CATS - Official Trailer [HD]


  1. Forget

    Forget2 분 전

    *Can* does not equate to *do*

  2. EJ Cash

    EJ Cash7 분 전

    A movie with a 1 word title deserves a 1 word comment...CRINGE !

  3. Charlotte Graves

    Charlotte Graves9 분 전

    i’m so excited

  4. Matthew Alford

    Matthew Alford12 분 전

    W... T... F...

  5. LoadingLag

    LoadingLag12 분 전


  6. Gordog Roynon

    Gordog Roynon17 분 전

    dis movie ment for furries which means shity and idiotic

  7. Fabulous John Cleese

    Fabulous John Cleese26 분 전

    Having James Cordon in this is a cherry on top of this shitshow

  8. Dylan Pastorin

    Dylan Pastorin37 분 전

    This is pretty much a movie about furries. Wtf

  9. El Bichote

    El Bichote38 분 전

    Another movie no one asked for.

  10. Cassie J

    Cassie J44 분 전

    I don’t get it

  11. Joshua Hernandez

    Joshua Hernandez57 분 전

    I want a furry costume JK

  12. SandraMusic

    SandraMusic시간 전

    if y'all actually think this is creepy then you're the most fragile bitches i've ever seen. This looks fucking good.

  13. SandraMusic

    SandraMusic시간 전

    if y'all actually think this is creepy then you're the most fragile bitches i've ever seen. This looks fucking good.

  14. Biology Outdoors

    Biology Outdoors시간 전

    What the MF!?!? This is the weirdest crap I have ever seen! Sonic was bad in the beginning, but this is so much worse! The DISLIKE BUTTON needs to be hit by everyone. This is scary looking as the cats are to humanoid as their faces, hands, and feet look weird with the cat body. I hope it makes less than 500 million in the box office!

  15. Mousumi Patra

    Mousumi Patra시간 전

    This is the weirdest trailer I have ever seen 😶😶😓😓

  16. Ladrabian Green

    Ladrabian Green시간 전

    This movie is what my nightmares look like

  17. datboiisgreen 123

    datboiisgreen 123시간 전

    This movie is gonna be a pussy feast

  18. datboiisgreen 123

    datboiisgreen 123시간 전

    I have a feeling theres gonna be a scene where their all drinking milf from big bowl and its gonna make me uncomfortable

  19. december's child

    december's child시간 전

    Dear Universal, Just to be clear. I will not ever watch this movie. Too. Damn. Creepy.

  20. starvin marvin

    starvin marvin시간 전

    You see a maximum of e blinos throughout the whole trailer

  21. Marinela D.H

    Marinela D.H시간 전

    Oh I love it !

  22. Amy Goedkoop

    Amy Goedkoop시간 전

    I like it

  23. popery phosphate

    popery phosphate시간 전

    The Furrys are coming

  24. Scoape

    Scoape시간 전

    I really wish I could un-watch this.

  25. DeathLord [Official Channel]

    DeathLord [Official Channel]시간 전

    I guess 2019 is a bad year for movie trailers and character designs.

  26. Adudelaw

    Adudelaw시간 전

    So this is why people have OCDs still

  27. Mister Sacca

    Mister Sacca시간 전

    Why do they have human faces and arms and legs?

  28. Stickit Pickit

    Stickit Pickit시간 전

    Lol I’m actually excited to see this.

  29. Corbin McKeeth

    Corbin McKeeth2 시간 전

    Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should.

  30. Luke Wilkins

    Luke Wilkins2 시간 전

    Not tryin to be a boomer here (I'm 18) but it really is a phenomenon for all actors to remake this spectacular play. Hopefully it will be alot better than most of the comment section thinks it is. I honestly think with the cast at hand it will prove to be pretty good Literally waiting for all the "ok boomer" comments...😒🙄

  31. Katie Denlinger

    Katie Denlinger2 시간 전

    You see a lot of comments thinking it’s weird, but this is a musical normally, where people dress and dance as cats. this movie has just given it a camera and larger scale set/cast so it’s not that weird if you ever seen broadway/ Cats before

  32. LoveTheWorld

    LoveTheWorld2 시간 전

    So your saying coppa is not after these guys?

  33. The Content Corner

    The Content Corner2 시간 전

    This movie is why brush burns exsist! They don’t even walk like real cats

  34. Moss 590A1

    Moss 590A12 시간 전

    The LGTBQ community is going to love this movie

  35. Gustav Hyllinge

    Gustav Hyllinge2 시간 전

    wtf i am scared

  36. ☆尺卂ㄚ☆

    ☆尺卂ㄚ☆3 시간 전

    This isn’t what I thought cute anime cat girls would look like

  37. pl4ne tr33

    pl4ne tr333 시간 전

    this hurts my brain

  38. pbscraze

    pbscraze3 시간 전

    Why’s everyone hating on this movie? It’s a Tony award winning musical for Christ sakes!!!

  39. Yousir Cantknow

    Yousir Cantknow3 시간 전

    *Snuff film on Acid.*

  40. EN EM

    EN EM3 시간 전

    If this movie actually becomes a success. Then why not make a movie on inanimate objects.