out of millions, just accept it

  31. amsoul6425

    amsoul642513 일 전

    +Liam Caswell well, I have to give a try, they might listen

  32. Timothy Aron

    Timothy Aron14 일 전

    Purge the witches!

  33. Pikavieu

    Pikavieu14 일 전

    i want the happy birthday song link

  34. RoxasVentus Sora

    RoxasVentus Sora14 일 전

    Who sings this song? 😣

  35. Natalie Vazquez

    Natalie Vazquez15 일 전

    Damn!!! Prudence's highlight is poppin✨✨✨✨

  36. Valar Dohaeris

    Valar Dohaeris15 일 전

    I came searching for the song that plays before videos in the new ad for this show that was released by Netflix

  37. Myingthungo Tungoe

    Myingthungo Tungoe16 일 전

    i hope they dont fuck it up like Riverdale

  38. Khampa Narzary

    Khampa Narzary16 일 전

    Where is Lucifer

  39. Oscar Nunez

    Oscar Nunez16 일 전

    Zelda in the other one was hot, but eh still like it. Ill watch all of them. Nice to see what it would of been without tv censorship.

  40. Hira V

    Hira V16 일 전

    The ending is ICONIC🖤🖤🖤

  41. Alyssa Johnson

    Alyssa Johnson17 일 전

    Is it weird that I like the devil and the girls chanting happy birthday to Sabrina

  42. Fauziaa

    Fauziaa17 일 전

    Honestly, from someone who actually watched the show. I can say that it acc is kind of Satanic. They call God the "False God." They say "Hail Satan" and "Praise Satan" in almost every episode if not all. It has HEAVY Satanic themes. Seriously. So if you are religous it'll be hard to watch. You seriously have to take this with a grain of salt.

  43. Alexis Sooklall

    Alexis Sooklall4 일 전

    I see how hearing our God get called the "false god" and then hear "hail satan the true god" would be upsetting but it accurately depicts how brainwashed Satan has them all which is needed for the plot and meaning behind this show to come through.

  44. Alexis Sooklall

    Alexis Sooklall4 일 전

    It delves into demons and Satan because it has to. It won't be accurate to the whole witch thing if it left that out. Regardless, it shows how evil Satan is which in my book is in agreeance with the Bible and Sabrina wanted to be good and wanted to defeat the devil but she fell pray to her emotions... She would do anything to save the ones she loves, Harvey, her friends, her family, even if she has to do bad things to get that done... It's a tale of temptation, all magic comes with a price (probably because its roots are evil), and it's a tale of doing all the wrong things for what she believes are the right reasons... Not so different from some of the lessons you learn in the Bible. Her aunt Hilda who never wanted to join the Church of Night represents goodness, kindness, love and light, while aunt Zelda who murders her own sister every time she doesn't get her way and would do anything for Satan represents the evil side of this show. Whenever her aunt Zelda says things that are messed up, like when she was teaching the little children of the Church of Night "God said if they bit into the apple, they would die, but did Adam and Eve die? No. God lied." ...that is when I just look at it and laugh (because it's just a show), and then recognize her character was brainwashed as a child along with all the other witches and is now in return brainwashing more children and we recognize as Christians that Zelda is in the wrong and it is not true because God didn't mean they will die on the spot. He didn't lie. He meant you will die as in not have eternal life and that was true. Sabrina knew not to trust the devil either and was aware of how manipulative he was and how messed up all the witch traditions Satan wanted the witches to uphold were. She tried to change it at every turn, like the Feast of Feasts tradition for example. It was sick and she recognized that. Sadly, she didn't manage to change anything, but maybe in the future, she will defeat the devil.

  45. akaTheBookTree

    akaTheBookTree17 일 전

    like it better than riverdale; also it's great that they used actors closer to the characters' age. Riverdale ist too overblown...

  46. Myname Here

    Myname Here17 일 전

    Ok, this is the dark version of Sabrina. Based on that, I only have 2 complaints. 1. Whats with the "blurry vision" in ever other scene??? Either film the whole show like that or don't. Jerking back and forth between these is just nerve-racking and distracting. 2. These witches signed their souls to Satan for powers and prestige? Ok. So WHERE is the prestige? WHERE are the powers? Hilda and Zelda run a mortuary for HUMANS, living in an old, run down house, with old run down furniture. And so far, half way through the first season, the only "magic" I've seen is Sabrina casting a couple of spells and turning the radio on. BIG FREEKING DEAL! If they supposedly have SO much power that they signed their souls away for.........WHY aren't they living in a castle or mansion with servants? A penthouse in the middle of a downtown area? Wearing the finest luxury fashions that can be made? Driving the most luxurious vehicles available? I'm with Sabrina........signing your life away is stupid and needles. Especially when you DON'T get what you were promised!!!

  47. Leo Fed

    Leo Fed17 일 전

    Sabrina full power비디오-gPj2e2MprAw.html

  48. anil kalal

    anil kalal17 일 전

    Its a 1 hour long episodes of headache!!

  49. allornothing432

    allornothing43218 일 전

    Complete waste of time! Just a sad vehicle for poorly written SJW third wave feminist bullshit. Its god forsaken delusions seeping into every scene like a cancer! Of course every man is emasculated or a chauvinistic punching bag and all the women feisty champions and ever ready to "advise" all the silly men - seriously who gave the nut case a pen? I swear this delusional shit is in every f*cken show and movie, estranged from reality and only ever comfortable in the realm of fiction and feelings.

  50. Aeternuss

    Aeternuss18 일 전

    This show should be called '' The SJW Satanic adventure of Hermione Granger'''

  51. Paerigos

    Paerigos18 일 전

    Well I really hope Salem starts talking soon...

  52. Yasiref Jimenez

    Yasiref Jimenez18 일 전

    ¿alguien dijo sabrita? Ñam ñam

  53. Lipton T ,

    Lipton T ,18 일 전

    This show wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. 🤷🏾‍♀️. The acting was good but you only hear Salem talk once I believe. They have a weird Fuzz around the edges of the picture. Like the have a blur focus at the wrong freakin time. I give the show 5.7/10.

  54. LemonDrop

    LemonDrop18 일 전

    Greendale doesn't look like it produces many winners but Sabrina's friends are especially losers.

  55. Anisha Singh

    Anisha Singh18 일 전

    It’s amazing 🤩

  56. Liam Caswell

    Liam Caswell19 일 전

    Can I just say that this is a show based on fantasy verses reality, in order to create a fantasy verses reality you have to have an element of supernatural and an element of real world issues and our current issue is politics with feminism. If we completely deny the problems that we are facing in a series or a film then how is it reality, without reality we just have fantasy. If you just want fantasy, may I suggest watching Teletubbies or the Tweenies. There’s no Donald trump on them shows XD.

  57. the thot hunter

    the thot hunter19 일 전

    What the hell is that goat like creature called it looks badass

  58. tdc

    tdc19 일 전

    she literally looks like a demon in this trailer but in the actual show she's really nice

  59. Willy Rodrigues

    Willy Rodrigues19 일 전

    Plz, this song... PLEASE

  60. Tommy Boman

    Tommy Boman19 일 전

    First episode contains Black power, feminist drivel, patriarchy is at fault for the world evils, girls bullied, boys bad, need to start a revolution, menstrual power yadayada... Even IF you could forgive that blatant in-your-face political agenda, the show is also very boring, extremely predictable and badly acted. I will check out episode two as well, just to make sure it continues to suck... but my advice to people is to stay away. No entertainment value at all, except perhaps drinking a shot every-time someone is politically correct... you´ll be drunk after 45min...

  61. Sebastian Joseph

    Sebastian Joseph19 일 전

    Is this show even worth watching? I heard it was your typical CW show with teen drama and forced SJW stuff. A friend of mine said that "this show is nothing but feminist bullcrap who portray all but two men are sexist and misogynist. Huge fail for me." Is it true? He said this after 20 mins of watching the show and giving up. Lol

  62. Sorin Dan

    Sorin Dan4 일 전

    Depends on your preferences. The first episodes are extremely feminist + LGBTQ victimization but later things start to get less feminist + LGBTQ-esque. However the series is satanic. Keep in mind that it is not pagan but satanic. So if you don't mind being satanic, feminist, lgbtq-ist it is your generally teenagers save the universe kind of show.

  63. mccraftergirl 25

    mccraftergirl 2510 일 전

    Ahhh no.....the sexist men are in it just a couple of times. It does have a feminist tilt, but most of the guys you see in it continually are guys like Harvey and Ambrose who are generally good hearted, down to earth guys. In my opinion I feel like Ross's version of Harvey is the best yet because he actually has some disrespect to the original as that version was funny too but mostly he was a dumb jock. In this version he is more you actually feel a bit sorry for him at the end of the season given all the crap he went through and had to deal with.

  64. Gamaliel Quiñones

    Gamaliel Quiñones15 일 전

    it have a low start but it get more fun after ep 4 , but yep they try to do de sjw part but it doesnt matter with everything else

  65. Geek Beat

    Geek Beat19 일 전

    I just finished the finale and the only bad thing is the fake tan of aunty Hilda.

  66. polo99us

    polo99us19 일 전

    I'm already in love with this series.

  67. Lekteris

    Lekteris19 일 전

    Sabrina is in fucked up satanic cult of witches who worships the devil and has no problem with that. Her biggest problem is football players who spreads "toxic masculinity" by bullying her friend for not being feminine enough. I was hyped for this show, it's so sad that it's riddled with political agendas

  68. floatingcolors

    floatingcolors19 일 전

    Ein Krampf anzusehen. Es geht in jeder Szene gegen das Feindbild weißer Mann. Als würde man einen Rekrutierungsfilm für Femen Aktivistinen anschauen. Und natürlich muss die erste Sexszene wieder zwischen Gleichgeschlechtlichen passieren. Netflix wird immer unerträglicher mit ihren Meinungsinduktrinationen. Kaum eine Rolle in der Serie spielt, dass es um eine witzige nette Hexe in der Highshool geht. Allein in den ersten 20 Minuten wurde eine ungeschlechtliche vergewaltigt und Sabrina will eine Frauen only Gruppe gegen Männer gründen. Achja und die Sklavenhaltung eines Schwarzen durch die Eltern von Sabrina ist auch Thema. Applaus Applaus. Dabei hab ich mich so auf ein neutrales mystisches Remake gefreut.

  69. Modh Firdauss

    Modh Firdauss19 일 전

    xmoh sambut hr jdi.. tua dah..

  70. Fracas As-needed

    Fracas As-needed20 일 전

    Looks terrible. More garbage for mindless millennials

  71. Chandler

    Chandler20 일 전

    The happy birthday song .. 💪🏽

  72. Karen Meadors

    Karen Meadors20 일 전

    The show is pretty good hope they make season 2

  73. Daisy Sharman

    Daisy Sharman21 일 전

    Who here noticed the happy birthday in the background was like betty singing to jughead

  74. Joy Chakravarty

    Joy Chakravarty23 일 전

    This doesn't look like the cartoon...

  75. Sarah B. Isma Faizal

    Sarah B. Isma Faizal24 일 전

    I loved this

  76. Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen24 일 전

    Has anyone else noticed that the monster look the same from Riverdale seaon 3 condicdance I think not

  77. Liz

    Liz19 일 전

    Daniel Allen it’s the devil

  78. Blue Fox

    Blue Fox25 일 전

    I don't like it. I get the appeal but the original has a special place in my heart and it's upsetting not to get a genuine remake.

  79. Geek Beat

    Geek Beat19 일 전

    When you say "the original" you mean the old series which is nothing like the original which are the early horror comics that were like the Netflix show?

  80. Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith25 일 전

    That cat better talk or I’m going to be disappointed

  81. disha sharma

    disha sharma25 일 전

    Loved it

  82. Edith Rojas Zaldivar

    Edith Rojas Zaldivar26 일 전

    Is sally from Mad men

  83. FlixCreEightR

    FlixCreEightR27 일 전

    So Sabrina now worships satan ?

  84. Maggie Newton

    Maggie Newton26 일 전

    no she doesn't. she makes a choice not to

  85. rayquaza000

    rayquaza000개월 전

    First edgy Archie now edgy Sabrina where do we go now people

  86. Geek Beat

    Geek Beat19 일 전

    I hope next is "the Hunger" with Jugghead.

  87. MarvelGirl Widow

    MarvelGirl Widow개월 전

    Whats the song name ? (Artist?)

  88. Elly Morales

    Elly Morales개월 전

    Oh, Hell no sis. Satan symbols across my child hood show, Looks like a good show tho.

  89. vishal mellark

    vishal mellark개월 전

    fap fap fap to u

  90. Lilacprophecy

    Lilacprophecy개월 전

    AND What about it if Sabrina is satanic!?

  91. Maggie Newton

    Maggie Newton개월 전

    she isn't satanic, she fights satanism. It's in the critics' reviews.

  92. PIP Kliff

    PIP Kliff개월 전


  93. Mariana Valdez

    Mariana Valdez개월 전

    Netflix, que triste lo que estás haciendo, esta serie esta llena de cultos satánicos y brujería, NO ABRAN PUERTAS Y NO VEAN ESTO. Porque de todos los temas que puedes hablar eliges pura tontería??.

  94. Story of Mi life

    Story of Mi life개월 전

    Sabrina the Teenage satanist

  95. Ariel Lau

    Ariel Lau개월 전

    this reminds me of ahs coven

  96. Praise Jesus

    Praise Jesus개월 전

    The reason Jesus Christ had to die on the cross is because everyone is born with a sinful nature. No one can NOT sin. Sin is anything that stands in opposition to God, and His 10 commandments. Sin is lawlessness and wickedness, and the wages of sin is death. We are all born wicked. This is easily proven. Do you ever have to teach a child to lie or steal or act out or disobey parents? What about bullying their peers, is that something a parent has to teach they're kids to do? No, those things come natural. Sin is in their nature, that's why we have to teach children not to lie, and to share, not to act out or disobey they're parents and to be kind to their peers. These are things that must be taught. If everyone is sinful and God is perfect in Justice and a Just Judge then He MUST punish sinners(people who break the law). That is why God sends sinners to Hell.(lawbreakers go to prison) Which is not unfair, because who you sin against matters. Lets say a man punched a police officer, he would be in trouble. Now lets say that same man punched the president of the country! His punishment would be much more severe because He is in higher authority. We have sinned against the Eternal God, therefore we are sentenced to eternal punishment. God also is perfect in Mercy however. So how can one be perfect in Justice(having to punish sin) and perfect in Mercy?(loving to show forgiveness) That's where The gospel comes into play. The Gospel(Good News) is God became a man like us, lived the sinless life we couldn't, and all the wrath that was meant to be poured out on us for our wickedness, He took upon Himself as Jesus Christ the Son of God and died with it. He took the wages of our sin upon himself and washed us from our sins in his own blood (Revelation 1:5). Think of it this way. God as a judge. Not just any judge, but the very one who created the laws to follow and the consequences for breaking them. Then every single person whom that judge loved broke every law which He established. So knowing His law demands punishment, the judge, being the only innocent man left, takes the punishment himself for everyone who he love's crimes against him, the very one who established the law. Declaring everybody innocent for all time who receives this transaction. The innocent life for the guilty life. The guilty are now declared innocent for trusting this transaction as legitimate payment, therefore no longer having any condemnation. Jesus not only did this but He rose again. When the payment was finished He rose in three days being seen by many. The wages of sin is death and death cannot hold an innocent man. Jesus then imparts in us His righteousness(The Holy Spirit)to all who believe on His work on the cross.(that He paid our debt of sin, and bought and redeemed us with His very own precious blood on the cross... Corinthians 6:20; 1 Peter 1:18-19) Giving us the power to live out a righteous life, and convicting us if we do sin to repent from it. Jesus also went back to the Father to be our mediator, praying for us, speaking for us, and representing us on our behalf. He will inevitably come back again and destroy the wicked, establish a new earth and reign as king with all His saints that believed on His sacrifice. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  97. Maggie Newton

    Maggie Newton개월 전

    wow. you are so wrong about human nature and early childhood development. Maybe try posting your ideology on religious sites, not comment sections for trailers.

  98. Владислава Родионова

    Владислава Родионова개월 전

    Скажите мне что я здесь не одна?

  99. SeekersLegacy

    SeekersLegacy개월 전

    Everyone shitting on Riverdale is delusional and has bad taste. I don’t understand the logic of the haters. Sorry but it’s not a bad show, even if season 2 wasn’t quite as good, season 3 is looking amazing.

  100. Silentghost 3450

    Silentghost 3450개월 전

    I can't wait to see this show! This is my what tenth time watching this trailer! I love the old show and this one I will too! Reboot, different direction whatever you want to call it will be great! Can't wait for her and family to be on Riverdale too!

  101. Karunya S

    Karunya S개월 전

    Damn, I hope the writers of Riverdale don't mess up Sabrina.

  102. Time Lemur

    Time Lemur개월 전

    Who was the horned devil

  103. Tommy Boman

    Tommy Boman개월 전

    I believe you answered your own question... :)

  104. humble servant

    humble servant개월 전

    god of the universe even in your house you put your rules god can put the rules he wants he is owner of allllll creation📬📮✒🎻🛡⛓📯🎷🎈♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️⚓🔥⏰⌚🦁🐑🛑☎️🦁💡

  105. Pris Stratton Fam

    Pris Stratton Fam개월 전

    The Craft 🦇

  106. Windsong Moonchild

    Windsong Moonchild개월 전

    This is a DARK-themed Sabrina the Teenage Witch like Riverdale (dark-themed Archie) .

  107. tom59663

    tom59663개월 전

    Finally Coming this October. Trailer looks like it would be real good.

  108. Super Bri Productions

    Super Bri Productions개월 전

    Austin Moon is Harvey Kinkle.

  109. Anna Barkov

    Anna Barkov개월 전


  110. Eyebrows Are Important

    Eyebrows Are Important개월 전

    It's not Sabrina the teenage witch without Salem the cat. Also, I'd like to see a crossover episode of Riverdale and Sabrina so hopefully there is one.

  111. Geek Beat

    Geek Beat19 일 전

    Salem talks in the new series, you just won't understand him for the most time.

  112. Eyebrows Are Important

    Eyebrows Are Important개월 전

    +kenz I know, it's based on comics. But I'd still like to see the comedic part of Sabrina. Salem talks in the comics too.

  113. kenz

    kenz개월 전

    It's not based on the sitcom.

  114. Goolag

    Goolag개월 전

    Utter bobar. Stop watching Satanic filth.

  115. Laya Renee

    Laya Renee개월 전

    Wasn't expecting that

  116. Karen Conlan

    Karen Conlan개월 전

    ~~~~~~~~ cool

  117. Jelone L

    Jelone L개월 전

    This looks good. I Already know this is going to be the Best Tv Show on Netflix

  118. beckinism

    beckinism개월 전

    I will give this the benefit of the doubt, but if that character turns out to be Satan and not Baphomet, I'm out. Tired of these shows turning witches into Satanists. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Witches do not follow religious/spiritual paths that have anything to do with Christian concepts.

  119. Maggie Newton

    Maggie Newton개월 전

    I read some articles and watched some interviews - Baphomet is the being the witches' school is linked to. Satan - in front of the tree, trying to get Sabrina to sign is from another group run by a man who tries to control the witches. So they are different. Apparently the witches - most of them anyway - are the types linked to nature. I read this is why the Spellman house has so many nature references and decors, including wallpaper.

  120. IAdoreHk

    IAdoreHk개월 전

    I love love loveeee the original 90’s Sabrina the teenage witch, and although this is based on the same character, I love how the gave it a twist of darkness and a different story line (the story line to the Archie comics). I love river dale and I am excited to see this twist, although it will never take place of the original 90’s fun version. I’m sure I’ll like this one as much. The remake I’m unsure about is the new charmed...I don’t feel like they can match the original charmed ones.

  121. B Double U

    B Double U개월 전

    This is just another example of how dark and oppressive TV has become. Netflix, why do you continue to turn out such evil garbage? First, My Babysitter is a Vampire, then Riverdale and now this? There’s no way I’m allowing my kids to watch such demonic programming. I’m ready to canceling my subscription and selling my shares of corporation.

  122. Hannah Polan

    Hannah Polan개월 전

    I'm so excited! I like the dark vibes.

  123. Erick And Pelos The Doge

    Erick And Pelos The Doge개월 전

    *for y’all that scared watch one episode of this and then watch one episode of friends it works for me*