Charlie Puth - "How Long" [Official Video]


  1. Róse ósalina

    Róse ósalina10 시간 전

    *Teacher:Class Attention* *Me:HOW LONG HAS THIS HAS TO GO OON*

  2. ViralPanti _

    ViralPanti _11 시간 전

    2:23 she is Selena Gomez

  3. Savage NexxuS

    Savage NexxuS14 시간 전

    Charlie Puth dancing is me when all the teachers are sick and cannot come to school so the students took over the school for 1 day XD

  4. PN

    PN15 시간 전

    Ada yang fans Charlie dari +62? Merapat gaes 🙋 We ❤️ Charlie Puth

  5. Kanitha Pattoom

    Kanitha Pattoom16 시간 전

    I love him

  6. Smith Kinny

    Smith Kinny17 시간 전

    This song is too old. But then too it's my fav💓💓

  7. Rob Harrison

    Rob Harrison19 시간 전

    Normani could never 😍

  8. Fernando Santiago

    Fernando Santiago22 시간 전

    *gravity has left the music video*

  9. ine Alp

    ine Alp일 전

    Charliy puth maybe loves FCA group cars hh

  10. Rolando Pinedo

    Rolando Pinedo일 전

    Charlie let's go....

  11. Michelle Balash

    Michelle Balash일 전

    Who is better charile= like jake paul=emoji

  12. Krishnan Kutty

    Krishnan Kutty일 전

    He is dancing like maths teacher went tour forever

  13. Beena Kurian Beena Kurian

    Beena Kurian Beena Kurian일 전

    Who else misses this Charlie 😢 👇

  14. pewdewpie pie

    pewdewpie pie일 전

    Omg types of beggers

  15. Loyiso Lesita

    Loyiso Lesita일 전

    He sounds like Shawn Mendes

  16. Akhilesh Patil

    Akhilesh Patil일 전

    Chalie PUTs on dancing shoes and there is no choreographer

  17. Mya Jade Eldridge

    Mya Jade Eldridge일 전

    🎵how long has it been since he made a new song🎵

  18. Peerasith Singtong

    Peerasith Singtong일 전

    how long is Chinese name

  19. Kailani Salaam

    Kailani Salaam일 전

    Whos listening in decembuary 2063 👇

  20. Aisy Hatta

    Aisy Hatta일 전

    Oh disgusting he just watch nude painting

  21. asamin1022

    asamin1022일 전


  22. scott william ramis

    scott william ramis일 전

    Calendar we dont know you we have youtube



    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Love love love love love love love

  24. ibra nuur

    ibra nuur일 전

    If you are Muslim thumps up👍

  25. Shakhwat Hossain

    Shakhwat Hossain일 전

    I actually miss his hair🥺😢😭

  26. Sahil Qureshi

    Sahil Qureshi일 전

    I miss his hairs more 🥺

  27. simmi seju

    simmi seju일 전

    Well i think that he rather looks cute in this video ❤️👅

  28. ღ Luly Moonwalker ღ

    ღ Luly Moonwalker ღ일 전

    _El típico comentario_ *2019?*

  29. Official SuperDuperRoblox

    Official SuperDuperRoblox일 전

    Remind me of Spider man dancing scene

  30. Anwar Hadday

    Anwar Hadday일 전

    Charlie puth your voice is so adorable I wish I can have your voice and You're amazing You're the best ok I 😍😍😍😍😍 You're voice

  31. Edhy Kurniawan

    Edhy Kurniawan일 전

    Like it

  32. Ko. Kip

    Ko. Kip일 전

    It has a meaning of love.

  33. Ko. Kip

    Ko. Kip일 전

    I love this song it is a amazing for kids like me,I am 17 years old.

  34. Grant Henry PRO

    Grant Henry PRO일 전

    Charlie can fly??? Teach me to do that 👇👍

  35. janilson silva

    janilson silva일 전

    Cade os brasileiros??

  36. Shawnie Lover

    Shawnie Lover2 일 전

    Who's still listening in 43th November's 2019

  37. Ivanna Morales Sala

    Ivanna Morales Sala2 일 전

    Love you so much😍😍😍

  38. Sugiri Aldriar

    Sugiri Aldriar2 일 전

    Normal Comment : It's Great Song Idiot Comment : 2019 ??

  39. Wayne MOST Houston

    Wayne MOST Houston2 일 전

    Love this song Charlie puth

  40. Sachin K Ullas

    Sachin K Ullas2 일 전

    Shawn Mendes is a God. Charlie is a Legend but He is nothing in front of Shawn Mendes. Shawn Mendes voice is the best.

  41. 玲空

    玲空2 일 전

    How long have you been listening?

  42. Kaushik Raj

    Kaushik Raj2 일 전

    If see my comment hit a like Who knows maybe it's for something good in future

  43. papad

    papad2 일 전

    Please stop comparing artists to get likes, they're both good at different sides.

  44. Otávio dos Santos Pereira

    Otávio dos Santos Pereira2 일 전


  45. Kate Abino

    Kate Abino2 일 전

    The painting looks like selena gomez..just saying

  46. Kate Abino

    Kate Abino19 시간 전


  47. Kaushik Raj

    Kaushik Raj2 일 전

    He has a gf

  48. lilly stobbs

    lilly stobbs2 일 전


  49. mr strange

    mr strange2 일 전

    Black panther : get these people the old charlie.

  50. Liz Ramírez

    Liz Ramírez2 일 전

    OMG dance,dance and sing sing

  51. Urbana Islam Barsha

    Urbana Islam Barsha3 일 전

    He's dancing like no more school and no more homework forever

  52. Michelle Balash

    Michelle Balash일 전

    True and like he is ready for college or not

  53. Franzelle Levida

    Franzelle Levida일 전


  54. Starsxmoon

    Starsxmoon3 일 전

    Who else misses this charlie 😭

  55. Michelle Balash

    Michelle Balash일 전


  56. Hannah Jacob

    Hannah Jacob일 전

    In his looks or his posts of songs case if its his songs then.......

  57. 70s Queen of England

    70s Queen of England3 일 전

    Charlie Puth dancing is when our math teacher lets us go 5 minutes early

  58. Azariah Elliott

    Azariah Elliott3 일 전

    looking good charlie

  59. Róse ósalina

    Róse ósalina3 일 전

    *Charlie's dance is me at my test once I get An A+*



    Still addicted to this song 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪



    @niaz rahman used too now I play cod mobile

  62. niaz rahman

    niaz rahman일 전

    bro do you play pubg...

  63. sam alaqil

    sam alaqil3 일 전

    I love your songs u r the best 😉 I'm from yemen😊💛

  64. Ranja Dee

    Ranja Dee3 일 전

    We are promised me allways has a kingdom

  65. Ranja Dee

    Ranja Dee3 일 전


  66. Kenkaido JlDZ

    Kenkaido JlDZ3 일 전

    October 11th 2019 who 's still listening ?

  67. Moonbeam Moonbeamm

    Moonbeam Moonbeamm3 일 전

    Amazing voice but it's rather a funny vid😂 Who's here in oct 19👇

  68. Róse ósalina

    Róse ósalina일 전

    *Is not even October 19*

  69. Alen Hod

    Alen Hod3 일 전

    Я тебя люблю..... Слушать. Умничка))

  70. Jyoti arora Jyoti Arora

    Jyoti arora Jyoti Arora3 일 전

    Who is better... Charlie...... Comment Ed Sheeran...... Like

  71. Udit UDIT

    Udit UDIT3 일 전

    2yrs of this legendary song 🖤