People Guess Which Pizza Is Cheap Vs. Expensive


  1. Hey.Its.Tay

    Hey.Its.Tay12 일 전

    I like pineapple on pizza , but I don’t swear by it like some of y’all 😂

  2. AzakaBlue

    AzakaBlue13 일 전

    New Yorker here. I Love Ham & Pineapple Pizza. "Come at Me Bro"!

  3. Jesus

    Jesus15 일 전

    I saw Jackie I clicked

  4. DJBlend21

    DJBlend2115 일 전

    Pizza MUST have pineapple on it if it has ham, bacon or any other salty meat. It balances out the flavour and gives that umami... 😋🍕🍍😁

  5. Devyn Swift

    Devyn Swift18 일 전

    "Where they got cheese... and sauce.... and spices?!? Huh you don't say" They need their own show on buzzfeed cu those two are FRGGGGIN FUNNY. In fact these 4 can just do all buzzfeed videos from now on

  6. Nick Chase

    Nick Chase19 일 전

    jackie is a try hard but in a good way


    MSTRSSFOX22 일 전

    I live in LA... there are SO MANY expensive pizza's you could have gotten... none of these videos are factual in any way they're all super set up which is sad because you would think if it was fake it could be more entertaining, but it isn't...

  8. LazyTV

    LazyTV22 일 전

    Jackie is truly a.... _delight_ MOAR please...

  9. B. K.

    B. K.23 일 전

    Ugh. Jackie. Enough. 😑

  10. Deathloche

    Deathloche24 일 전

    If you don't like pineapple on pizza you can eat a dirty dick

  11. allycookie2009

    allycookie200925 일 전

    The smallest pizza was the cheapest, the medium size was the medium range, and the large pizza was the most expensive, who would have guessed?? Terrible options for this game lol.

  12. Itsuki Nakamura

    Itsuki Nakamura25 일 전

    Any Italian food. Cheap at

  13. Dead

    Dead26 일 전

    Black dude looks like gay shaq 💀💀

  14. Luke Bond

    Luke Bond26 일 전

    She’s smells pizza like she’s doin cocaine

  15. Katenarux3

    Katenarux327 일 전

    I am losing at 5:58 the zoom to his face are such A MEME FORMAT

  16. TylerTron playz

    TylerTron playz27 일 전

    Pineapple is so great on pizza

  17. Dovyeon

    Dovyeon27 일 전

    I mix pizza with my rice and beans so how bad can pineapple on pizza be?

  18. price club

    price club27 일 전

    Pineapple does not belong on a pizza

  19. Uma Anupindi

    Uma Anupindi28 일 전

    Check out ok tested for Indian versions of cheap vs expensive!

  20. andrewho18

    andrewho1828 일 전

    Don't need your overdramatic reaction over something as trivial as pineapple on pizza. Some people like it, some don't. Deal with it.

  21. Serial Snarker Alex

    Serial Snarker Alex27 일 전

    Seriously. Too many people being too gotdamn nosy about other people's pizza

  22. Charlton Williams

    Charlton Williams28 일 전

    Why is everyone in these videos gay?

  23. Ana Banana

    Ana Banana28 일 전

    haha pizza rat wouldn't be able to lift pizza number 3 on his own he's going to need his homies.

  24. Captain Garlic Bread

    Captain Garlic Bread28 일 전

    The asian girl is so cute

  25. GRT-Eljan76

    GRT-Eljan7629 일 전

    I love Jackie!

  26. Eric Caleguer

    Eric Caleguer29 일 전

    Have these people just being randomly picked up from the street? Cause they don’t k anything bout pizza

  27. Dee

    Dee29 일 전

    I see Jackie, I click very simple

  28. LEV1TATE

    LEV1TATE29 일 전

    Most Asian American people likes pineapple on pizza according to my calculations

  29. Vinz Mīu

    Vinz Mīu29 일 전

    Everyone likes pineapples and Everyone like pizza... why not have both in one bite

  30. Serial Snarker Alex

    Serial Snarker Alex27 일 전

    Cause cooked pineapple ain't the way I eat it.

  31. 9 8

    9 829 일 전

    Chicken, onions and pineapple on one side, hamburger, onions and green peppers on the other. Do it. It’s fo real.

  32. Pranay Kavathekar

    Pranay Kavathekar29 일 전

    Stop this. Just stop it. Worth it is on season 6 because they do it well. Just stop this now.

  33. Apple Jack

    Apple Jack29 일 전


  34. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr29 일 전

    PIZZA PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Vinodini Karunaharan

    Vinodini Karunaharan29 일 전

    MEME 6:02

  36. Emmanuel Martinez

    Emmanuel Martinez29 일 전

    If u like pineapple on pizza u have no life

  37. Aidan Sachs

    Aidan Sachs개월 전

    I can taste all of these pizzas without tasting them

  38. Mary G MUA

    Mary G MUA개월 전

    Yo who is the Asian girl? I love her personality and i hope she has a blessed day💕

  39. Antonia Dey

    Antonia Dey개월 전

    Nobody: That one girl: *It's fake*

  40. Antonia Dey

    Antonia Dey개월 전

    I clicked on this video because I'm hungry. Smh😑

  41. Hind Almarzooqi

    Hind Almarzooqi개월 전

    Who is watching without pizza right now?

  42. Mel S

    Mel S개월 전

    All those pizzas look cold

  43. Anew1008

    Anew1008개월 전

    They are all crappy pizzas!

  44. Taegan Skye

    Taegan Skye개월 전

    But Dominos garlic sauce is better than the red sauce. Take my word for it

  45. Kieu Nguyen

    Kieu Nguyen개월 전

    “would people get mad if I ate it down the middle?” “don’t do i-“ bites the middle. “deal with it.”

  46. Serial Snarker Alex

    Serial Snarker Alex개월 전

    Ain't no one even come for you on your pineapple on pizza, CALM DOWN. Maybe we think you have none taste!

  47. Peli Tongi

    Peli Tongi개월 전

    I’d eat a slice of pizza off of your left shoulder Jackie ! 🍕

  48. Jack Hedges

    Jack Hedges개월 전


  49. TezloTV

    TezloTV개월 전

    Someone make 6:00 into a meme

  50. Forest Fox

    Forest Fox개월 전

    When she says the people watching are probably eating pizza it scared me because I am eating pizza

  51. Baironeta

    Baironeta개월 전

    I hate buzzfeed but Jackie makes it worth it ugh

  52. Marwa Fedda

    Marwa Fedda개월 전

    Jackie is soooooo obnoxious

  53. j a i m i n i

    j a i m i n i개월 전

    Pineapple on pizza is the work of god oh my goodness I-

  54. Sabita Gurung

    Sabita Gurung개월 전

    im sorry but if you like pineapple on pizza you need to get a reality check

  55. Chyna .Nichole

    Chyna .Nichole개월 전

    Damn they couldn’t get hot pizza? Lol

  56. Likun Jian

    Likun Jian개월 전

    they really ran out of ideas in 2019



    0:36 I like pizza on a plate

  58. 小森サイオン

    小森サイオン개월 전

    Just came because of jackie over here

  59. Bro Crafter

    Bro Crafter개월 전

    I love pineapple on pizza is the topping if you think you like it make it blue

  60. Tank7messi Sport

    Tank7messi Sport개월 전

    Min Khant play pineapple on pizza is terrible

  61. Fa. ti

    Fa. ti개월 전

    Basic to Bougie..🧐

  62. Sofia Motetta

    Sofia Motetta개월 전

    Sei tu quella che non ha gusto se ti piace l’ananas sulla pizza🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  63. Akira Kairi

    Akira Kairi개월 전

    American pizza is huge... 😧😧

  64. trishi

    trishi개월 전

    Ok tested.

  65. John Carlo Felix

    John Carlo Felix개월 전

    The girl in left said its all cheapappppp

  66. Raj Gomes

    Raj Gomes개월 전

    She was trying so hard lmao

  67. MrStealyochips

    MrStealyochips개월 전

    Bruh Jackie’s eyebrows 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. Rick Baker

    Rick Baker개월 전

    I’m just here to look at Oscar 😍

  69. hord

    hord개월 전

    Girl on the right, annoying af xD

  70. Ahmed Bin Zafar Shahid

    Ahmed Bin Zafar Shahid개월 전

    Gets Dislike for eating a pizza like tht

  71. Ramita Anand

    Ramita Anand개월 전

    I see Jackie, I click.

  72. Cisco

    Cisco개월 전

    8 dollars A PIECE??? In Italy you can get a well made entire pizza for less than that 😐🌹

  73. slozor

    slozor개월 전

    These videos are becoming bland. Idk.

  74. Shaiza Taqvi

    Shaiza Taqvi개월 전

    This is how many people love pineapple on pizza I liked my own comment because I loooooove pineapple on pizza ⬇️

  75. or pinko

    or pinko개월 전

    So instead of ripping off other channels buzzfeed is just ripping off itself

  76. Lizbeth Alejandra Mendez Aceves

    Lizbeth Alejandra Mendez Aceves개월 전

    Omg I love Jackie

  77. Raquel Covarrubias

    Raquel Covarrubias개월 전

    So you're saying you're doing basic to boujee ?

  78. Woodshadow

    Woodshadow개월 전

    all of those look horrible. Who is paying $10 a slice??? That is ridiculous. Just go to MOD. Get an amazing pizza for like $8

  79. Sam Beyene

    Sam Beyene개월 전

    Wait what’s fake pizza?

  80. Froilan Londono Cordoba

    Froilan Londono Cordoba개월 전

    This is how many people hate pineapple on pizza🤢 ⬇️

  81. Samantha Basso

    Samantha Basso개월 전

    pizza that is not from italy itself or NEW YORK is not even pizza

  82. wafagan

    wafagan개월 전

    i am a simple person, i see jackie i click

  83. louise petrilli

    louise petrilli개월 전

    Seriously you people know nothing about pizza 🍕