Charlie Puth Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. Directioner Zsquad

    Directioner Zsquad10 시간 전


  2. Anushka Sarkar

    Anushka Sarkar일 전

    I've never stared into my phone THIS long with my teeth out. I'm just REALLY GLAD whenever i watch Charlie Puth doing something. Gosh i love him🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Evenezer Issak

    Evenezer Issak일 전

    The best singer

  4. F_Mxnty

    F_Mxnty일 전

    Pen is

  5. redballoonscar 72

    redballoonscar 72일 전

    I like, LOVE green too! Jade green to be exact.

  6. marvel stan

    marvel stan2 일 전

    Wait I always thought his last name was pronounced “puth” not “pooth”

  7. Jake Morrison

    Jake Morrison2 일 전

    Why is Charlie Puth bald

  8. wdw vibes

    wdw vibes4 일 전

    Am i the only one who thought he was like 5’6 ? 😭😂

  9. Aaliyah Cahill

    Aaliyah Cahill4 일 전

    Eewwwwwww ugly😂😂😂

  10. Scerhan Demarquez

    Scerhan Demarquez5 일 전

    what is Charlie puth? charlie: charlie puth is a human 🤣🤣

  11. Challange Army Me

    Challange Army Me6 일 전

    he said its pretty obvious for EVERY QUESTION LIKE ANSWER IT PLEASE

  12. shwe sin

    shwe sin6 일 전

    When he said abt grammar it reminded me of my english tr saying I need to focus on my grammar in writing

  13. caterina

    caterina7 일 전

    how is charlie puth pronounce......”charlie puth”

  14. Harley quinn

    Harley quinn8 일 전

    Charlie puth no more look like Charlie puth

  15. KV Gacha friendz

    KV Gacha friendz11 일 전

    Is charlie puth good *-yes-* *No.*

  16. Jake Mendes

    Jake Mendes12 일 전

    My mom is also left handed

  17. Spillup

    Spillup14 일 전

    The otto-complete interview

  18. Sup’

    Sup’15 일 전

    K but that’s hot

  19. Processed Meat

    Processed Meat16 일 전

    "Is Charlie Puth good" *no*

  20. Justinswag339

    Justinswag33918 일 전

    Who here after Charlie’s death so sad

  21. Life with Moll!e and Caleb

    Life with Moll!e and Caleb18 일 전

    3:04 is charlie puth good Charlie: NO!!!! i cant breathe he didn't even give it 1 second😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. hotdog bun

    hotdog bun20 일 전

    Charlie's best friend must have felt touched when Charlie said he is his best friend, since Charlie is very famous now and he still hasn't forgot about him

  23. Johanna Luna

    Johanna Luna19 일 전

    Well they really hang out a lot. If you follow Charlie on Instagram you'll notice. 😉

  24. hotdog bun

    hotdog bun20 일 전

    He writes for 5sos? Omg what the heck? I didn't know that he wrote easier alongside them

  25. teddturner

    teddturner21 일 전

    Is charlie puth a tenor? No he is a counter tenor

  26. David Chung Haokip

    David Chung Haokip22 일 전

    Did he just said "5 seconds of summer"? 🖤🖤🖤

  27. Daniel Burgos

    Daniel Burgos22 일 전

    I thought he did the eyebrow thing on purpose wtffffffffffff

  28. Haylee Potter

    Haylee Potter22 일 전

    You should get on your show jojo siwa.

  29. Arni Ftw

    Arni Ftw23 일 전

    I love green to

  30. Nik

    Nik25 일 전

    Why have I never heard of him until today? Am I living under a legit rock?

  31. Altirix

    Altirix26 일 전

    "Is Charlie Puth good?" *no*

  32. Athul Krishna

    Athul Krishna28 일 전


  33. jonas best

    jonas best개월 전

    Why charlie puth cut his hair

  34. Katrina Oconnell

    Katrina Oconnell개월 전

    What are your hopes and dreams other than music

  35. Swat Cat

    Swat Cat개월 전


  36. Anonymous Gacha

    Anonymous Gacha개월 전

    Why did Charlie shave his head?

  37. Jahanvi Kashyap

    Jahanvi Kashyap개월 전

    Puth really sounds like PUTH

  38. Siyabonga Tsepane

    Siyabonga Tsepane개월 전

    Yay i also like green

  39. Siyabonga Tsepane

    Siyabonga Tsepane개월 전

    Not to be mean but charlie puth looks more handsome with more hair

  40. sikander masood

    sikander masood개월 전

    Charlie 💩

  41. TWDx Jaymhar

    TWDx Jaymhar개월 전

    My Favorite! ❤️

  42. Zexity Storm

    Zexity Storm개월 전

    No way my birth stone is green and my favorite color is green also yay

  43. R. T. P the gamer

    R. T. P the gamer개월 전

    Question is Charlie puth good Charlie no

  44. Harold Thrush

    Harold Thrush개월 전

    Charlie Puth:My favourite colour is green Me:SAME OMG

  45. Lyra Watson

    Lyra Watson개월 전

    I really read ur channel name wierd first so I watched the vid but then I saw it was WIRED!🤣🤣

  46. Chris Viggiano

    Chris Viggiano개월 전

    For those people who dont know Rumson New Jersey may be the most expensive place to live in the jersey shore

  47. Elizabeth Thornlow

    Elizabeth Thornlow개월 전

    I listen to your music every day 💋💋

  48. Creeper

    Creeper개월 전

    Charlie Puth’s scar on his eyebrow is better than mine...I have a scar on the side of my face.

  49. Armina Rollett

    Armina Rollett개월 전

    I'm right handed to

  50. Alaa Ibrahim

    Alaa Ibrahim개월 전

    "A grammy nominated engineer" 😂😂😂

  51. Sofia x

    Sofia x개월 전

    he has nice voice actually

  52. daniel50808

    daniel50808개월 전

    Why do the questions have such bad grammar


    IZZE WORLD개월 전

    Holy rabies 😂

  54. Naz izi

    Naz izi개월 전

    Jason mamoa has a better scar

  55. the car window guy

    the car window guy개월 전

    i just made a parody of it lol

  56. Manaf Muhammad

    Manaf Muhammad개월 전

    charlie puth : iam so tired of saying charlie puth me : i like how you sing

  57. Bijay Shahi

    Bijay Shahi개월 전

    Charlie puth favourite colour green Same here Charlie💚

  58. celina blue

    celina blue개월 전

    Omg I thought you go to the barber all the time to give your eyebrow a chip

  59. SM - 08CA - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

    SM - 08CA - Castle Oaks PS (1496)개월 전

    His voice though 🥰🥰🥰

  60. Sunny Bear

    Sunny Bear개월 전

    Gosh this dude is likable.

  61. Kelly Radelet

    Kelly Radelet개월 전

    Someone had a busy day