CC가 탄생하는 과정? [#좋맛탱] EP05 반짝, 빛나는 에끌레르 | ENG SUB


  1. 콬TV

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    엄머엄머🤭 동아리방에서 모해! 다음 이야기는 내일.. 7시.. ✍🏻

  2. meomartino jessica

    meomartino jessica11 개월 전

    someone please tell me the name of the song played at the end it is so cute ??

  3. ___

    ___11 개월 전

    동방에서 태이언니 친구 짧은 머리 언니 옆에 있는 베이지색 가방 모에요 ,,

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    혹시 몇요일에 하나요?

  6. chen loi

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    콬TV OST이름이 뭐에요?

  7. Cindy

    Cindy개월 전

    am i the only one that fangirled when he grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him 😍😍😍😍

  8. 윤다영

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    헐 난 저렇게 되면 그냥 심장이 멈출듯.흐허

  9. jean Jin

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    Sana OLLLLL

  10. Sumi Lask

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    D d

  11. 섹시두부

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    덕춘언니 내 최애야 덕춘언니...ㅠㅂㅠ 신과함께 애청자))

  12. 섹시두부

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    3화때 이미 내용 다 파학 했는걸

  13. 하온

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    촬영장소 광운대이셨나 !!아는곳이라 바로보이네요

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  15. Maria Larcy Vega

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    💐Bonus-kiss, (even@2nd already, #1-in dream)...YeoNam jus'Keeps tke-ing care of ChongNam👏👏👏

  16. i don't need a name

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  17. Haniya Loves

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    Jun woo will be jealous. And ji hoon too.

  18. Maria Larcy Vega

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    @Haniya Loves Thanks💐

  19. Haniya Loves

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    @Maria Larcy Vega Oh yeah you're right!

  20. Maria Larcy Vega

    Maria Larcy Vega3 개월 전

    It's 3-Stages of KHg-characters... *w/ JiHoon @Sweet Revenge: Middle high school; *w/JunWoo @Moments of18: Senior HS; *w/YeoNam @HaND: College life

  21. Arnica Pacalna

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    Damn!! Too much uwu 😍😍

  22. [ABNEW]김동현은온동

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    김향기는 모든 키스신이 다 놀란 표정이야 ㅋㅋㅋ

  23. Lyn CB

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    That was the cutest lovely hot kiss ...

  24. pandamon514

    pandamon5144 개월 전

    i love this drama but i also hate it that it makes me hungry

  25. Jocelyn Stars

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    9:38-10:51 sweetness overload NamNam couple! 💕❤️💕

  26. 영배고영배

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    아니 유수빈씨 최준우씨와 키스를 했는데 엄머...

  27. Erene Celestine Bautista

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    Huwoooooow 😱😍😍❤❤❤

  28. nany sweet

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    😍😍 cute & i like it

  29. Timothy Chua

    Timothy Chua5 개월 전

    *Jungwoo, Hwiyoung, and Jihoon has left the group chat*

  30. Maria Larcy Vega

    Maria Larcy Vega3 개월 전

    They're big-Kids...growing older into Young-adults ~ hav-to make Choice's 😄

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  34. weepingtears ;A;

    weepingtears ;A;5 개월 전

    i squealed and it sounded like a screech.... *screeching squeal*

  35. Magnolia Serios

    Magnolia Serios5 개월 전

    I love them sooo much 😘❤😘

  36. Aisyah Chumil

    Aisyah Chumil5 개월 전

    That is such an awkward fall haha

  37. 이채영

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    이 영상을 채지안님이 싫어합니다

  38. 박채린

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    키스나포옹썸탄대이민기 송중기 박보검 김민규 신성록이나여자는고원희 보나 박보영김향기 제니 리사아니면잡힐듯

  39. Julie yo

    Julie yo5 개월 전

    She's so small it's so cute with their height difference!! I'm probably the same height as her tbh 🤔

  40. 오주석

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    진짜 충남이 너무기여운거아냐ㅠㅠ♥

  41. Faith Akomolafe

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  42. Jemimah Elliot

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    I like this korean actress shes not to pretty but she is cute and has appeal.. 😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  43. Jeanette Brown

    Jeanette Brown5 개월 전

    Everyone else is happy for them but all i saw was a guy pulling a girl around who didn't like him and he found out she didnt him he still pulled her away by force, even the kiss felt forced like she had to or he wouldn't be her friend anymore, I know she closed her eyes but if you watch closely she actually tried to pull away before he pulled back, and he is always speaking for her, she agreed to the dessert restaurant which she was so proud of doing to only fir him to give it away to someone who didn't care for it. It all just seems messed up to me but thts K-dramas I guess 😩😂

  44. Mae Santos

    Mae Santos6 개월 전

    Where's the English sub ??? 😦

  45. 김혜숙

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  46. koukou koukou

    koukou koukou6 개월 전

    Their kissing is so unsatisiying

  47. sxsqn _

    sxsqn _6 개월 전

    Idk but the older sister kind of look like it because of her hair style?...

  48. 김세준

    김세준6 개월 전

    님들 cc가 뭐죠

  49. I know what's tasty in Busan

    I know what's tasty in Busan6 개월 전

    *screamed internally because of the kiss

  50. Lucy loves

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    Yesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

  51. Mia Nguyen

    Mia Nguyen6 개월 전

    Me: so happy for them Also me: *depressed, cuz this will never happen to me*

  52. fc Reynes

    fc Reynes3 개월 전

    defreeze hahah

  53. Jimin is a PRECIOUS BEAN

    Jimin is a PRECIOUS BEAN6 개월 전

    Jihoon will be jealous hahahahahahaa

  54. Ask to buy me some Honey BBQ CHIPS

    Ask to buy me some Honey BBQ CHIPS6 개월 전

    Where are the subtitles 🙄

  55. Cherryblossom

    Cherryblossom6 개월 전

    This drama is so sweet

  56. Yana Kim

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    Ang kyot kyot nila.. 😂😍😘

  57. Kookie luver

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    I'm getting more and more hungry with this drama !!!

  58. Angeline Dang

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    She is so SMOL!!!!

  59. Mīst Çloūd

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    love this so much

  60. Zoe Trillanes

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    Oh my!😍💕

  61. Lee j.

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    After revenge now im here hahahaha

  62. Bri-anne Richards

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    What is his nam yeonam

  63. Нурбийке Тиллебаева

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  64. Baejin Bae

    Baejin Bae7 개월 전

    The way he picks her up from the window is so romantic~~

  65. I finally found a bias in Bangtan

    I finally found a bias in Bangtan7 개월 전

    The description in the description box 😂

  66. LiLah

    LiLah7 개월 전

    i loved her acting but she honestly looks like a kid like a baby! so him flirting with her seems a bit wrong lol

  67. Jn

    Jn7 개월 전

    literally clapped in the middle of my living room. that was so frikn smooth

  68. Vivian Nguyen

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  69. 룬솜

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    어머 멋지다 김민규! 찬양하라 김민규

  70. のダッシュHoney

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    Someone remind me of jk from bts