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  1. Rey Mesto

    Rey Mesto8 시간 전


  2. Narudan

    Narudan15 시간 전

    Video ends on 4:20 i see

  3. wack

    wack일 전

    Wtf happened to his hair

  4. Ophir B

    Ophir B일 전

    Now I’m saying Charlie Puth for no reason at all

  5. Ophir B

    Ophir B일 전


  6. Maribel Flores

    Maribel Flores2 일 전

    When someone asks about the eyebrow thing I thought it was just a fade but he emitted he got bit by a dog so yeah

  7. Memo

    Memo3 일 전

    Why is charlie looking like a homeless person

  8. Asem Sultanova

    Asem Sultanova4 일 전

    My favorite color also green ❤️

  9. Zenab Naaz

    Zenab Naaz5 일 전

    where to download Charlie puth 1:49 girl samee

  10. XxWoLfY PLaYzxX

    XxWoLfY PLaYzxX5 일 전

    "is charlie puth good" charlie: "No" also charlie: he's a shy person but nice

  11. Desi Hall

    Desi Hall6 일 전

    He looks like a short person

  12. Fernando Santiago

    Fernando Santiago6 일 전

    I gotta question "WHO THREW THAT PICKLE AT HIM"

  13. Sharmistha Saha

    Sharmistha Saha7 일 전

    Butt what's the secret behind his new hair cut . I wanna know😠😠😠😡😡

  14. Sharmistha Saha

    Sharmistha Saha7 일 전

    What is Charlie puth? Whhatt sorta question is that?😆😆😆😂😂

  15. Omega Gaming

    Omega Gaming7 일 전

    Naaaice bieag head

  16. Paige_greene

    Paige_greene7 일 전

    1:46 That's the real question. Where to download Charlie Puth?

  17. Frxey

    Frxey7 일 전

    Imagine Charlies last name was tune "Charles Otto Tune"

  18. [The Sketchy Gecko]

    [The Sketchy Gecko]8 일 전

    fix that hair my guy

  19. MyTVSeriesTrash92_ Luv

    MyTVSeriesTrash92_ Luv9 일 전

    2:05 is that her mother.?

  20. pahadi pokhriyal

    pahadi pokhriyal9 일 전

    #4:13 😂

  21. Shaleen Chaudhary

    Shaleen Chaudhary9 일 전

    I love Charlie Puth ♥️♥️

  22. Scandalous movies

    Scandalous movies9 일 전

    OMG. His voice.😍

  23. aepkusma

    aepkusma9 일 전

    he Looks like caillou.

  24. machinedrum17

    machinedrum1710 일 전

    I don’t know what I expected his voice to sound like, but this is not it.

  25. Hannah Jacob

    Hannah Jacob10 일 전

    When he kept looking at his parents ........ Ahh

  26. Matthias Motesingh

    Matthias Motesingh11 일 전

    Dog this is the 1st time I hear you speak, you sound great, and you sing amazing.

  27. Yu Jung Kim

    Yu Jung Kim12 일 전

    Y.. he wear and hair like that..

  28. sneha reddy

    sneha reddy13 일 전

    "how did I not know that?"

  29. Nananoey Pn

    Nananoey Pn13 일 전

    *OMG* He's very cute.💙

  30. Tanisha Naidu

    Tanisha Naidu13 일 전

    Only armies get this “*charlie puss*”

  31. Kim Seokjin

    Kim Seokjin14 일 전

    Nobody : Charlie puth : charlie puth charlie puth charlie puth charlieputhcharlieputhcharlieputhcharlieputhcharlieputh

  32. Davanand S

    Davanand S14 일 전

    Why does he look like saitama going for shopping

  33. SornTang

    SornTang15 일 전

    I love this

  34. ruboi

    ruboi15 일 전

    "is charlie puth good." *no.*

  35. Hannah Jacob

    Hannah Jacob일 전

    @Mille Fernandez amazing person who makes me smile

  36. Mille Fernandez

    Mille Fernandez일 전

    @Hannah Jacob I know he is. In fact, he's veryyy good.

  37. Hannah Jacob

    Hannah Jacob일 전

    @Mille Fernandez charlie is goooooood

  38. Mille Fernandez

    Mille Fernandez3 일 전

    That made me sad a little bit.

  39. The mad Manatee

    The mad Manatee16 일 전

    God his hair is bad Pls go back to the old hair Charlie

  40. Preslee Hilliard

    Preslee Hilliard16 일 전

    and man did it suck 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  41. Brownalletta

    Brownalletta16 일 전

    Is Charlie puth goo- no

  42. Brownalletta

    Brownalletta16 일 전

    I didint know that's how your proanounced puth

  43. Brownalletta

    Brownalletta16 일 전

    I had my headphones at max volume then the add played...

  44. Maitrayee Dubey

    Maitrayee Dubey17 일 전

    Every time he said Charlie Puth the only thing I could think about was jungkook saying Charlie Puss...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Sidney Barney

    Sidney Barney20 일 전

    Anyone else remember his youtube days? Man with a wig??

  46. Change

    Change21 일 전

    is charlie puth good? No

  47. Shwe Pyae Eain

    Shwe Pyae Eain21 일 전

    4:00 💓💓💓💓

  48. ella Ann 2

    ella Ann 221 일 전

    3:00 3:o5 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  49. Shiloah Tamonan

    Shiloah Tamonan22 일 전

    Charlie why are u bald

  50. dandelion yugyeom

    dandelion yugyeom22 일 전


  51. EM7207

    EM720722 일 전

    (3:03) Most Searched Questions: is Charlie Puth Good? Charlie Puth: No I was dying when I heard that lol

  52. suman Bisht

    suman Bisht23 일 전

    why is he looking like an egg😂😂

  53. eatsleepJDM - WIZ*ONE

    eatsleepJDM - WIZ*ONE23 일 전


  54. Erian See

    Erian See23 일 전

    He did the GQ interview on the same day

  55. Lipton Tea

    Lipton Tea24 일 전


  56. Arif Faisal

    Arif Faisal24 일 전


  57. 김재은

    김재은24 일 전

    자막 없나여.....?

  58. The Tictok

    The Tictok24 일 전

    Why did he cut his hair 😵

  59. Ellie Largent

    Ellie Largent24 일 전

    3:04 hey dude u okay?

  60. Catherine North

    Catherine North25 일 전

    I’d love to see Billie Eilish 🤩

  61. Sanjay Kumar

    Sanjay Kumar25 일 전

    Mark ronson and charlie puth are brothers

  62. Veronica Cieslik

    Veronica Cieslik26 일 전

    Take a shot everytime he says his name

  63. Marina Abroad

    Marina Abroad26 일 전

    He is still so chill and Humble!! I love that

  64. only biology

    only biology26 일 전