Chicken Nugget Lovers Try Vegan Nuggets


  1. galaxy wolf

    galaxy wolf14 일 전

    Meh chicken just ate all meh chicken nuggets 0-0

  2. Tthom2

    Tthom216 일 전

    If you hadn't told them it was Vegan B4 . . . . you woulda got a totally dif response.

  3. Ella Rydon

    Ella Rydon29 일 전

    Trust me, there are better vegan chicken nuggets, I recommend getting the ones i eat which are the Gardein ones.

  4. Tess H

    Tess H개월 전

    Try Alpha nuggets seriously the best

  5. KidCongoPowersFFS

    KidCongoPowersFFS개월 전

    Cool story sis, keep clogging your arteries bye

  6. Turtle man Aka the turtleinatorrrr lolololol derrrr

    Turtle man Aka the turtleinatorrrr lolololol derrrr개월 전

    400 pound woman acting like these are not up to her standards. Give me a break lady you can eat a burger in 2 bites the tiny nibbles are just dramatic.

  7. Elruna

    Elruna개월 전

    I agree with the comments. Disappointed.

  8. Sarah Cook

    Sarah Cook개월 전

    I really feel like this stuff would be better if it was cooked correctly.

  9. Caleb Crayton

    Caleb Crayton2 개월 전

    Joyce need to sit her fat ass down

  10. Ramy Farid

    Ramy Farid2 개월 전

    You don't compare real chicken with vegan chicken nuggets without putting the ethical side in the equation. Watch some documentary and let's see if you will still taste the chickens as you used to do. I am not even fully vegan but it's been some time since I watched Dominion and everytime I eat chicken, I kinda feel grossed out and can't remove the memory of its preparation. I think it's coming gradually to me

  11. rozynmike

    rozynmike2 개월 전

    Wow, so much ignorance in one video. They wouldn't even know they were vegan if they didn't tell them.

  12. Wei Wuxian

    Wei Wuxian3 개월 전

    If you ask me why am i hate Chris..... Just look at his plate.... He jusy take a piece of nuggets and crack it, break it..... And did not eat it..... It just wasting food

  13. Drew Simms

    Drew Simms3 개월 전

    Joyce ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Coolrthan Afreezr

    Coolrthan Afreezr3 개월 전

    Next time can u do this by making chickens try the nugs ? I’m trynna see sum 👀👀👀👀

  15. YaDadsA JOKR

    YaDadsA JOKR4 개월 전

    It was a beautiful wedding congratulations on the big day

  16. Ash Hall

    Ash Hall4 개월 전

    When she said “everyone has their ministry” I went WEAK I say that all the time it’s really just southern/church shade 🤣😭

  17. Angela Speed

    Angela Speed4 개월 전

    I've never heard of this brand. Y'all need to try (O.G.)Morning Star buffalo nuggets. I've gotten non-vegans hooked. I was raised vegan, but now I have to have my steak.

  18. Geetha Kasibhatla

    Geetha Kasibhatla4 개월 전

    Um, I've been vegetarian my whole life, but I've tried the morningstar vegan chicken nuggets, and they're amazing. And before you can say, "oh, you've never tried meat," that may be true, but I have friends that have eaten them and they have told me they taste almost exactly like chicken nuggets.

  19. vintage laidbackhippie

    vintage laidbackhippie4 개월 전


  20. Jillian Liner

    Jillian Liner5 개월 전

    No way it’s that bad. Like what !! Stop telling them it’s vegan such a bad preconceived notion !!!! (Idk how to spell)

  21. petal2009ify

    petal2009ify5 개월 전

    Im surprised by the white guys reaction, guess he was trying to be gangster for the black guy, which was painful to watch

  22. Victoria Hernández

    Victoria Hernández5 개월 전

    I’ve been looking to try some Vegan nuggets for a while, any recommendations pleaseeee?

  23. Vloggrl Nii

    Vloggrl Nii4 개월 전

    Victoria Hernández quorn chicken nuggets

  24. Dorian

    Dorian5 개월 전

    It's always so disappointing when people immediately write off vegan food as unappetising and don't seem to have any appreciation for the benefits to themselves, animals, or the environment. I'm not even vegan, but I feel a minor sacrifice in taste or texture is nothing compared to the benefits in other areas

  25. santanaoutlaw

    santanaoutlaw5 개월 전

    That dark lipstick is hot on her

  26. Paul DuPré

    Paul DuPré5 개월 전

    why are you eating meat substitutions if you’re vegan? it just doesn’t make sense to me, if you’re truly vegan than the feeling of eating/harming another sentient thing is exactly what you’re trying to avoid, and while obviously they aren’t real chicken it is imitating the feeling of eating real meat

  27. __

    __5 개월 전

    Yo the color of Joyce’s tongue.... 0:51

  28. Becca Clements

    Becca Clements5 개월 전

    Non vegan people try one brand they don’t like of vegan substitute and write of all vegan food as bad

  29. Vishu De Barros

    Vishu De Barros5 개월 전

    The way these ppl act as if it’s poison or som 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣 it just cracks me up 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🆗🆗😂😂😂

  30. *WHY NOT*

    *WHY NOT*5 개월 전

    Who doesn't love or used to love chicken nuggets?

  31. itsya kirbz

    itsya kirbz5 개월 전

    If you want vegan nuggets that have the texture of meat : good ones to try would be Gardein’s barbecue wings. the texture is so close to meat that my body actually felt sick after eating them cause it felt like meat I didn’t feel sick from the food itself haha I just can’t eat meat and my body thought it was eating meat lmao they’re really tasty tho :)

  32. Tristan Matt

    Tristan Matt5 개월 전

    LOL i thought Q said "Hey im cute" at the beginning

  33. Sage Romero

    Sage Romero5 개월 전

    As a vegetarian I think they taste good I also eat the meatless patties too and they taste fine.

  34. Justina Hamilton

    Justina Hamilton5 개월 전

    Destiny has freaking gorgeous skin! It's literally perfect💕💕 - I must know her skin care regimen

  35. Jonathan Ngo

    Jonathan Ngo5 개월 전

    Wait. Chris is back at Buzzfeed? Since when?

  36. sanni

    sanni5 개월 전

    i love normal nuggets but i prefer vegan nuggets! u just have to cook them extra crispy

  37. Khaiah Mann

    Khaiah Mann5 개월 전

    Destinee is gorgeous 😍😍

  38. Not Always Ozzy

    Not Always Ozzy5 개월 전

    I tried this Chinese food thing at a buffet, they looked like chicken nuggets! Best tasting nugget substitute 😂

  39. zamaya c

    zamaya c5 개월 전

    I’m tired of being confused by Joyce’s hair....nothing she does looks......🤦🏾‍♀️

  40. lightning cow films

    lightning cow films5 개월 전

    So many femnist and vegans and leftist lol in the comments well this is buzz feed

  41. Bradley Bruvva

    Bradley Bruvva5 개월 전

    This does not seem like a fair test. They should have tried more nuggets than one brand and tried them hot.. Say they’re vegan after also. Did you guys have an actual vegan set this up?

  42. maybelatermariah

    maybelatermariah5 개월 전

    Chicken nuggets and honey was a very important part of my childhood

  43. Irony Man

    Irony Man5 개월 전

    So Chris is back in buzzfeed :3 i thought he would go to the try guys.

  44. Apparently Rood

    Apparently Rood5 개월 전

    Placebo effect

  45. get to 1k subs without any content

    get to 1k subs without any content5 개월 전

    0:38 LMAOOOOO 😂

  46. Eileen Tirado

    Eileen Tirado5 개월 전

    Destinee is so damn beautiful.

  47. stargirlwonders

    stargirlwonders5 개월 전

    Where have Chris been!

  48. Snodge Kat

    Snodge Kat5 개월 전

    Plant-based YUMMY!!

  49. Aari B

    Aari B5 개월 전

    Vegan meat is the nastiest thing anyone could've ever invented It's not even natural. In no way would I eat something that claims to be meat but was processed with all types of weird things inside of a science lab. But I understand some people like it which is fine, just my own personal opinion (Please do NOT come trying to preach to me and lecture me about my opinion you don't have to agree but I don't feel like arguing with Internet trolls)

  50. Ariana Queen

    Ariana Queen5 개월 전

    I have had vegan chicken nuggets before and they aren’t even dry they are AMAZING and they taste like normal nuggets

  51. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr5 개월 전

    Vegan Nuggets?!

  52. PattyMayonnaise

    PattyMayonnaise5 개월 전

    Vegan chicken nuggets taste exactly like grade school chicken nuggets

  53. Luzmaria Kelly

    Luzmaria Kelly5 개월 전

    I need to see this for myself bc I don’t really trust them, don’t get me wrong I love them but I don’t trust them

  54. Jared Q

    Jared Q5 개월 전

    I don’t understand why you all are making such a big deal out of it. Just eat it. Trader Joe’s makes the best vegan chicken nuggets but it comes with as mandarin chicken. Just take the nuggets and eat them with barbecue sauce instead of using the Mandarin chicken sauce to pour on top.

  55. i am bored hi

    i am bored hi5 개월 전

    destinee is gorgeous

  56. Ashley Hickmott

    Ashley Hickmott5 개월 전

    N U G G S And I made vegan nuggs with tofu and panko stuff and they were really good

  57. Original American Prepper (Ozarks)

    Original American Prepper (Ozarks)5 개월 전

    Vegan or not. Joyce needs to lay off them.

  58. Aiana Scott

    Aiana Scott5 개월 전


  59. nope nope

    nope nope5 개월 전

    Those are no Chicken nuggets, Those are vegan nuggets

  60. Nubble Bubble

    Nubble Bubble5 개월 전

    They said they were cold.Did they bake them at all xD

  61. Avbitten

    Avbitten5 개월 전