CGi Artist Makes a Masterpiece Everyday For 12 Years (Today We Challenge Him)


  1. Kboyraid

    Kboyraid12 시간 전

    I’ve gone to sleep for 8 hours every day for the past 16 years I’m way more committed than him

  2. gaurav yadav

    gaurav yadav14 시간 전

    Dedication man. Apart from breathing everyday i haven't done anything continuously for so long.

  3. Yee Jia Hong

    Yee Jia Hong14 시간 전

    beeple's work be like: submit to *W R E N G O D*

  4. Nathan

    Nathan21 시간 전

    Brushing my teeth

  5. Vicz King

    Vicz King일 전

    If you email yourself it has to go through the servers....i die😂😂😂😂

  6. AnimeAttack

    AnimeAttack일 전

    I’ve done it longer I wake up everyday for 25 years

  7. dinkus algebra

    dinkus algebra일 전

    5:20 is everyone's reaction when i show them beeples instagram :D

  8. inga han

    inga han2 일 전

    5:13 wtf is that?????

  9. KrOWD

    KrOWD2 일 전

    Imagine the artist make the art from painter

  10. Red Trumpet

    Red Trumpet2 일 전

    Ive slept every day for the past month and eaten and pooed and seen and watched youtube

  11. Nick C

    Nick C2 일 전

    I did the math. 12.5 years = 4,565 days. We'll call that the number of renders or images Beeple has posted. If an average piece of paper is 8.5 x 11 in (22.59 x 27.94 cm) and we arrange them top to bottom (not side by side,) all of Beeple's images printed to that size sheet of paper would cover a distance of 50,215 inches, or 1275.461 meters, 0.793 miles. That's about: •1.5 the height of the Burj Khalifa •3.33 times the height of the Empire State Building •2/3 the length of the Kentucky Derby •1/3 the length of the Hollywood Walk of Fame •4x the height of the Eiffel Tower •5.5x as tall as the Golden Gate Bridge •1,000,000x as long as a grain of sand •the width of 150,000,000 red blood cells •the height of 1,500 Vern Troyers (Mini-Me R.I.P.) It's no walk to Hawaii, but it's ridiculously impressive, especially in that time span. If the average sheet of printer paper is 0.1 mm thick, then all of Beeple's drawings, printed to this average printer paper would stack 45.65 cm high, or 17.972 inches. 18 inches is the shortest US-legal length of a shotgun barrel, or: •0.0000000011892730 times the Distance from Earth to the Moon •0.0000000114086050 times the distance around Earth's equator •1/200 the height of the Statue of Liberty or Big Ben. •8.5x the height of a golf tee •1/15th the height of a giraffe •1/4500th the length of the Kentucky Derby •3/5 the height of one Vern Troyer. (Edit: formatting; separate lines for examples.)

  12. adam

    adam2 일 전

    I sleped

  13. MiyaMiya

    MiyaMiya3 일 전

    Beeple is the boss, mentor, and personal trainer I need in my life. Where is this man's MasterClass

  14. Dracannia

    Dracannia3 일 전

    honestly, this is my first time ever hearing about beeple, and he sounds like a pretty inspiring dude. "it's trash but it's still art" damn, i need that as a new motto lol


    DRAMA LAMA3 일 전

    Like the shirt Sam....

  16. Komi Imperial Guard

    Komi Imperial Guard3 일 전

    *1:20** eating*

  17. Red Menace 0

    Red Menace 03 일 전

    And I thought I cursed a lot.

  18. Volde Tort

    Volde Tort3 일 전

    11:53 they missed a swear

  19. Oxiphy

    Oxiphy3 일 전

    He kinda looks and sounds like Bary Kripke

  20. Well Jr

    Well Jr4 일 전

    "I made a plane" hauahauahahhahahauah

  21. Baby Wipes

    Baby Wipes4 일 전

    He curses a lot more than I expected

  22. ayaxro

    ayaxro4 일 전

    Holy shit that segway for squarespace... hahahha

  23. Alpha Toothless kkj

    Alpha Toothless kkj5 일 전

    What have i done every Day for the past 15 years i don't know sleep?

  24. Chris Duncan

    Chris Duncan5 일 전


  25. Dave Stark

    Dave Stark6 일 전

    Fuck Octane and fuck you stupid bitches

  26. Slyy

    Slyy6 일 전

    I get why he's called BEEPle

  27. SOL WOLF

    SOL WOLF6 일 전

    This vid was life changing

  28. Strebicux

    Strebicux6 일 전

    7:55 F

  29. silverstopmotion

    silverstopmotion7 일 전

    Sam made me click off the video. Don't chew with your mouth open during a video.

  30. Jiin Polanco

    Jiin Polanco7 일 전

    "Yeah MF posted, this is an every day" Priceless episode... DAMM

  31. Daniel O

    Daniel O7 일 전

    Minecraft the last minecart music.... ah the memories

  32. CrimsonSeas9109

    CrimsonSeas91097 일 전

    I brushed my teeth every day for the last month. It was very difficult

  33. Bryce 0612

    Bryce 06127 일 전

    5:14 is no one gonna talk about what is on beeple's pc

  34. reagan schwartz

    reagan schwartz7 일 전

    i would watch beeple do like, literally anything

  35. The Landon Morrison show

    The Landon Morrison show7 일 전

    A few milliseconds after 1:15 you see a picture that says: THOW SOME CRAP ON YOUR WALLS

  36. The Landon Morrison show

    The Landon Morrison show7 일 전

    Your welcome

  37. Jopet Arias

    Jopet Arias7 일 전

    it's weird not to see your mustache ahahahah

  38. Patchiyama

    Patchiyama8 일 전

    The camera was drunk?

  39. Alpodit -Furkan Alperen Arıcı-

    Alpodit -Furkan Alperen Arıcı-8 일 전

    You've missed fuc* sometimes :D

  40. Christian Montemayor

    Christian Montemayor8 일 전

    Clint:what is something you have done everyday for the last month Me:Sleeping and having wake up

  41. Dangazm

    Dangazm8 일 전

    Beeple has a folder called obama_birth_certificate.

  42. Gray

    Gray8 일 전

    5:15 uhhhh

  43. Richardiba

    Richardiba9 일 전

    Beeple looks like a nerded out version of Bon Jovi

  44. Basic gamer YT

    Basic gamer YT9 일 전


  45. Lucidum gaming

    Lucidum gaming9 일 전

    ive lived for 12 years straight >:)

  46. disregard that

    disregard that9 일 전

    11:53 forgot a bleep

  47. Wert's Channel

    Wert's Channel9 일 전

    More like *BLEEP*-le amirite?

  48. Geo63

    Geo639 일 전

    Anyone else wanna party with Beeple?

  49. Povilas Stankūnas

    Povilas Stankūnas9 일 전

    I have been getting out from a bed for like 29 years... Every damn day... Beat that!

  50. FaffyWaffles

    FaffyWaffles9 일 전

    Beeple: Comments on 9mm airsoft gun Beeple: Walks down hallway of guns

  51. sisy phus

    sisy phus9 일 전

    And here I am procrastinating the last days of inktober into november

  52. Rick Yaeger

    Rick Yaeger9 일 전

    Inspiring. (No that wasn’t an automated comment)

  53. Moldy Cheese

    Moldy Cheese9 일 전

    He sounds like lola from big mouth....

  54. Brandon Gregory

    Brandon Gregory9 일 전 that Pete Holmes?

  55. Livid

    Livid9 일 전

    I've consistently breathed my entire life

  56. Lucas Potasio

    Lucas Potasio9 일 전

    His voice is like how a white Cleveland Brown would sound hahaha

  57. Chaos

    Chaos9 일 전

    Can you guys react to Harry Potter ?

  58. Just Perfect Variety

    Just Perfect Variety9 일 전

    Niko talks about terrible VFX all the time then makes the worse haha

  59. PlayGenix

    PlayGenix10 일 전

    If the pictures he made were all printed onto A4 paper and layed out in a line it would only be 0.84224826389 miles......... I think.

  60. Beau Jones

    Beau Jones10 일 전

    Dudeeee whattt!! Beeple is my favourite artist!!!

  61. dzfz2100

    dzfz210010 일 전

    This is the first time I watched the sponsored segment. Well done!